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  1. So for a while I've been craving a nice Space Opera. I've been thinking something about a gang of space pirates who end up being the universes only hope or some sort. However I currently don't have any details worked out, and I'm open to plenty of ideas. Though I do have a few questions I would like to ask first.

    Straight Sci-Fi or Sci-Fi Fantasy?

    No, Slight, or Moderate RNG?

    I would like to have a moderate sized group of 6-8 for this. Anyway have any ideas for this? This is a Group RP Planning after all
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  2. Yeah i have had the craving too, just most times i join a space opera RP it ends up being really slow and it barely ever kicks off.
    So maybe planning an RP out may be cool, I'm in!
  3. I'm in, sounds really cool ^^. I've been wanting to plan something out with a group.
    I vote Sci-Fi/ Fantasy with slight RNG

    As for ideas....hm...
    Off the top of my head, I'm thinking a gang of space pirates who intercept a ship (possibly military) only to find it's crew dead (maybe with one survivor) with crucial information about some type of incoming attack on several different planets or some type of infestation that threatens to wipe out the Galaxy. Once they gain this knowledge, they become targets and have no choice but to save everyone in order to save themselves.
  4. Thinking a sort of horror sort of thing with them being the only ones who really know the truth?

    Also we should really do some intense planning for things like plot I feel if that alright.
  5. Yeah, we should definitely put a lot of effort in the plot.

    I guess it could kinda be horror-ish, but I would personally classify them being the only ones knowing more in the suspense category.
  6. mmm Yeah I get you. So from the (slight) response I have received here is what I have.


    Our group is a part of a (Budding? or Notorious?) band of Space Pirates. And one day they come across a derelict military ship, to discover that something had attacked them, and was going to attack again. So now they are humanities/the universes only hope of survival. So they are being attacked by this alien threat as well as the Government, as they do not want the secret out to avoid mass hysteria among the cosmos.

    Gameplay wise:

    Here is what I have.

    We have a few skills like "Mechanics, Accuracy, Piloting, etc." and we do things with d20's and so it decides what we succeed in. It would be in cases like repairing a device, or flying through a asteroid field. We could use the iwaku dice roller here for that.

    What do you guys have to say about that?
  7. I'm interested! :D I haven't had a space opera in a while.
  8. Awesome! If you have anything you would like to throw in, for ideas then that'd be great
  9. Sounds great.

    I would have to say notorious pirates, but notorious in the way that no one knows exactly who they are, but still are aware of their presence and fear them. Since pirates are criminals, the government may think they are the cause of the attack, or are also working to further the threat.
  10. Actually this idea came to me. I like it either way, but would you think scavengers or pirates are better?
  11. I think actual pirates would be better. That way they have more working against them.

    Maybe we should flesh out what the threat is exactly and what information it is that they discover. After all, it has to be something threatening enough to wipe out the universe, but something this band and any allies it gets to handle.

    As for ideas, all I have is this: maybe an army built by another race, a hive-mind type of race. It needs work, haha.
  12. Hm... Could we do both? There's nothing that says pirates can't scavenge
  13. Well I have a few ideas on the threat. Either they could be more of the "monstrous colony creatures" (Think the Gauna from Knights of Sydonia) or we could do a robotic uprising of sorts. I feel if we do that it should be like the WAU from Soma.

    Actually, a Rogue AI which is trying to "Upgrade" biological lifeforms sounds pretty cool. It be a similar feeling that you'd see from the monsters in Soma.
  14. Ohhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhh. The WAU was pretty interesting, I would have to vote for something like that.
  15. Alright so, that seems to be the choice here. Our characters are intergalactic pirates of modest notoriety. They come across a Derelict military ship which was attacked by this Rouge AI. All the crew has essentially become assimilated into the ship, as it is now a unholy conglomeration of bio-matter and machine. They read a log about the attack, and suddenly have to escape the ship because techno-zombies. And know they are the only hope of stopping this AI, while the military and the AI are trying to kill them.

    What would anyone like to add?
  16. Nope, that's pretty much it plot wise. Unless you want to organize plot points as well.

    But we should probably figure out character roles. Like what different positions are there in the crew.
    Also, should there or should there not be a sole survivor of the crash that is now forced to stay with the group of pirates in order to help them?
  17. If we talk more about plot points it'll be with Me and a Co-GM after we were really planning.

    As for roles it'll be something like this

    Captain (Possibly NPC)
    First Mate
    Survivor(If we decide)

    Anything else?
  18. I would also throw in technician/hacker/programmer/(whatever you would like to call it). Mechanics and technicians wort two different, but equally as important jobs.
  19. True. Also as I mentioned before we should have a few skills that we'd role for occasionally if we are performing RNG We should work on writing them out. here are a few I have

    Piloting(Flying Ships big and small)
    Accuracy(How well you shoot a gun big or small)
    Hacking(Self explanatory)
    Repair(Self Explanatory)
    First Aid

    There are probably more we should have. But I'd rather keep it simple for now. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  20. Should stealth and/or intelligence be one? Or should we just leave that to personality?
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