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  1. Hello lovelies! <3 In our next big giant forum update we are -finally- going to do some tweaking to the Roleplay Resume. This is going to include some re-positioning of things, adding/editing/removing some of the fields, and MAYBE if we can get it to work, it will include some search options! (We can't promise that one, but we're gonna try and see if we can get it to. It's on the top of our wishlist. O_O)

    In the meantime:

    What do you NEED in the roleplay resume and can't live without? What is in the resume now that you find useless or confusing and think needs to be edited? What do you think should be ADDED to the resume?

    Keep in mind we will not be able to do EVERYTHING everyone wants. But we'll be trying our hardest to take suggestions in to consideration and implement things the things we can!
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  2. BB code in the roleplay example section. Pleeeeaaaase. I can get EA to make the next sims game if you do.

    Promise may not be entirely true or accurate.
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  3. I use everything in the resume so I'd say everything that's already there is necessary.
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  4. Custom fields.
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  5. Personally, everything mostly looks good at the moment, except for...



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  6. I'm pretty content with it as is. The resume covers all relevant information. I don't feel anything is missing. There are some fields I do not use, but that is personal preference.
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  7. Sex I Play: Both

    Posting Speed: Eh, I'm on at least twice a day

    Spelling: Screw it, just try to make it high school level please.
  8. A suggestion I could help with: INFORMAL STATISTICAL TESTS! Basically, a bunch of volunteers stalk the accounts of random iwaku peeps to see what's good to remove or not! I bet it'll be very helpful (unless y'alls already have a good document on this, in which case, please gimme back my two cents)

    As for me, er, I don't really use the resume in checking peeps out, and I don't really regular roleplay much anymore, so, well, whatever.
  9. I am content with it, although @Thuro The Assassin Potato & @Izurich both make good points. Mostly just increasing the functionality of what is already there would be appreciated.
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  10. Hum.... Its pretty cool and complete honestly.



    Anyways xD Im sorry for the caps lock lmfao

    possible suggestions...
    - Just a spot where we can attach the link of our 1x1 or group roleplay ideas :P
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  11. I like how it is, not complaining, however if some changes were to be implemented:

    Roleplay invites: should allow you to still post the kind of RPs that interest you even if you're currently closed to invitations.

    Gender I prefer playing: should allow me to say other genders other than male and female (Futa, angrogenous...) and also allow me to say if I only play my preferred gender, for example, I prefer playing Male, and I only play Male, there are, for example, members RPing as Female who prefer to play Male, but they are ok with Female, yet it could not be said they play both genders equally since they do still prefer Male. hope that was not confusing.

    Gender I prefer my partners to play: I think it would relevant to say if I only RP with a certain gender, both character wise and real gender wise, for example, due to the libertine content in most my RPs I am only comfortable RPing with females, yet, it is not mandatory that they are playing female characters. Some members maybe have this the other way around, they don't mind the gender of the other member but they want the character being played to be of a certain gender.

    Also, allow a member search based on resume tags, for example, I'd search for member who are female, are willing to play female with a male who'll play a male, into fantasy RP, action as plot candy, are into libertine RPing, are over a certain age and write level at least beginner.

    And those are my suggestions :)
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  12. I mostly like the resume the way it is, but I do wish people actually looked at it before sending a message.

    "I don't do Libertine."
    "Hey, let's do a Libertine Group Roleplay!"

    Just... no.
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  13. I'd like to be able to say that I prefer playing one character type over the other, despite my willingness to play either one. The "play both genders equally" just isn't accurate at all.

    And I would LOVE BBcode editors. That would be fantastic. <3

    I'd also like to note that I adore the fact that it's linked to our actual posts...you can just go under the player's avatar, and BAM - there it is. I love that. It makes things a lot easier for me to figure out which players I should RP with more often, etc. <3
  14. And that!
    Lots of resume don't mention libertine RP at all and some people do it some people don't, an option saying "I don't do libertine" should be added.
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  15. A section for timezones maybe? Some partners become inpatient if you don't reply within a certain time span and this would help tell them YOU ARE FREAK'N SLEEPING. GMs could possibly find this handy as well.

    And the ability to seperate your thoughts into paragraphs.

    Also a quick link to the resume somewhere like you had before. I feel Iwaku doesn't put as much of an emphasis on the importance of a roleplayer's resume as you should considering my whole comfort zone rests in this little guy (and I still click on a players name expecting "resume" to pop up along "follow" among other things).

    Oh yeah, and maybe a section to clarify whether or not you want to recieve random pms from people you don't know nor have seen before. Even if this is what the invites are suppose to cover I still recieve random libertine pms that freak me the F out.

    Otherwise I think it's good. I do agree with @Hades ideas.
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  16. Loved the timezones idea <3 better yet, post a time zone and say at which times during which days of the week you're more active

    the paragraphs idea - that is a must!!!
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  17. I think perhaps that the Role play Resume could use an option for where you play. Like, do you play in Threads, Messages, or Both? And have check boxes or something, so people might not have to ask as often where a role play should take place.
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  18. Separate the current Roleplay Invitations into two new categories: make the current category only answer "are you currently accepting roleplay invites?" with simple yes or no options, and separate the other things into something like 'Roleplay Types' to show what types of roleplays you play, with 1x1, group, and chat options. Strike Libertine from the existing list.

    Add a clear indicator for Libertine status. We already have a selector for that, but the person's answer is not visible and that should change. The current situation of it being either a clear 'yes' by Libertine being selected in RP Invitations (or having the Libertine Resume visible if you check their full sheet in their profile) or only an implied 'no' by its absence is silly. The third option of 'no selection' should stay and also be visible of course. Seeing as how there are already a couple people who have mentioned being uncomfortable with unsolicited Libertine invites they've received, this change could be couple with some kind of Libertine etiquette PSA that includes something along the lines of "don't ask someone to do Libertine things if their Roleplay Resume says they don't play Libertine."

    Change the third options in Gender You Prefer Playing to 'Both' to match the better setup of the partner gender preference.

    The passive/aggressive playing style thing seems to be of limited use, and giving it a full text box seems excessive. It could be removed, or alter it to a set of options: aggressive, passive, flexible.

    Roleplay Wishlist and Plot Candies could, and maybe should, be rolled into one section to save space. They are very similar things.

    The Scene Sample part existing means BB Code really should be in effect on the resume. It's supposed to serve as an example of a typical post, but people who go ham with the BB Code aren't able to show off an important facet of their posts. If enabling BB Code isn't possible, maybe change it to a thing where you put a link to a post you've made to serve as an example?

    The existing Libertine specific sections seem okay, although for consistency if you go with the above suggestion to combine the general wishlist/plot candies things you should also combine Sexy Exploration and Sexy Scene Wishlist.

    Maybe add a Libertine specific section about preferred partner IRL gender, as Hades already suggested. Some people care, and letting them list it would be nice. Make it a "preferred player gender" type thing with the options of male, female, and 'I don't care'.

    I also agree with something Noctis the Devious mentioned: add a quick link to the full resume somewhere in the dropdown resume under avatars.
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  19. I second this. ^

    People have different comfort zones to where they want to play, some only play in threads, others only do chat rps and some only play in PMs, some play everywhere, etc.

    Though I would suggest to have the options: Threads, PM, Chat, groups, blogs (cause apparently that has become a thing recently o_o) and other.

    Groups won't be necessary at the moment though, since we can't make new groups before we get the new group system :p.
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  20. See above.

    Also, I think it would be fun to have something saying preferred post length. Grammar and content can be excellent in three sentences, but maybe a six-paragraph essay post would be too much for some people to avoid filling with fluff.
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