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    Planet Earth. A beautiful and wondrous place. Life has been dying upon this dreamland since it first set a foot. Everything has a beginning as everything has an end. Eventually the world will too end. In the mid 2050's to the early 2060's, a massive war broke out. It was severe and many lost their lives. The means of war were lost. No one really knew why the war happened or even who was on which "sides". This war helped the beautiful earth die a little more. After the war was finally ended, the world everyone helped build was destroyed. Rubble was everywhere and the air was polluted even worse. The people had to adapt to the change in way of life. Many continued to die from disease, radiation, and pollution even after a few decades.

    It's currently year 2095. The world is holding on with it's last means of energy. Most has been consumed, abused, wasted, and horded. All that's practically left are wastelands, crowded and trashed city streets, and money. Money is what most are after.What they thirst. Even when the before the war the pathetic paper and coin was what people craved for. It's the source to get power, resources, and even partial of the left over energy sources. Even animals in this world are scarce to find. They hide in the oddest places and run from any possible harm. Most gather at the rarest of places. The last world "oasis" spots which are told as myths. Very few know of the true existences. These "oasis" spots are just like the other parts of the world just with a bit of grass, water, and even maybe trees. There are even a few little towns which are lucky to have an "oasis" spot. These are spots that hold proof the world is trying to heal.

    Those oasis spots are popular to the animals due to how they are treated from those left in the world. Let alone from the creatures of the planet being mistreated, people are also being abused. It's completely okay in that world. Prostitution is also a very high demand. Most of the individuals pushed into that line of work are teenage children. As sickening it may be, they are forced in this line of work due to greedy and lazy foster parents. All for that thing that was wanted more than anything. Money. Adults that care do exist but are also looked down upon with in life. Some of these children and adults actually learned to take a stand. Be it fight back from the horror, run away, or newly recognized by a few: making a deal with the devil.

    The role of the once famous folklore Rumpelstiltskin turned to slither into the reality of children minds and hearts. He promised them power to stop those who harmed them. Stop the horrid happens that continued. Even though the devil is known as evil and such... He gave those people who wanted the world better off a chance. Be it the devil grew a heart or had something in store for them, what he did would soon make a difference. He promised them complete freedom. He promised them a chance to make their lives better. What he promised with out them noticing was the difficulties of life they would soon face.

    Those who get involved with that drastic measure equal out the bargain with one of their most precious things. Be it an actual item, emotions, people, or even memories, the devil takes whatever is most adored. Unknown and very unique "power" comes with the price of the deal. One is able to do whatever they choose once the deal is made but they can not turn back. One can also never let normal individuals find out, for they most likely will lose all memory of that individual or worse.

    As people used to say,

    "Everything comes with a toll..."


    Welcome to the New Earth.

    Honestly this idea came to me from the vivid dreams I normally have.
    I can honestly say mid last year on an old account, I had darted this role play. I let things happen that I disagreed with, but as a curse for being a good person, I hadn't the wary to stand up for my story and say "No." Here it is again and I will not run away from it again. I love this story idea. I hope others (new and old) enjoy it as well. With that said, I do have to ask that those who were in it back then please do not hate me for disappearing as I had. It won't happen again.
    (A few people would kill me...)
    I'm hoping we all can actually make this into something grand.
    From this point on, anything can happen.

    General Rules:

    1) Be it the waste lands or in the oasis, there are only 3 races allowed. Angel, Demons, and of course Humans. You can also either be a human who didn't make a deal with the Devil. No mixture of three either. Doesn't make any sense really with out a reasonable excuse.
    2) Everyone should already know not to kill other peoples characters but this is just a reminder.
    3) Only one of each power will be tolerated. This refers to the passage above "unknown and very unique..." So please come up with different and original powers.
    4) This a role play that is open to action (violence), mystery, horror, adventure, and even romance. Absolutely all genres are welcomed. Let your imagination run loose. You can also be 'evil' or 'good'. I don't care just have fun and give the chance for anything to happen. Well minus smut of any sort. That needs to head elsewhere.
    5) Look to see if there is a need of one of the races. I really don't want too many of one race.
    6) READ EVERYTHING~!!! If I post asking one to do something to correct, do not make the same mistake. It's a hassle and irritating to constantly tell everyone the same thing.

    Also I am looking for a few people to help me out with this. I am also open for any ideas or anything to help enhance or evolve the story line. I'm also wanting to make sure people will actually join before making the forum. So maybe five people at least? Story will also continue to be open.


    Character Sheet

    Name: (Please a first and last name.)
    Race: (Human, Angel, or Demon)
    Appearance: (Can be a picture of any kind or a detailed description. Also include piercings, tattoos, and scars here, if they have any.)
    Powers: (Both Angels and Demons would have powers but don't make it extreme. The human's powers have a strict limitation. No power should be "god-like" and "complete destruction" types.)
    Toll for powers: (This only pertains to those who have made a deal with the devil. This is meant for a description of what was given up within the life. It would be close to your characters "most precious" whatever. Example: In the past someone used their sibling.)

    Accepted Profiles (open)

    Signas Heitrop
    Angel Falez
    Zed Mackeffery


  2. Name: Signas Heitrop
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: (open)
    Looks innocent and girly but has the truth hidden away from the surface. Scars spread along her back, thighs, and wrists.

    Powers: Has the ability to conjure invisible hands that come from the shadows and she stitches up a dead animals, making it come back to life as an empty shell to hold shadows.
    Toll for powers: She was the first to make a deal with the devil. She gave up her whole past in exchange to be the devils assistant on the surface. Her goal is to change the world to be a better place for kids in general and make a better tomorrow.
    History: She grew up in a foster care just as some kids due to parents selling her for money. The city was run down, poor, and completely trashed. Hooligans ran the city selling the little girls up for prostitution. The foster parents being part of the hooligans set her up in that line of business at the young age 10. Hating every minute of it she continuously tried to run away but some how they would always find her. On the line of the job she met a man that promised to take her away from the place. He was nice to her but seemed a bit off. she didn't cared and agreed to what ever terms he gave. He took all her past memories away until she was an empty vessel. He filled in her head the life and memories of a past demon.
    From then on she used her newly received powers for what ever bidding he asked upon. Her goal was still to better the world but it was to continue on through what ever plan the devil made. She was his one and only assistant. She was to now help him with the others who would ask him for the gift. She was to help those who made a deal. She was even to watch over them.
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  4. Name: Angel Falez
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Angel
    Powers: Can turn into a dove... that's all
    Toll for powers: Yeah, for now i don't know, I'll back with it later
    History: Was born in a tree and left there, and raised herself with the help of a dove. Angel wants revenge on different people, unlike a dove she is not nice. She is brave and sort of a killer, but doesn't show it. Her history: for a bit I don't know.
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  6. Name: Zed Mackeffery
    Age: looks 27 is actually 3053 years old
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Appearance: anorexic_punk_demon_by_alexnegrea-d2yez6x.jpg
    Powers: Uses a twisted microphone to channel his demonic energy into pure sound abilities. (here you go, it looks like this: Hell's Mic.jpg )
    Toll for powers: Gave up his personal freedom as a demon. That means no possesions, no haunting, and no leaving Hell unless Lucifer sends him personally.
    History: Lucifer accidentally created Zed as he was flexing his powers. As Zed awoke, his piercing scream of a yawn shattered about 2 dozen of the nearby souls. Lucifer saw potential in him, so he made him join Hell's metal band: Rotten Roadies. The other band members have yet to be found/created. That was over 3 millenia ago. Still hasn't gotten a raise...
    Influences: The Misfits, Black Flags, Toturing small animals.

  7. Angels and Demons have limited powers as their own race. They normally wouldn't make deals with the devil. Well unless there is a good explaination... Like please keep in mind, if angels had made a deal with the devil they'd become fallen angels and demons... Well they are demons for a reason. What do they have that would possibly be literally taken?

    A side note... I feel like I'm really pushing things now. -.- Crap.

    @Dorian Grey
    What at do you mean business deal? It needs to be explained a bit more along with your history. Lastly, add a last name, Pleaseeeeeeeee~!!!
  8. Name: Avon Wiers
    Age: 320
    Gender: Male
    Race: Angel
    Powers: Limited telepathy (only applies to humans). Also owns a holy lance which flames on contact with evil.
    Toll for powers: As he's connected to the lance...he gets burned too. If he tries to use his telepathy too much...lots of headaches.
    Having been raised as a warrior, and nothing else, Avon is extremely disciplined and formal. He has been practicing war for so many years, it is all he knows, and since coming to earth that hasn't changed. He intends to eradicate evil, or at least as much as he can before he inevitably gets killed by taking on something far too powerful for him to conquer.
  9. Name: (Please a full name)
    Appearance: (Can be a picture of any kind or a detailed description. Also include piercings, tattoos, and scars here, if they have any.)
    Powers: (only if one of those people)
    Toll for powers:
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  11. Name: Nahtan SilleAge: 20Gender: Male, but acts femaleRace: Fallen angelAppearance: True form-http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/241/b/1/fallen_angel_by_chiichanny-d2xl5cx.jpg Favourite illusion form-http://files.myopera.com/xx-DEVIL-ANGEL-xx/albums/6228301/sexy-anime-girl.gifPowers: Illusion and attraction/influence.Toll for powers: Gave up his place in heaven and all his heavenly riches for powers.History: Nahtan used to be one of the mighty angels in heaven. But he was always jealous of beautiful girls surrounding him, and their power over men. Nahtan desired such sexual attention from men too. So he made a deal with Rumple- in return for his life in heaven, Nahtan wanted the ability to appear as a beautiful girl, and to influence people's minds with his charm. Now Nahtan is living as a stripper/ prostitute on new earth.
  12. Everyone... Please look over everything. Especially the Rules.

    @Dorian Gray
    Yes, much better thank you. ^^

    Hahahah I read Nahtan's profile and I couldn't help but giggle.
    I love him.
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    You fixed the problem of a last name. ^^ Thank you.
    Umm... I was wondering if your character had actually made a deal with the devil
    or if the lance had just that side effect towards him...
    Sorry for asking... ^^:

    @Dorian Gray

    Your character's fine. I can honestly say haven't seen another character like it. And shush... I just don't want to answer rps in the mature section right now. Especially since in the SWHP one I have nothing to post off of. :p So I'll be just coming up with a random reply and causing my character to drift back to yours. The other one... I have NO clue where to take it. ^^: Lastly, I'm using the same account as rainbow noodles. I'm not getting back on my old account. :P I'm leaving it as a Lurker then slowly turn into a ghost of iwaku. xD
  18. Name: Plage Recke
    Age: 54,379
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon
    Appearance: http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/327786797#/d5f5lwt
    Skeloton Knight (woman).jpg
    Powers: She can consume ones soul, and use their energy. Can raise and army of undead, giving them the souls she absorbed. (So she can only have as many minions as souls she's absorbed)
    Toll for powers: She is the Devil's commander of Hell's armies. She has no freedom, and must answer to him and do his bidding. And there is one due he has yet to collect.
    History: Plage is a daughter of the Devil and a demon. (I'm going of a safe bet that Satan sleeps around a lot) She spent her entire life in Hell. She became the commander of Hell's armies by being relentless and cruel. Satan came to her one day and proposed an offer she could not refuse. She signed any freedoms she had away, not that she had many, and was granted the honor. But in the fine lines there was something else written...
    Other: Her greatest and most powerful minion: Herz!
    Bad Ass Armor.jpg

    I wanted to be an angel with some serious hate for goodie goodie two shoes and gods apathy. But three angels... I made a demon. And you will always be my Noodie! <3
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