War of the Elements

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    On the planet of Stoicheion has four tribes that coexist. Each tribe has a control over their element. The water tribe lives in a gorgeous domain. Their watery playground is comprised of many spring water streams and waterfalls, full of underwater caves and mysterious waterways. The fire tribe lives in a luscious forest. Their tree houses high above, rich in oxygen, helped maintain their element. The earth tribe dwells in the desert, buried beneath the sand lies an oasis, rich and fruitful. Ancient cities thought to be lost, now their homes. The air tribe reach mountain tops, making the caves high above their home.

    Though they may coexist, they do not live peacefully among each other. All tribesmen are born with an inert hatred for all the others. Feeling superior, they must take over the other tribes and make the planet theirs.

    Not all think this. There are some that believe in peace. Some have even met other tribesman. Not on their land or the others, but in the jungle area that divides the tribes. This is the only place able to sustain all from each tribe. Here, some meet in secret. Or to get away from war.

    Other information

    All people have the ability to shapeshift. Depending on the tribe, blood line, and status depends on what. Also, each tribesmen have a certain amount of control over an element. That control is also dependent on blood line, status, etc.

    Life span is from 150-200 years.

    This idea was not fully mine. Credit goes to secluded inkling. I just helped progress an idea.

    Main Characters

    Water Tribe leader : D'evil
    Fire Tribe leader : Secluded Inkling
    Air Tribe leader : Secluded Inkling
    Earth Tribe leader : D'evil
    Water Tribesmen : trackerofthenorth
    Fire Tribesmen : theLogophile
    Air Tribesmen : Dazzle
    Earth Tribesmen : Fluffy

    Characters' Abilities

    Each character that's not a leader has the ability to "bend" their element to a certain degree. But they are weaker than the tribe leaders. So no making tidal waves and earthquakes or tornadoes or giant explosions.

    Also, each person has a resistance to their own element except in the case of a leader striking one of their own. (This won't happen. It's more of "you step out of line, you get dealt with")

    Everyone has the ability to shift into an animal. Each element will have a specific area of animals. Earth - reptiles. Fire - dogs (fox, wolves, etc. No household dogs). Water - aquatic animals (preferably ferocious). Air - avian creatures.

    There are limitations. Only the leaders have a big transformation. I.e. water leader - great white, earth - giant rattlesnake. Also, cause water creatures will be useless outside of water, everyone can control transformations to be partial. I.e. shark skin and teeth.

    Char Sheets

    Name :
    Tribe :
    Age :
    Appearance : (preferably pictures, I love to have a visual)
    Animal :
    Short Bio : (all who've reserved a spot or are the first 4 people are royalty. The leaders children. (I.e. first water tribesman will be the leaders son/daughter))
    Personality :


    Have any questions, send me a pm please. I'm only allowing a Max of 8 people to join. First come first serve.

    My Characters

    Name : Lilian Tridus
    Tribe : Water
    Age : 62
    Appearance : 3957251620_77095a4c6c_z.jpg
    Animal : Great White
    Short Bio : Growing up in the frivolous wonders of the water tribe, Lilian found the best way to rule was to have strict yet lenient policies. Rule with an iron fist and a warm heart. Once her mother felt it was her time to step down, Lilian took her place. Her mother, who is now 142, helps with any political issues they may have. Her husband died when she was only 43, so now she frolics with her people more often than she should.
    Personality : Kind hearted yet cold. She has an air to her that speaks of dominance and power.

    Name : Sammael Rishna
    Tribe : Earth
    Age : 58
    Appearance : tumblr_l3p32ehz8q1qzdwjw.jpg
    Animal : Giant Rattlesnake
    Short Bio : Sammael is a harsh woman. She rules her land like the cold-blooded animal she is. She is kind to her people, but no one dares to defy her wishes. At a young age, she showed great talent in her abilities to transform and bend her element. She is the only one in her tribe to bend sand. Her husband, a great warrior, died by her venom. It was not intentional, they just had an accident in bed. To this day, she does not regret her actions, but uses the memory to guide her through life.
    Personality : Cold, like the desert sand at night..

    OOC :

    Everyone can only post once, that is it. Once everyone is done posting, I'll add a secondary post and continue from there.
  2. what happened to the other two tribes?
  3. What do you mean?

    And D'Evil... Sounds good. ^^ we gonna keep the shifter idea?
  4. I'd like to reserve a spot for the water tribe ^^
  5. [MENTION=2188]Secluded Inkling[/MENTION], yes I like the shifter idea. [MENTION=2691]Trackerofthenorth[/MENTION], ok. I'll reserve a spot. Depending on how much me and inkling need to discus, will probably determine when everything will be done and character sheet is going to be up.
  6. Yay~!!! I'm sure together it won't take... THAT long. :D
  7. Fire tribe please. :) Oh, and @SecludedInkling, it was because the first time she posted the other two tribes weren't posted yet. Sorry 'bout that. :)
  8. This sounds cool lol :3
    Can I join?
  9. Yes obsidian. But keep in mind it's still under construction. Will be editing sometime today. Me and inkling are still discussing this.
  10. [MENTION=2838]theLogophile[/MENTION] She explained. ^^ No need to apologize.
    [MENTION=2088]D'evil[/MENTION] we really need to talk about this more don't we. ^^; Haha
  11. Information is updated and the char sheet is up.
  12. I'd like to be the Earth tribe member, if it hasn't been taken already. :3 This roleplay looks fun.

    I will keep up with the updates, too. Let me know how I can contribute.
  13. [MENTION=2857]Fluffy[/MENTION], everything is up right now. Any information following will most likely be minor. The char sheet is up so please fill it out when your ready.
  14. [MENTION=2857]Fluffy[/MENTION] Looks like you're the first Earth Tribesman.

  15. Name:



    Reuben is tall, lanky and thin. The muscles in his arms aren't bulgy, but they are tightly knit together like thick coils of rope. His image is considerably handsome and well groomed; he likes to look presentable. Equally, sometimes he is filthy with smudges of dirt whenever he practices his skills. For clothes, he dresses pretty simple with denim jeans and a t-shirt, though sometimes he'll wear a button up shirt on his nicer days. His hair and beard are always kept short. Reuben's eyes are a dark brown, displaying wisdom, strength and coldness. No matter what the season is, he's always wearing sandals. Reason being, he likes to be barefoot as often as possible so easily removable footwear without socks is important to him.

    Lava Lizard- About the size of a horse instead of the standard small size, brown patterned scales on his body with a red head. When he's in this form, he likes to bathe in the sunlight and then rest in the shade like all lava lizards enjoy. As well, he'll prey on insects. Even though this is a small animal, he can prove to be quite intimidating and territorial.

    Short Bio:
    Reuben was born into a family of fellow Earth tribesmen, but was sadly abandoned at the age of two. He does not know what happened to his birth parents; he believes they were murdered. He would have perished and died alone if it hadn't been for the mercy of the tribe leader, who he is proud to call his Mother. In return for her kindness, he trains under her and respects all of her wishes. Reuben trains hard, and fights in her name like a true warrior.


    Much like his mother, he is icy and serious with a heart of gold. Rarely is he seen smiling, but when he does it provides people with feelings of calm and warmth. At first, he does not talk much. It takes him a while to get used to new people. Reuben is a patient young man, however if someone fails to follow the lead of his mother or shows disrespect to his tribe he is quick to defend them. When he's angry, he's comparable to the wrath of a hungry predator.


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  16. Reserved post for Fire and Tribe Leader Profiles.
    Don't judge me about the Air leader's Animal. :P

    Name : Demetrious "Demetri" Maruno
    Tribe : Fire
    Age : 60
    Appearance :
    Animal : Giant Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog
    Short Bio : Staring as a basic commoner tribesman he over threw the Fire leader at only age 42. After taking the title of Leader he also threw the whole tribe a muck. He never truly married but did have children. In his eyes the mothers of the children are nothing besides a toy while the kids themselves are his prized possession. His cruel nature often leaves no excuse for anyone when something has gone wrong. Though he will not kill his own people, his punishments leave one to wish that death would come to them.
    Personality : Very flirtatious. He is also acts in cruel ways with sometimes that same intention. He doesn't know how to express his emotions well, besides anger and lust; not love.


    Name : Mikel "Kel" Lasune
    Tribe : Air
    Age : 78
    Appearance :
    Animal : Swan
    Short Bio : One of the eldest leaders as of yet. He was handed down the tribe leadership when the leader of the past took a turn for the worst. The man killed innocents and even tried to rage war on his own. Kel took a stand after several years being 2nd in command. After the health of the past leader got a hold of him Mikel took the leadership and turned the tribe around for a better tomorrow. He betrothed a grand woman who shortly died after giving birth to the last child. Kel worries more about his own tribe over any part of his own being. Thus the great leadership of a very loved Tribe Leader.
    Personality : Loving and very kind. This man helps everyone in need no matter who. He cares more about his people than himself. As the leader of the air tribe, he is open minded and welcomes all never shunning or turning down anyone by their actions, beliefs, emotions, or thoughts at a time. Never judges.

  17. Name: Hydra Tridus
    Tribe: Water
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Hydra's eye color will change intensity depending on mood and the black bead-like decoration on her face are gills.
    Animal: Blue-ring octopus- Depending on the mood of octopi, the intensity and brightness of their rings changes. Their attack can be deadly, and there is no known antidote. The bite itself is not too painful, but the effects of the bite are catastrophic. It has a neuromuscular, paralysing venom which can cause paralysis and death within a short time frame. There are few occasions where if the victim is put on a respirator they can survive.
    Bio: Being the firstborn to her parents, Hydra is well educated. She is also a well learned fighter.
    Personality: Hydra is a rebellious girl, but she can become a sophisticated woman in the blink of an eye. She's a temperamental girl and often gets into fights.

    (Sorry about not having the pics, my iPhone is being screwy)
  18. [MENTION=2691]Trackerofthenorth[/MENTION], first, your older than your mother. These people do not live for that long. Second, you wouldn't be locked away in a palace. 1. Its too cliche. 2. The water tribe lives in gorgeous water caves, fresh spring water, its a playground for mermaids (no, there are no mer-people). But, you get my point. Third, you may be first born but you weren't the only one. As in, your mother was a princess, her mother was one. Yada yada yada.
  19. I would absolutely love to reserve the air tribesmen spot as the daughter of the leader. :)
  20. Alright. Also, I will have both my char sheets up later today.