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  1. Vampire who fell for a vampire hunter
  2. Nika led him deeper into the woods and knelt down, listening. A squirrell scurried by and she snatched up in her hand. It wriggled and complained. She ignored it and bit down, ending its life. She opened the water bottle and squeezed the animal's blood into the bottle. Once the squirrell was drained, she dropped the carcass and handed Ryder the bottle.

    "Here. It isn't human blood, but it will do. Drink."
  3. Ryder grabbed the bottle drinking the bottle down in seconds, he was still blood thirsty and wanted more, he turned and looked spotting the deer, hekrept on it and then made his move tussling it down and sinking his teeth into the deers neck
  4. Nika followed him as he hunted. Feeding from him had left her full and would keep her thirst in check for a couple of days.

    "Just be sure you stop when the heart stops. Don't drink the blood of the dead."

    She advised as she watched him feed.
  5. Ryder pulled away from drining once the heart had stopped he stood up and brushed his clothes down licking the blood off his lips he'd turn to nika and give a smile, the same smile he gave when he was human, nothing really changed in his mind, only his body

    " how did i do?"

    He asked in a teasing tone
  6. She returned the smile and leaned against a near by tree and chuckled a little.


    She told him honestly.

    "The wolves and other preditors will worry about cleaning up the body."

    That was another reason she didn't have him drinking human blood right off the bat. She didn't want to chance him killing someone. She walked up to him and helped him brush the dirt off his clothes.
  7. He smiled and let her help him brush off his clothes, he'd tilted her face up and looked down at her

    " do i look the same to you?"
  8. She wrapped her arms around his neck and studied him. She nodded.

    "Yes. Of course you do. Just a little paler and fangs."

    Her smile faded a little.


    She wondered, noting how close they were.
  9. He smiled slowly and creased her cheek

    " i just wanted to make sure i was the same to you"

    He kissed her cheek.
  10. "Oh."

    She said in understanding. She rested her head against his chest, already missing the sound of his breathing and heart beat. She let out a sigh.
  11. He looked at her and back up

    " whats wrong? is it"

    He already knew the answer and now he had the gut feeling wishing he never asked her to bite him
  12. "It's nothing."

    She muttered. Then her eyes glittered and she smirked at him.

    "Let's see how well you can run. If you can run at all."

    She said, her voice playful. Before he could do anything she had already taken off at a blurring speed, weaving through the trees and brambles.

    Let's see if you can catch me!

    She called to him with her thoughts.
  13. He hesitated for a moment then ran after her surprised by his speed he was neck and neck with her

    "ha prepare to loose"
  14. It had been a long time since she had the chance to run like this with anyone. Ryder was a newly born vampire and would be stronger and faster in his first years as a vampire, but after a while his strenght would fade and he would have to rebuild his strength and power again through agining and experiance.

    We'll see.

    She thought to him, and started to run even faster.

    See that small clearing? We'll race there and make that our ending point.

    The clearing was still quite aways off.
  15. He smiled at the challenge and ran faster pressing off the trees for mmore air, this was the first time he felt so energetic in his life, it felt amazing

    prepare to loose

    Hecontinued at his fast speed brushing past nika
  16. She let out a bark of laughter and picked up her speed, able to keep up with Ryder. They continued to race to the clearing, not having to worry about crashing into a tree or tripping over a fallen log. When she made it to the clearing, she collapsed in the soft swaying grass, giggling like a giddy school girl. Her smile faded though, when she suddenly remembered how she and Wyrd used to run like this through the woods. She sat up, her hair a tangled mess.
  17. He made his way too the opening right after her he laughed and looked at her

    " ha your hairs messy"

    He smiled and helpt get the stuff out her hair
  18. "Your clothes aren't much better."

    She teased. She grabbed his shirt and yanked him down, pulling him on top of her. She kissed him then, long and deep.
  19. He let her pull him down and he kissed her back softly as he slid his tounge in her mouth, her body felt so good against his, Ryder hand traveled to her waist slowly
  20. She arched her back in pleasure, their bodies pressed up against each other. Ryder was no longer warm to the touch, but the same cold temperature as hers. She groaned a little at the taste of him and gently tugged on his lower lip.