Vampires and a very Bloody Hell

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  1. "Victor." The man opened his eyes and straightened himself up with an agitated yawn, as he opened both eyes to see had a guest in his office. "We're running low on blood, we must go to the hospital and ask West if she can spare some until our shipment arrives." A much older man stated, leaning against the doorway, his fangs flashing in the low light. Victor got up with a sigh, grabbed his sword that was placed against the desk and then strapped it across his back, before the guest could reply, Victor shot him a glance and he walked out of the room and towards the exit with his companion to where the rest of their group awaited.
  2. She fell in to the break room tired. It was still the first hour in to her shift and she had already taken 6 cases and almost drained her self dry of magic. It'd never happen before, never! not when you controlled your own blood to keep you moving and active.

    "your just tired. when was the last time you slept...for a full 10 hours?" her friend Clot has asked her earlier. her response?

    "a week ago when hospital for once was not in a chaotic mess of clients and patients"
  3. He basically ignored the group that greeted him as he and the other vampire exited the building. Walking at a brisk pace, Victor shoved one hand into his pocket as he walked behind the leader of this territory and in front of the common goons who were considered guards or 'nobles'. It was odd but for some reason he outranked them despite is young age.

    It wasn't too long until the group arrived at the hospital and stepped into the lobby. "The rest of you stay here, Victor come with me." The lead vampire, Dominic, stated and walked over to the receptionist. "We are here to meet with West."
  4. The secatory looked at him as if he had lost his marbles or need to be in the phyc ward "umm" the human hurse began confused when She stepped in
    "you must be Victor...I'm doctor anderson. You must be looking for Doctor horndale...She's over in the OR right now but I'm sure I can help you too" she said leading them away from the humans and around to an empty hall before the wall appeared out of no where behind them sealing them in a box.

    "Let me repharase my self. You must be new to the job because no self respecting Vampire would walk up to a human and ask to See West, you either have a death wish or you've lost your marbles" she said jabing him with her pen. "so let me help you fix that so you end up killing every one in the building because of your newbie mistake. You want to see west? You send her a message and she finds you. not the other way around'
  5. Victor and Dominic glanced at one another, were they playing some kind of game? Dominic was about to say something else, while Victor absentmindedly played with the pommel of his blade. That was until another girl intervened and pulled Dominic away who grabbed ahold of Victor's arm and pull him along too; Victor now wearing a confused expression.

    When the girl jabbed Dominic with her pen, Victor was about to reach for his sword and place it against the women's neck before the other waved him down. "Ah no." Dominic replied, pushing her pen away, then gestured to Victor who was behind him. "That's Victor." He smiled then suddenly became very serious. "I'm Dominic Highblood, the vampire who runs this territory and West owes me a favor or two. Especially for allowing her refuge her so long ago."
  6. (the refeuge would be the other way around, they're able to ask her for just about anything as long as it doesn't volioate teh contract they signed with them)

    "my mistake on who then" she said cooly looking at them both through her glasses "I normaly work in OR and tramma so I rarely leave the wards and do the ocuasional run of the mill when West is on break" she said putting her pen back in to her lab coat and pulled out her phone to check the stats to see if West was done in the OR yet. "but like I said you can't just waltz in and demand to see West. If you did that with south she'd have you begging for death in an hour or so give or take a min depending on her mood. You need to call her office or E-mail and she'll find you. not the other way around"
  7. (Oh, okay.)

    This women really was insolent, this was why Victor did not like working with mortals or witches, though Dominic remained passive and didn't give off to much. Victor on the other hand, was giving off an aura of malice and the sense that he could and would kill anyone in the building with a shred of guilt or remorse. "Well, we aren't in South's land now are we?" Victor snorted, Dominic shooting him a warning glance. "Yes, I know that's how West works but this could turn bad if not quelled. which is why I have come here." Dominic started, "The blood banks have run dry, our next shipment is not due for another week but some are already starting to show the sighs. Unless West would like to see this hospital overrun by out of control and starving vampires who feed here before moving further into the surrounding cities, a solution needs to be found now."

    Victor simply shook his head, why not just go into cities or prisons and take their lowlives and toher criminals as food? They wouldn't be missed at all, humans were nothing but a walking source of food and there were pleanty of them to go around; they bred like rats.
  8. "I'm sure the situation is as you described it" she said pulling her tablet screen out to check for new updates. The banks were empty and complaints were comming in fast. Sighing she looked up.
    "I can't do anything for you at the moment, what I can do is ask a few Southern witches and Eastern gaued for assistance" She said knowing some witches coudl make blood. not as effecent or as good as hers but better then nothing. The eastern Gaurd or as her names go. The bloody irs could make just about anything as long as she had somthing to work with. But she hates vampires, she'd rather let hunters over run her before she saved any vampire but if east commanded her to do so, she has little to refuse.

    "they can do somthing but it wont be as much as the specilist" she said. She had no right to give out blood with out orders, It was a violation of her contract and coul get her killed in the worst possible ways. Souths horrors in the dungens or Wests stark white rooms full of half dead half alive test subjects. the thought of either made her shiver. She'd rather be killed by hunters then go therough that way to hell. at least she'd die faster.
    (we never did talk about the vampires weakness did we?)
  9. Dominic knew that it would be a temporary fix but it was better then nothing, unlike Victor, he did not think of the humans like that. Humans and vampires were similar and coexisted, hence why the blood banks were made for those who wished to live near humans and intergrade into their society to live their lives there. "Thank you, if not they don't assist then I might have a few alternatives to turn to buy some time." He replied with a small smile and then bowed his head to her. He really doubted the Southern witches would help because their leader was a sociopath but he had high hopes that the Eastern witches would help, even if it was only a little.

    "That is quite alright, we have no reason to complain, any bit no matter how small can help." He replied. Victor, growing bored with the conversation, turned away from them and strode over to the window; watching a few of the vampires from their group stand around and goof off. That's when he finally began to speak. "The quality or quainty does not matter anymore, only filling their stomachs with blood is what their thinking about." Turning back to the window, his eyes narrowed upon seeing that one of the other vampires were becoming impatient, continuing to glance at the hospital doors with hungry stares. "Whatever you two decide to do, you better make it quick...they're getting restless and to them, the hospital looks like a feeding ground."

    (I don't believe we did.)
  10. (to the Pm to discuss then?)
    "I've sent the notice off and weather I recive replies is up to them to decide" she said knowing that East would ask Irs to help and she would angry and bitterly but better then nothing. It was the southern witches that were the real gamble, not all of them were cold and blunt like Souths younger brother the Ice prince. At the same time the ones that wern't asked for quite a lot i nreturn for the job. Somthing she'd have to pay from her own pockets. "I'd like to hear your alternatives as well" she said. Any idea was a good idea as long as someone would see it through and not mess up half way for her to clean up.

    Looking out side she noticed the vampires getting restless and sighed "another option is to supress hunger and bloodlust with Wests blood pathces but like her assistance you need to ask so she can make them and have them ready for shipment" she said "that being said I have the keys to the manufacturing area so I could too just start production but at the moment the area is being used to make other things West needs" she dug around in her pockets till she pulled out a few black patchs "this is all I have on hand for now" she said handing them the patches she had
  11. (Sure.)

    It seemed the situation was turning a bit sour, Dominic had hoped to bring vampires that weren't affected by the hunger with him but it seemed a few had lied or not noticed until now. Hopefully they could wait a little bit longer until his and Victor's business here was done. "Yes, we're not the most loved of species, so I would not be surprised if you received no replies." He responded, running a hand through his crimson hair with a soft sigh while glancing at Victor. The other vampire was watching the others intently, ready to jump from the window and cut them all down without even blinking. It was almost like his companion had no emotions.

    "Don't need them." Victor replied coldly, the hunger and lack of blood didn't affect him like the others; he was stronger physically and mentally. So Dominic took the patches for him and nodded. "That was actually one of them, suppressing our primal urges until the shipment arrived." But he had not thought about using the blood patches, because he wasn't sure how many vampires would agree to use them. "Another was to possibly mix a solution of animal blood and water, as to make it easily consumable for others. It's not the blood we're used to but it could possibly work." Then Dominic motioned towards Victor and said in a low voice. "He was actually raised on a mixture of human and animal blood, so far he is the only vampire I've heard of during my lifetime that has drank animal blood; though I am not sure about the effects it has had on him."
  12. (your ideas first?)
    "ture but there are some of us who side with you and see logic, others see from emotions and bais their oppions on it" she said with a sad sigh. Humans and the world they lived in was a clear example of that. Dont know what it is? two choices. kill it or cut it open. both no body liked or wanted. unless they were the ones doing the killing and cutting. "the patches are quite strong so they should hold even after but I do advise to peel them off slowly as in a remove a bit of it every day other wise if you rip it off you'll dive in to blood lust and god knows we all don't want to clean that bloody mess up" she said knowing she'd get called in and have to deal with it. one thing she did not want to add to her weekend plans. cleaning up blood stains all over the place. "animail blood does work and I'm sure you can get it from some of the western witches with animail supporters they wont mind at all. Plus Dilution of regular animail blood is a good idea too" she said knowing her own supporter would do it if it could help others.
    "sadly like your friend drinking 100% or even 50% animail blood tends to make them less socialble" she noted
  13. (Alright.)

    That was true but he already knew that was a small percent of the population, vampires didn't get much of a good wrap thanks to those who go rogue. It was correct to say that the action of one person can affect the many. Listening to her talk about the patches, the lead vampire made sure to mentally take note of everything she was saying so he could write it down later and tell the others. "Okay, I will make sure to relay those instructions to my people." He replied, giving her a nod to show he had been listening the entire time. Having vampires go into a blood lusting state was something that definitely needed to be avoided at all costs, no telling what kind of damage a group like that could cause to their land and the nearby human settlements. Hearing that the idea of using animal blood was actually plausible and some witches would be more than happy to help with that let Dominic feel a little ray of hope in this horrid storm. Then he comment about Victor caused him to crack a smile and amusement to be shown on his face while glancing at his companion."
    "It has also drastically improved all my senses, and my mental and physical abilities." Victor replied without even looking at the two. Then he turned to look at them with a gaze that was frigid as ice and like usual it seemed like he had no emotions to express but the cold void. "Perhaps I should demonstrate it on the vampires entering the hospital?"
  14. "I'd like that thank you" she said nodding. "the message has been put out so you only need to remind them and the rest is up to them" she checked her watch quickly knowing the West didn't normaly take this long in the OR. usualy 15-20 min but never more then an hour let alone 4. This made her wonder though. What was she operating on that would take so long to compleate? Heart surgery? no she would have been called in to help with that or any major surgery in fact. But what surgery lasts this long other then a major one? Nothing. She pulled up her screen again to check in on the other doctors in the hospitail. They were all working, not one in the OR with her nor any of the nurses...She looked to the wall and wondred just what she was doing. letting out a sigh she summoned on of the specail plants that West had made. It came quickly and told her nothing that she didn't already know about West and her where abouts in the massive complex. Her thoughts were diverted when Victor spoke again about his enhanced senses and how some of the vampires left outisde had given up and were comming in.

    "oh don't worry about them" she said watching them approch the building "If they get in they wont leave very quickly" she said knowing what west did to intruders. tie them down and cut them open for laughs. She shivred at the thought and called for Wests Gaurds to come to deal with them. They came, or rather the head of her gaurds supporter showed up and opened a large ditch up for the vampires to fall in to before it closed up and took them to a holding area. "see? the gaurd will deal with them, that or the plants will actavate and not much is left after that though"
  15. Dominic was about to reply until Victor pointed out what was going on, seeing how those were his people, he would go and have them wait back outside. That was until something happened to them, because his senses were like Victor's he couldn't tell what was going on. Victor, on the other hand, could easily see what had happened to a few of them and watched without showing anything. The idiots should have stayed outside rather than come into the hospital, Dominic was a 'friend' of West's so he was allowed to and Victor was his bodyguard, second in command, and a special type of vampire so he was an exception. But with the lack of food and hunger taking control, their already small brains probably had little to no reason left in them; they were simply walking sacks of meat that faltered just once they would be cut down before they could realize what happened. "You witches rely too much on your precious magic." The grey-eyed and raven-haired vampire stated, staring at where the ditch had sealed back up. "That is why our kind is around, so you may us under your thumb for when you face a foe you cannot beat with your petty sorcery. You do not see us as a species but merely a hound to use when it benefits you."

    "Victor, hold your tongue! I know you have no love for witches or any other race but while you are with me you will show them respect." Dominic hissed, agitated by what his companion was saying. In response the grey-eyed vampire turned to look at the witch and Dominic, like usual, his expression was indifferent as was his tone. "I will only show respect to those who deserve it." Striding over, he gripped Dominic by his collar and causally slammed the other vampire against the wall. "And I do not take orders from you, I am not one of your citizens or employees, you asked for me to come because I am the best option of protecting your pathetic people from those who wish us to be extinct." He remarked, dropping Dominic then strode away towards the exit. Dominic sighed, rubbing his throat while looking back at the witch. "Perhaps West would like to study a vampire raised on animal blood, to see the additonal effects it has had." Thsi would be the only way of keepign under control and in one place.
  16. She knew they relied on magic. They had for centures ever scince the first recrded witches in extances. But at times they had to rely on what was there to use. When being hunted and sealed off to use magic was to ask for a very long and painful death. One no witch wanted to have.
    She moved aside as the vampires bickered and argued. She didn't mind their insults. She was use to it by now due to the never ending flow of very bitter paitenets with very strong wills and ideas they like to present to her and the other staff. At Dominics request she thought about it. Not sure if West ever had a vampire like that before and if she didn't then victor would not enjoy his time in captive at all.
    "I'm not sure about that one. but I could ask" she said "are you that despreate to rid your self of him? If you are I could just get the gaurd to kill him"
  17. "I really don't want to give Victor up, he's incredibly resourceful and a great asset to me as long as being a close friend of mine; almost like a brother though he would never admit to that." Dominic sighed, frowning as he watched the other leave. "No!...No, don't kill him, I'd just like West to run a few tests to learn more about him and how he's different from the rest of us." He quickly added, giving her an apologetic look for his sudden outburst. Maybe this could also intergrade some respect or discipline into the stormy grey-eyed vampire and hopefully make him easier to be around and work with, if they were to survive then Victor would be needed very soon. "I would offer a warning though, it would be wise to not run anything that could cause him harm or pain, when he goes berserk its on a completely different level then even some High Vampires. Or perhaps starts out slow or maybe offer him some kind of payment to voluntarily under go her tests."
  18. "I understand your feelings to him and I can make the request that her tests are that of newborn witches but on a vamprire scale insted" she said reassureing him "plus he'd never die from Wests tests. beg for death but she will never give that though" she added knowing that one of Wests curlest traits that she kills nothing. you can beg for it but she will never give it no matter what. "if he agrees willingly then you may be able to bargin some extra blood with her because she does pay her subjects, family and friends for letting her use their loved one to her hearts content"
  19. "Thank you." He replied, smiling lightly to know that it was possible Victor wouldn't experience any pain. Then his body shuddered in response to the talk about begging West for death but one would never achieve that, it was something he heard often and sometimes from West herself as she boasted about her deeds. Hearing that it getting more blood was also possible, he knew that it was a good chance Victor would agree to get more out of the deal while acting he wasn't interested. The vampire was actually genuoally good at heart; he just liked not to show it. "Alright."
  20. She smiled before she moved aside as Wests Ace tried to tackle her and only achived face walling her self.
    "must you do that every time you see me ace?" she asked turning to her amber gaze steely as the child like girl got up
    "hehehehehe Doc Of course!"she chuckled madly "oh and west will see you now" she siad to Dominic before bouncing away happily "when will she learn?" she asked shakgin her head then turned to Dominic again "I assume you'll want to go see her now right?" she asked
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