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  1. The War For The North​
    "The wind blows the doors to great halls open, evenh when it is sealed by the heaviest of latches. The god of Winter, Dragoon takes his form as a giant ice man in armour made of pure ice, and freezes his opponents before shattering them with his giant ice sword. The god of Winter has a frost bitten heart...and he could never forgive those who have angered him."-Aeres Harpen
    Pre-Made Roles​
    Salem King's Wife-Open
    Cass King and Salem Polin's Child-Reserved
    Salron Holedn's wife-Open
    The High Elf King-Reserved
    Tree People's King-Open
    More will be added to this as we go along.
    Salem Polin-Heir to the throne of Tymriel
    Robert Polin-King Of Hemlock
    Gorgoroth Polin-Legend, apparently the son of Salem Polin and Seraph Totem, he was more orc than man and was exiled to the thorn.
    Salron Holedn-A rather evil man. He is living in the dungeons off Hemlock, due to nobody trusting him.
    Salem King-A single black smith
    Kascarde Da'Sionne
    Amras Siannodel
    Kristoff LuBelle
    Loque Sevanthian

    Character Sheet​
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Maiden Name: (If a married woman)
    Children: (Can be left blank for now)
    Married: (Yes or no)
    Family: (A quick run down of your parents and siblings)
    Race: (Human, Elf)
    Appearence: (Picture and/or description)
    Weapon(s) Of Choice:
    Social Status: (Rich, Poor, middle class)
    If human, lives in: (Either Hemlock or Tymriel)
    Thoughts on war:
    How long do you care for this character to live: (Short, medium, long, don't die)
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  2. Would Cass King and Salem Polin's Child have to be male or female? oh i'l reserve that role.
  3. The gender is all up to you! I also may have forgot to mention, but you may also make OCs. If you'd like you can make an OC and the child.
  4. Wip(accidental post XD)
    Character Sheet
    First Name: Kascarde

    Last Name: Da'Sionne


    Children: None

    Married: No

    Personality: Despite being a mercenary, he acts like a diplomat or strategist, and can see what choices each kingdom should probably make. He's honour bound to whichever side he believes is right, and generally kind despite his brash voice and appearance.

    Family: Just parents, probably already dead throughout the course of recent times

    Race: Human

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler
    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 167 lbs

    Weapon(s) Of Choice: Two-hander and bow.

    Occupation: Mercenary (currently)

    Social Status: Middle Class

    If human, lives in: Tymriel

    Thoughts on war: "Pointless, but a good way to earn a bit of coin"

    How long do you care for this character to live: Doesn't die in this part.
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  5. I am going to put up a cs tomorrow, for not place holder^^. Goodnight.
  6. I'd like the High Elf King role.
  7. I forgot about this fail .-.

    Are Cass King and Salem Polin humans btw?.
  8. Cass and Salem are both humans yes, Knightstemplar the role is yours! Glad to see some interest!
  9. First Name: Robert
    Last Name: Polin
    Children: None in the events of War For The North
    Married: Yes, Emma Grace-Polin
    Personality: He is a Polin, which is a sure fire sign he is sure as hell always seeking adventure. He likes to sail the sea with his royal crew. They normally help out Polin blood to the south. He is loving and caring, he listens to every request and demand of his people. He is still Polin blood, meaning he enjoys the fight. He hates Elves, despite his mother being an elf. He got most of the human blood in him however.
    Family: Grema Polin (Father, deceased), Tetra Dale-Polin (Mother), Salem Polin (Brother), Seraph Totem (Sister In Law), Gorgoroth Polin (Nephew), Grendel Polin (Nephew).
    Race: Half-Elf, half humanl Does not want people knowing of his Elf blood.
    Appearence: His brown hair flows down just past his shoulders. His dark brown beard spans from a road down from his ears to his chin and leaked down to the bottom of his neck. Two hande bars curved down around his mouth and met on his chin with the rest of his facial hair. He is built in muscle, but slightly fattening around his stomach. He has broad shoulders that lead down a path way to hips that are just about as wide as his shoulders. His armor is a brilliant scarlett, with a blood red cape and a horned helm that shows his eyes and his mouth.
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 230 pounds
    Weapon(s) Of Choice: A long, iron sword that has a handle for two hands but is light enough for only one hand.
    Occupation: King of Hemlock
    Social Status: Rich
    lives in: Hemlock
    Thoughts on war: Doesn't like it if it includes Hemlock, loves it if it's slaughtering elves or orcs.
    How long do you care for this character to live: Lives Long
  10. First Name: Salron
    Last Name: Holden
    Married: No, never
    Personality: He has a sick sense of humor. He once cut both of a stable boy's achiles tendon just to watch him flop around. He is a dark and evil man, wanting to exact revenge on everyone who has caused him pain and agony. His idea of pain and agony is being kept from killing others, and wiping out this in his path.
    Family: Officially, he had been alienated from his family. He has been disowned, and considers everyone dead to him.
    Race: Human, Evil Bodied
    Appearence: He has a hunched over back. His shoulders are broad but sag down due to his unch. His long, grey beard reches his stomach and his grey hair goes down even further. He wears a sack for shirt, and a sack skirt instead of trousers. He aged a lot in the dungeons, not being able to be blessed by any of the gods. He has no armor, and no weapons. Only ankle shackles and wrist shackles.
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 124 pounds
    Weapon(s) Of Choice: long pointed finger nails, wrist chains.
    Occupation: Prisoner of Hemlock dungeon
    Social Status: Poor
    If human, lives in: Hemlock's Dungeon
    Thoughts on war: He completely loves it
    How long do you care for this character to live: Medium
  11. Last question does their child have to have a particular age does he/she have to be 20 years old more or less?.
  12. First Name: Salem
    Last Name: Polin
    Children: One bastard with Cass King, Gorgoroth, Grendel
    Married: Yes, but enjoys the pleasures of other women
    Personality: He is a cocky one. He enjoys plotting, but he also enjoys acting on his plot. He is more elf than man, and so he has the thinking mechanism like an elf. He is cunning and almost on the line between good and evil. He enjoys to laugh though.
    Family: {read Robert Polin's family}
    Race: half human half elf
    Appearence: He is slim and not very muscled. He had shaved off his beard and hair before, and it had not grown back. He does not have broad shoulders but has a bit wider hips. he wears emrald green armor, and a grass green cloak.
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 103 pounds
    Weapon(s) Of Choice: Long, gentleman's rapier
    Occupation: General, heir to the throne of Tymriel
    Social Status: Rich
    If human, lives in: Tymriel
    Thoughts on war: He is all for it
    How long do you care for this character to live: long
  13. the character can be any age you wish. As long as they are moderatly young. I'd suggest between 14-24, but you can do as you wish.
  14. , gold [​IMG]

    Family Motto:

    "To Fail Is To Die A Miserable Death."

    First Name:


    Last Name:





    None (That He Knows Of.)


    No (Hasn't found the right person yet.)


    Kristoff is a strong wielded type man, he likes to do things his way. Kristoff has a bad temper. He is known to stabbed people to death for not acknowledging his standing, as the eldest son of the Leader of The Royal Crew of Hemlock. Kristoff is also a smart cunning guy, he knows who to trust and tell the truth too; but he also knows who to tell the "truth" too and find out what he needs to know. Kristoff can be a brat at times if he doesn't get his way. He has the fighter spirit of his father and the charisma of his deceased mother. With that charisma and fighter spirit, women fall for Kristoff and men wish to be half as grand as him.


    Adrian LuBelle "Leader of The Royal Crew of Hemlock" (Father), Madiran LuBelle (nee. Bushington, Deceased Mother), Trinita LuBelle (Younger Sister), Reighton LuBelle (Older Sister), Jon LuBelle (Younger Brother).




    Kristoff has dark black shoulder length hair, and his families' striking emerald green eyes. Kristoff has a muscular build, athletic but not super big; more of the slim with muscles type body. Kristoff being his own person got custom made armor. Sticking with Hemlock's Royal Crew color of red, he had it adorned with gold trimmings. He does not have a helmet, wanting his victims to see his face knowing that he was the one that ended their lives. He wants to stand out from the rest of the Royal Crew, even his father and sometimes even the King (though he would never tell anyone that).


    6' 4"


    200 Lbs. (Mostly muscle).

    Weapon(s) Of Choice:

    Double swords (gold trimmed handles).


    Part of "The Royal Crew of Hemlock."
    Following in his father's footsteps.

    Social Status:




    Thoughts on war:

    "As long as Hemlock comes out in victory, I can care less about who dies...except for me of course."

    How long do you care for this character to live:

    Does Not Die-My main character in RP, later I might make a medium or quick death person.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 120

    Amras Siannodel

    Not as yet

    To non-elven who dont know him, he tends to be quiet, reserve and observant, though self-confident in his abilities, he's not boisterous or display's in aire of bravado .most times his demeanor is taken as being aloof, Standoffish and with more than a measure of arrogance. He can, but rarely makes friends easily, but is not a fool, placing his full trust only in those who prove worthy of it.To friends,he is attentive, kind and protective. Has a sense of responsibility and justice to those under his care that is difficult to shake off, even while miles away,and it influences most of his decisions.Does not acquire wealth and skill for himself; he thinks of how the riches and new wealth can be put to better use for the Widowed and Orphaned of fallen Comrades during the war. Though he prefers to seek a peaceful solution to problems, he's not hesitant to take up arms in defense of the weak and innocent, he's no push over for once engaged in combat he can be ruthless and overpowering, fully intent on winning.

    Father- Tanure Siannodel
    Mother- Ailive Siannodel
    Sister- Alysia Siannodel
    Brother- Balan Siannodel
    Race: Elven

    Weapon(s) Of Choice:
    Elven Longbow, Elven longsword

    Elven King

    Social Status:

    Thoughts on war:
    "Will not seek war, but nor will I allow arms taken against Elvenkind to go unpunished".

    How long do you care for this character to live:
    long livied ( is an Elve afterall.....)
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  16. Going to put up a post before the end of the night, but gotta afk for a bit.
  17. First Name: Loque
    Last Name: Sevanthian
    Children: Has yet to sow his oates.
    Married: No
    Personality: Militaristic but capable of being kind hearted when need be. He is capable of great evils if he is ordered to do so, he can speak his mind when matters of war or politics are brought up.
    Family: No known parentage, raised under the Elven political system so that he may be the perfect soldier and politician.
    Race: Elf
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 170lbs
    Weapon(s) Of Choice: His sword and longbow.
    Occupation: High Warrior of the Elven people, so given title of 'Iaikae See gel' , the unseen blade.
    Social Status: Of no social status as he is entirely committed to serving the Elven kingdom.
    Thoughts on war: He will follow orders, he is an unwavering soldier who would rather die in battle than in a bed.
    How long do you care for this character to live: Preferably an undying character, but it is up to the GM's of course.
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  18. What is the situation with the Orc's?, as far as storyline goes?
    rumors of warband build up or anything, or something that would cause Human and Elve to worry?.
  19. A high activity of Orc warbands building up in the South, and the polish blood that takes home in the south has reported the activity. That, and it's an over all fear of the return.
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