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  1. Have you ever imagine that you yourself is immersed in realistic fantasy world filled with dangers and excitement? Do you wonder if you can survive or even make a name for yourself in the world filled with monsters that would eat you as the food source that you are? Do you ever wonder how effective your fantasized arcane spells would be? Do you wonder if your swords skills would be useful in a fight? Do you ever wonder if a beautiful fantasy world princess or prince would fall for you sexually and romantically? If your answer is no, then this is not a suitable RP for you.

    In this fictional world, I will play as all the mundane pedestrians, shopkeepers, guards, bandits, prince, princesses, and dragons. I control everyone, except for you. I will control the environment and the logic. I will describe what you see and twist the plot to surprise you. I will be your fate and decide the outcome of your actions through the words, sentences, and paragraphs that you have written. If you want to effect the environment automatically and roleplay as the NPC to give you information and items automatically, then this is not a suitable RP for you.

    You want to successfully knock out a dozen of bandits singlehandedly without any help? Do you want to control the NPC and let them give you a million gold piece for no good reasons? Do you want a trail of breadcrumbs leading to your enemy to simply appear on the floor for you to follow? If you answered yes to all three questions, then this is not an RP for you.

    You need not wait for me long to post a response as I post multiple times daily. The path you choose is your own. But whether you succeed or fail is up to logic and how well you think and write. I challenge you to imagine and strategies. I want you to roleplay, and not simply become a tale teller.

    You do not need to be a professional writer and have great knowledge in the use of English grammar, but your writing must be understandable. Pay attention to what is in your surroundings and pay attention to what is going on. Your post doesn't have to be long but it should be detailed. You are not stronger than everyone. You will have to use strategy to survive. I will not stand for Mary Sues and Gary Luis.

    If you are interested in this roleplay, know that in the future, I may have complains about your post. Some of it maybe hurtful and demanding, but I hope you could bare with me. Sometimes I find some people's post to be too overpowered or illogical, making it difficult for me to post for them. Therefore, I will PM you and ask for you to change or add to your post.

    Ultimately, I write to serve you. Want to discuss plots? PM me or just post here. It would be better if you post here.
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  2. Sounds interesting, I'll stay tuned.
  3. Sounds interesting as well.
  4. Interested. Very interested.
  5. Interest is here
  6. Cool. We have interests.

    Now, it is up to all of you whether you want to make this a group RP or a solo RP. But be warned, although a group RP would be much interesting, it requires team work and devotion towards the RP and the other players. If one was to abandon his or her character, the story would go into disarray. For that reason, I would prefer to separate every character to their own story and plots.


    I have an idea for magics that I would like everyone to understand and respect.

    I should brief you on my fiction of magic. For starters, spells are casted through spoken words of power which are derived from ancient forgotten language. It is similar to the fantasy fiction of knowing ones true name would cause the one to ultimately follow the order of the one who speak their name. This is the reason for why intelligence is needed in casting spells. Words need to be learned and memorized. Sentences needed to be created. The more powerful the spell, the more words is needed. But by simply chanting the spell would not work. Will is needed to guide the spell. The meaning of the words must be known or else the spell will not happen.

    What power spells of sorcerers are not muscles or stamina or even chi, but spiritual energy. There are spiritual energy reserve in ones body. Overexertion of the body's spiritual energy may lead to death. That is why some sorcerers store spiritual energies in gems. Gems can be crushed and made into body tattoos, to make it easier for sorcerers to move around.

    Spiritual energy is like oxygen in the air but it is thin, which makes it difficult to be used directly. It is inhaled through the pores of the skin, slowly replenishing ones spiritual energy. It can also be condensed into liquid form called ether. Consuming ether can instantly replenish ones spiritual energy in a large amount. A person can get addicted to ether as is a kind of drug. Withdrawal of ether is similar to other drug addiction withdrawal.

    Staves and wands are a sorcerer's catalyst. It is easier to guide a spell with them. But an experienced sorcerer can still cast spells without the use of catalysts, only not as easy.

    One might wonder why a sorcerer don't simply light a person on fire from within or simply chant a person to die instantly. The answer is simply because they can't. To effect a living creature directly is impossible without knowing the true name of the creature. Same goes for using another person's spiritual energy.

    This is my fictional theory on magic that I would like everyone to understand and respect.

    Any questions? Ask here and I'll try to answer.


    As for the fictional world's technology, how advance do you want the technology to be? I am asking because different people have different interests.
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  7. Although I have my own fiction of magic. I would like to hear other ideas as well.
  8. 1)
    What about solo-based, but it might have a bit of cross-player intrigue? Playing us against one another, having our actions subtly or majorly influencing each other's travels? Maybe a chance meeting between two at an inn?

    Fine by me. Any like, spiritual power? Blessing, cursing, angelic, demonic?

    I personally would go for nothing more advanced than early black powder (muskets and cannons), but I'm fine with anything up to the late nineteenth century in advancement.
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  9. That would be considered group roleplay, doesn't it?

    I will create the roleplay in the group forum, therefore you can meet up with the other players if you wish. I will write the outcomes for your actions and reactions in a duel but if one of you suddenly disappears in an interaction between two or more characters, I will not take responsibility. But I can auto move or kill the player if needed. Spawning monsters, assassins, or accidents to exterminate a character is not a difficult job.
  10. I'm interested and i think it would be really alike the ARS MAGICA sistem, so i'm really happy to see it.

    I'd like 3 or 4 little groups of 3 people and you. Very much interested, waiting the OOC
  11. I'm not familiar with mentioned ARS MAGICA system.

    If you can find a group, I will be willing to write for you.

    I may have more magic system to add for clerics and druids. I'll get to it once I find a computer to type with.
  12. blessing, cursing, angelic, demonic, in my opinion, these are classed in the religions or gods topic. I personally think that the gods in the fantasy world will have little to no effect to the lives and strength of the people. But some of the gods' followers may be fanatics and would act as extremist, almost similar to the real world we are living now.

    I like that idea as well. Single shot guns are interesting in a way that you have to be clever in when you shoot your gun.
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  13. Druids are classes that are associated with the nature. Nature is a living matter and it chooses their druid. Not everyone is capable of being a druid. Only one with devotion and sovereign love for nature are bestowed with the ability to bend nature. The flora and fauna moves to protect and aid their druid in battle. Druid powers are double edge blades that would protect nature as well as harming it as it consumes nature of its health and vitality. They draws power from the land around them. Overuse of these power can potentially kill the very thing they sought to protect.
  14. How would the world be?
  15. The world will be a fantasy world. There will be myriad races. You can create a race of your own, as long as the race does not contradict logic and as long as it is not overpowered. I imagine a monster hunter kind of world in the victorian era with few steampunk blimp airships own by successful companys and royalties. I would like there to be sky islands as well.

    Ultimately, I'll consider all of your ideas in creating the world.
  16. Anyone that already have an idea in mind and would like to start a private RP as soon as possible with a character that has his or her own private agenda, please PM me.
  17. Anyone still interested?
  18. Yeah. Interest is here
  19. Indeed it is.
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