War of Myths (Faye x Kurai)

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  1. The noonday sun beat down on the corn fields of Grandma and Grandpa Williams. The tall stalks raised their leaves to catch ever last drop of light they could. A large farm house stood almost hidden in the middle of these fields. A bright red barn and towering silo could be seen nearby. A smaller garden patch laid behind the house. It was in this garden patch that three people worked. Of course the elderly couple were still able to run this farm, especially now that their grand daughter could assist them in planting and harvest times. The girl was small, not even reaching a height of 5'3". Her body looked thin, and weak, though anyone that knew her also knew she was the opposite. Even with her petite body, the girl was able to do the back breaking work that comes during harvest and selling time. She was the one who helped load the heavy crates of vegetables into the truck to take to the farmers market. The grandparent's couldn't be more proud of their grandchild.

    The girl, Fallon was her name, had chocolate brown eyes that sparkled in happiness and health. Her skin was sun kissed enough to be the envy of many other city girls. Her hair may be the most singular thing about her, for it was a snowy white. Of course the city folk believed that Fallon frequented a hair salon to get it this way. Her secret though, was that she got it from her mother, a rare gene passed directly to her. Pale pink lips were parted slightly as Fallon straightened her back, taking a small break from her task of pulling weeds. She took a cleansing breath in and out while listening to the endless chatter of the birds. She always enjoyed the conversations they had with each other, the ceaseless talk of wind and bugs and nests. It always put a smile on her face. Even now she smiled, thinking back to the time she had discovered she could understand the speech of animals. The night before she had wished on a star that she could just have a day where she could communicate with the small creatures. I just so happened she got her wish, but so far, the ability hasn't left her. She never mentioned it to her grandparents, not yet. Of course she meant to, but just for now, she wanted to still be seen as their special granddaughter who always got along with the critters on their farm.

    Fallon bent back down to finish ridding this side of the garden of weeds. After this she would wash up, and make a light lunch for her caretakers. After her father left nearly five years ago, she had been staying at this farm. She didn't complain, she knew her father missed her mother a lot. It must have been hard for him to keep watch over his daughter who so closely resembled the love of his life. Pushing these thoughts aside, Fallon turned her mind to the upcoming farmers market. She would need to help with that. It was always a delight to go into town. Maybe she would be allowed to roam the market freely. She was nearly sixteen, in her mind that was old enough to be allowed to shop by one's self. Her hands made quick work of the remaining weeds, allowing her to head inside and make lunch. After this, she would help load the truck, and then they would all be off into town.
  2. "Shikei, hurry up! You'll be late for school!" That was the sound of the boy's mother. A voice that was soft yet stern was a voice he wouldn't come to disobey. Especially at a time like this. It was morning out at the town of Komota and the sun was already shining down endlessly upon it. For the boy, he just didn't want to walk out there at all. Already he knew of all the problems he'd run into. So, he'd remain within his room until his own mother would have to drag him out. Honestly, he just didn't care. The boy remained not on his bed, not under his bed covers, but right beneath the bed itself with a large husky poking its head right under. It was known as his little hiding place. A place he felt he could just slip from reality and be himself for a change.

    Earbuds were put on, his usual clothes were worn, and those unnatural majenta eyes would seem to glow through the dim shadow. It was as if he didn't even hear his mother's voice. No, he'd just pretend that he hadn't heard her. He'd just remain under his bed and maybe he'd be able to stay home. Now that mental request didn't last long. The light, faint steps of Shikei's mother headed up the stairs and soon enough, she entered his room. She peered around and noticed the husky's head poked beneath the bed. A smile crossed her face and she placed a hand upon her waist. ". . .Shikei. . you can't hide forever." she said in a light-hearted tone. "C'mon, school isn't that bad." After saying so, she crouched down and peeked under the bed. Only then did the boy take out one side of his earbuds. "I don't want to go. .There's nothing for me to do there. I can't be there without feeling . . . you know. . ." That was all he said before crawling out and peering towards the ground. "You'll be ok, alright? There's nothing you need to worry about. How's about this? If you go, I'll take you to that field you love to run in. That big open field with blossom trees all around. How's about it?" Shikei looked at her and laughed softly. With a nod, he was off.

    As soon as he exited his home, he didn't have his destination set at school. He'd just do whatever he'd usually do instead; walk that direction but stop at an open clearing not too far from home. The boy did that everyday and he didn't mind it at all. He put in his earbuds as he walked and zoned everything else out. His past wasn't mentioned to him all too much, due to his temper issues ,and no one dared to speak about it while he was around. There was a hatred for his childhood that was kept in the back of his mind. It was just another feeling he'd toss aside for later. The boy was sixteen yet had the heart of a five year old. He remained immautre, childish, stubborn, and everything around. He might've not been the brightest person around but when the situation needed it, he was more than caring for anyone in need. He took a deep breath and decided to just stop walking after a few mintues. From there, he just sat upon the sidewalk, resting his hand upon the cobblestone pathway.
  3. After a quick wash of her hands, Fallon busied about the kitchen. Bread, cheese, and some leftover ham were placed on the counter. Three plates were set out, and the sandwiches assembled. The last thing to be gotten out was a pitcher of lemonade and three tall glasses. She really should have been in class by now, but living so far away made it difficult. Her grandparents taught her as well as they could of the world. To keep up with her classmates though, Fallon had been taking online classes. It was very different having to learn everything on her own, but if her grandparents were going to spend the money for a laptop and internet, she would try her hardest to make use of it.

    The plates were set on a tray and carried out to the back porch. "Grammy, Gramps! Food's ready!" Her sweet voice was raised enough to where she would be sure they would hear. Even so, Fallon made sure they had begun walking up to the porch before she headed back inside to get the cool glasses of lemonade. She handed a glass to each of them before taking a sandwich for herself and sitting down. Conversation was light and centered around the upcoming trip to town. Once again, Fallon was reminded to shower and dress nice for the trip. Of course she always wanted to look her best in town. It was bad enough not being able to go to school with the other girls her age, she didn't want to look as if she were any less of a person because of it. Yeah, maybe she wouldn't go off on her own. The city girls could be rather cruel when they crossed her path.

    With their meal finished, Fallon jumped at the chance to help her grandfather load his old Ford. The bed had been modified slightly to accommodate more crates. Loads of corn was placed in. In addition to that were a few boxes of extra produce from their garden. Peas, beans, melons, and onions fresh picked this morning were loaded last. "Alright, little lady, you get washed up and back out here. We leave in a half hour." The warm voice of the old man urged Fallon to hurry.

    After the half hour, Fallon and her grandparents were in the truck and driving into the town of Komota. It was beautiful here, especially the fields near the market with the blossom trees all around. Fallon tried to sit still as she sat on an empty crate in the truck bed. There wasn't enough room in the cab for her anymore, she had grown out of that nearly two years ago. The pale haired girl waved to the citizens they passed, a blissful smile resting on her lips.
  4. Scrolling through music choices within his mp3 player, his eyes seemed to look at nothing but that screen. He would look at the time and realize that soon enough, the first bell of the day would ring for school. He just sat there and at last, he peered up, looking towards the direction of campus. There were groups everywhere and it seemed though everyone were looking forward for class. All but him. The male rolled his eyes in annoyance as he saw a few guys headed his way. The day was merely starting. Before he was able to peer straight back at his mp3 player, it seemed though his eyes were able to catch sight of something off in the distance; the silhouette of a truck. It was only a matter of time before it passed by him so he thought it best to just scoot furthur upon the sidewalk.

    It wasn't long before the group of boys reached his position. They paused just feet in front of him and stood with looks of hatred and disgust. "Hey, what are you doing way over here, hot head?" one of the male's said. The one who spoke stood in front of the other two, his deep brown eyes looking straight towards Shikei. It was the usual statement so the boy chose to speak less angrily towards him. Shikei stood and seemed to be nearly the same height as the opposing male. "What's it to you? If it's a fight you want, you're just going to get beat into the ground again." Shikei's voice remained calm and tranquil though many already knew that he was more than angry towards the same male that had bothered him constantly. This male was named Chase and it appeared that he was over confident at just about anything. The other two backed away a little and looked at both Chase and Shikei. "You just got lucky the other time. You had me completly off guard. Why don't you go back the way you came?" Chase smirked and stepped forward, shoving Shikei back a couple of steps. In return, Shikei had merely clenched his hands into fists, glaring towards Chase with more than just hatred at this point.

    "Beat it, Chase. Why don't you go back to your girlfriend. You know, the one you left with me after I beat you to a plup?" Right then, Shikei went ahead and shoved the male back. It was no effort at all and the male already stumbled back a few feet. If it hadn't been for the boy's companions, he would've fallen flat upon his back upon the cobblestone ground. Then it all started. Just how every morning did. Chase simply snapped and went to face Shikei head on. He bawled his right hand into a fist and attempted to hit Shikei's chest, only to have missed by centimeters. He was grabbed by the collar of the shirt and thrown upon the ground with force. The next thing he knew, Shikei was on him, punching his face with no effort at all. The other two males jumped in and pulled Shikei off for fear that their dear friend would be set into unconsiousness. They held both of Shikei's arms and struggled to keep him in place. "What's wrong, Chase?! Never faced anyone you couldn't beat?!" He shouted, glaring towards the male who staggered to his feet.
  5. They just drove by the school that Fallon may have attended if it weren't for the responsibilities she had at the farm. She looked longingly toward the building full of people her age. If only...her gaze was drawn toward a figure walking toward said building. He was probably around her own age, and looked entirely engrossed with whatever he was holding in his hand. She caught a small glimpse of black wires trailing between the device and his head, ah, it was probably an Ipod or MP3. A fond smile slipped across her lips as she tried to imagine what he would be listening to. The boy was soon out of sight, and Fallon continued the practice of waving to anyone who may have looked up.

    It only took another ten minutes before they pulled into the flat area designated for the farmers market. Individual numbers were painted on the cracked asphalt. Their number was forty this time. Several tables were set out for them to use. After the truck was parked, Fallon the tailgate down, and hopped out. She would start setting up their awning. It would be a nice way to keep semi cool. Her grandfather helped with the heavy metal frame. They stretched it out and put the cloth over top before raising it up all the way. With that in place, the trio set about display their wares. Corn was placed around the edges of their spot, and the various other items were placed in the center. Fallon set out a foldable chair and table for her Granny and the cash box. There. The only thing left was the cooler of homemade lemonade and a few plastic cups. The Williams' stall always had refreshments for their customers.

    "May I look to see who else is here today? I won't be too far, and the Conner's have their stall on the other side of the market. You can call them if I'm not back I time for opening." Fallon pleaded with the couple. If only she could get a look around without being escorted. It took a moment before she was finally allowed. "Remember, Fallon. Be back in an hour. We'll need your help with the early rush." The white haired girl nodded. She quickly took off in her search of something interesting to buy for later. She knew most of the stall owners by name, and greeted them as she passed.
  6. The differences between the four males went on almost endlessly. Shikei was perfectly fine for the most of it and it seemed though all the other two males were doing, was holding him back. As for Chase, he remained slightly off. It was as if he was drifting away from reality. Then the bell rang and everything stopped. Chase glared at Shikei and shoved him out of the way before heading down the sidewalk. As for the other two, they quickly followed along. This left Shikei to curse to himself.
    ". . What a rush that was. . " he mumbled to himself, making his way down the street. This time, he looked towards the school gate as soon as he had approached it and actually considered getting to class. His eyes followed the three males as they hurried inside and that brought up his decision; he'd skip school yet again. Shikei scoffed and continued to walk. Now, he'd hide himself away in a place he'd hoped no one would find. It was just on the other side of town and he thought it best to head there. First, that meant walking past so many other people. This didn't bother him for the most of it, really.
    The boy pulled out his earbuds and put them away with a light sigh. It had only gotten him in trouble for the past couple of days.

    His destination took him towards what appeared to be a farmer's market. He'd only come here once with his mother when he was a child and ever since, he just wasn't interested in coming anymore. There were many things here that leaned more towards food and again, Shikei seemed to want to turn around. There were just too many memories involving his father everytime he walked here. It wasn't the fact that he fully remembered, no. It just gave him an uneasy feeling. As Shikei continued to walk, he kept everything to himself. When someone would kindly wave, he'd wave slightly back out of courtesy. The clearing wasn't too far now and that's where he was planning on going. Every now and then, he'd peer towards one of the stands, pause for a second, then continue on walking. So far, everything was perfectly fine. Just the way he liked it.
  7. Fallon had soon made the full circle of the market. She helped a few people set up their wares. Most of them simply thanked her for her work, but others actually gave her a bit of change or even something small from their stand. That's how she happened to acquired a caramel apple. The girl was just heading back to her grandparent's stall when the boy walked by. She stopped to watch him for a moment curiously. Shouldn't he be at school? That's what the town kids did at this time, right? Maybe she would try to find out what he was up to later. Right now she had to get back to her grandparent's stall. Turning quickly, she dashed back to arrive just as the market opened. Her candied apple was placed next to her Grammy to keep it out of the way.

    Many people flooded into the marketplace intent on getting only the best deals. What a joke. Fallon couldn't understand why some people said that their prices were too high. There was a lot of work to be put into growing this food. Why couldn't they understand that? Even with the few complaints, sales were good. Fallon was really glad when it slowed down a little. She'd been up on her feet helping people back to their cars with their stuff, or picking out the best produce. She really did enjoy her time spent at the market. Now though, she was ready for a small break and a taste of her caramel apple.

    Permission was granted for her to spend a half hour at the field nearby. Before she left, Fallon asked her Gramps to cut up the apple. The pieces were put in a plastic cup and brought with he girl as she skipped off to the beautiful field. Maybe she would even be able to chat with the squirrels and birds, if not, it was always nice to listen to their hyper voices.
  8. Shikei's eyes scanned the area around him before he slipped into the underbrush not too far from his own school and home itself. From there, he followed a very faint trail and slipped past a few boulders that had a red ex faintly showing upon the side. There, he walked on and soon came across his own little hideout. The boy could've sworn he had heard someone along the way but as usual, he'd shrug off that odd feeling. His eyes soon caught sight of the large clear lake that remained wihin the center of of the clearing. A smile made its way to Shikei's expression as he walked on over to it. Now this was always something to look forward to.

    This place was discovered during his first attempt at ditching school. Within a day's time, he made it his personal escape from reality. He set himself upon the ground, not too far from the lake's edge, and began picking small flowers left and right. At a time like this, he'd explore his own supernatural powers. Something he had discovered he was able to do when he had lost it. It occured right after his third to fourth fight at school and it seemed though he was able to use it more often. He would lift a plucked flower not too far from his mouth and blow lightly at its petals. A stream of blazing fire would engulf the plant almost instantly and burn into nothing but fine ash.

    There, he smiled, watching as he would go on and burn more and more flowers. Soon enough, he'd want to return home but not today. He'd maybe spend exta time here just to convince his own mother that he'd actually gone to school. He'd be lucky if the school hadn't called home. Rarely did he ever attend class and it wasn't like he was going to any time soon.
  9. Fallon giggled as she munched on the sweet treat. The sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The tall grass tickled her arms as she pushed further into the brush. A sparrow flitted around her head, begging her for the core that she kept. The hard center was broken into pieces and held out for the various birds that alighted on her. She looked around, wondering where the boy from earlier had gone. Well, no one was close. Taking that into mind, she leaned closer to the small birds and whispered to them. "Have you seen a boy come through here?" The twittering voices ceased talking about the juicy seeds and restarted their chatter with information on which way the boy went. A squirrel happened to overhear their conversation, and declared that he would take Fallon to the boy if he was given a slice of the apple. The girl smiled and agreed to the terms. With soft eyes she watched the squirrel rush up to snatch the apple and carry it up to a cluster of leaves that were between two branches. Fallon munched another slice of apple as she waited for the squirrel to reappear. The birds had finished their bits of core by the time the squirrel returned. "Thank you, darling. He went this way."

    And that was how Fallon found first the rock marked with a faded 'x', and the clearing beyond. A pleasant gasp escaped her lips as she stared out over to clear water. She hadn't known this place was here. Her eyes searched the place, soon landing on the form of the boy from earlier. She smiled brightly at him, hoping she wasn't disturbing him. "Hello.." She couldn't think of anything more to say. Why had she wanted to follow this boy? What if he didn't want her around? Ah, she could be ruining his time alone. Her gaze dropped to the grass beneath her sandles. In the corner of her eye she realized she still had a few slices of her caramel apple left. It would be rude not to offer him some. So she held out the cup toward the boy, "Would you like some? Mrs. Opal let me have one for helping her unpack her stuff."
  10. It seemed though he were minding his own business and was happier than ever. That was, until he heard a faint voice just behind him. The flames vanished innstantly and he quickly stood up, veering around to look at the girl. His majenta eyes fell upon her and he paused for a moment. It was clear that she caught him by surprise.
    "Oh, uhm. . hey." he replied, placing a hand behind his head for a moment. He then peered around, glimpseing at his surroundings to see if there were any others that might've accompanied the girl. Other than that, he just didn't know what to say. Then came to one question; how did she find him?
    ". . .How did you find me?" he asked this time, shaking his head no to her offer and smiling faintly.

    His hand dropped back to his sides and he tilted his head out of curiosity. Something like this has never really happened to him. For as long as he had remained here, no one usually found him. Maybe he should've removed that ex on the rock a few days back. Either way, he was still wanting to know how the girl had gotten here. This was actually the first time that anyone's found him. Besides his own mother, that was. Hiding under a bed really wasn't the best place just to slip away. Patiently, he awaited the girl's answer.
  11. Fallon noted what seemed to be a pile of ash on the ground and a lingering flame at his lips just before he turned. Her smile brightened if it had been possible. She wasn't the only different one then. His question still made her hesitate though. What would he think of her if she told the truth? Asking the birds and squirrels for directions wasn't something a normal person could accomplish. Out of nervousness she began sucking on her bottom lip. Would the boy go talking about her in town? Probably not...if he had someone to hang out with, wouldn't he be there now? Ah, what could she say that wouldn't be entirely bogus? He'd already been out of sight when she had been allowed to come here. Fear clutched her stomach as she decided to just come clean. "I-I, uh....I just..." Oh, dear, he was likely to think she had gone crazy. Her shoulders slumped just a small bit as she let out a sigh. "I asked the birds and squirrels if they had seen where you had gone...I followed a squirrel here."

    Oh, dear. That sounded even more absurd when she said it out loud. Her eyes nervously flicked up to meet his gaze, hoping he wouldn't freak out. What was the worst that could happen though? He could laugh at her...that seemed like a probable reaction. Then again he could also write her off as crazy and run off to tell about the country girl who claimed to be able to speak with the animals. Fallon braced herself for the worst that could happen...hoping it wouldn't bring her to tears. She had just wanted to make friends with this mystery boy who wasn't in school. Ah, she hadn't introduced herself....and maybe she should reassure him that he had heard her correctly. "
    Oh, my name's Fallon...Fallon Williams. And it's really true that I followed a squirrel here. See, he's right there." She pointed out the plump grey squirrel sitting on a branch over looking the water. The critters bright eyes were focused on Fallon, more specifically the apples she held. He only chatted a little bit to himself, trying to talk himself through a plan to get another apple slice.
  12. At first, he seemed to think that he might've misunderstood her. Then he went through her sentence again and again. . . .and again. This was something new. Usually, others would've said they asked an actual person where he had gone. Back at home, his mother would look for the husky and he was bound to be somewhere near that dog. He inhaled, then sighed lightly. ". . .You asked the birds and squirrels. . .?" he said, arching a brow. Then again, he was different himself. It was believable for him, considering the fact that he'd nearly been caught breathing small flames. Maybe she hadn't seen it? Shrugging off the feeling, he then noted her name. 'Fallon. .' he thought to himself, still looking at the girl.

    He then took his attention towards the squirrel not too far from them both. Now, he was comming to believe the girl. Though, he didn't exactly say anything more. The boy was still processing the though that she were actually able to speak to animals. It had been the first time he'd actually met someone who would be considered insane by others. It wasn't an everyday thing. Shikei still remained a bit confused, keeping that slight look of curiosity upon his expression. Then he realized that the girl might've wanted to know his own name as well. "Uhm. . . name's Shikei Tsukimi. . ." He said, now looking towards the squirrel. It might've been the lingering confusion or the fact that he held a grudge against the little animal for telling the girl where he was. Thinking this made him feel a little odd as well.
  13. Well, he wasn't laughing. Fallon wondered if that was a good thing or not...he still looked as if he didn't believe her. Well, that knowledge alone may have been enough to put a cap on any sort of relationship. Who would want to befriend a crazy girl who talked to animals as if they were normal people? Maybe she could at least affirm that she was telling the truth. She picked another apple wedge and held it out toward the squirrel. "Come on...I know you want some, so you can stop trying to plot some way to get your friends in on it." The squirrel seemed to perk up at her voice, and didn't need a second invitation before scampering over and climbing up her dark jeans and flowered blouse to finally perch on her arm. His little paws plucked the juicy treat from her hand and began nibbling on it. "You can go home now...I know my way back." Again the squirrel seemed to actually be listening to her before it scurried off with the apple in it's mouth. She turned back toward the boy, hoping at least he'd stop looking so confused. "See. They listen to me. I saw you walking earlier today...and...well..." Her gaze lowered to her sandles again, the lightest dusting of a blush on her cheeks. "I was just...I thought...you may want a friend...."

    Well that secret was out. She hoped that she hadn't told the wrong person about her ability, it wasn't every day that you would find someone who claimed they could talk to the animals. But she had seen flames coming from his mouth earlier...right? Maybe that had just been her imagination, or the way the sun shown down and reflected off the lake. In that case, it would have been better if she hadn't bothered him in the first place. It didn't seem like he was too willing to share the beautiful spot with just anyone. She would need to get back soon anyway....maybe she should go back early...and let Shikei alone. Shikei...she smiled just thinking about how beautiful it sounded. The name seemed to fit him perfectly.
  14. He stood there and watched as the small squrrel scurried over, climbed the girl's legs, and perched itself upon her shoulder. The confused expression upon his face seemed to fade into a faint smile afterwards. It was actually quite interesting how the girl was able to speak to just about any animal there was. Then, the squirrel was off, scurrying away and leaping into the underbrush with the apple in its mouth. Shikei's attention fell upon the girl once more and he seemed to laugh softly. "Now that's something I don't see everyday. That's actually quite. . . erotic in a way." His voice was lighter and it seemed though he was slightly opening up to the girl. It was the fact that he didn't feel as alone anymore. There was actually someone who possessed something that would be referred to as inhuman and different from humanity.

    Afterwards, after listening to the last bits of the girl's statements, he went quiet again and placed a hand behind his head. "Well. . . I don't suppose that I've had a friend before. . considering the fact that my only friend is my dog. ." he mumbled, laughing awkwardly along the way.The boy didn't know what friends did and he just assumed that hey just talked with one another. He didn't consider any of the school kids friends. Mainly because most of them had bothered mhim more than once. The thought of seeing Chase again only made that hatred for the boy grow. For now, he'd focus his attention on the girl. She seemed like someone he'd actually get along with.
  15. Erotic? Her ability? Fallon balked a little at the statement. She was happy thought that this boy was taking in the information well. He wasn't making fun of her at least. That was a step in the right direction. She tilted her head curiously as he mentioned not having any friends. That was a shame...no one should be without friends. Well, she supposed she wasn't much different. Growing up outside the town had made it hard for her to have friends her own age. She didn't go to school here, making it even more difficult when she was in town. She did consider all the people at the farmer's market her friends though. They were all nice people. It was going to be nice to have a friend her age to hang around with. "I don't have many friends either...not any my age anyway. So we'll be each other's first friend." She again grinned brightly, pulling one of the last two apple pieces out of her cup. Again she offered Shikei what was left in her cup. "You sure you don't want any? Mrs. Opal makes the best caramel apples."

    So this would be her first time befriending someone who knew her secret. Hmm, it was exciting at least. She hadn't felt as if she could tell anyone else about it until now. Maybe she could trust her grandparents with the information...they may not believe her right away, but she could prove it. Who would have thought that wishing on a star could actually make a wish come true? It had certainly been a surprise, and taken some time to get used to, but she enjoyed it. This ability made it easy to know where snakes were hidden, so she wouldn't get bit on her walks. It was also fun to have someone else to talk with...even when they didn't always understand her...it was still nice.
  16. The girl didn't have any friends either as to what he heard and he was wondering as to why. She seemed to get along well with him. So why not with other people. Shrugging off the feeling for now, he looked towards the apples she offered him and seemed to think it over this time. The boy had something for sweets and he was usually seen eating candy whenever he was in his room. Never here or outside of his own home. He then smiled in return and nodded his head, reaching out and grabbing one of the girl's caremel apple slices. To think he'd actually make a friend that wouldn't treat him as differently. Of course, a friend that didn't know what he was capable of.

    Immediately, Shikei sat upon the grass and sighed lightly peering up towards the girl. "I thought you might've been one of the schoolkids following me. I'm sort of thankfull you weren't. There's no need for anymore troublesome conflicts. . not today." He took a bit of the apple slice and it seemed to have enlightened his mood. Sweets were one of the only things that were able to cheer him up and it seemed that he was doing quite fine as of now. "hm. . first friend, huh? Then. . I take it you don't attend school here?" That was one of the only things that could've been said at this point.
  17. Fallon gave an inward cheer when Shikei accepted an apple slice. That was a step in the right direction. She felt as if they'd finally broken past the awkward stage of being strangers. Standing up had become a little tiresome, so she walked closer to the lake and sat a couple feet away from the boy. She popped the other half of her apple slice into her mouth and savored the last bit of the sweet treat. She listened quietly, wondering why he would consider the school kids troublesome. Since he lived in town, wouldn't that mean the others would accept him? Perhaps she had been a little ignorant of the fact that kids could be rather choosy in who they allow into their groups. She didn't know that most never branched out to meet new students or those they hadn't known outside school.

    She lowered her gaze to the empty cup she held near her lap. Shikei was a nice guy, but if he didn't have friends, maybe it wouldn't make a difference if she lived closer to town. She blushed a little embarrassed at having not attended school for the past five years. She shook her head, sending her loose white hair bouncing in the air. "No...I live on my grandparents farm, so it's too far to walk. No bus happens to go out that way...I don't have a way to go. I do take online classes, and am caught up to what the others my age are learning." She always seemed to get defensive when the topic of schooling came up. It had been developed when school girls had stopped by the market. Their harsh words still rang in her ears. She never understood why they had to say what they did, they had the same schooling she got. Fallon just happened to learn a different way than they did. She covered up the way she had gotten herself upset over nothing, and again smiled. This time it was a little forced, what if this boy thought the same. That she was a stupid farm girl. "What about you, Shikei? Don't you go to the school here?" This was something that she'd been curious about. Why someone would skip classes she didn't know. However, when she thought about the snobby girls she met several weeks ago, would she really want to be in an enclosed room with people like that?
  18. His eyes took to the clear lake and he paused for a second. Yes, he should've been in school. If he had returned home, he'd come up with yet another lie to tell his mother. The guilt would eat him away but as long as his room was kept closed and his mother wouldn't come in to speak to him, then it just wouldn't matter. Shikei picked at the grass beneath him for a second, picking out words he wishied to say. "I hate the kids there. ." he began, adjusting himself upon the ground. "Most of them are nice, sure, but there are others who won't be as open and forgiving. If you do something that seems different, and the word gets out, it spreads like wildfire. Everyone will know within a matter of days. Or even minutes. You can't change it, and even if I were to switch schools, I won't be as open as I used to."

    Ever since the boy's attended school, there has always been something that's bothered him. As usual, the teachers would do little about it and not have a care in the world. So, he resolved that problem by comming here. Well, leaving school overall and heading there whenever he flet as if he just needed to attend it. "My mom's been telling me to just ignore them all, but I usually let my temper get the best of me. So, ever since I broke out in a couple fights with the same guy that's been bugging me, I skipped school day after day and eventually found this place. I didn't think anyone else would find it, really." Sure, the boy had left out some important information. He just didn't want to tell the girl what he was capable of. There was no need for that now. Maybe at a better time, he'd actually show her. For now, he just wanted to keep quiet. That was the gist of his story. He didn't go to school, he didn't bother thinking about it, and he certainly didn't want to go back. "I guess most of the time, I'd just be listening to music. My teachers have been nagging at me for always having my earbuds in but my mom's always said that I've picked it up from my dad." Shikei laughehd softly and shrugged. "I always thought it was a habit." He then took his attention towards the girl. "You seem lucky, though. You don't have to go to school here. I actually envy you a little for living out there on a farm."
  19. Ah...Fallon's look may have softened just a degree when he told of how it was for him. So...they didn't accept him either. But what made him so different? Was it just the dark look, sure he may be intimidating, but his smile was kind. A few soft hums were given when appropriate, though at the mention of his mother, she found herself back at the start of wondering why her father had left. Ugh, it wasn't the time to feel pity for herself though. They were at a lake, the sun was shining, and Shikei was opening up to her. She had to be thankful for what she had. A small giggle escaped her lips when he called her lucky. "I was about to say you were the lucky one. I don't have a dog...or anyone out there to talk to aside from my grandparents....and the birds of course." There she went again, talking about her conversations with animals as if it were perfectly normal. "I've always thought that the kids in town would accept the other kids in town...I guess I was wrong. Perhaps it was for the best that I don't live here...it's hard enough to deal with the other girls when I help with my Granny's stall in the farmer's market."

    What else could she say? It wasn't in her nature to complain about how others treated her, she just dealt with it. Ah, he said he liked music. "
    I had been wondering what you were listening to....when I saw you on the street. Which band is your favorite?" She glanced up at the sun before blinking quickly and returning her gaze to the boy. If she were judging the time correctly, then she should have about fifteen minutes still left. Ah, she hoped that her grandparents were doing all right. They wouldn't be able to see her from there...would they be worried? She hoped they wouldn't come looking for her. She didn't want Shikei to loose his secret spot. It seemed like he enjoyed the solitude he found here.
  20. So this girl dealt with a few harsh words whenever she was in town. That was a bit surprising to him. He usually thought that whenever there was a new person in town, that would mean more people would want to befriend them. That was a though he was debating over as the seconds passed. Now the fact that she didn't have a dog surprised him a bit as well. He thought that since she lived off on a farm, she's have a dog there to acompany her. Guess not. As the girl came at him with a couple more questions, he thought about what he'd say back in return. "My favorite band. . ? " Shikei wasn't one to listen to songs that had words in it. He was more interested in songs that had good instrumentals in it. And not the type that were all calm and filled with string instruments. It had a bit of interesting beats that had his mind off reality for quite some time. "I suppose it's Syndec then. I'd say that they're a band that's not widely known. Course, that's just proabably according to me."

    Another thing that laid upon his mind was the fact that this girl wasn't here alone. That's what he expeced, really. He thought that this girl had just come here on her own rather than with a couple of other people. "So you aren't here alone?" he asked, peering at her for a second. The girl mentioned her grandparents and he seemed to glimpse around for a moment or two, hoping that they wouldn't find this placy. Or if they were just hiding behind a few of the trees.
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