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    Welcome to Vanaheim, a city of neon and looming metal skyscrapers set against a background of Gothic architecture and abandoned building developments. Just like any big city, it has its fair share of problems with crime. The Vanaheim police department has tried its best to keep the citizens safe, but a group made up entirely of humans hoping to deal with the paranormal and downright demonic that has always existed in this concrete jungle? Needless to say, Vanaheim PD has discovered it needs to enlist the help of a wider range of assets if they want to make a dent in the rising rates of murder and dangerous crimes.

    High up the chain of command, it was decided that a new task force would be assembled to tackle these problems head-on. Of course, these individuals wouldn't be walking beats with the rest of the cops. Their assignments would be less strictly legal and very much more dangerous. Picking from skilled officers from their own ranks, as well as venturing to offer positions to notoriously adept criminals, and even willing volunteers who can bring something unique to their task force.

    One way or another, either by conscription, an offer to terminate the rest of your prison sentence, or because you were gutsy enough to put your own life on the line, it's now in your job description to risk your life on a daily basis to investigate the seedy underbelly of Vanaheim. In a city full of gangs with psychic powers, blood-sucking demon CEOs, and terrifying myths of destructive beasts running rampant, it's easy to forget just how dangerous and ingenious humans can be. Keep your guard up. Good luck.

    Rules and Run-down
    I'll start off with the rules and a few words about the RP and how it's going to work. Then, you can glance at the CSs and world info.
    1. Although it should go without saying, all Iwaku rules apply to this game as well. So, basically, be respectful to one another, don't try to do anything you know would be frowned upon in other parts of the forum, and make sure to talk to your fellow players and GMs if something seems off or if you just have a suggestion to make. Communication is the key to a good RP.​
    2. Please try to produce at least two paragraphs per post. This is a very loose rule, as I'm not going to kick someone out for a single paragraph, so long as something actually happens. Just ensure you maintain good spelling and grammar, as well as performing actions and interacting with the world around you whenever you post.​
    3. This RP will feature an experimental hybrid system I'm cooking up, which will involve dice, a pointbuy system at the very start, and branching traits. If that sounds a little too technical for you, please don't fret. I promise it will be very easy. All you need to do, to start, is give your character number values for a selection of different traits and I'll handle the rest.​
    4. Upon request, I will likely set up a Skype group for this RP to go alongside the OOC, just in case people want to goof around with their fellow RPers or want to plan something with the group but don't want to take up several pages in the OOC.​
    5. Character death is a possibility in this RP. Sometimes, the dice just really don't like you, or you go charging after a boss character all by yourself and you previously ran out of bullets. Generally speaking, I feel it adds variety to the game. If your character does die, feel free to make another.​

    Below you'll find the CS you can fill out, as well as some rough info about the world. Feel free to ask any questions or make comments. I'm hoping to run this as a fairly fun RP, so while it looks a bit technical, don't let that fool you into thinking this is going to be entirely grim-dark serious. Humor will play its part in this game.

    • Name:
      (See Races tab)

      Background: Each character will come from one of three backgrounds, Officer (meaning you were assigned here thanks to the higher ups), Criminal (meaning, of course, that you did something dastardly, but you did it well enough that your talents were kept in a handy file for a moment like this), or Volunteer (you offered yourself up to be a part of the action). Do keep in mind that the Vanaheim PD was strictly humans only before this point.

      Expand a little bit on the one-word answer given above.

      Skill Points: These skills will not be increasing as the game goes on, but they will determine the types of traits and skills you are allowed to access later. I ask that players select two of these to be their specialties, so even if you want to build a fairly jack-of-all-trades character to be safe, he or she will still fill a distinct role in the group. Each of these skills should have a value between 0-10, and each player has 30 points to distribute.
      • Strength: Whether you use it to throw debilitating punches, lift heavy loads, or put some extra swing in melee combat, you're physically stronger than most people and it shows.
      • Agility: You can run faster than others, and you're not bad at dodging, either. Basically, if anyone in the group is going to be an escape artist, it's you. You have the potential to make the city your running and jumping jungle gym.
      • Charisma: If you need to get some information out of someone, you're going to use your words, rather than trying to punch the answers out of them. Conversely, you are also good at persuading others and generally, people just think you talk real smooth-like.
      • Intelligence: Your brain is your best weapon, and it's thanks to your smarts that you pick up on things that others can miss, making you quite perceptive. Your intelligence also allows you to better grasp new technologies or solve difficult puzzles, as well as craft seemingly fool-proof plans.
      • Dexterity: While some are fleet of foot, you possess nimble fingers that can easily be used for such activities as lockpicking, pick-pocketing, or faster gunplay. You are known for acts of phenomenal prestidigitation and that makes you quite useful if a job requires someone with a steady hand.
      • Will: Courage and tenacity are your forte, and you are more resilient than your peers in the face of pain, as well as less likely to lose your nerve in tough situations. Good aim is usually inherent in this skill, and psions tend to find it useful in controlling their powers.

      Traits: Give yourself two custom traits here that I will approve or deny, just to keep the game balanced. You can make them geared towards combat or they can help with things such as persuasion, sneaking and stealing.

    • Human: The most populous race in Vanaheim, humans have long been the most accepted race and few face the persecution of less-understood creatures. While humans do not display particular powers, they tend to be gifted in speech thanks to the social ease of being a human in the city, but their other skills can vary widely, making them some of the most diverse individuals in Vanaheim. (Bonus to Charisma)

      Elf: These slim, fair creatures thrive mostly in the wilds, and those who have come to live in the city find themselves leading incredibly varied lives, some using their delicate yet striking features to take jobs in the entertainment industry. Others take advantage of their natural inclination towards agility to keep themselves afloat by working as thieves. (Bonus to Agility)

      Psion: Anatomically identical to humans, psions are unique thanks to their access to psychic powers, which some might call magic. Being able to move things with their mind, read thoughts, or even harness the elements, to an extent (with attacks called psi-bolts), some psions become obsessed with their own talents and become chaotic presences in the city, leading the law-abiding psions to live under a prejudiced shadow. (Bonus to Will)

      Dwarf: Shorter and stockier than elves and humans, dwarves are renowned for their craftsmanship and hair, both beards and often flowing manes. Not known as the most social beings, dwarves tend to resign themselves to jobs involving manufacturing or manual labor within Vanaheim so they can spend time to themselves once the work is done, pursuing their own individual hobbies and lives. (Bonus to Dexterity)

      Draugr: Not nearly as mindless as a zombie, draugr are indeed undead creatures that walk among the living, but they bear more in common with the folkloric vampire than with shambling corpses. Most draugr are cursed, having been killed and "infected" by a rogue draugr, but some simply died feeling so incredibly vengeful or unfulfilled that they managed to transcend the finality of death. Not much is known about these mysterious creatures, but individual draugrs have shown interesting and paranormal talents such as the ability to visit dreams, induce madness, hypnotize, and shapeshift. A draugr is most akin to a corporeal ghost, and their relative longevity allows them to learn much from experience. (Bonus to Intelligence)

      Werebeast: Most commonly found as a human that can transform into a monstrous wolf or other predatory mammal, werebeasts of all kind have been reported, and they are becoming increasingly common in Vanaheim. Its quick spread suggests that the "disease" is transferable. These individuals transform into their beastly forms involuntarily when the moon is full, but can attempt the change at night, realizing it is more exhausting to do so the further it is from the full moon, but they maintain more mental control in those cases. Humans, elves, dwarves, and psions can all be infected, and any werebeast will display markings or tendencies reminiscent of a beast when not transformed. (Bonus to Strength)​
    • [​IMG]

      Districts Summary:

      The Precinct (Center): Located centrally in the city, The Precinct is a fairly new construction that encloses the hospital, the police station, and the fire department. Its move to this location has helped to keep an eye on crime in some of the more troublesome spots of Vanaheim, but as a result, it is hardly used for much else.

      Notable Locations:
      • Vanaheim Police HQ, where you will be spending quite some time learning about your latest case and accessing their resources to aid in your investigations.
      • Vanaheim Fire Department, where brave men and women slide down poles and drive incredibly hard-to-maneuver trucks in order to keep the city from burning down.
      • Horne Medical Center, where the city's finest doctors work. The building has always been located in the Precinct, and has been able to expand greatly once this land was negotiated. Horne Medical Center has a tremendous record with its patients and a large laboratory dedicated to research.

      Downtown: Only the best in entertainment and nightlife can afford to stay here. Always a bustling area, the Vanaheim's downtown provides an ever-changing landscape of clubs and 24-hour burger joints. However, some old favorites are here to stay, and a discerning eye who has spent too much time around these parts can always tell which pleasures are bound to be fleeting.

      Notable Locations:
      • N/A

      Park Plaza: Comprised mostly of affordable housing, office space, and restaurants, Park Plaza is also home to government buildings and the city's library. Thanks to its expansive sprawl and reasonable living space, it tends to be the home of younger people who don't mind apartment living while being close to exciting nightlife. Park Plaza also attracts many artists.

      Notable Locations:
      • Vanaheim Public Library, which many believe is haunted. Various rumors of ghosts haunting the halls after unconfirmed grisly murders and occult rituals scare off most casual browsers, but the librarians are made of much stronger stuff than that.

      Western Heights: The premium community in Vanaheim. Food and shelter are incredibly expensive, but definitely the best the city has to offer. Western Heights is full mostly of old families and new money, both eager to prove they belong in the huge penthouses or borderline mansions that are exclusive to this area.

      Notable Locations:
      • N/A

      Sol Valley: A district known mostly for its shopping and galleries, it is also home to the offices for many wealthy and high-scale companies. Very heavy foot traffic tends to make this place susceptible to petty crimes such as pick-pocketing, but it is known to be a safe area.

      Notable Locations:
      • First National Bank of Vanaheim which, unsurprisingly, sees a lot of people come in daily in order to check their funds and manage things after a long day spent being distracted by the glittery things Sol Valley has to offer. They like to boast that they haven't been robbed in seventy-six years.

      Sunset Station: So named because it was once home to the city's train station, this outskirt of Vanaheim is home to a large concentration of supernatural creatures, particularly elves. The community features a variety of well-maintained parks, which may attract some to venture out that way, but its relative poverty compared to the larger sections of the city tends to keep them isolated.

      Notable Locations:
      • The Rails, where many children growing up in the Station like to pretend they're cowboys and shoot finger-pistols at their friends until the sun sinks low into the sky.

      The Industrial District: A smoggy and hazy conglomerate of factories, docks, warehouses, and smaller-scale offices. The items produced here bring in a sizable chunk of Vanaheim's revenue, and those who have to work here usually just remind themselves of this fact as they drive through a cloud of soot sandwiched between towering, grey buildings.

      Notable Locations:
      • Karff Pharmaceuticals Factory, which has been empty for years as the Karff company has moved its production to a larger facility across the country. However, the property remains in limbo after falling out of escrow, and is the source of a great feud between two halves of a rich and scheming family.

      Lars Pier: Despite boasting wonderful river views, Lars Pier has been considered the slums of Vanaheim for decades now. Featuring housing projects, a high crime rate, and the creepy remnants of an abandoned amusement park project, Lars Pier is a place where many hope never to land and few manage to escape.

      Notable Locations:
      • Stray Alley, which has become known as the red-light district of Vanaheim. While not the only area to boast prostitution, skeezy sex shops, and an astronomical number of PTSDs per square foot, it is definitely the most dangerous, for both parties.
      • Thrilltown, which was meant to become a valuable asset for Vanaheim, but now sits on Lars Pier like a sore thumb. It was mostly completed, with several rides able to run and the majority of the attractions built, but the project was abandoned without any word. While not a huge park, it still seemed like an ambitious project for such a small area. It still attracts kids and daredevil adults alike, though with a distinct lack of profits.

      Ridgedale: Originally built as a suburban alternative to urban living, Ridgedale soon began to resemble its city counterpart, with buildings rising upwards and small communities gradually disappearing. The closer to the western edge you get, the more Ridgedale once again resembles suburbs. This is a predominantly peaceful residential area, home to most families and schools in Vanaheim.

      Notable Locations:
      • N/A

      Averly Row: A small but hotly contested district, it is home to Vanaheim's prison and is known to be the battleground for several major gangs, and some of them are highly volatile psion gangs. Violence from the Row rarely trickles down into Ridgedale, but its growing worse and worse by the day. The city hopes to move the prison into the Precinct, but few want the job of transporting them.

      Notable Locations:
      • Vanaheim Prison, where dangerous and violent prisoners are kept locked up in a secure facility. While many of the small-time criminals have been transferred to the prison adjacent to the police department in the Precinct, the worst of the worst still remain here.

    • Oculas Marbly | Human | Simen Demon
      Locke Hjalvarson | Human | Hellis
      Keye Hjalvarson | Psion | Hellis

      Aust | Elf | Silverdawn
      Asher Jericho | Human | Chris_Reaper
    • To be updated with information regarding the criminals in Vanaheim encountered over the course of the story, as well as leads regarding yet unseen foes.
    • Couldn't think of where else to put this at the moment, so I figured here would suffice.

      There is magic in this setting, and draugrs and werebeasts are just the tip of the iceberg as far as that goes, but your characters won't be starting off with a working knowledge of it. Psions and their psychic abilities are decidedly not magic, and the odd talents some draugrs or more traditionally "magical" creatures may display (if you choose to include any in your customs) will be the extent of it at this point. Pretty soon, however, your characters will begin to stumble upon magic and understand it much more fully. It'll just take some time. For now, this tab will remain as a reminder of that fact, but it will soon be replaced with information on spells, types of magic, and magical beasts.
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    • Name: Nita Lyali
      Age: 26
      Race: Werebeast [Elf, subtype werepanther]
      Sex: Female
      Height: 5'8"
      Appearance: She possesses long black hair and amber eyes like a cat. Her ears are pointed. She has a sleek and powerful build, her curves noticeable but nothing to boast about. She has a tattooed half-sleeve along one arm that continues along her pectoral of roses and vines.

      Background: Volunteer
      Personality: Rough around the edges, but first to play the tough bitch, how much is just an act is anyone's guess, though she's not afraid to reinforce with action if need-be, though hardly her first choice
      History: Nita lived a bit of a struggling childhood. She was raised by her father, her mother had left when she was young. Taken by wonderlust, her father would say. He tried to be understanding, but the pain was apparent in his eyes. She could never get over it, though. She bore the pain into her teen years and wore it like a badge, striking out and causing trouble quite often. Sometimes it would be petty theft. Sometimes it would be getting into fights at school. Usually it would just be lashing out at her father and throwing what had happened in his face and blaming him for everything even as he struggled.

      As she began to turn into an adult, she began to calm down and regret much of her childish behaviour. She tried to make up for it and help out. She got a job at the public library. It eased some of the burden off her father's shoulders, especially in regards to her art supplies. She intended to break into the art scene if she could, but it was a bit of a leap.

      It was the night she turned of age to drink, though, that she went out with some friends to a local bar. She had sent them off and was on her way home herself when she was attacked by a weremadillo. She could hardly believe it herself. The hospital surely did not, especially with the alcohol on her breath.

      With her becoming of a werebeast herself, she began to find herself more agitated and struggling to stay so settled down in her library job. She got a job working at a club downtown as security and found it suited her a bit more. It began to cause a divide between her and her father once more, though.

      Skill Points:
      • Strength: 7
      • Agility: 6
      • Charisma: 2
      • Intelligence: 3
      • Dexterity: 6
      • Will: 6
      • Let Your Fists Do the Talking: Through an act of intimidation through physical prowess, Nita can cow an individual into submission and even pry information from them.
      • Embracing the Beast: Her panther form is reflected in her human form, she is just a little more graceful, a touch more powerful, moves slightly more silently, and her senses are improved, including low-light vision.

      • Name: Demetri Voskov
        Age: Turned 28
        Race: Draugr
        Sex: Male
        Height: 5'11"
        Appearance: Squared and sharp features, Demetri has a crop of short blonde hair one his hair. He has a pair of serious blue eyes that seem to have a hollow look to them, which he often hides with a pair of sunglasses. He has hard lines to his face despite his relatively young years and is pale as death.

        Background: Volunteer
        Personality: Cool, collected, and charismatic, if a bit of a quirky sense of humor
        History: Demetri was a foreigner from the across the pond and is still apparent in his slight accent despite his attempts to mask it. He came from a small well-to-do family, but before one of the wars (he fails to mention which, leaving you guessing his age), they had immigrated. They had lived further west for awhile, but Demetri never much cared for the scenery. So as he reached of age, he struck out on his own moved to the coast, to Vanaheim.

        His initial arrival was less than pleasant, that much he will say. He talks a little about working on at the pier but never quite say where or what his business entails. It is apparent, though, that he is a bit more familiar with the dealings of Stray Alley than he lets on. Someone once guessed that he was a conman; he just smiled and shrugged. Perhaps, if it were shady dealings on Stray Alley that led to his transformation.

        He never explains the conditions, but he tells that he met a woman, pale as death and cold to the touch. He thought at first she had caught frightfully ill. The next thing he knows, though, he awakens, feeling cold and stiff and knowing something was terribly amiss.

        It was a harsh realization to come to that he was dead but still lingered. He scarcely knew how to conduct himself and fell into a bit of a disarray. He was a disheveled monster as he saw and he scarcely knew what to do with himself aside from lurk in the shadows.

        At least, until her began to grow weary of that and discovered an easier way. It seamed when one cleaned themselves up and relied a bit more upon their natural talents they could make their way within the world even as a bloodsucking fiend of the night. There was really no need to be so uncouth about it.

        It was with this practice that he began to build himself up over time and from a modest life made connections and friends in high places. With those friends he built himself a small fortune and has been able to set himself up quite nicely, living in Vanaheim's Western Heights as one of the city's elites.

        Skill Points:
        • Strength: 1
        • Agility: 4
        • Charisma: 10
        • Intelligence: 7
        • Dexterity: 3
        • Will: 5
        • Friends Through the Ages: An old man like Demetri has been around the block a few times and doing that, he's made a few friends and connections. Some of them with well-to-do families, some just some scrappy thugs, whatever suited his fancy at the time. That said, in most situations, he can usually find some friend of a friend of a friend of his willing to lend a hand.
        • Hypnotic Voice: Demetri possesses the ability to hypnotize people for a brief period of time simply by the sound of his voice. He can issue simple commands that the individual will follow through. The only catch of this is that the individual cannot do anything obviously suicidal. Things that are very against their character, ie) shooting a loved one, would obviously have a high chance to break their trance as well.
  2. Sounds cool, im in
  3. Question:

    It was aid there would be magic in game. Would it be possible to make a human character then have one of their custom traits be something that lets them perform magic. For example, maybe there's a witch somewhere in their bloodline and they have a latent ability/talent for magic after magic comes up in the game. Or they find out when they run across a mysterious book written in some weird language they've never seen before but can understand it anyways?
  4. The ability to control magic and perform it, either via a book or because of latent talent, will be something that comes up in full force later on, and based on the skill points you choose to invest, it will decide whether or not your character will be able to use it, and if so, what types. For a custom, a character could be able to read runes or a similar old language that would exist in Vanaheim's archives, but for the onset, actual control of magic won't be accepted.

    That said, your customs will be able to evolve as you progress in the story, as well as traits gained thanks to your actions. So, best not to gear yourself towards that with a custom at this very moment, as it will become available to you after a certain plot point.

    However, if you do want to do a human with some witch blood in his/her lineage, be aware that could manifest itself at first as a sixth sense of sorts that allows him or her to be able to detect mystical occurrences. It wouldn't go much further than that at the onset.
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  5. I was thinking to make a guy with the trait to sorta sense magic. Would that be okay ? It sounds like it would be :3
  6. It would be. I just want to avoid people making characters right away with, say, Dr. Strange levels of expertise. Psions and draugrs, by their very nature, have something close to magic, but for draugrs, it's the residual effects of a curse, and for psions, it's a mutation that grants them mental powers.
  7. Name: Ocalus Marbly
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Height: 179 cm

    Background: Criminal


    Ocalus grew up in jungle of tall buildings and neon lights called Vanaheim, a city where his family name had become one the police had grown all to familiar with. For years now most of the Marbly family had been known for being thief's, hired guns, smugglers and any other form of crime they saw a chance to earn money from. As he got older Ocauls started to take bigger and bigger parts in the schemes his family planned and eventually he even started coming up with his own ones. He grew up to become a excellent thief and his father is extremely proud of him.

    Ocauls had run into the police force several times and had mostly managed to avoid them, but the few times he got caught there was never enough evidence to actually charge him with anything. To say the police force is less then fund of him is an understatement.

    He was however finally caught after the police manged to lure him into a trap. The leaked Ocauls fake info about there being a huge amount of drugs on its way into the city and that they were searching for people to sell it. When Ocauls came to the location of where the drugs would have been located the police sprang into action and arrested him on the spot.


    Ocauls is calm and practical individual. It is strange to call someone that will say anything to get out of a situation a honest person, but unless his life or freedom hangs in the balance you can have faith that he will tell you the cold hard truth. He can therefor often come of as insensitive and

    Skill Points:

    • Strength: 2
    • Agility: 6
    • Charisma: 5
    • Intelligence: 6
    • Dexterity: 8
    • Will: 3

    • Sense Magic

      Ocalus doesn't really know what these strange feelings he gets every now and then is, but for some reason there are things in this world he is just drawn towards.

    • Knowledge of the streets

      Growing up in the streets Ocalus has learned the ins and outs of the street and how to make them provide what he needs.
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  8. Name: Asher Jericho
    Age: 30
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Appearance: sicarii.jpg

    Race: Human
    Personality: Brooding, Cynical
    History: Jericho was born as part of an ancient bloodline of demon slayers who are descended directly from the third son of Adam and Eve, Seth...they are known as the Sicarii. By extension his lineage is also ingrained into the original twelve tribes of Israel and Jericho was born as part of the Tribe Of Asher, or the Asherites. As an infant, young Jericho was sired into a violent and radical splinter subset of the Sicarii who simply refer to themselves as "The Vengeful". These ultra violent outcasts have forgotten their vows of servitude and honor to the Almighty Creator and have evolved into a cold and heartless gang of unrepentant killers. They have devoted their main focus to the destruction of the Sicarii's ancient enemies, the Talo-Visharii ...who are the descendants of Cain, first born of Adam. The only thing The Vengeful live for is to avenge the primordial death of Abel, and they will kill anyone or anything that gets in their way.

    Shortly after Jericho was born, the Talo-Visharii raided a Vengeful stronghold and stole baby Jericho in retaliation for The Vengeful killing one of their grand masters. The blood thirsty clan had planned to sacrifice the infant to an arch demon of the Abyss, named Chak'Ron. The ceremony went awry when The Vengeful stormed in and saved the baby from being killed. However the interruption somehow caused the demon's essence to become merged with the infant Jericho's soul, thus trapping two spirits in one body.

    The Vengeful tried all they could to exorcise the demon. They cast all manner of mystic spells, scarred the young boys face with Runic tattoos and cited various prayers...all to no avail. Chak'Ron became the dominant personality and continually tormented the boy both physically and mentally. At the brink of insanity, Jericho escaped at the age of ten. Wandering the streets and with the demon about to completely over take his mind...Jericho was discovered by a Levite priest named Feinstein. The wise Levite introduced the boy to the main Sicarii sect and it was here that he found salvation. The Sicarii began to train him in the true ways of a son of Seth. In time Jericho began to slowly re-gain control of his mind and body and discovered what it truly means to fight back. Through prayer, discipline, unwavering faith in the Almighty and the combative arts of a Sicarii warrior...Jericho built up an indomitable will. Finally Jericho confronted Chak'Ron in a dream scape and the resulting battle sent shock waves through the spiritual realm. In the end, Jericho triumphed and soundly defeated the arch demon, relegating Chak'Ron to a mere voice inside the young Sicarii's head. In the midst of the conflict, he also gained possession of his signature weapon, a battle axe he named Covenant...which once belonged to Chak'Ron himself.

    Because of his ties to an arch demon, Jericho has gained a vast reservoir of knowledge. In his attempts to strengthen his mind against ChaK'Ron, Jericho learned various scientific disciplines. He became an expert at many form of ancient language, writing and symbolism. He can speak nearly a dozen dialects and decipher even the most ancient of hieroglyphs. Like his Sicarii brothers, he is first and foremost a warrior. But his knowledge as a spiritualist and scholar are just as sharp as his fighting prowess.

    Even though Chak'Ron had been severely weakened and Jericho took back control of his body and mind, the demon still re-surfaces from time to time...especially when Jericho is experiencing bouts of depression, rage or self doubt. In these spurts, Chak'Ron has managed to once again become the dominant personality, driving the Sicarii to become possessed once more. These moments are few and far between and Jericho always retakes his mind. However it was during one of these brief moments of possession that Chak'Ron committed his most heinous act of vengeance against Jericho. The demon, controlling Jericho's actions, massacred an entire ward of innocent children inside an orphanage in the city of Vanahiem. Jericho quickly suppressed Chak'Ron shortly thereafter, but the damage had been done. Jericho accepted responsibility for the tragedy and was imprisoned. The young demon slayer has yet to come to terms with the massacre and the resolve he once had is slowly slipping. The demon that shares his body is slowly gaining in strength, threatening to once again take full control, perhaps this time for good...

    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 4
    • Charisma: 1
    • Intelligence: 9
    • Dexterity: 2
    • Will: 9
    Traits: Jericho possess a near genius level intellect. His knowledge of spiritualism, ancient languages, deciphering ancient hieroglyphs and various other scientific disciplines is formidable. His mind is a steel trap and his adeptness at analysis and problem solving is near unmatched.

    Through the years, he has forged a nearly unbreakable will , refusing to give up in the face of insurmountable odds. He is tenacious to a fault and once intent on accomplishing a goal, is determined to see it through, no matter what the cost. His blatant stubbornness to accept defeat can viewed as both a glaring negative and an admirable asset...
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    • Name: Locke Hjalvarson
      Age: 22
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5'6
      With pale blue eyes, a slightly femenine but handsome face, Locke was born to showbuisness on looks alone.

      Background: Volenteer.

      Personality: Curius, experiment prone and bright, Keye is the actual brain to his sisters psionic talents.

      History: Born to the streets of a city that didn't love him or his sisters, Keye was the provider in a homestead living among cardbords. He uses his talent for sleight of hand his oddly sharp intellect to fool people with simple street magician tricks while at the same time using those tricks to provide his sister with enterteinment on their most dreary of days. And boy where they dreary. From dodging the police looking for vagrants, to dodging the meaner kids who hates his guts for being pupular, he was in for a world of hurt if he ever stopped moving. So he moved, malnourished and weakening. But at the same time, unbeknowst to him, his twin sister Keye, was growing stronger in a whole different way. one day, a few days after their 14th birthday, about two years after their mother had died, his sister manifested Psionic powers. For such a frail kid, her talent with telekinesis was astounding. Atleast to Locke. He saw in her a light, a way out.

      Two months later, the two put on a street show in which the sister assisted her brother quite slyly, making seemingly impossible magic trick even more mindboggling. They started to actually make a bit of coin this way. But to his sister, They were not gaining it fast enough. And she resented the posh, fat men and women who threw them scraps. One day, her temprament flared. The trick turned into a disaster after some oaf doubted Lockes validity. And Keye forced a card down the mans throat. When people realized what was going on, the police was called.

      Locke lost his sister to the Police. She was taken away to serve penance at a youth facility. He begged them to take him to, but he had actually stopped his sister and was never charged. Locke became something of a small, local name in Street Magician circles. While some had disliked him on principle before, they hated him for using his sister to cheat in his tricks. But he began to prove them wrong, but he also used his talent to shark notorius pokerplayers and other gamblers. All while waiting for his sisters release. Instead, he found out about the new Police initiative, and the fact his sister was put on the squad. 5 years since the two was seperated, they are now together again, both changed, both potent allies.

      Skill Points:
      Strength: 2
      Agility: 5
      Charisma: 8
      Intelligence: 8
      Dexterity: 5
      Will: 2


      Distraction; Locke can, quite frankly, talk your pants of your legs and into the charity basket. He has such a way of making you think of anything but what you want to think about, you swear it is magic. It is his only manifested Psionic ability. He puts hypnotic suggestions into every word he speaks.

      Trickery; Locke knows a small variety of sleight of hands tricks, leading questions and other tools to fool people.

    • Name: Keye Hjalvarson
      Age: 22
      Sex: Female.
      Height: 5'6
      With a face some would call angelic, Keye always havea distant look in her eyes and a smile that is as bright as the sun. She is a frail thing, with slender arms and little meat on her. Her hair falls past her shoulders in cascades of silver.

      Background: Criminal

      Race: Psionic

      Personality: Distant, Protective, Quick to anger.

      History: Born to the streets of a city that forced her brother to waste his mintor Psionic talents on tricking people. Keye hated the world from almost day one. She hated the men and women who had a worm house to live in. She hated her mother, who was a useless addict and hated the father she never remembered. Her brother did what he could, wasting away physically and mentally, but somehow found time to entertein her. She adored him for keeping that smile no mater what. And one day, after honing her gifts in silence, she showed him what she could do. She mindmelded with a another vagrant, learning his name.

      Two months later, the two put on a street show in which the sister assisted her brother quite slyly, making seemingly impossible magic trick even more mindboggling. They began to make money. But Locke saw how her brother had to deal with jeering, smug bastards. It infuriated her, and she knew from her powers they all had so much money they could give with just the right little push. But, her plan to do so backfired, when a mindmeld revealed a man aimed to ruin the show and thier livelyhood. She was proactive, and got him first-

      And so, she was put in cuffs. The cops rode away with her behind the bars of their transport. Prison was rough, psions were jocking for position, and during her years there, she bacame so reliant on her powers she suffered muscle antrophy and lost alot of her finger dexterity. In turn, she honed her mind nad will to a potent, lethal weapon.

      5 years in the slammer, one of those in solitary, she ended up on the squad. And there she found her brother, still smiling, still charming. She would protect that smile.

      Skill Points:
      Strength: 3
      Agility: 5
      Charisma: 4
      Intelligence: 5
      Dexterity: 3
      Will: 10


      Mind Meld; Keye has ability to link her mind forcefully to others, and trough forces osmosis, pick up some of their talents or memories. One can resist of course, and other psionics tend to shut her out without that much effort. The talents are obviusly minor ones, like picking a lock or solving crosswords.

      Telekenisis: Keye knows how to move small objects with her mind.
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  9. Name: Aust
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'11"


    Background: Criminal

    Race: Elf

    Personality: Aust is crafty and swift, he doesn't play nice and he might steal your ammo or wallet so keep them tight to your person. He goes towards the Neutral chaotic side of the spectrum so don't expect him to help without some incentive.


    Aust grew up in a shady family, they stole to feed themselves to them it was an easy honest living, Aust learnt their ways and somehow even surpassed his brothers while he was still 8. Growing up he began to do most of the stealing slowing increasing his skills both to get around and sneak. He was unfortunately caught while he in the process of stealing a painting for a very rich individual but it turned out to be a set up. He was imprisoned for the first time.

    It's believed that this is what made him what he is now, as early on during his sentence he was attacked by a few men he dodged them and ran to a guard who he begged to help but the guard pretended to not hear him. Aust instinctively grabbed the guard's gun and fired a shot into the 3 men chasing him then the guard. He stared at what he had done and only smiled, he ran for it not looking back he killed multiple guards and made his way out of the prison.

    Throughout the city many robberies happened all over the city, a few deaths at each, at the same time they still hunted Aust down but he didn't care he was preoccupied with stealing more stuff. Finally after months of this they finally surrounded by the countless pieces of art with a welcoming smile on his face. He pleaded guilty to not only the stuff they knew he had done but a few more crimes. He was placed in solitary confinement and they kept him there, but it's not like he wanted to be anywhere else.

    Skill Points:
    • Strength: 1
    • Agility: 8
    • Charisma: 5
    • Intelligence: 5
    • Dexterity: 8
    • Will: 3

    Silent movement: Because of the long time Aust was training to get where he is, all movements from him are quiet as long as he isn't running.
    Silent shot: Anytime Aust uses a silenced gun on an enemy that hasn't seem him he has a better chance of hitting them.
  10. @Simen Demon, Ocalus looks good and is accepted.

    @Chris_Reaper, I do love the concept for Jericho and he's just a quick fix away from being accepted. Genius-level intellect and nigh-unbreakable will are huge claims to make with the skill points you've assigned to those two areas. Not to say he wouldn't excel there, as he clearly would, but perhaps either give Will/Intelligence another couple of points, or specify some way in which he truly shines in those categories. I am willing to let the Intelligence one be, since you clearly mention specializing it towards languages and problem-solving, but perhaps you can narrow down the Will one? Gear it more towards tenacity or pain resistance, just to give yourself a real bonus, rather than simply repeating traits inherent to that stat.

    @Hellis, I'm glad to see you haven't given up on creating girly-boys for my RP. Locke and Keye are both accepted.

    @Silverdawn, Aust is also accepted.

    I'm enjoying the characters that are coming in so far. I hope to see more in the days to come.
  11. @Drifter
    Ok, I applied some of the changes you asked for. Hope it meets your approval...
  12. Thanks! Yeah, sorry for sounding so picky, but they were pretty minor fixes. All in all, I can't wait to see how he plays out. Accepted!
  13. Pretty boys make everything better!
  14. @Drifter
    Glad that I can be apart of this, could you give me an idea of how dice rolls will work in this game. I'm a adept D&D player and I enjoy table top games so I always like to know how they work.
  15. Damn, We are all but one criminal so far. We need some officers up in this shit.
  16. @Silverdawn, it's going to be pretty much what you'd expect. In combat or during investigations a d20 will be rolled to determine the success of the action. Of course, stuff like walking and talking and door opening doesn't need to be rolled for. The success of making difficult shots and persuading others will be determined by dice, as I feel that offers a good amount of variety.

    As for not having many officers? I figured that would happen. I had planned to bring in a few NPC officers and a couple of others at the start.
  17. Id be willing to take on a secondary character if need be...
  18. If you want to take on more characters, go ahead. I just want to remind you that as the GM, I can easily create NPCs to fill in any character gaps I see. I want people to play what appeals to them, while also thinking of how they will be useful in the bigger picture. Providing back-up is what I'm here for.
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