Urban Blade

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  1. ......URBAN BLADE

    Rapture City - home of the paranormal and demonic. Gateway to hell and stairway to heaven. A place of gunslingers, street-scum and ass-kicking preachers. A city beyond the law and beneath the radar.

    In this town anything can happen, and you can go from rags to riches with blood on your hands.

    Mafia bosses summon demons in their penthouses. Crack-addicts raise Undead in the sewers. Giant spiders hunt in back alleys and mad scientists build robot assassins.

    You name it, we've got it.

    The city is warzone and playground. And between the street gangs and the monsters are just a few heroes who can change things for the better.

    Welcome to paradise. Keep a round in the chamber.

    <table align=center><tr><td>RULES

    --- This is a Modern D20 game - basically D&D with guns, cars and rock&roll. We'll be using the D20 Modern rules.

    --- You play a group of convicts sprung from jail and given one chance for freedom - a chance that involves getting across a city full of rival gangs, demonic cults, vigilantes and mutants. Oh, and you've each got a bomb in your head.

    --- Starting Level is 1.

    --- All dice rolls must be made via the Iwaku Dicebox. Click below for Dicebox help.

    Dice Roll Procedure (open)
    We'll be using the Dice Box for our rolls. It can be found here.

    When writing a post, use the dice box for any rolls you have to make. The code is /roll _d_, with the first space being the number of dice, and the second space being the type of dice. For example /roll 1d6, /roll 1d20, etc. Both numbers are needed for the code to work.


    All rolls must have a description posted first, so that anyone who reads the dice box can see what you're rolling for. Also include your bonuses in this description (see example).

    You can make test rolls if you like. Just post the word "TEST" before you make the roll.

    I will be checking the dice box logs when I read your posts. Any rolls that don't fit what you've posted or don't have a description before them in the Dice Box will be assumed invalid and I will penalise you in-game for being a big cheating poopy head.

    --- Powergamers will be ridiculed then incinerated.

    <table align=center><tr><td>1. Choose an Occupation (what you were before you were thrown in jail) and a Class. Together this will be your role in the story, i.e. "Tough Law Enforcer", "Smart Academic", "Dedicated Explorer".
    2. Use the Dice Box to roll your Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constition, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma). Roll 4D6 per stat and subtract the lowest dice roll from the total. Then assign whichever number to whichever stat you want. You may make ONE complete reroll of all 6 stats re-roll only. I will be checking the logs for cheating poopy-heads.
    3. Next to each stat, add your stat bonus. This is the same as in D&D.
    4. Add your Saving Throws to you character sheet. These are found in your Class entry. Also add your relevant stat bonuses to these saves.
    5. You start with the maximum possible hit points for your class (+ Con modifier). These are shown on your Class entry under "Hit Dice".
    6. Add your Base Attack Bonus. This can be found in your Class entry. Add your Strength Modifier to this for melee attacks, and your Dexterity Modifier for ranged attacks.
    7. Add your Defence score, remembering to include Dexterity, Class and Equipment bonuses, if any.
    8. Add your Action Points. These can be found on your Class entry. Action Points are the number of rerolls you can make before you reach the next character level. USE THEM WISELY AND ONLY FOR THE MOST HEROIC OF ACTIONS.
    9. Add your Reputation Bonus. This can be found on your Class entry. Reputation allows you to influence certain social situations. Being well-known in the city can give you power, or just as easily fuck you up.
    10. Use the Dicebox to determine your Wealth Bonus. This is 2D4 plus whatever bonus you get from your Occupation. Your Wealth Bonus represents your spending power when buying equipment (see later rules).You may take ONE reroll on the 2d4 if you wish. I will be checking the logs on this.
    11. Determine how many Skill Points you have. This will be shown on your Class entry. Use Skill Points to purchase ranks in skills. You may buy ranks in any skill that is listed on your Class entry (Class Skills). If, however, you wantto get other skills from this list, you must spend TWO skill points to get 1 rank. You may have no more than 4 ranks in any skill when starting at Level 1.
    12. Add any bonus skills you get from your Occupation and buy ranks in these if you wish. It is also advisable to have at least 1 rank in Profession, as this allows you to make money.
    13. Add your Feats. The number of Feats allowed is shown on your Class entry. Feats represent cool special abilities/moves that you can pull off in game. Remember to add any bonus starting feats from you class entry, and bonus feats from your occupation. Remember to get the firearms feats if you want to shooting your pew-pews like a real man.
    14. Each character also has a Talent, which is a long-term ability, often superhuman, which they can developover time. Refer to the bottom half of your Class entry to see which "Talent Trees" are available. You may only choose one tree, so be sure you are comfortable with where that tree will take you.
    15. Equipment Rules for Modern D20 are a bit weird... so bear with me...

    -Every item has a Purchase DC, which represents how difficult it is to get hold of. Scroll down a little on this page to see a list of equipment and Purchase DCs.

    -You may equip yourself with anything that has a Purchase DC equal to or less than your Wealth Bonus. Do this FIRST on your character sheet, in order to avoid confusion with the later rolls. (Don't go crazy though, as equipment weight will affect your
    abilities, as explained in the next rule).

    -To buy something with a HIGHER DC than your Wealth Bonus, you have to make a roll. This roll is D20 + Wealth Bonus.

    -If you fail the roll, you have been UNABLE to get that piece of equipment. You cannot try to get that equipment again until you reach the next shopping phase (as determined by the GM).

    -If you succeed on the roll, you get that equipment but must then subtract -1 from that Bonus. This represents your spending power decreasing each time you buy something that takes a big chunk out of your funds. Once you get to +0, you can no longer buy any equipment until you make/find more money (as determined by the GM).

    -Obviously, because your Wealth Bonus decreases with each difficult purchase, remember to get your MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS FIRST, i.e. YOUR GUN!. You can see from my own character sheet that I originally had +7, but this went down to +1 after buying my two guns, laser sight, suppressor, coat and backpack. So having my +7 basically allowed me to buy 7 expensive bits of kit.

    -Use the Dicebox to record these rolls, and make it clear which item you're rolling for before you make the rolls. I will be checking this. NO RE-ROLLS ARE ALLOWED FOR PURCHASE ATTEMPTS.

    -Remember to purchase clothing, as this can help you conceal guns and disguise yourself.

    -If you wish to purchase a vehicle go ahead. Though I reckon most of you will be unable to roll that high at first level >_>​
    16. Add together the total weight of all the equipment you have bought. Then indicate on your sheet whether you have a Light Load, Medium Load, or Heavy Load. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how being overloaded with equipment will affect your abilities.

    17. Remember to buy your ammunition. For some reason, the SRD doesn't show the weight of ammunition, but I've found it
    elsewhere. Here's the list:

    Box of rifle ammo (20 cartridges) 1 pound
    Box of pistol ammo (50 cartridges) 1 pound
    Box of shotgun ammo (10 cartridges) 1 pound
    Quiver of 12 arrows or crossbow bolts 1 pound​

  2. Trent Cohen

    Class: Dedicated Hero (Level 1) 120 XP

    Starting Occupation: Law Enforcement

    <table><tr><td>STR: <td>10...(+0)...<td>FORT: <td>+0<td>Action Points: 5<tr><td>DEX: <td>13...(+1)...<td>REF: <td>+1<td>Reputation: +1
    <tr><td>CON: <td>9...(-1)...<td>WILL: <td>+4<td>Wealth: +7 (+1)
    <tr><td>INT: <td>13...(+1)...<td>HP:<td>5 (-8)<tr><td>WIS: <td>16...(+3)...<td>BAB:<td>+0<td>(+1 ranged)<tr><td>CHA: <td>8...(-1)...</td><td>Defence:<td>12<td>(+1 Class, +1 Dex)</tr></table>
    SKILLS + FEATS (open)
    <table><tr><td>Craft (pharmaceutical) (Int)<td>1 rank<td rowspan="17" valign=top>Talent Tree: Insightful

    Talent: Skill Emphasis (Theology)

    Simple Weapon Proficiecy

    Advanced Firearms Proficiency

    Heroic Surge (1x day)

    Personal Firearms Proficiency

    <tr><td>Drive (Dex)<td>1 rank (+1 Occupation bonus)
    <tr><td>Gamble (Wis)<td>2 ranks
    <tr><td>Gather Information (Cha)<td>0 ranks (+1 Occupation bonus)
    <tr><td>Investigate (Int)<td>3 ranks
    <tr><td>Knowledge (arcane lore) (Int)<td>4 ranks
    <tr><td>Knowledge (streetwise) (Int)<td>2 ranks
    <tr><td>Knowledge (technology) (Int)<td>2 ranks
    <tr><td>Knowledge (theology) (Int)<td>1 ranks (+3 misc)
    <tr><td>Listen (Wis)<td>0 rank
    <tr><td>Profession - Police (Wis)<td>1 rank
    <tr><td>Read/Write Language (none)<td>0 ranks
    <tr><td>Sense Motive (Wis)<td>3 ranks
    <tr><td>Speak Language (none)<td>0 ranks
    <tr><td>Spot (Wis)<td>2 ranks
    <tr><td>Survival (Wis)<td>0 ranks
    <tr><td>Treat Injury (Wis)<td>2 ranks </table>
    EQUIPMENT (open)
    <table><tr><td colspan=4>
    Light Load
    <tr><td>On person... (Weight 12.5lb)<td>In Backpack... (Weight 20.5lb)<td>COLT AMMO<td>AK47 AMMO
    <tr><td>Colt Double Eagle with Laser Sight
    Pistol Suppressor
    Box of 10mm ammo
    Hip Holster
    Standard Flashlight
    Car opening kit
    Basic walkie-talkie
    Box of 7.62mm ammo
    Standard binoculars

    Trent is former LAPD - once a detective in the vice squad. His particular field was narcotics, and during his time he studied the Shamanic drugs being imported from South America and the cults that were springing up in worship of them. He learned to identify hallucinogens, their magical effects, and their meanings in ritual. Trent witnessed firsthand some of the demonic uprisings and cult attacks that came to plague America in the middle of the 21st Century. But his luck ran out. Trent went down after shooting his partner on a routine drugs bust. He always claimed he was poisoned - that someone drugged him with a hallucinogen which caused him to shoot his partner. But no trace was ever found in his blood. So Trent took the wrap for manslaughter and was locked up with the same criminals he helped put away.
  3. Missing in Action (open)
    William Thricehaven:

    Class: Fast Hero (Level 1)

    Starting Occupation: Criminal


    STR: 14...(+2)... FORT: +2 Action Points: 5
    DEX: 15...(+2)... REF: +3 Reputation: +0
    CON: 13...(+1)... WILL: +1 Wealth: +8 (+7)
    INT: 14...(+2)... HP: 9 (__)
    WIS: 9...(-1)... BAB: +0 (+2 ranged) (+2 Melee)
    CHA: 6...(-2)... Defence: 12 (+3 Class, +2 Dex)



    Move Silently (Dex) 2 rank Defensive Talent Tree: Evasion

    Light Armor Proficiency

    Far Shot

    Simple Weapon Proficiency

    Personal Firearms Proficiency

    Drive (Dex) 2 rank
    Balance (Dex) 2 ranks
    Craft (Mechanical) (Int) 0 ranks
    Hide (Dex) 3 ranks
    Knowledge ( Current Events) (Int) 1 ranks
    Knowledge (streetwise) (Int) 1 ranks
    Knowledge (Pop Culture) (Int) 1 ranks
    Pilot (Dex) 1 ranks
    Profession – Criminal (Wis) 4 rank
    Sleight of hand (Dex) 1 rank
    Read/Write Language (none) 1 ranks
    Speak Language (none) 1 ranks
    Ride (Dex) 1 ranks
    Tumble (Dex) 2 ranks
    Escape Artist (Dex) 3 Ranks
    Forgery (Int) 2 Ranks
    Gamble (Wis) 0 Ranks



    Light Load
    On person... (Weight 16.0lb) In Backpack... (Weight 12.0lb)
    Crossbolt (12)
    Business Clothes
    Range Pack
    Night Vision Goggles
    Crossbolt (12) x 3
    Forgery Kit

    William was/ is a professional assassin. He is good at his job and did it for many many years. It was so easy, just needed to have some post an anonymous blog on the web or a poster on a bulletin board stating a place to meet. He would then meet the people there and take the money and the hit and get it taken care of the job and target, nough said. Well it was all well and good until the Feds figured out through some medium or another that this was how he was working and getting money. So they set up a meeting, and William met them to his detriment. Now he is incarcerated for life in a pen with the other animals.
  4. <img src="http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r280/jadesfire14157/Theassassin2copygaia.jpg" width="464" height="512" align="right">Vance Brovil

    Class: Fast Hero (Level 1)

    Starting Occupation: Ex Marine


    STR: 16 ( +3 ) FORT: +3 Action Points: 5
    DEX: 16 ( +3 ) REF: +4 Reputation: 0
    CON: 12 ( +1 ) WILL: +1 Wealth: +8 (+4)
    INT: 15 ( +2 ) HP: 9
    WIS: 11 ( +0 ) BAB: +3 ( +3 ranged )
    CHA: 16 ( +3 ) Defense: 17 (+3 DEX,+3 Class,+1 Equip)

    SKILLS & FEATS (open)


    Balance(DEX) 4 Ranks
    Craft(Mechanical)(INT) 2 Ranks
    Drive(DEX) 0 Ranks
    Escape Artist(DEX) 2 Ranks
    Hide(DEX) 3 Ranks
    Knowledge(Streetwise)(INT) 2 Ranks
    Demolitions(INT) 2 Ranks
    Move Silently(DEX) 4 Ranks (+1 Occupation bonus)
    Pilot(DEX) 0 Ranks
    Profession-Marine(WIS) 2 Ranks
    Read/Write Language (none) 1 Rank
    Ride(DEX) 0 Ranks
    Sleight of Hand(DEX) 2 Ranks
    Speak Language (none) 1 Rank
    Tumble(DEX) 3 Ranks


    Talent Tree: Evasion

    Two weapon fighting
    Archaic weapons proficiency
    Simple weapons proficiency
    Combat Martial Arts

    EQUIPMENT (open)


    Light Load


    Personal (weight 39 lbs) Backpack (weight 28 lbs)
    Fatigue jacket 2 lbs
    Mesh vest 7 lbs
    Throwing knives (20) 10 lbs
    Compound bow 3 lbs
    Arrows (12) 1 lb
    Tomahawk 4 lbs
    A pair of combat knives 2 lbs
    Blasting Cap (10) 5 lbs
    Lock-pick set 1 lb
    Caltrops (25) 2 lbs
    Light undercover shirt 2lbs
    Duct tape 1 lb
    First aid kit 3 lbs
    Flash light 1 lbs
    Rope 150 ft 12 lbs
    Demolition Kit 5 lbs
    Det Cord 2 lbs
    Arrows (36) 3 lbs

    Duty, loyalty, service, honor, truth, virtue, the high tenets that govern house Brovil and have for the last 5 generations. Decorated officers, influential generals, and even the lowliest of soldiers have all marched forth from under the wings of this sizable family.... Vance was no exception. During his early years he was drilled in military doctrine, trained to fight both by sparring, and by constant quarrels with his siblings... As he grew he slowly began to resent his families stagnating rules, the tediousness of their constant drilling and yelling.

    At age 14 he began to fall in with a bad crowd, useless rabble and troublemakers mostly, but still they managed to influence him quite a bit. Over the time he spent with them he learned many less than savory skills, and gained a reputation as a particularly cunning young man.... but all things come to an end.

    Eventually, as all teenagers do, the group bit off more than they could chew, robbing a store for a bit of chump change and a pack of cigarette's. The fools, not even bothering to stake out the place, were easily caught on camera and arrested.
  5. [​IMG]
    Taiken Hail - Age 26

    Class: Smart Hero (Level 1) (120xp)
    Starting Occupation: Technician

    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 200, align: left"]
    12 (+1)
    Action Points: 5

    12 (+1)

    12 (+1)
    Wealth: Starting: 7
    Current: 1

    18 (+4)

    15 (+2)

    6 (-2)
    (+1 Dex)


    Skills and Feats (open)

    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 600, align: center"]
    Computer Use (Int) (+1 competency bonus)
    4 ranks
    Talent Tree: Research

    Knowledge - Technology (Int)
    4 ranks
    Talent: Savant (Computer Use)

    Knowledge - Physical Sciences (Int)
    4 ranks

    Research (Int) (+1 Competency bonus)
    4 ranks
    Simple Weapon Proficiency

    Craft - Electronics (Int)
    2 ranks
    Personal Firearms Proficiency

    Decipher Script (Int)
    4 ranks
    Far Shot

    Demolitions (Int)
    1 ranks

    Disable Device (Int)
    4 ranks

    Forgery (Int)
    4 ranks

    Investigate (Int)
    3 ranks

    Navigate (Int)
    2 ranks

    Profession (Int)
    4 ranks

    Read/Write Language (none)
    2 ranks
    German, Japanese

    Repair (Int)
    2 ranks

    Search (Int)
    2 ranks

    Speak Language (none)
    2 ranks
    German, Japanese

    Diplomacy (Cha)
    2 ranks


    Equipment (open)

    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 600, align: center"]

    Medium Load

    On Person (Weight - 43 lb)
    In Backpack (Weight - 13.5)
    .50cal Ammo

    Barret Light Fifty
    Electro-optical Scope
    Rangefinder Binoculars
    2 Box Magazines - 11 .50cal ammo each
    Cell Phone
    Caller ID Defeater
    Forgery Kit
    Ghillie Suit
    Standard Flashlight
    Tactical Map
    1 Box .50cal ammo (18)


    Taiken grew up in New York City in a family of privilege. He was gifted from a young age with knowledge, able to learn complex things very early on. He easily excelled in school, graduated early from both grade school and college. Fresh out of school, he began making a living as a freelance engineer and inventor. Corporations competed for his designs, which ranged from small entertainment devices, to weapon designs. Chances are good that the smart phone in your pocket may have been influenced by his designs. However, inventing soon wasn't enough for him. Using his computer skills, he soon delved into the world of computer hacking, and cyber warfare. It wasn't long though that his carelessness came back to bite him, as he was arrested under charges of cyber security breach, identity theft, and various other counts of hacking related crime. He plead guilty to all charges. Now the small time cyber criminal genius is serving his time, still amused at how easily the system can be manipulated.
  6. Show Spoiler

    Marcus Davenport

    Class: Charismatic Hero (Level 1)

    Starting Occupation: Creative


    STR: 11...(+0)... FORT: +1 Action Points: 5
    DEX: 15...(+2)... REF: +1 Reputation: +2
    CON: 15...(+2)... WILL: +0 Wealth: +14 (+2 to start, +1 for prof ranks, windfall feat, maxed roll)
    INT: 14...(+2)... HP: 8 (__)
    WIS: 8...(-1)... BAB: +0
    CHA: 16...(+3)... Defense: 12 (+2 Dex)

    SKILLS + FEATS (open)


    Bluff (Cha) 1 rank (perm. skill) 36 total to start
    Craft (visual art, writing) (Int) 4 rank
    Diplomacy (Cha) 4 ranks
    Disguise (Cha) 0 ranks
    Gather Information (Cha) 4 ranks
    Handle Animal (Cha) 0 ranks
    Intimidate (Cha) 0 ranks
    Knowledge (philosophy) (Int) 4 ranks
    Knowledge (art) (Int) 1 ranks (perm. skill)
    Knowledge (streetwise) (Int) 4 rank
    Perform (Sing) (Cha) 3 rank (perm. skill)
    Perform (Keyboard) (Cha) 3 ranks
    Profession- Graphic Designer (Wis) 4 ranks
    Read/Write Language (none) 4 ranks
    Speak Language (none) 4 ranks

    Heroic Surges ( 1 Extra Action)
    Simple Weapon Prof. (Class Feat)

    <dt style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: small;">Charm:</dt><dd style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: small;">The Charismatic hero gets a bonus on all Charisma-based
    skill checks made to influence members of his chosen gender.
    (Some characters are charming to members of the opposite
    gender, others to members of the same gender.)
    The bonus is equal to the character's Charismatic level.
    </dd><dd style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: small;">A Charismatic hero can only charm Gamemaster characters
    with attitudes of indifferent or better. The charm bonus
    can't be used against characters who are unfriendly or hostile.


    EQUIPMENT (open)


    On person... (Weight 14lb) Aluminum Travel case (75lbs capacity)... (Weight 38lb) Bolts


    Metal baton 1d6 19-20 Bludgeoning - Med 2 lb. 8


    Business Med 3 lb. 12


    Overcoat Med 3 lb. 9




    Tool belt Small 2 lb. 9




    Cell phone Dim - 9


    Pepper spray (Simple) Special2 - Special2 5 ft. 1 1 int. Tiny 0.5 lb.


    HandCuffs Steel Tiny 1 lb.


    Instrument, keyboard Large 12 lb. 12


    Crossbow (Simple) 1d10 19-20 Piercing 40 ft. 1 1 int. Med 7 lb. 9

    2 Full Bolt Quivers 2lbs

    Cellular Modem Tiny 1 lb. 6


    Printer Med 3 lb. 12 -
    Scanner Med 3 lb. 12


    6 Smoke grenade 10 ft. Small 2 lb. 10 -


    Standard scope Tiny 0.5 lb. 11


    Marcus grew up as a rich man's son. His father made a fortune off of financial failures of large companies, and some of that money trickled down into the family back account. He was fortunate to grow up well and have an somewhat easier life. A good head and a good heart were his main choice of weapons. Though, going crossbow hunting almost every year was helpful. He always taught to speak softly and carry a big stick. Not that he always listened, but Marcus didn't ever a see problem in trying to be nice and let his enemy give him a reason. That way, there would be no regrets.

  7. Roxy Ophelia Hernandez

    Class: Dedicated Hero (Lvl 1)

    Experience Gained: 1200xp

    Occupation: Doctor


    STR 10 (+0) FORT +0 Action Points: 5
    DEX 13 (+1) REF +1 Reputation: +1
    CON 8 (-1) WILL +3 Wealth: +11 (+9 current)
    INT 14 (+2) HP 5
    WIS 15 (+2) BAB +0 (+1 ranged)
    CHA 12 (+1) Defense 12

    Skills and Feats: (open)

    Craft/Pharmaceutical (Int): Rank 2
    Craft/Visual Arts (Int): 0
    Craft/Writing (Int): 0
    Gamble (Wis): 0
    Investigate (Int): Rank 1
    Knowledge/Arcane Lore (Int): 0
    Knowledge/Art (Int): 0
    Knowledge/Business (Int): 0
    Knowledge/Civics (Int): 0
    Knowledge/Tactics (Int): 0
    Knowledge/Technology (Int): 0
    Knowledge/Theology & Philosophy (Int): 0
    Knowledge/History (Int): Rank 2
    Knowledge/ Behavorial Sciences (Int): Rank 2 (+1)
    Knowledge/Current Events (Int): Rank 1
    Knowledge/Streetwise (Int): Rank 2
    Knowledge/Popular Culture (Int): Rank 1
    Knowledge/Earth and Life Sciences (Int): Rank 1 (+1)
    Profession (Wis): Rank 2
    Read/Write Languages - Spanish: Rank 1
    Listen (Wis): Rank 1
    Sense Motive (Wis): 0
    Speak Language - Spanish: Rank 1
    Spot (Wis): Rank 3
    Survival (Wis) : Rank 2
    Treat Injury (Wis): Rank 2 (+1)

    Drive: (Rank 1)
    Jump: (Rank 1)
    Search (Int): 0 (+1)
    Craft/Computer (Int): (+1)

    * (+1) Compentecy Bonus to these skills: Craft/Pharmaceutical, Craft/Computer, Knowledge/Behavorial Sciences/Earth and Life Sciences/Technology, Search, Treat Injury

    Talent Tree: Healing Tree
    Talent: Healing Knack (+2) bonus on all Treat Injury checks

    Simple Weapons Proficiency
    Personal Firearms Proficiency
    Medical Expert

    Equipment: (open)

    On Person


    Pepper Spray .5 lbs
    Taser 2 lbs
    Leather Jacket 4 lbs
    Casual Clothing 2 lbs
    HK MP5K (9mm SMG) 5 lbs

    In Backpack


    Backpack 3 lbs
    Chemical Light Sticks (5) 1 lbs
    Map (Road Atlas) 1 lbs
    Box of 9mm SMG ammo (50) 1 lbs
    First Aid Kit (1 use) 3 lbs
    Pharmacist Kit 6 lbs

    Total Weight: 28.5
    Light Load

    Her papi told her that doctors made a lot of money and that was what he wanted for his little girl - to have a secure future with no worries about where the next meal was gonna come from. Thing was, she knew where all of their money was coming from. Strangers always came into their home, always smoking and high. It was an impressionable time for her and Roxy figured that once she got her degree, her papi would cut this out. Listening to her father's wishes, Roxy enrolled into medical school, got her degree and was out practicing. And she made a lot of money, bought a house, nice car, two dogs, the girl shoulda been happy. She even forked over some money to her father. And yet it still wasn't enough for her. All her life she saw dollar signs and she knew that green came from those white and orange pills her papi handed out. And seeing those wads of cash was her own kind of high. Roxy wanted more and she had the means to. She wrote out prescription after prescription, smuggling the drugs to addicts and supplying drug rings. For a year she did this and she couldn't have been happier with the money.

    At least until she was caught. She was at home when the drug raid happened, led by none other than Trent Cohen. The man personally slapped the cuffs on her as his team searched her home. Make no mistake, Roxy was furious at the man, but her flame went out when the law dealt her the hardest lesson about life. Money wasn't everything. Sentenced to prison for 2 years, and having served a couple of months already, the woman was ready to get out. But she wasn't returning home, not with her father looking so disappointed.

    ((I'm gonna proof read and go through my CS at a later time.))
  8. Name: Ricky Lome

    Class: Charismatic Hero (Level 1)
    Starting Occupation: Criminal
    Str: 9 (-1) Fort: +2 Action points: 5
    Dex: 14 (+2) Ref: +3 Rep: +2
    Con: 12 (+1) Will: +2 Wealth: 11/8 (Profession +4, -3 from Eq)
    Int: 13 (+1) HP: 7
    Wis: 14 (+2) BaB: -1 (+2 to ranged)
    Cha: 16 (+3) Defense: 12 (+2 Dex, 0 Class, +1 Eq)

    Skills and Feats (open)

    Skill points: 32
    Bluff(Cha): 4
    Craft(Int): 0
    Diplomacy(Cha): 4
    Disguise(Cha): 0
    Gather Information(Cha): 3
    Handle Animal(Cha): 0
    Knowledge(Int)(streetwise): 3 +1 Occupation
    Knowledge(Int)(Popular Culture): 3
    Knowledge(Int)(Current Events): 1
    Perform(Cha): 0
    Profession(Wis)(Criminal): 4
    Red/Write Language(none): 0
    Speak Language(none): 0
    Gamble(Wis): 4 Occupation
    Sense Motive(Wis): 2

    Talent Tree: Fast Talk Tree
    Fast-Talk: Charisma level is applied as a bonus on any Bluff, Diplomacy, or Gamble checks the hero make while attempting to lie, cheat, or otherwise bend the truth.

    Trustworthy: +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks

    Dodge: During the character's action, the character desginates an opponent and recieves a +1 dodge bonus to Defense against any following attacks from that opponent. The character can select a new opponent on any action.

    Personal Firearms Proficiency: Dude uses a pistol.

    Simple Weapons Proficiency: Dude uses simple weapons

    Equipment: -3 to Wealth (open)

    9mmAmo: 200

    On Person (Weight 19.5lbs)

    Box 9mm Amo
    Armpit Holster, concealed Box
    Leather Jacket(+1 eq)
    Stun Gun
    Proffesional Walkie (Police scanner?)
    Cell Phone
    Fake Id (Rank 4)
    Casual clothes
    Pistol Whip
    Metal Baton

    In Backpack (Weight 8lbs)

    Duct Tape X2
    Box 9mmAmo x3

    Ricky didn't grow up with much and in the poor part of the city. His parents were away either working or out drinking which gave him a lot of time to just do whatever he wanted. School was only as interesting as the girls were hot, even so he almost didn't graduate. While in high school people were attracted to him because of his charismatic attitude and he fell in with the wrong crowd. He didn't see them as a bad group of people though, they were his buddies. After graduating he didn't get a job, he just did what he usually did. Talk to people, and gamble. The people he talked to were shady, dealing under the table so as to avoid taxes and jail time. Ricky made his living doing odd criminal jobs and then using the money to gamble. More often than not he would come out with a profit. Ricky's success with cards,dice, reading people, and his natural charisma yet again caught the attention of some people. He was starting to get a sizable following, a local gang started to feel threatened. They snitched him out and gave up all the evidence the cops needed to put him away for a long time and while he was all jailed up they went about scaring off the people he knew and started really taking over the area.
  9. Name: Miles Ward

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Emergency Services

    Class: Smart

    Appearance: Miles is tall and gangly, with slender fingers from his work as a paramedic and a shock of short blond hair. His eyes are clear grey and his face is rather angular. He has a calm demeanor and moves with alert caution.


    Strength: 13
    Dexterity: 12
    Constitution: 14
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 12
    Charisma: 9

    Fortitude Saving Throw: 0+0=0
    Reflex Saving Throw: 0+0=0
    Willpower Saving Throw: 0+1=1

    Weapon: Ruger Service-Six (.38s revolver); 2d6 DMG; 20 Critical; ballistic; 30 ft increment; 6 cyl. Magazine; (Lic +1 restriction)

    Action Points: 5+0=5
    Basic Attack Points: 0+0=0
    Hit Points: 1d6

    Reputation Bonus: +1
    Wealth Bonus: 4+2=6 (3,1)

    10 + Dexterity modifier + class bonus + equipment bonus
    10 + 0 + 0 + ? = 10

    Skill Points: (9+Int modifier) x4 = 9+0=9x4=36

    Skills (open)

    > 36 SP originally, Level 1
    > 14 SP remaining, Level 1

    Inherent Skills
    Profession: Treat Injury, Swim, Wealth Bonus +2
    Class: Computer Use (Int), Craft (chemical, electronic, mechanical, pharmaceutical, structural, visual art, writing) (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Demolitions (Int), Disable Device (Int), Forgery (Int), Investigate (Int), Knowledge (arcane lore, art, behavioral sciences, business, civics, current events, earth and life sciences, history, physical sciences, popular culture, streetwise, tactics, technology, theology and philosophy) (Int), Navigate (Int), Profession (Wis), Read/Write Language (none), Repair (Int), Research (Int), Search (Int), Speak Language (none)

    Learned Skills
    - 4 SP: Treat Injury > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Profession > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Disable Device > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Repair > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Chemical Craft > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Pharmaceutical Craft > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Navigate > Rank 4
    - 1 SP: Swim > Rank 1

    Acquired Skills
    - 0 SP: None yet

    [ Skill Table ]

    Feats and Talents (open)

    Original SP
    : 36

    > Level 1, max 2 Feats

    (Bonus) Class Feat: Simple Weapons Proficiency

    > Strategy Talent Tree
    [__] Prerequisite -- Research Talent Tree : Savant : Disable Device
    [__] Plan
    [__] Trick
    [__] Exploit Weakness

    Equipment (open)

    > Current Wealth Bonus: 3
    > Original Wealth Bonus: 6

    POSSESSION - 21.5 lbs
    Day Pack: Small, 2 lbs, 5 WB, holds 8 lbs [8/8]
    --- Car Opening Kit: Tiny, 1 lb, 6 WB
    --- First Aid Kit: Small, 3 lbs, 5 WB
    --- Trail Rations: Tiny, 1 lb, 5 WB
    --- Road Atlas: Tiny, 1 lb, 4 WB
    --- Flashlight: Tiny, 1 lb, 4 WB
    --- Duct Tape: Tiny, 1 lb, 3 WB
    Fatigues: Med, 3 lbs, 9 WB
    Mesh Vest: Med, 7 lbs, 8 WB, holds 40 lbs, +2 Strength bonus for carrying equipment
    --- Compass: Dim, 0.5 lb, 5 WB
    --- Pistol: Tiny, 2 lbs, 14 WB, Mil (+3)

    Medical Kit: Med, 5 lbs, 15 WB

    BACKUP CHARACTER "Fast Adventurer" (open)


    Name: Viola Run
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Adventurer
    Class: Fast


    Stats ---- Note: This was my first time using the dicebox, some of the directions were not terribly clear to me, and I'm scared to death that I unintentionally cheated :C Please check the logs and I apologize for any errors, they will be rectified immediately.
    Strength: 15
    Dexterity: 14
    Constitution: 14
    Intelligence: 13
    Wisdom: 11
    Charisma: 10

    Points and Bonuses (open)

    Fortitude Saving Throw: 0+0=0
    Reflex Saving Throw: 0+1=1
    Willpower Saving Throw: 0+0=0

    Fast heroes gain a number of action points equal to 5 + one-half their character level, rounded down, at 1st level and every time they attain a new level in this class.
    Action Points: 5+0=5
    Basic Attack Points: 0+0=0
    Hit Points: 1d8

    Reputation Bonus: 0
    Wealth Bonus: 9+1=10 (6,3)

    10 + Dexterity modifier + class bonus + equipment bonus
    10 + 0 + 3 + ? = 13

    Skill Points: (5+Int modifier) x4 = 5+0=5x4=20

    Skills (open)

    > 20 SP originally, Level 1
    > 2 SP remaining, Level 1

    Inherent Skills
    Profession: Spot, Climb, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Wealth Bonus +1
    Class: Balance (Dex), Mechanical Craft (Int), Drive (Dex), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (current events, popular culture, streetwise) (Int), Move Silently (Dex), Pilot (Dex), Profession (Wis), Read/Write Language (none), Ride (Dex), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language (none), Tumble (Dex)

    Learned Skills
    - 4 SP: Climb > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Mechanical Craft > Rank 4
    - 4 SP: Spot > Rank 4
    - 2 SP: Tumble > Rank 2
    - 1 SP
    : Escape Artist > Rank 1
    - 1 SP: Move Silently > Rank 1
    - 1 SP: Balance > Rank 1
    - 1 SP: Profession > Rank 1

    Acquired Skills
    - 0 SP: None yet

    [ Skill Table ]

    Feats and Talents (open)

    Original SP: 20

    > Level 1, max 2 Feats

    (Bonus) Class Feat: Simple Weapons Proficiency
    (Bonus) Profession Feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency

    > Defensive Talent Tree
    [__] Evasion
    [__] Uncanny Dodge 1
    [__] Uncanny Dodge 2
    [__] Defensive Roll
    [__] Opportunist

    Equipment (open)

    > Current Wealth Bonus: 7
    > Original Wealth Bonus: 10

    POSSESSION - 28 lbs

    Backpack: Med, 3 lbs, 10 WB, holds 60 lbs [20.5/60], +1 equipment bonus to Strength for carrying equipment
    --- Sleeping Bag: Med, 4 lbs, 9 WB
    --- Trail Rations: Tiny, 1 lb, 5 WB
    --- Trail Rations: Tiny, 1 lb, 5 WB
    --- Road Atlas: Tiny, 1 lb, 4 WB
    --- Flashlight: Tiny, 1 lb, 4 WB
    --- Duct Tape: Tiny, 1 lb, 3 WB
    --- Compass: Dim, 0.5 lb, 5 WB
    --- 2-Person Tent: Med, 4 lbs, 11 WB
    --- Search-and-Rescue Kit: Med, 7 lbs, 12 WB
    Fatigues: Med, 3 lbs, 9 WB
    Concealed Holster: Tiny, 0.5 lb, 5 WB
    --- Pistol: Tiny, 1 lb, 12 WB, Mil (+3)


  10. Tanya Crowe

    Class: Strong Hero (Level 1)

    Starting Occupation: Athlete

    <table><tr><td>STR: <td>16...(+3)...<td>FORT: <td>+2<td>Action Points: 5<tr><td>DEX: <td>14...(+2)...<td>REF: <td>+2<td>Reputation: +0
    <tr><td>CON: <td>12...(+1)...<td>WILL: <td>-1<td>Wealth: +8 (+3)
    <tr><td>INT: <td>12...(+1)...<td>HP:<td>9 (__)<tr><td>WIS: <td>9...(-1)...<td>BAB:<td>+1<td>(+4 melee, +3 ranged)<tr><td>CHA: <td>11...(+0)...</td><td>Defence:<td>13<td>(+1 Class, +2 Dex)</tr></table>
    SKILLS + FEATS (open)
    <table><tr><td>Craft (pharmaceutical) (Int)<td>1 rank<td rowspan="14" valign=top>Talent Tree: Extreme Effort

    Talent: Extreme Effort: (+2 bonus STR check)

    Simple Weapon Proficiecy


    Personal Firearms Proficiency

    Combat Martial Arts
    <tr><td>Balance (Dex)<td>2 Ranks (+1 Occ)<tr><td>Climb (Str)<td>2 Ranks<tr><td>Craft (structural) (Int)<td>0 Ranks<tr><td>Handle Animal (Cha)<td>2 Ranks<tr><td>Jump (Str)<td>2 Ranks<tr><td>Knowledge (streetwise) (Int)<td>1 Ranks<tr><td>Profession - Boxer (Wis)<td>1 Ranks<tr><td>Read/Write Language (none)<td>0 Ranks<tr><td>Repair (Int)<td>0 Ranks<tr><td>Ride (Dex)<td>2 Ranks (+1 Occ)<tr><td>Speak Language (none)<td>Ranks<tr><td>Swim (Str)<td>2 Ranks<tr><td>Tumble (Dex)<td>2 Ranks (+1 Occ)</table>

    EQUIPMENT (open)
    <table><tr><td colspan=4>
    Light Load
    <tr><td>On person... (Weight 4.5lb)<td>In Backpack... (Weight 40.5lb)<td>COLT AMMO
    <tr><td>Colt M1911
    Brass Knuckles
    Box of .45 ammo
    Chemical Light Sticks (5)
    Duct Tape
    Bolt Cutter
    Caltrops (25)
    Rope (150ft)
    Standard flashlight
    Standard binoculars
    Night vision goggles
    Formal dress
    Search & Rescue kit...
    First aid kit
    Waterproof matches
    Lightweight "space" blanket
    Nylon rope (50ft)
    Smoke grenades (2)
    Signal flare​

    Tanya was, like many girls, a misunderstood tomboy, always in competition with her older brother. Born on an Arkansas farm, she had an affinity for the outside and worked hard to be as strong and resilient as her sibling. By the age of 14 she was involved in underground fighting rings and excelled at being among the boys. Her career was almost ruined when she fell pregnant, but a hasty backstreet abortion saw to that, and only sharpened her desire for physical supremacy. She pushed herself to extreme sports and at age 18 got into illegal base jumping. It was her thirteenth jump that landed her in jail, after she parachuted off a high rise and was carried into traffic by freak winds. Her landing caused a pile-up, several driver injuries and an oil tanker explosion that made the morning news. Tanya was given the maximum 2 year sentence for reckless endangerment and disowned by her conservative parents.
  11. Victor Rush

    Class: Tough Hero (Level 1)

    Starting Occupation: Military

    <table><tr><td>STR: <td>17...(+3)...<td>FORT: <td>+4<td>Action Points: 5<tr><td>DEX: <td>17...(+3)...<td>REF: <td>+3<td>Reputation: +0
    <tr><td>CON: <td>17...(+3)...<td>WILL: <td>+4<td>Wealth: +6 (+1)
    <tr><td>INT: <td>10...(+0)...<td>HP:<td>11/11<tr><td>WIS: <td>10...(+0)...<td>BAB:<td>+3<td>(+3 ranged)<tr><td>CHA: <td>6...(-2)...</td><td>Defence:<td>14<td>(+1 Class, +3 Dex)</tr></table>

    SKILLS + FEATS (open)
    <table><tr><td>Balance (Dex)<td>+3<td rowspan="17" valign=top>Talent Tree: Damage Reduction

    Talent: Damage Reduction 1



    Personal Firearms Proficiency

    Simple Weapons Proficiency

    <tr><td>Climb (Str)<td>+6 (2 Rank, +1 Occupation)
    <tr><td>Concentration (Con)<td>+4 (1 Rank)
    <tr><td>Drive (Dex)<td>+6 (3 Rank)
    <tr><td>Escape Artist (Dex)<td>+3
    <tr><td>Hide (Dex)<td>+3
    <tr><td>Jump (Str)<td>+4 (1 Rank)
    <tr><td>Knowledge (Tactics) (Int)<td>+1 (1 Rank)
    <tr><td>Move Silently (Dex)<td>+3
    <tr><td>Ride (Dex)<td>+3
    <tr><td>Swim (Str)<td>+6 (2 Rank, +1 Occupation) </table>
    EQUIPMENT (open)
    <table><tr><td colspan=4>
    Light Load
    <tr><td>On person... (19.5lb.)<td>In pack... (6lb.)<td>PISTOL AMMO<td>RIFLE AMMO
    <tr><td>Colt M1911 (3lb.)
    Hip Holster (1lb.)
    AK-47 with Laser Sight (10.5lb.)
    Overcoat (2lb.)
    Cleaver (2lb.)
    Brass Knuckles (1lb.)
    </td><td>Day Pack (2lb.)
    Battery Flood Flashlight (2lb.)
    Duct Tape (1lb.)
    Box of .45 Ammo (50)
    Box of 7.62mmR Ammo (100)

    [size=+1]“Yeah, of course I remember Corporal Rush. Hard man to forget.

    I was the Staff Sergeant of his platoon. I remember first seeing him when they'd all just got through Basic; sitting around, chatting about why they'd chosen to sign up. For the most part it was the usual stuff. "Get away from my family", "get away from my life", "make something of myself", "see the world". Standard stuff.

    Then they turned to Victor, this man who's pushing towards seven foot and looks to be carved from granite. I'll remember his answer until the day I die.

    "Don't rightly know. Guess I just figured I wouldn't hurt the wrong people here."

    Well, that caught my attention, so I kept a wary eye on Private Rush from then on, even after he was promoted out of my unit. They pushed him up into some of the frontline companies; from what I heard through the grapevine, the man was on a fast track towards special forces. I also heard a lot of nasty rumours, too; brutality in the field, callousness. Even some particularly grim stuff; scalping insurgents, that sort of thing.

    So no, your Honour, I can't say I'm surprised about the allegations against Corporal Rush. Honestly, I think he just got tired of killing insurgents, wanted a bigger challenge.”

    - Staff Sergeant Lemur, testifying at Corporal Rush's trial for the murder of four US soldiers
  12. Okay, we're coming up to 10 players, so it's time to split the IC. We'll break into two separate survivor groups, and possibly come into conflict over the course of the story.

    I'll be making a new character to lead the second group in the opposite direction from the plane.

    So, [MENTION=1665]Count Lanier[/MENTION], [MENTION=2081]Ferril[/MENTION], [MENTION=1030]Zeneba[/MENTION], and [MENTION=1165]Pheonix[/MENTION] - you'll be following Trent in the Long Road Chapter.

    And [MENTION=1034]Dysfuncerulean[/MENTION], [MENTION=390]Effort[/MENTION], [MENTION=2669]Quill[/MENTION], and [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION] - you'll be following my new character in the Lethal River Chapter.
  13. [size=+1]"I don't like the way you're eyeing me, boy."[/size]
  14. Well you've got to admit, those are some marvelous man-boobs >>

    Whoah whoah wait… on his left shoulder… is that Captain Underpants dressed as the Grim Reaper eating ice cream that's on fire? O.o
  15. Haha, I had no idea the boxing profession was so dependent on wisdom ;)
  16. Strong Mook has received a taste of Soviet engineering.

    Now which one of these fucks shall I ventilate next...
  17. Just to clarify, everyone, you don't HAVE to find all your equipment at the crash site if you think that would be unrealistic.

    Maybe have your characters find stuff as they get further into the city, like the formal wear, or the ammo boxes, or the hacker equipment. I won't mind if you use your imagination and pick up these things in later posts.

    If you don't need to use the equipment in the first encounter, then think about finding it somewhere else in a later post.

    Power of imagination, yo.
  18. I don't have my coat yet.

    But soon... soooooon...
  19. " A medical kit can be used to treat a dazed, unconscious, or stunned character, to provide long-term care, to restore hit points, to treat a diseased or poisoned character, or to stabilize a dying character (see the Treat Injury skill). Skill checks made without a medical kit incur a -4 penalty."

    So does this mean I could make the skill check even if I don't have the medical kit...? >.>

  20. You can indeed; it's just you'll be suffering from penalties when doing so.