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  1. Today was like every other morning I would , get up fix my hair , brush my teeth, and all the other shiz. But as this was in my mind just another morning and day, something or someone gave me a date with destiny.

    I walked down to my neighbors house and kickdd in the door for i had heard large amounts of banging and screaming. I walked in to find out that is was just them bumping uglies and i ran back up to my apartment. This crap happens too much in my life. "I need a freaking coffee...." i said as i threw on my scarf and long textured coat as i popped the collar up. I walked out the door onto the streets of London,

    For those of you in question as to who the bloody lunatic talking to himself is , its me , Brian Bryans or as i call myself along with my friends, BriBry.

    (Goal in this is to establish a relationship with the other members and any sexuality is welcome)
  2. Mark hurried through the crowded streets. His hands held a tray of drinks as he rushed back to the office. He was an intern at the magazine that had inspired him to become a writer in the first place.
    Rushing through the throngs of bodies, Mark didn't see the man until there was hot coffee crushed between them and he fell to the ground. "I am so sorry!" Marks green eyes widened in fear as he scrambled to pick up the spilled drinks with shaking hands. He was a rather skittish boy, always worried about upsetting others and now he had just spilled hot coffee all over a stranger.
    He bit his lip nervously, ignoring the slight sting of hot liquid covering his shirt that now clung to him.
    "I-I-I....oh gosh...I'm sorry...I...oh my.." Mark scrambled to his feet and pulled out napkins. He reached for the mans shirt and dabbed at the cloth in hopes of undoing some of the damage.
  3. I walked through crowds of people. I heard hevy fotsteps but ignored it. I continued walking about five seconds later, a bloke carrying coffee slammed into my chest but due to him being much smaller than i he hit th ground. Seconds later he popped back up and started dabbing me with napkins. "No , no , its fine mate , i have other jackets like this at my flat. If you dont mind me askin why you in such a rush?"
  4. Mark glanced up at the person he had run into. For a moment he just stared, seemingly captivated. "O-Oh...i...I'm running late. I got a, um, an internship and...oh no the coffee. I need to get more coffee." Marks eyes shifted to the now empty cups on the ground. He released the mans shirt and wrung his hands nervously. "I...I-I truly am sorry. Is....there's...do you need anything? I could get you coffee? I...I need to go get some more anyways...."
  5. I looked at him and smiled, "calm down mate haha i dont need coffee but ill help you out cmon." I said before taking his hand ,"im Bribry by the way." I said as we rushed to the coffee shop.
  6. Mark stuttered out a thank you as Bribry took his hand. A light pink stained his cheeks, now whether that was from his overly shy nature or because this Bribry fellow from holding his hand was indestinguishable.
    Mark allowed him to take him to the coffee shop. Standing in line, he glanced at their still intertwined hands. Mark felt his nerves skyrocket but said nothing and made no attempt to move. He had to admit it was nice. Things like this didn't happen often, if ever, for Mark.
    "Y-You won't be late for...for work or anything. Right?" Mark asked after a moment of silence. He unknowingly squeezed Bribry's hand gently out of worry, which shown clearly on his face.
  7. As they stood in line with eachothers hands intertwined he looked at Mark and said "no i work from home. Whats your name?" He asked politely as they reached the front of the line. What Mark didnt know was that Brian Bryans was the son of Richard Bryans , a billionaire who created newest piece of technology. When Bribry said he worked at home he meant it , hes an inventor of fun little gadgets and weapons. As they got the coffee they left and started walking . A few minutes later they walked into his job he was known to any corporate world so he nodded and they walked into Marks bosses meeting nonchalantly and smiled as the men looked baffled"hey dont scold him or anything he was with me talking over some ideas." He smiled and winked at Mark "see you later."
  8. "Oh really? That seems nice. What do you do?" Mark inquired as they reached the cashier. He reordered what he had spilled and paid. Not too long after did he have his drinks in hand. Sadly, Mark had to release Bribry's hand so he was able to support the tray.
    This time Mark was much more careful as he moved through the crowd. Reaching his job, Mark was surprised at how Bribry continued with him all the way. Mark set the drinks on the table for their owners to grab.
    His face tinged pink as Mark waved with a shy smile. "Y-yeah....see ya..."
    "Ahem...." A sharp voice cut through to Mark. He turned abruptly addressing his boss.
    "Marcus," he used Mark's full name,"Are you aware of who that was?"
    "O-Oh...him? I uh, I just met him. I'm sorry for being la-"
    "No son, that's not what I meant." Bruce cut him off with a shake of his head. "That my son, is Brian Bryans, the son of Richard Bryans, one of the most influential men not only in this city, but around the world." Mark stood amazed. Did he really meet the son of Richard Bryans? "...and I want you..."
    "Me?" Mark squeeked.
    "Yes you Mark. I want you to get the inside scoop."
    "Y-You mean..." Marks mind and heart were racing in slight fear and excitement. He was usually the guy making coffee and lunch runs. This was his first actual assignment!
    "Apparently he's the one designin all the gadgets his father sells. There's a rumor he's working on something absolutely revolutionary. You, my dear boy, are going to find out what that is!"
    "I...am?..." Mark was absolutely floored.
    "You are. And don't come back until you do!" Bruce called as he shut the door in Mark's face after shoving him out.
    Mark stood dumbfounded outside of the conference room. After a minute or two, the small boy turned and walked out highly confused, excited, and fearful of his next encounter with Brian Bryans.
  9. Bribry smiled as he drank his coffee . He then sat on his couch and looked at his desk where a piece of blue prints . He was working on something that would make biotechnological warfare a leading war tactic around the world. He stood and slipped on a skin tight nano suit that he could use to control his bio weapon suit.
  10. Mark decided to head home for the day. He lay on his couch, shoes by the door, eyes on the cieling. His head was spinning from today. Mark was at a loss at how to get in touch with Brian, well Bribry as he had introduced himself. A smile found it's way into Mark's face, quickly falling as he realized he had no way to contact the other man.
  11. Bribry decided he should call Mark and hang out but he didnt have his numbee well that is until he called his boss and asked. He then called the number "Hello, hey lets hang out for Dinner." He said smiling.
  12. Mark had been lazing around his house when his phone rang. He scrunched up his face when he saw an unknown number. Of course he answered nearly having a heart attack hearing who was on the other end.
    "B-Bribry? Oh, yes! Yes of course. Um, s-sounds great. Um, what time?"
  13. "Is right now good?" He asked as he threw on his favorite suit . A charcoal suit with a black dress shirt with a charcoal thin tie. He walked to his garage and grabbed his motorcycle and rode it into downtown.
  14. "Oh now? Yeah...yeah I'll be there." Marcus's excitement was growing by the second. He fumbled around throwing on a red plaid button up and form fitting black jeans. His feet slipped into black converse, hair left tousled as he messaged Bribry for the address.
  15. As they met up he smiled and said "hey by the way Just call me Brian Bribry was what my mom called me before she passed and thats accidently the name i introduced myself as." He said still a genuine small on his face.
  16. Mark nodded giving a smile of his own, but his nerves were obvious. "So, um, how....how was your day?" He asked striking up a conversation as he follows Brian to the restaurant.
  17. Brian looked at him and said "great how bout yours?" As he took Marks hand . They walked to a chocolate place since Brian O'so much loved chocolate.
  18. "G-G-Good. It...It was good." Mark's entire face resembled a cherry when Brian took his hand in his. His heart beat steadily faster as he glanced between their intertwined hands and Brian himself. Mark gulped nervously.
    "Th-They're letting me write my first article s-soon." Mark said after a second. It was probably a bad idea to bring it up. Brian hadn't told him his status and Mark wasn't sure the other male wanted him to know so he didn't allude to that at all. "They haven't told me what it is yet though." Mark sighed hoping he sounded sad. He couldn't exactly tell Brian he had to write an article on him and his latest invention. That would ruin whatever was happening right now and Mark rather liked what was going on.
  19. "Oh im happy for you , sucks you dont what its bout though." He said as they walked in. He looked at the server and asked for a large chocolate cheesecake and a table in the smokers section.
  20. Mark ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He sat in the booth squirming and fiddling with his fingers. Mal wasn't trying to be awkward he just never could sit still.
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