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In the world everything is normal, normal crime, normal life, normal war.
But for some people this isint the basic life, in the secret life of an unnatural. Most unnaturals dont past the age of 18. But there are many reports of unnaturals around the world.
*secret reports*--->June 1962-The three naturals escaped with the help of an unnatural from the great prison Alcatraz, Though the men show great intelligence the most impportant part of there escape was the unnatural tho whom had the ability to swim under water like a fish(Code name fisher). Though like many unnaturals they have there limits and/or have special tricks they are bind to. Luckly we were able to catch the unnatural before he could escape. We cuaght the three naturals and struck a barggain with them for the unnatural. Fisher was a 17 year old male. We allmost lost him becuase we pulled him out of the water too soon. His limit was the amount of time he stayed in the water was the amout of time he could not understand us causeing him a sudden heart attack.
"Unnatural" is a goverment term for a person with a special ability. There are three groups of unnaturals, The protectors, The extermnators, and The dogs.
The Protectors are Unnaturals that wish to protect there secret and protect Naturals
The Extermnators are Unnaturals that want to destroy all the Naturals
The dogs are Unnaturals that works for the goverment.

The protectors
1)Tamara Trancy

The extermnators
1)Meg Baxter

The dogs

Character sgin up
Code name
Reson for becomeing a (Protector, Extermnator, Dog)

This is a mix of drama, romance, and action.
WOHOOO :D gonna start writing my characters right now ^^
Name: Meg Baxter
Code name
: Shadow
Age: 18
Personality: hates naturals with all her heart, she lives to destroy them, she is always angry and tries to takes revenge on the naturals, the only time you can see her smile is when she is killing or hurting narutals.
Historty: She lived with her father who were an unnatural just like her, she didn't know about her father working as an extermnator and one day he got killed by the government. She got to hear that the government had killed her father without reasons and thats when she decided to kill all the naturals and destroy the government, because it was all their fault.
After that she started to train herself and found others like her that would help her, when she turned 17 and thought her training was finnished she started her plan to take down the government and the naturals.
Reson for becomeing a Extermnator: Her father got killed by the government
Ability: She controlls shadows, if her shadow tuch another shadow she can controll that person. When its night and its dark everywhere she can controll everything.
Limit: Day: She can only controll a person whose shadow she is touching with her own shadow, so when the sun is high and the shadow barely show she can't use her ability. Night: she can't controll things to far away and not to many things at the same time.
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Name: Tamara Trancy
Code name
: Terra
Age: 17
Personality: She don't talk much with people but she is nice and always tries to help others, she loves fast vehicles and owns four motorbikes. She also loves weapons and owns a hall full of different kind of weapons.
Historty: Shortly after Tamara was born her parents got killed, she and her older sister Kris were sent to different orphanages. She were to young to remember her sister and never got to know that she had one. But while she grew up and her power got stronger she often saw her sister in her visions, but she had no idea who the girl she saw were.
She grew up in the orphanage and often played with herself because no one liked her, when she became ten years old she got adopted by a rich couple. She liked them very much, but they got killed by externmators for unknown reasons. She inherited all of their fortunes because they didn't have any other realtives. She used this fortune and her abillity to help others so no one would need to be killed by externmators anymore. She have focused on her training since her adoptive parents death when she was 14 and still trains when she isn't out trying to take down externmators.
Reson for becomeing a Protector: Because her adoptive parents got killed and she don't want others to get hurtend
Ability: She can see the future, so she knows every move someone else will make before they make it.
: She just know whats going to happen if the people have decided to do it, before they have decided she don't know about it, if someone change their mind the future change first then. So if someone changes their mind on purpos every five minutes, then she wont have any idea of what they gonna do.

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cool :), Im going to be a protector.
As a dog you can make a new character, goverment offical who watches the Dog
*face palms*
I forgot the Appearance :(
I did that once on my thread. I just forgot the Personality xD
I wrote this like at 11 in the middle of the night
Name: Kris Trancy
Code name: Zero
Age: 19
Personality: Silent and seemingly has no emotions. She will obey any order without hesitation.

Her parents died a few weeks after her little sister was born on Kris' birthday, and they were sent to different orphanages. She didn't know who to blame for what happened. For a while she blamed Tamara, but that wasn't all that fair to the newborn, so she blamed herself. She later found out that a thief was the real reason for her parent's early passing. He killed them both for just a few bucks while Kris and Tamara were being watched by a babysitter so their parents could have a little time to themselves.

Reason for becoming a Dog:
She had trouble deciding what to do, so the government got her to join them. Later on she found out that a human killed her parents. Feelings of hate began building up within Kris. It's likely that she would turn her back on the humans and become an Exterminator.

She can transform into a weapon. It could be a body part that just transforms, or she could transform fully. The blade of the weapon could just appear on a part of her body instead of fulling transforming that part.

She is limited to a gun, long sword, and double bladed scythe. Only one part of her body can become part of a weapon at a time. The only parts where she can make them appear/transform are her legs/feet and arms/hands.


there accepted :) ill post mine up latter
Prety basic :p
Name: Eric
Code name: the Bird
Age: 17
Personality:He is the nice boy type, he is very shy with new people but he is the type to dubt him self, hes oppimistic
but knows how dangres things are in his new life. He dosent like to kill but if he has to for the best, he will.
If he meets a extermnator he wount fight them unless there trying to kill a natural
Historty:He has allways been a normal boy untill he jumped off his bed and started floating at the age of 10.
Reson for becomeing a protector: he wanted to keep his powers a secret untill the goverment started to chace him, so he
started to run for the rest of his life untill he found a group of teens called the protectors
Ability:He has the ability to fly, gluid, and float.
Limit:It will use up his energy, for example if he flys a mile, it is like runing a mile for him
Appearance:No facial hair, he has a normal blue T-shirt all the time with a pair of riped jeans (on the knee),
He ownes an old pair of runing shose that are grey and black.
This looks like it may be epic :3
Mind if i join ;)
go ahead :)
we got 3 protectors open
4 extermnators open and
4 dogs open :)
Name: Rick Kain

Code Name: Hunter

Age: 17

Personality: He has a burning hatred for exterminators and their methods. He can be very acceptiung of others and takes no part in discrimination of factions. He spends time hanging around predatory animals to learn about their nature and abilities, to use as his own.

History: During Rick's childhood he was raised as an orphan living in the wilderness. He'd never known his parents or anything about them, all he knew was he was a special child. Living in the woods he was raised by the animal inhabbitants, learned how to talk to them, act like them, live amongst them as if he was them. At the age of 14, the government came across him and lossed hundreds of men in the blink of an eye. How he did it was by using just a hand gun and clips of ammo. A veteran soldier, named Rolland, was amazed by his incredible performance and recruited him into "Unnatural". He spent time familiarizing himself with multiple weapons of his choice and became feared by his subordinates. He's been at the top of the roster since and was given the code name "Hunter" for his deadly instics, fatal reflexes, and connection with animals. Rick works perfectly well with other people, but will resent them if the feel stange to him.

Reason fo becoming a Dog: Before he instantly joined, Rolland watched out for him, treating him like a parent would handle their child. The veteran would shield him from cold weather and give him a shelter to rest or sleep in. Rick decided that Rolland was the only father he actually knew, so in order to stay with rolland he joined them and became a dog.

Ability: He has inhuman strength, extreme eye sight and reflexes, and incredible speed.

Limit: His strength only limits him to picking up objects the size of oil trucks and broken parts of buildings. His eye sight and agility becomes limited as he begins to tire.

Appearance: View attachment 5818
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