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  1. Walker Manor (open)

    Walker Manor, it was that dark, old house that people tried to stay away from. They believed that inside those walls were ghosts, that wandered that halls damned for eternity. That part of the rumors, were more than just rumors. Though the other half, it being abandoned was a lie. In fact, Alice Walker lived there. She considered herself not alone though, claiming these ghosts as her family.

    It was evening, with grey clouds shielding the sky. Alice slowly made her way down the large main steps. Each board creaked, echoing through the house it only made Alice smile. Something about the eerie sounds felt normal to her, they relaxed her. She stepped down off of the last step and headed for the kitchen to make something for herself to eat.

    It was a wonderful mansion in the inside, much better looking than what it seemed on the outside. See, Alice did take care of the inside of the house, she spent time to clean it. The back yard had a garden as well, though from the front no one would have ever seen it. They would have to go through the house to get to the back door that had stained glass as windows.
  2. Damen Bakou was alone now... Away from his horrid family at last... He hoped to find refuge from the rain in this mansion that lay before him.... He heard rumors about it being haunted, abandoned by its previous owners, it just made him curious what lay in store inside... It should certainly be better than the house he lived at... He approached the front door, knocking a few times... He wondered if he'd receive an answer...
  3. Keela Reinfield was stabbing a rotten apple viciously when she looked up to see someone approach the front door. She was currently in poltergeist mode, so no one could see her. The rotten apple didn't really make much of a sound either. Curious, Keela approached from behind the person at the door. She jumped up, aiming a tap to the person's shoulder, and landed loudly on the floorboards of the front porch. Moving away, she watched to see how he would react.
  4. Damen felt the tap, then he heard a loud thud on the floorboards near him, quickly turning his attention from the door momentarily, he looked around.... "H-Hello?" He called out... Perhaps it was a ghost... Or it was just his imagination... He was cold, he shivered a little, hoping the door would open soon... He wondered if he should just enter the mansion, but his instincts told him to wait a bit longer... He looked back at the twisting dirt road he had been running on for a while now... This was the last place his parents would ever look for him, he never wanted to see them again... He turned back to the door, waiting a little while longer...
  5. Alice heard a few knocks on the door. Usually she never heard this, thinking perhaps that her family was causing the sounds. She headed towards the main door anyway, it didn't hurt to look to see if Keela was out there playing. She put her hands onto the door handle and slowly opened the door, seeing someone standing there. "Yes?" Was all she said, she wasn't too fond of living people and she could tell he was living. She knew in seconds if a person was a ghost or not, even though most ghosts to her where seen as normal as well. The wind blew her black dress around a bit at the bottom.
  6. "S-sorry if I'm bothering you... But I need a place to stay..." He paused for a moment before continuing "But... But I understand if you want me to leave..." Damen shifted nervously... He didn't want to go back to his parents... They wouldn't notice he was gone anyways, they're too busy indulging themselves in whatever they found interesting; drinking, gambling, doing drugs, who knows... They've never been happy with what they had, they always wanted more... In fact, they would probably think of him as a burden if he returns home... Why had he worried about them looking for him? They didn't care...
  7. Aria
    Aria sat silently on the stairs,looking curiously at the teen that was talking to her mistress. Aria was curious on how her mistress would reply. would she send him away or will she let him stay? Aria's Pale,blue eyes stared at Keela at the back of the man,Aria stood,her transparent form walking to Keela. She passed by the teen,wondering a little if he could feel her or not.
    "What are you doing?" Aria asked Keela,tilting her head.
    Somewhere inside her,Aria wondered if the teen could even see or hear them...probably not.
  8. He felt a strange chill go down his spine... He heard a voice coming from an seemingly invisible person... It sounded far away... He turned towards its direction briefly, seeing what appeared to be a faint outline of two girls, one older than the other, he was a little unnerved... He did recall hearing about how the ghosts here talked to each other on occasion, but not everyone had heard them... He turned back to the young woman at the door, wondering just how many ghosts live here... Perhaps this is where alot of the ghosts wandering around choose to stay, after all, everyone he had spent his life with, will slowly forget him...
  9. Aria
    Aria's eyes widened,when the teen looked directly at her and Keela. not away from them,directly at them.
    Aria's mouth hang slightly,shocked. so he can see them! But only for a moment through. Aria saw that her mistress was shocked too,but her shock quickly disappered as it came,amusement replacing it.The teen turned to her mistress again,a strange expression on his face.
    Aria recovered,smiling softly.
  10. Alice watched as the boy noticed, faintly, her ghost friends. Most people didn't see them when they didn't want to be seen. Her slight surprise turned into a smile, though more of a slightly scary smirk than a happy smile. "You need a place to stay....fine. Come on in." She replied. Normally she would have gotten rid of him from the start but she was quite interesting in the fact that he could see Keela and Aria. She moved away from the door to let the guy in.
  11. "Th-Thank you..." He spoke in a quiet voice, he stepped inside smiling a little... He was surprised at how neat and tidy the house was kept... It looked so abandoned on the outside, perhaps it was intended to look like that... He looked around cautiously, for a moment perhaps there were more ghosts lurking about...
  12. Keela was annoyed she was seen. She was definitely in poltergeist mode at the time. Scowling at the living newcomer, she watched as he went inside. Aria was still next to her and Keela twirled her knife like an expert. "I don't really like him, Aria. He just comes here for no reason to live?"

    Sheathing her knife, a dull knife due to age and frequent use, Keela tugged at Aria's shirt, "Let's go follow him to see what he will do." Keela stepped into the house leaving poltergeist mode so that she was visible to all with even the faintest supernatural sense. "Hi Alice, how are you?" She directed towards her mistress, Alice Walker
  13. Alice nodded at the guy's thanks. Se closed the door once Keela and Aria were back inside. Of course, they would have been able to get back in their selves but that was just how Alice was to the ghosts there. After all few moments, it seemed Keela had decided to show herself to the guy. Alice made a normal smile at the ghost girl. "Keela, I am good. But we seen to have a guest now." She motioned her hand to show the boy who just walked in.
  14. Aria
    "Maybe he has his reasons." Aria replied to Keela as they entered the manor.
    Aria waved at Alice,and turned to the teen,she waved a hand infront of his face. curious if he would react again.
    Outside,the rain continued to pour,and Aria wondered where her brother could be this time.
    When Aria heard the Faint rhythm of the piano,she smiled. looks like he was doing fine afterall.

    Soft,Piano music echoed throughout the Manor.
    in the music room,a young man with black hair and golden eyes was trapped in his own little world.
    his fingers danced softly as he played it on a continuous phase.
    a soft smile finds its way on his face as nostalgia floods him.

    Link to what Sorren is playing:
  15. Damen flinched feeling a chilly presence of what seemed like a hand wave in-front of his face... Then he heard the piano playing, the song it played was a beautiful yet haunting melody... He looked around the house again, centering on where he presumed the hands body would be... He was getting a little used to the ghosts here, but the chilling feeling that they leave behind will still takes some time to adjust to...
  16. "You want to stay here right now, you'll have to get used to my family." Alice said in monotone. "What's your name?" She then asked him. She patted Keela on the head, Alice was always able to touch the ghosts, though she never understood why she was different than other people. She could see, talk and touch them while others couldn't. It did seem however, that this guy might have some potential to be similar to Alice. "I am Alice Walker. This is my house."
  17. It always slightly shocked Keela to be touched by Alice. Alice's hand was always so warm and being a ghost to Keela has removed the sense of touch as the living know it. While she knew if she was logically and technically touching something or being touched by something, there was no feeling. If she fell, it didn't hurt. If she put her face in a bonfire, it wouldn't burn. It wouldn't even feel hot. For her to feel warmth from Alice's touch was always something startling to her, but a pleasant shock.

    It seemed like the newcomer would be staying. She couldn't understand why he wanted to since he looked like he would wet his pants at any moment. She started giggling as she thought about some pranks she could play. Whenever he used the restroom, she could jump through the door and yell loudly. Whenever he was drinking something, she could poke his stomach and hide as he spit the drink back into the cup. The possibilities were endless...

    "Hi, welcome to Walker Manor." Keela said to the newcomer with a barely contained grin.
  18. Damen nodded... "M-my name's Damen, Damen Bakkou... It's nice to meet you Alice..." Then he turned to Keela after she greeted him, and smiled a little "Thanks Keela, it's nice you meet you too..." He said, letting out a sigh of relief... It's the first time he's been greeted so warmly in a while now... He could get used to this... Despite the ghosts floating around, he was quite... Happy strangely enough, even if he was a little nervous...
  19. Aria
    Aria smiled warmly at The teen who introduced himself as Damen.
    "Welcome To the Walker Manor Damen! My Name is Aria,It's nice to meet you!" Aria introduced herself cheerfully,grasping Damen's hands.
    Aria then turned to her mistress--Alice,and asked.
    "Which room would he stay?"

  20. Alice thought about the question posed to her. The house had quite a few bedrooms, obviously made for more than just one girl and ghosts. Though ghosts didn't really need the rooms. "I suppose he'll sleep in the third room down from mine. I believe that one would suit him just fine." Alice replied. She headed away from standing around the front door. She had a smile on her face as she heard the music playing. "I was planning on making myself something to eat, if you want food you should come with me into the kitchen."
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