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  1. Kieara was a new student here. She had a different way of coming here unlike most of the students who attended here. She'd gotten into this college with sheer grades, and scholarships. She was extremely smart. However for her that was all going down hill fast.

    The majority of her family had been murdered a few years before. By who no one knew. She remembered waking up in her living room to find them dead. She wasn't aware that it was her father whom she couldn't escape now, or that he'd done it because he was stuck in the middle of a drug war. Kieara was also a quiet one. She didn't speak out of fear of being hurt. She'd been hurt by her father so many times, being the daughter of a drug cartel mob boss had its disadvantages. She still had yet to realize he'd killed her other family to get them out of his way, however, she knew a lot of illegal things happened behind closed doors in her household.

    She was clad in a plum purple sweater with long sleeves that hugged her delicate curves seductively. She was a small, petite girl, yet very pretty. She rose to the height of 5'2, and had on a pair of black jean pants. Her hair was up in a bun a few loose curls falling to frame her alabaster face. Her hair was a deep red. Natural red, not that ungodly fire engine red like she'd seen on other girls. Her eyes were a bright blue clashing with her hair.

    She had picked the long-sleeved shirt and the pants for the purpose of hiding the scars of her abusive, drunken father. The one who'd gotten her family drug into the drug problem that killed them. Oh how she wished to escape him. But what could one do to escape a mob boss? As much as she wanted to, she couldn't get away.

    She'd just arrived through the front door of the school. She took night classes because she couldn't leave her home during the day. Her curls swayed a bit when she walked. She looked around at all the people conversing, but didn'tjoin any of them. She seemed so nervous and shy. She was jittery and if anyone came close to touching her she flinched.
  2. Minuit, stood inside his classroom. Clearing his board off from the previous lessons he'd been teaching. His free hand was tucked nicely in the pocket of his white suite. Clean and crisp as always as he finished up with the board. Dusting himself off he returned to his desk. Running his fingers through the black hair that so neatly framed his face. It'd been two years sense he'd been teaching at this school. Feeding off of the small feeble females that seemed to be forever approaching him. Being the best looking teacher on campus was always a bonus.

    Young women were always eager and clingy, so it made it easy for him to pick one out. Switch on his charm and keep her around for a snack. Grinning to himself, he remembered the previous girl that found herself attracted to him. Switching to night classes, and taking an unnecessary course just to see him more. It was amazing how simple humans were. And even more so, young human girls. Always eager and after something. With another sigh he stared out the window.

    Enjoying the dark of night, interrupted only by the few streetlights and the glowing stars so far above. Of course, because of what he was, he was always more intrigued by the night sky. The quiet of the dark. The eerie feeling it could give to those who parade about in the light, from those who lurk in the darkness.

    This small town, and tiny school were beginning to bore him though. He imagined himself teaching this last quarter, then moving on to another town. A larger one, with more people, more women and a much larger school. Probably taking on a new course of study, which meant a new line of women. Here, in this small town he taught French as well as France's history.

    He was born and raised in France so very long ago. It's only natural he would take on something that came so natural to him. A language he was born too, and the history he lived through. If not so easily. Running his tongue over his fangs, he spun around boredly in his chair. Waiting for the first wave of children to come parading into the class. This semester's students were mostly female, and always giggling and trying to get his attention. Of course he didn't mind. It gave him something to do while he went over the facts, and repeated the language.

    Such a sexy language as well. The easiest way to make a girl melt in her seat. If it was spoken correctly of course.
  3. Kieara wandered into class. She poked her head in and ensured this was the right class before coming in amongst the other students and took a seat away from eveyone by herself. She pulled out a book and read as she waited for class to begin. She seemed to have her mind on so many other things. Something lie just beneath the surface of her uninterest. She was jumpy, scared even. She was reading, but the information wasn't processing. She had taken note as she came in, however, that the instuctor was relatively young, and he seemed to be no older than she was. She found this to be peculiar, but never said anything about it. It was a dismissed thought condemned to the back of her mind.
  4. He continued spinning in his chair as the students walked in. Chuckling as the girls giggled and grinned at him. All of them saying hello, or good evening. A few of the girls speaking to him in almost perfect french. He came to a hault as one of the french speaking girls caught his attention. "Well then. You've got the accent down and everything. I expect you to pass my class with flying color." He smiled softly at her, concealing his fangs as he gave a wink and jumped to his feet.

    Standing on his little platform before the class, he paced slowly to the center. Clapping his hands and shouting for everyone to settle down and listen up. "Bonsoir Combien d'entre vous ont une idée de ce que je veux dire?" He shouted out, watching for the reactions of his students. The very few who understood laughed, raising there hands. There were really very few. Two or three girls, sitting up in the front row and a younger boy in the back. Grinning the same way Minuit would when he approached a girl. Pure confidence and charm that seemed to be a permanent part of who he was.

    He'd only asked who understood him, and seeing such few hands went on with what he planned to say. "So this is what you're here for. To learn." From that he started pacing a bit, his hands slipping back into the pockets of his all white slacks, making the darkness of his hair stand out. His bright yellow eyes settling nicely with his outfit. "Now, for those that are new to my class. I don't tolerate a lot. For starters, don't bring food into my class. I'm uninterested in hearing you smack and selfishly chew your food. Liquids will be tolerated. Just don't spill."
  5. Kieara saw the teacher stand and closed her book. She placed it in her bag and rose her eyes to the man who had now taken a stand in the center of the classroom. She willed her other thoughts to go away as she listened to the teacher speak. She hadn't even heard him mention his name yet. He was probably getting to that since he started a rant on rules of his classroom.

    Kieara had heard him but didn't understand it in the least. She always had been nterested in the french language. She worried she wouldn't be able to grasp it however. Perhaps this would help her out. This new class, with a new teacher. Her old teacher had been hateful and mean. It made her even more nervous because of what happened in her home life. She needed a patient person for a teacher.

    She payed attention but remained silent. She didn't stick out much, except for her red hair and blue eyes. They set her apart from her classmates. Couldn't exactly call them peers considering half the girls in here she didn't know, or she didn't like. Same with the boys. Course she had no time for things like that. She had to remain focused on her learning.
  6. "Spills means I might have to kill you." He chuckled, listening to the small bit of laughter from the students who realized he was only teasing. "Do Not interrupt me. Ever. It's one of my many pet peeves. Besides all of that, I'm pretty sure you'll learn well in this class." Smiling triumphantly he eyed the students in his room. Paying close attention to the women that mostly sat, wide eyed and eager to catch his attention. "I suppose now we should move onto introductions. My name, for the few of you who don't know, is Minuit Soif De Sang. Yes it is French. Yes it is a strange name in English so please don't repeat it." He chuckled, pointing at the few students who understood French and gave him a strange look.

    The girls chuckled, one of them with a small blush as she raised her hand. "Hold on." He said, putting a hand up to here and walking to the other side of the room. "Please don't call me Mr. Soif De Sang. It sounds terrible. You can call me by my name, Minuit. Or Midnight. Now it's your guys turn." He pointed up and the bright red head seeming to be hidden by the other girls before her. "You. Give me your name, one thing you like, and one word in French." He instructed, returning that hand back to his pocket. Where his hands seemed to forever be.
  7. Kieara felt a blush rise to her cheeks as he pointed at her. She looked around at the other people in the class eyenig her and then to the teacher. She wondered why he just randomly honed in on her, but dismissed it. It was bound to happen. The redness in her cheeks didn't fade any at all though. She was just naturally shy. She wondered how this would go over with the others in there she knew that knew her dad.

    She cleared her throat and spoke in a quiet voice. HEr voice was pretty though and suited her. "My name is Kieara Elaine Biaer." She started. "I'm not entirely sure what the origins of my name are, but I hope to find out some day. I like the color purple, and a word I know in french is Coeur." She spoke. Not the average word to know, but it was a word nonetheless.
  8. "Purple. Nice." Nodding to her with a light smile, he moved on to others in the class. Doing this till he hit up the entire class. Getting long phrases from the students who already knew the language, and a snide comment from the boy in the back that only made him laugh. The girls who understood what he said just let out a snort, the noses in the air. "Ah, young people these days," he chuckled again, rolling his eyes.

    "Very well then. It's very nice to meet you all and I'm glad you've chosen my class. So lets begin." From there he went on with his lecture. "We'll be reviewing the simple nouns in French so pay close attention. I don't enjoy repeating myself." Giving the instruction to pull out their language books and what chapter they'd be working with that evening he went on with his lecture. Trying to give each student the proper instruction on how to say certain words. Starting with simple ones, he began to have them repeat after him.

    "The book is kind of confusing if you ask me, so it's easier if you just mimic me as best you can. Lets go with something simple. Like, your hand. Hand is main." He paused, listening to the class try to repeat after him. Keeping a close eye on Kieara as she spoke. Taking an interest in her.
  9. Kieara found him to be very helpful The rest of the introductions she didn't really find to be very interesting. Why? she wasn't sure. She simply listened and went on about business. She found the teacher to be very nice. She had relaxed quite a bit by now. It didn't take her long to catch onto what he was saying. She would repeat and it seemed to come natural to her.

    IT wasn't long before another instructor from one of the neighboring classes came in. He motioned for him to come down there out of earshot of his pupils. Once he did, he whispered to him. "There's a man out here asking for one of your students. A miss Kieara Biaer? He claims to be her father."
  10. Scowling, he turned to the man. Kneeling in closer to hear what he had to say. Though he had no interest in it at all. "Really." He scoffed out irritated as he walked up the stairs to where she sat, resting against the desk she sat at. "There's a man here to see you. Your father. I prefer not to interrupt my students lessons, but if you wish to see him I understand." He gave her a soft smile, standing up straight as he waited to see what she had decided.

    Stuffing his hands back in his pockets he smiled at her. Ignoring the eyes that were all over him and now her, seeing as he was giving her special attention now. Or so it seemed.
  11. Kieara's face paled considerably whenever he spoke. "M-my father?" She questioned as she looked up at him. It wouldn't have taken much to see the fear she was feeling, but she managed to fool her classmates. She knew that there would be dire consequences if she didn't go speak to her father, but she figured there were consequences anyway.

    She rose. "I apologize Mr. Minuit." She said to him and left the classroom. She went to her father whom waited outside in front of the school. A couple of the students watched her out the window. She spoke with him for a few minutes. The man kept shifting as if off balance, which he was, alcohol tended to do that. She soon had her arm grabbed and was dragged off. It looked like a somewhat normal you're in trouble with your dad type thing, but if one looked closer they could see there was a substantial amount of force used when he grabbed her.
  12. "Mr?" A rather confused look graced his face as he watched her get to her feet and leave the classroom. Causing a bit of annoyance on his part. Letting out a scoff he made his way to the front of the class once more, snapping his fingers at the students that were staring. "I believe I'm up here," he almost growled at the bunch. Soon, practically ignoring the on goings outside of his classroom he went on with his lesson.

    It didn't last too much longer. The class itself was only an hour and a half, and before the small interruption, that hour had passed. Forcing a smile he continued on, teaching the students how to address elders, family members, and all other such things that he felt was an easy first lesson. If a student didn't show, or choose to leave early it wasn't his problem. This was something he'd gathered when he first started teaching. Though his original lessons were only French History, instead of the language. Seeing as he started out in France.

    "Very well then. You guys are great, now get out of my classroom." He chuckled, shooing out the students as the time was up. He had two classes after this, and once again began cleaning his board. A few girls came up to him, smiling brightly.

    "Umm, Mr. Minuit--"

    "Just Minuit please. I'm not that old." He turned and smiled at her, the note about not being so old a lie. Though he'd never tell anyone, unless he deemed it necessary.

    "Oh, um, right. Well, I was wondering if maybe you wouldn't mind giving us some private tutoring in your free time." The girls giggled and blushed, a tight grip on their books.

    "That's fine. But I don't start private lessons till atl east a week after the class has begun. Sorry hun, but you'll all have to wait." He gave her a small pat on the head, smiling charmingly. "I'll be sure to slow my lessons if they're to difficult for all of you though. We'll discuss it tomorrow evening. Yeah?" Giving the girls one last smile he sent them off and continued with what he was doing. The night seemed to be on going, his three classes rather slow as he only seemed to repeat himself each time. Over and over again the same thing. As the classes game to an end, his final bunch leaving the room with sweet grins and soft waves to the man, he prepared to go as well.

    His teeth seemed to be aching, as he'd gone a few days without a single drop of food.
  13. Kieara had done something wrong. Terribly wrong. She'd failed to cover her father's tracks in one of his shady affairs. Now, she had to pay the price. This time was a bit different though. She'd ran away from him. She was currently back on campus. It seemed the only safe place there was. She knew that gaurds made their rounds, so she hung around there.

    She now sported a nasty black eye, and quite a few cuts. She wouldn't be showing up to class for a few days if her mind didn't change. There would be far too many questions to follow her appearance
  14. Finally making the first few steps out of his class, he let the scents of the long night embrace him. One in particular being rather over powering. Licking his lips slowly, he made his way out and about. Following the fresh smell, that he'd never before encountered. He stopped only once or so to make small talk with a few of the guards, making small chokes about terrifying monsters that lurked about the school halls. It's something they'd come to do since of them had spotted a fight going on between a few other supernatural beings.

    Waving goodbye to them he finally located the source of the smell he'd been tracking. Smiling softly as he stepped behind her. "There's my little class ditcher," he chuckled as he stepped behind the girl, hands in their normal position. Shoved deep into his pockets.
  15. Kieara jumped like she'd been shot and turned. She looked frightened, not only by just hmi startling her by coming up behind her, but by something much deeper. The dark bruise on her eye was unmistakeable, as well as a cut over her lip, and a few more on her hands and arms. HEr long sleeved shirt was ripped where the cuts were placed.

    "O-oh hello Minuit...." She spoke having caught his confusion on her way out of her calling him Mr. She hoped she didn't make him mad by the lack of formalities. "I-I didn't mean to l-leave class...." she seemed rattled.
  16. He only smiled at her. Seemingly use to the chaos of the world, and showed little interest in the wounds she now had. Knowing that if he was in her position he'd rather not be questioned so shortly after whatever so happened. Since it was rather obvious that this had just happened. She had only left his class a few hours ago. "You're fine. Come on." He let out a soft sigh and continued walking. His original goal of going out hunting now gone.

    His hope was to seduce the girl and just feed off of her. A new wound on her body probably wouldn't cause her much shock. Looking over his shoulder at her, he shook the thoughts of feeding on her out of his head. Realizing it wouldn't be best to feed on a student so soon. The class had only just begun. Sighing mentally he pulled out his car keys and walked through the parking lot. "Keep up kid," he stated, not giving her much of a choice in whether she wanted to go with him or not.
  17. Kieara followed after him. She was confused. Where was he taking her? "U-um Minuit? Where are you taking me?" She asked. She wasn't much afraid. She felt safer with him than she did with her father. Though if she knew the truth, that might not have been the case. If she knew the truth it might make her fear him just as much, if not more, than her father.

    She was shocked he hadn't mentioned ehr injury. She tried not to pay much mind to his charm. It caught her attention as it did every other girl, but she didn't show it. She knew she had no chance, even if the teacher was her age. She knew there was no chance she'd get to be with him. The reason being in her eyes she wasn't worth it. He was out of her league, so why even bother with the idea?
  18. "Somewhere safe. Where else." He chuckled softly and opened the door of his dark blue mustang, gently guiding her in. He closed the door behind her and made his way into the driver seat beside her. "I'm not sure what happened to you, but obviously, since you ran back to the school grounds, you were running from something." Another soft chuckle, and he started the car. Plans for feeding, most defiantly ruined. Blood thirst creature or not, he preferred not to scare a person who was already terrified of whatever else around him. Not unless he was the reason for the terror in the first place.

    He was quiet and calm as he drove through the streets. Not bothering with much conversation, for it'd only lead to his curiosity. The ride was decent, not lasting more than 20 mins before he finally pulled into a large drive way, leading to the mansion he'd been living in almost his whole life. Coming to a stop before the large doors leading inside. The manor was painted white, windows covering the entire front of the house. He let her out once more, leaving her to close her own door this time as he went to open the house door.

    "Lord Minuit," a voice called out from the front door. An older man stood in the door way, his white hair brushed back very neatly, his eyes a dull blue as he smiled cheerfully at the man and his new guest. "Glad to see you home sire. How were the students?"

    "Well enough Morin. This is Kieara. Have one of the ladies set up a bath for her and get a room ready." He turned back to Kieara, nodding to her. "Come inside. I'm sure you're probably tired, so feel free to take a bath and get some rest. Or you can explore the house if you'd like. It's massive, so I'm sure you won't see everything in one night."

    With that he stepped inside past his butler, Morin. Who smiled at the girl and gestured for her to come in as well.
  19. Kieara felt heat rise to her cheeks as he pointed out she was scared. She didn't deny it however. She was indeed scared. She just wasn't aware it was that obvious. She thought that perhaps the bruises and cuts gave it away. She followed him obediently and rode silently with him to their destination. This would seem odd should some of the other students see her, but she felt compelled to trust him.

    Kieara was floored at what she saw. Her mouth fell open a little as she eyed the place. "Oh my....." She mumbled more to herself but was knocked out of her daze as he opened her door. She got out and closed it. She felt very out of place now. She wasn't used to such fancy things. She had lived in the slums all her life, this was so different.... She moved twords the house not really having a choice as he beckoned to her and came inside stopping just inside the door awkwardly.
  20. "I'll have a bath readied for you madame," Morin smiled to the girl, closing the door as she finally stepped inside. Stepping around her, he motioned to the large living room, for her to sit. The fire place on the opposite end cackled as the flames bounced about, lighting the room with a dull glow. It looked like a room found in a movie scene. shelves lining one wall, books lining the shelves. A row of windows on one side. The curtains, all a deep red, pulled back to show the brightness of the night. The carpet was as deep a red as the curtains, the couch set to match. A few pictures sat on the fire mantel, one of Minuit and his three siblings when they were younger. A women and a man, notably the parents, as the man looked almost identical to Minuit now. Besides the pictures, the wall was blank, deep red with a simple design.

    "Have a seat madame, I'll retrieve you once the bath is ready." With that Morin was gone as well, leaving the girl to her thoughts in the large room. All that sat at it's center was a coffee table and the deep red couch, sitting facing the windows.

    Minuit had made his way upstairs to his study. Licking over his fangs as they ached. Heaving out a sigh a women came knocking at the door.

    "Do you need anything Sire?"