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  1. EDIT: Seriously people! Post requests! :) If you like someone's voice and want to hear them say/do something specific, post it here! <3 WE LOVE REQUESTS.

    After having chatted around on Skype for awhile, I've realized that we have some seriously talented and sexy voices on Iwaku (looking at @Esthalia), and more importantly, those without Skype are bereft of these wonderful voices! I've also spent a little time on a certain /soc/ board (shame on me) and absolutely adore the audio threads there.

    And so, for this reason, I thought having a thread where we Iwaku members (Iwakugoers? Iwakuvians?) could gather and share clips. Here you go, admittedly ripped from aforementioned audio thread:

    Be as tame, funny, romantic, sensual or filthy as you like. Record you having fun, try some scripts, improv, sing, play music, talk about your favorite fantasies, or just look for requests on the thread. Be creative.

    Please remember to tag your post with the request link or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...), and label all NSFW pieces!

    Use this site for short little clips, and to introduce yourself to us! Quality tends to be a little lower than other sites, but it's fast, easy, and doesn't require a signup!

    I've never used this site personally, but from what I can see it's a place to centrally record and save a whole bunch of voice clips! Useful for those of us who'll be around awhile!

    This is more for those requesting than anything else. If you have a particular quote, poem, song, or a script you want to hear recorded, write it here and post the link! Way easier to get it to multiple voices!

    Of course, if you just want to pop in and record us something silly, feel free! If you're having trouble thinking of something to record, or just want to introduce yourself, then use:


    These are the "new boy questions" for the male audio threads I mentioned, but are fairly unisex and can help us get to know what you like/want!
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    And yes, if YOU write a good song about Iwaku that I know the tune of, I'd probably sing for your amusement too. >:[

    AND THAT UPDATED LINK https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tcm75z7by9ojux/vaultwarmaybe.mp3?dl=0
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  3. Let me just go warm up my voice and I'll wow you all with my sickly singing~ -w-;;
  4. That pretty much made my night.

    Can't wait. :3
  5. My voice: High pitched, bass heavy, alternates between being 14 year old high and 18 year old low. Slight Canadian and Australian accent at random times despite me being mainly of U.S. (and maybe U.K. and French) heritage. It doesn't crack, but it jumps on and off at certain pitches.

    I'm doing myself a favor by not recording my voice during these strenuous years, adolescence and that all.
  6. Oh my gourd, I was tagged here. Now I'll have to do it. I can feel the pressure already!

    Sweet hammies, this is gonna be interesting.
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  7. Whoa, pretty cereal ma man.
    The music just added on to the ambiance.

    Very nice.
    *flatter flatter*
  9. ... Taleweaver, you gotta say some shit like, "Paint a happy little tree right here and it'll be our little secret."

  10. Ash, thanks for the boner. I needed that ;)
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  11. I'd be more than happy to let everyone know who I am without showing off my face. I'm only doing the tame questions though, because I feel uncomfortable sharing my intellect on the sexy questions. >__>
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  12. Whatever you're comfortable with!

    Awww! But you were brave enough to post something (and you do have a nice singing voice)!
  13. I'm able to pull off impersonations of Mickey Mouse, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elmo, a mediocre Asian accent, California surfer/stoner, and a multitude of random voices which have no label.
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  14. .... I did not expect it to turn out the way it did but I am immensely pleased.

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  15. Uwahhhh~!! Everyone is so awesome, I love listening to you all!~ <3

    Welllll, here's my contribution --> Dragonborn Comes, Malukah Style (cover of course) ~ <3 ^.~V ...please excuse the poor excuse of ukulele playing ^^;

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  16. Ah yes, those songs I wrote back when you were grateful for them.
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