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  1. "Albedo, what have you done?"

    "My masterpiece. For the First Thinker, I'm surprised you've never thought of this."

    "I would never think of such! Such things and the Omnitrix are meant to be seperate from each other!"


    Ten meteorites fell from the very skies, onto our Earth. A lucky ten, you being one of them, have discovered one of the sites. Curious, you approach it, only to find an odd sphere.

    The sphere opens, revealing a device that latches onto you. You press it and find that you have transformed into something. Something very... alien...

    Only time can tell what your fate will be from now on. What is this odd device? What is your destiny?

    Basic Iwaku Rules apply

    Each person starts with ten Omnitrix aliens. If you want additional ones, drop me a message ONLY after you have used all ten.

    Only five of your ten aliens are allowed to be aliens Ben has used. I prefer originality, really.

    Absolutely no canon characters will appear unless I say so. Even if I do say so, NO PLAYING THEM

    Other characters who are not Omnitrix wielders can be any species, canon or custom.

    Excluding Omnitrix wielders, you can have up to four characters.

    You do not have to acquire the Omnitrix in the classic 'found meteorite crash' method.


    This Alternate Universe does have Plumbers.

    I might include an equivalent of the Forever Knights, but without the presence of their main motivation...

    Omnitrix-related Notes:

    In prior incarnations of this RP, different Omnitrices had different rules(e.g. one times out and the other doesn't) so I'll have to justify this.

    Omnitrices don't time out normally, much like in Alien Force. They will only time out if your character is defeated.

    You can choose if 'accidental transformations' can occur.

    The Omnitrices have an 'Evolution' function much like the Ultimatrix, due to Albedo's 'final touches'. It is somewhat buggy, so it does indeed time out and stop functioning until a recharge after using this function.

    Albedo's touches also included a 'Fusion Function', where two seperate Omnitrix Wielders could fuse... or something. It'll be explained when we actually need to.


    [b]Name[/b]: Is that not obvious?
    [b]Age[/b]: Keep it realistic
    [b]Gender[/b]: Duh.
    [b]Nationality[/b]: What town, country and planet do you come from? If your planet is non-canon, give a little trivia.
    [b]Omnitrix Colour[/b]: Omnitrix wielders only. No repeat colours.
    [b]Omnitrix Position[/b]: Omnitrix Wielders only. It's not limited to your wrist. Be creative!
    [b]Species[/b]: Unless you have a valid reason or my permission, Omnitrix wielders MUST be human. If this species is non-canon, provide a little trivia. If this species is canon and unnamed, leave it as whatever the Wiki says and we can think of a name together.
    [b]Appearance[/b]: How do you look like?
    [b]Personality[/b]: Feel free to make it brief
    [b]History[/b]: Well, duh.
    [b]Skills and Abilities[/b]:
    [b]Equipment[/b]: Well...
    [b]Role in story[/b]: Omnitrix Wielder, Plumbers, Villain or Other?
    [spoiler=Omnitrix Aliens]
    Fill these forms up only if you are an Omnitrix Wielder.
    [b]Alien Name[/b]: Duh. Also, copy this sub-app ten times for obvious reasons.
    [b]Species[/b]: If non-canon, provide trivia.
    [b]Appearance[/b]: If it's a canon species, well, try to make it distinct a little.
    [b]Home Planet[/b]: Where does your alien come from? Give some trivia.
    [b]Abilities[/b]: What can your alien do?
    [b]Ultimate Form Appearance[/b]:
    [b]Ultimate Form Abilities[/b]:
    [b]Other Information:[/b]
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  2. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Nice to meet you"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Name: Zak Schultz[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Care to take a guess"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 17[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Don't need to tell you this, do I?"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Blue eyes and blonde hair, care to take a guess"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Nationality: Geman[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"The best color"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Omnitrix Color: Blue[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]*Rolls up left sleeve*[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Omnitrix Position: Left upper forearm[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"My...my are you blind?"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Body Build- Lean and built[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Zak has a well-rounded personality. He is quite friendly towards others. He tends to speak his mind, along with putting others before himself. He tries to make others feel welcome. Zak is out-going to the point he could be friends with anyone.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Zak was born into a very poor family and because of that he couldn't go to school. He had to stay home and help his mom take care of his little sister, while his dad would work. When his sister was old enough they both went to the same school, though being a few grades higher he couldn't always watch her. When he was put into middle school, his sister still went to elementary. He would get out earlier than her and always be waiting outside. One day his sister came out with a black eye, he was pissed off, more pissed then he had ever been. Later that day he found the kids who did it to her and he did the same to them. By the time he got to highschool his sister had gotten into middle school. Once again he'd get out early and come meet her a smile on his face. It didn't take him long to get well situated with things, he was already well known in his school. His dad had finally gotten a better job and his mother work online from home, they moved into a better home from their original home. One day some teens wanted to take him out, because they heard he was strong. So they met him by the river bed. They [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]tried their best they could to beat him, but couldn't. They just pushed him into the river bed, he traveled down stream for a bit before, something crashed fairly close to him, getting out of the water he walked a bit, before coming across a crater with a pod in it. He came close and it quickly opened and something latched to him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Skills and Abilities: Strong, fast, durable, and charismatic[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Equipment: N/A[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Role in Story: Omnitrix Wielder[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 1:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Notch[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Zandarian[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Zandrouge are a rather tall, thin species, males standing at the average adult height of 8ft, with a weight of approximately 165 lbs, and the adult females at a height of 6.6ft and 150 lbs. Their skin is smooth and with a slight leathery feel to it and a pale grey color. They have two set of arms, each with 3 fingers and a thumb, along with horns coming from the tops of the heads males and spines along the backs of the females. Their legs are long and very powerful, their feet having three “toes”, one of which being opposable, allowing them to grasp uneven ground for better climbing steep slopes. Long lizard-like tails help them keep balance while moving, seeing as their upper bodies are usually heavier than their lower. Their thin bodies are mostly built for speed, efficient climbing, and crawling through narrow tunnels, once being a subterranean species, but as the inhabitants from the planet Galrose developed advanced technology and explored the moon Bazira, that orbits Galrose, they have become more open towards other races, but their subterranean attributes still exist, such as their excellent hearing and sight while in extreme darkness, their eyes also naturally able to glow very faintly in the dark. Unfortunately, after centuries of living underground, they have become sensitive to direct light other than the light from their eyes, making even minimal exposure damaging to their bodies, so in order to travel, they wear skin tight suits to protect themselves from light, yet allowing them to keep their swift movement speed. Very few outsiders have actually seen a Zander’s face, for being anywhere but in absolute darkness, they will always be wearing some type of protective gear. The front piece of their helmets are covered with a type of one-way glass-like material that doubles as a screen, which emotions can be displayed upon, through connections to their nervous system. He wears the omnitrix symbol on the left side of his neck.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home planet: Bazira, moon of the planet Galrose [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Strong arms and legs, both with enhanced grip, speed, balance[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: Much to the same appearance as Notch, Ultimate Notch is sheer darkness, no longer wearing the suit can fight freely without the sun being in the way. The omnitrix symbol on his forehead.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: All the abilities except a new one, darkness shroud.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 2[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Ice-Age[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Necrofriggian[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ice-Age is a humanoid, moth-like alien whose four wings and antenna can fold up into a hooded robe (much akin to a poncho), giving him the appearance of a phantom.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ice-Age has a black body with cyan patches on his arms, shoulders, legs, the back of his wings, and the back of his neck that resemble ice chunks. Each patch has thick blue outlining except for the ones on his wings, which are outlined in black. There is also a black line that runs on the edge of the outer margin on the back of each wing. On his torso are three plates. One resembling the chest, a shorter plate under the chest, and one resembling the stomach. On his face are blue cheeks and underjaw, a mouth that always shows bluish white teeth, and large blue eyes with dark Blue spots. The top of his head also sports a blue Y-shaped marking that extends over his scalp. He has three pointed fingers and a thumb on each hand, and two toes on each foot and a third toe-like extension on his ankles. Ice-Age wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home planet: Kylmyys[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Cryokinesis Temperature Resistance Flight Intangibility Underwater[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Respiration EnhancedStrength Enhanced Durability Space Survivability[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Ice-Age's wings and antennae have a flame design. Ultimate Ice-Age can make his wings and antennae fold into a cloak like Ice-Age can, which looks no different from Ice-Age's cloak, except for being red. Ultimate Ice-Age's voice is more gravelly than Ice-Age's, having a deeper tone behind it. Ultimate Ice-Age wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Cryokinesis, Intangibility, Flight, Ice Flames,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Underwater Respiration, Temperature Resistance, Enhanced Strength,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 3[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Cold Fire[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: pyronite[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance: Cold Fire is a magma-based lifeform whose body is composed of a bright inner Blue magma body covered by a dark Blue or Gray rocks. As a fire-based entity, his body radiates high amounts of heat. His feet has a slight oval-like design with only two toes and one back toe. The omnitrix on his left shoulder[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Pyros[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Pyro Immunity, Cryo Immunity, Flight (via Propulsion), Limited Terrakinesis, Cryokinesis (cold virus), Enhanced Speed (via Propulsion)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: Much to the same look of Cold Fire Ultimate Cold Fire has broader shoulders and chest.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: Same Abilities just enhanced.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 4[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Laser Tag[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Crystalsapien[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance: Laser Tag is a silicon based alien made of extremely durable crystal. His body is overall navy, with several dark lines and spots. His hands and face are blue, and he also sports six blue shards on his back, two on his chest, and one on the top of his head that resembles a horn. His face consists of a mouth and one large blue eye at the center. Omnitrix on his heart.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Petropia[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Ultraviolet Energy Projection, Energy Shields, Energy Absorption, Light Generation, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Flight, Space Survivability, and Crystallization[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: He becomes full crystal.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: All the same powers but enhanced.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 5[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Sticky Puddy[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Polymorph[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Sticky Puddy is a humanoid pile of blue goo that can take any shape at will. Sticky Puddy has an Anti-Gravity Projector that allows him to be mobile in Earth's gravity and also projects his voice. The omnitrix symbol is on the anti-gravity projector.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Viscosia[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Acidic Slime, Slime Projection, and Elasticity[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: Becomes a much darker shade of blue.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: All the same except mercury manipulation, which is inside his body.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 6[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Appears to be a large white dog with no eyes, ears, nose, or tail. His teeth are very defined and stick out of his mouth. Has no eyes, instead using his sense of smell and hearing, which are aided by three gill-like nostrils located on each side of his neck. Omnitrix on his left pelvis.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Vulpin[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Enhanced strength, agility, hearing, smell, digging, speed, sharp teeth/claws, wall climbing, and quil projection[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Stalkhunt is significantly larger and more muscular than Stalkhunt. His fur is black in color. He has four huge gray/white spikes running down his back that overlap. These spikes start out as a shark-like fin at the head and rises almost into an arc over the back, tapering near the rump. He also has a long tail whose tip has a horn, resembling a scorpion stinger.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: same with Enhanced Durability, and sharp tail[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 7[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Berwick[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Noctanics[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Berwick has the appearance of a small human with no hair, he is actually quite tall just choosing to slump over on all fours. He has Bright white eyes and skin. The omnitrix symbol on his back.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Noctern (a planet with no sun)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Fast, Strong, Sneaky, climbing, space Survivability[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: spurts a tail and horns on head[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: Camouflage, can fire a beam out of mouth [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 8[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Ku-jan[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Lionacteses[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Looks much like a humanoid lion, standing at the height of 7'4, with a weight of 1000 pounds. Wearing what seems to be battle attire. Omnitrix symbol on his chest.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Catonomni[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Brute strength being able to lift things 30 times his size. Tracking, had a giant sword handcuffed to his arm, sharp claws, and teeth[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: N/A[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: N/A[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 9[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Zero[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Biogenginicalse[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]What seems to be a suit is a biological robot, standing at the average height of 6'0 and weighing 500 due to the material he's made of. slight horns sticking on of his head and curling back. Omnitrix on his back left shoulder blade.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Robonite[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Weapon Formation, Hacking, skilled in fighting with weapons [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance: n/a[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: n/a[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien 10[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Alien Name: Vienne[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Catovar (Female only race)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]With mostly humanoid posture, vienne has long curly hair, muscular dog like legs, and ape like arms, she has what seems to be an untrimmed cat tail, she stands at the height of 5'6 and weighs 120 lbs, omnitrix on her chest just above her breasts.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Home World: Jungalienna[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Abilities: Speed, leg strength, tapping, hunting, survivalist skills[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Appearance:N/A[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ultimate Abilities: N/A[/BCOLOR]

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  3. You might have removed 'History' from your character's app.
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  4. [​IMG]
    "By the will of the gods, your end is near..."

    Furukawa Touko



    Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan, Earth

    Omnitrix Colour:

    Omnitrix Position:
    The Omnitrix IS her right eye.


    Touko has long, pink hair, cut into a hime-cut. Her eyes are a blue on the left, and her pink eye with an Omnitrix emblem as a pupil is veiled by a medical eyepatch. Her face looks most plain, yet has a feeling of cute in it. She has fair, Asian skin and is a mere 1.45 metres tall, and lacks any curves whatsoever. She always dons a black seirafukku with red ribbons and white stripes on each cuff. She wears thigh-high black socks and black shoes.
    For casual wear, she is often seen with a black hoodie over a red tank top and white skirt.

    Touko has a case of what is known as 'chuunibyou'. It is easier to show than explain, as such, I point to how she names some of her forms rather 'fancily' and how she calls her Omnitrix 'God Eye', as well as how she names most of her attacks. It is occasionally described as 'child-like'.
    She is willing to protect her allies with what she can. She has violent tendencies despite her introverted nature. It's hard to believe that there are times when she cries.

    Touko, at some point in her life, damaged her right eye, impairing it for, supposedly, the rest of her life. This halted her ability to see things three-dimensionally and she needed an eyepatch to function. However, one day, an odd parcel came to her house, and she opened it up, revealing a sphere that unveiled an odd device. This odd device fused with her right eye, healing it instantly and allowing her to see with both eyes once more. What she didn't see was the true power of this device. When she activated it, she soon turned into a crystalline, spectre-like being.
    Her new 'God Eye' was going to be tough to handle.

    Skills and Abilities:
    She has 'charm'.

    She always carries pepper spray with her.

    Role in story:
    Omnitrix Wielder

    Omnitrix Aliens (open)

    Alien Name: Crystal Skull
    Species: Obsidrac
    Appearance: Crystal Skull's head resembles purple, crystalline human skull with a singular blue eye. Her body is large in the thorax and abdominal area, and her waist descends down to a ghost-like tail. Her arms resemble diamondhead's. Her overall body is purple, with the tip of her tail blurring towards a grey. The Omnitrix emblem is on her chest.
    Home Planet: Diamograve. This frightening, eerie planet is filled with gemstones of all kinds. Obsidracs make homes out of pure diamond.
    Abilities: Crystal manipulation, high durability. Crystal Skull possesses ghost-like abilities, such as phasing through solid matter and possessing other living beings, except those that have 'lives' akin to theirs, such as Ectonurites. Its eye can launch a powerful laser blast.
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Ultimate Crystal Skull, or as she calls it, 'Funny Bone', has a significantly different appearance. It is now 15 metres tall and it resembles a human skeleton made from Crystal Skull's purple crystals. The main difference is longer arms and the habit of walking on fours. The skull is 'triclops', with the upper eye being covered by an eyepatch, and with a pink right eye and blue left eye.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: While retaining all abilities save for laserblasts, it is more durable and stronger. It can release laughing gas from its mouth.

    Alien Name: Leviathan
    Species: Kraket
    Appearance: Leviathan is serpentine in appearance, and about 6 metres in length. It is donned with black-cyan stripes. Its wings are one black, one cyan. It has a left blue eye and a pirate-like eyepatch veiling her other eye. A red bandana surrounds the neck area. Her head is snake-like and her jaws are sharp. The Omnitrix emblem is on her chest.
    Home Planet: Laguna. This planet is mostly water with about 20% land being spread throughout. Krakets are on top of the food chain and enjoy eating tasty fish symbiotes equivalent to Earth's remoras that attach to them.
    Abilities: Leviathan can manipulate both wind and water itself, and even create whirlpools. She can easily fly and swim with great agility, but is horrendous with ground work. Her jaws are very strong and powerful.

    Alien Name: Astaroth
    Species: Lilithium
    Appearance: Astaroth resembles a human in many ways. She is 1.8 metres tall and has an E-cup. Her horns are like that of a goat. She wears a blue visor over her eyes. Her outfit barely covers her, and resembles black vines, leaving very, very, little to the imagination. These black vines are actually wires, some of which are connected to her giant gauntlets. Her tail resembles a plug. She wears black high heels. Her technological wings are black with white-hued circuitry. The Omnitrix emblem is on her visor, on the area where her eyepatch should be.
    Home Planet: Luna Agrabaht. It is a moon of Anur Draculat. Lilithium are a female-only species who do not get along with Tepestians. Both species descended from the now-extinct Vladats.
    Abilities: Astaroth can launch electrical blasts from her body. She is capable of charming males, except Nosferats. By using electricity within brain neurons, she can manipulate and enter dreams. Her gauntlets and visor are power limiters, and can be broken to wreak havoc, although not reccomended. Her tail is extensive and can elongate itself. She can drain energy from living beings and power sources through direct contact, except Nosferats.
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Ultimate Astaroth, or as she calls it, 'Sephiroth', looks about the same. In this state, her limiters are removed. Her outfit is... well there is no more outfit, and her body now has circuit-like tattoos. Her wings still resemble circuit boards, but there are now six of them. These wings can be folded into clothes during standby. While retaining her horns and she now has two tails - one resembling a plug and the other a socket. With no more visor, her long, wavy hair covers her right eye. She now has a pink halo on her head, and the Omnitrix emblem settles in the centre.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: In addition to all current abilities enhanced, she can now release 'Teccubi'(singular Teccubus), bat-like mechanical beings that can do her bidding. She can even create illusions now.

    Alien Name: Alucard
    Species: Nosferat
    Appearance: Alucard has very white skin and is very human, about 1.8 metres tall. He wears blue Kamina shades and wears a black fedora and tuxedo. His hair is a dark purple. The Omnitrix emblem is attached to a rose-like object in his left pocket.
    Home Planet: Luna Tepes. It is a moon of Anur Draculat. Nosferats are a male-only species who do not get along with Lilithium. Both species descended from the now-extinct Vladats.
    Abilities: Alucard's limbs are very elastic and durable. He can charm females as long as they are not Lilithium. He also has super-strength, combined with super-speed. He can drain energy from living beings and energy sources through direct contact, except Lilithium.
    Ultimate Form Appearance: As a result of millions of years of evolution, Nosferats have finally achieved gender dimorphism. Ultimate Alucard, or as she likes to call it, 'Hellsing', takes the shape of a young girl around Touko's size. She is dressed in gothic lolita and the Omnitrix emblem is on her neckpiece. The species has evolved beyond its sensitivity of light, and thus requires no more shades. Hellsing's eyepatch resembles a rose. Hellsing possesses an umbrella and a little top hat.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: In addition to all previous abilities, Hellsing can unleashed 'Gorebats', beings that resemble mutiliated bats, to do her bidding.

    Alien Name: Desert Eagle
    Species: Gaiafalcon, occasionally called 'Sabakian Kite'.
    Appearance: Desert Eagle appears to be golden in hue and metallic in exterior. Its shape and size is that of an Earth Eagle. Like all other forms, it wears an eyepatch. The Omnitrix emblem is on its chest.
    Home Planet: Sabaku. A desert planet similiar to ancient Egypt. The dominant species, known as 'Sabaks', are not aware that Gaiafalcons as sentient beings. In fact, Sabaks raise Kites as pets and treasure them rather dearly as such.
    Abilities: Desert Eagle is capable of manipulating sand and possibly Earth. Extensions of this ability allow boulder creation and small-scale sandstorms. It can eat a diet of sand and dirt with ease. Its primary form of offense is releasing rock bullets from its mouth.
    While it understands speech, Gaiafalcon language is parred with Vulpinmancer language in terms of difficulty, and thus the Universal Translator gives an impression that Desert Eagle cannot talk.
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Ultimate Desert Eagle, also known as 'Hip Griff', has the same texture, but it now resembles a Gryphon, with the 'horse' hind half appearing to be silver in hue. It is also bigger in size, horse-sized as opposed to eagle-sized. It now wears a pair of shades and a backwards cap.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: it can walk on twos, and he can annoy people with his rapping. He can alter his arms to resemble gatling guns, so that he can shoot his rock bullets.

    Alien Name: Killing Time
    Species: Paradoxian
    Appearance: Killing Time has a spherical head. The left eye resembles a blue clock and the right is veiled by an eyepatch. The body appears cylindrical in appearance, and so do the limbs. He is mostly yellow and there are black markings that resemble a 'T' on its front and back. Its fingers are knives and the soles of its feet are wheels. The Omnitrix is on its chest.
    Home Planet: Ragnageddon. Ragnegeddon is a mysterious planet with no proper timeflow.
    Abilities: Killing Time can manipulate time to an extent - slow down, speed up, reverse effects...
    Its other abilities include knife-throwing and weapon creation, as well as enhanced speeds.

    Alien Name: Legend Slayer
    Species: Sabrapier. Little is known about this species. However, the legendary Japanese Sword 'Ame no Marakumo' is a member of this species and the gene donor.
    Appearance: Legend Slayer's 'default' form resembles a black sword, about a metre tall with the Omnitrix Emblem at its hilt. There are red bandages on the black hilt. Its 'humanoid' form is a thin, metal creature with arms that are as long as its body, with an Omnitrix emblem on the chest area. It possesses one eye on its frontal face, and another on its back.
    Home Planet: While the Omnitrix records it as 'Earth', some say that the Sabre are from the planet Saberia, a planet located in what Earthlings called Hoag's Object, which is a distant galaxy.
    Abilities: It is said to be very hard and made from a powerful metal that could slice anything... if it was sharp. Legend Slayer is blunt, but it packs a punch. Legend Slayer is capable of manipulating wind currents. While Legend Slayer lacks peripheral vision, it prefers to be wielded.
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Ultimate Legend Slayer, or as Touko calls it 'Galaxy Asunder', is now bigger in size and is gold in hue with a silver hilt.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: Galaxy Asunder is now sharper and much stronger, with the abillity to hover on its own. It can shift into various modes - gun, sword, lance and dual-wields. Due to its size, it is possible that a Toku'star can use it as a dagger, and a Vaxasaurian as a fine weapon.

    Alien Name: Hecate
    Species: Incantasapien
    Appearance: Hecate resembles a more petite girl than Touko. Her eyes are a heterochromatic pink-blue, with a supposed third eye veiled by an eyepatch. Her outfit resembles a black-hued magical girl-styled outfit with a red ribbon, and bells dangle on her hair as well as her choker. She also wields a wooden staff with an Omnitrix emblem in place of a supposed orb.
    Home Planet: Arcadia. This is a techno-magic society, that runs on hybrid Magic-Tech. The planet is mostly floating lands above water.
    Abilities: Incantasapiens are very skilled in the ways of mana and magic. In terms of power, they are rivalled by Anodites. They can use their magic in a great variety of ways. The one thing they have over Anodites is their brains and variety. Hecate herself has learned how to control heat with her magic.
    They should be noted to have a high level of intellect, comparable to Cerebrocrustaceans.

    Alien Name: Rockhopper
    Species: Adelium
    Appearance: Rockhopper resembles a humanoid Witch Doctor with a black coat with a white center, much like a penguin's hues. The crest on its upper hood above the head is likened to a Southern Rockhopper Penguin. It is about 1.5 metres tall and the supposed flippers can be folded into palms with opposable thumbs. It wears a red bandana on its neck. The Omnitrix emblem is on its chest.
    Home Planet: Penguini
    Abilities: As an extension of this species' very strong legs, Rockhopper has great bouncing capabilities.
    It has great swimming capabilities.

    Alien Name: Battlecruiser
    Species: 1/2 Human 1/2 Cyberion Combat Ship
    Appearance: Battlecruiser's humanoid form is identical to Touko's physical appearance, except her clothes are entirely different. A blue visor shields her eyes, and her outfit is very revealing, baring a lot of skin. Silver chest pads barely veil her chest with no strings attached. A silver-hued crotchplate resembling a C-string is attached to her crotch. Her arms are adorned with giant, flat, mechanical red-and-silver palms and claws that can transform into plane wings. Her red-and-silver metallic boots are adorned with much equipment, from jetpacks to additional energy weapons. Various energy cannons surround her - two giant ones hovering about her shoulders, two giant ones hovering beside her hips, and a bunch of smaller ones around. The Omnitrix emblem is on her 'tramp stamp' area.
    Her artillery form resembles a jet plane, red and silver in colour scheme. The Omnitrix emblem, that can be hidden easily, is on the front of the plane.
    Home Planet: N/A, the fully mechanical Cyberion race travel is space in flocks, like nomads. They feed off the energy of stars to supply their bodies.
    Abilities: Battlecruiser is techno-organic in nature. She is primarily made from an odd, hard-to-destroy metal. She can unleash a collection of far-ranged concussive and energy weapons upon her opponents. If she loses a body part, she can regenerate with ease via repairing with surrounding materials. While it is true that she can fly with grace and speed, her more streamlined artillery form does it better in exchange for firepower. Her metallic palms can be used to slice through many things. In both forms, she is capable of levitation and space survivability. In fact, she does not require gaseous exchange. She does have melee weapons, which she can create from pure energy stored within her.
    She can also transform into 'Battlecruiser Rozorclaw Mode', where she takes the form of a gigantic clawed gauntlet that can be combined with someone's arm.

    Other Information:

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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Serena Blythe
    Age: Fifteen
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Australian
    Omnitrix Colour: White
    Omnitrix Position: Around her neck in the form of a heart shaped pendant, it opens to reveal the omnitrix symbol. She refers to it as 'The Demon Grimoire', since most of her transformations are 'monsters' and it seems like magic to her.
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Serena has long white hair, styled in a twin-tail fashion. Her eyes are red, and her skin extremely pale. She is of average height, though slightly on the shorter side of averageness. Her usual fashion choice is that of a school-girl uniform, with plenty of frilly designs, thigh-high striped stockings, black heeled shoes, and a black frilly parasol.
    Personality: Serena is a shy girl, and doesn't like talking to people, in fact few
    people can say they have ever actually heard the girl speak, as she carries around a
    small note-pad type of thing, in which she writes everything she wants to say. She
    likes to help others, and is overly trusting of most people, even if they give her reason
    not to.
    History: Serena has been separated from society for most of her life, due to other kids teasing her or being scared of her appearance. Without other people to talk to, she eventually stopped talking altogether, except for on occasion, deciding to instead write everything down. One day she found a spherical object sitting out on her balcony, when she went to inspect it the object opened to reveal a pendant. Her first thought was that it had to be a gift from her parents, so she instinctively put it on, but found it impossible to remove again. While trying to remove it, she accidentally activated it, causing her to tun into a shadowy creature, which in turn caused her to panic until she figured out how to reverse it.
    Skills and Abilities:
    : Black Parasol, notepad/pen
    Role in story: Omnitrix Wielder
    Omnitrix Aliens (open)

    Alien 1
    Alien Name: Fenix
    Species: Oarian
    click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    Fenix's omnitrix shows on her bracelet(left hand), where one would usually see a brilliant reddish/orange gemstone, they instead see her omnitrix.

    Home Planet: Oaria, a small planet comprised mostly of volcanic rocks. The base temperature of this planet reaches extreme highs, close to that of the sun.
    Abilities: Fire immunity, Fire Manipulation
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Much the same, except her hair changes from red/blue to blue/red and she gains large phoenix like wings of a color similar to her outfit.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: Fire immunity, Fire manipulation(the fire is blue), Spontaneous combustion(put simply, she can make things explode)
    Alien 2
    Alien Name: Shayde
    Species: Xearian
    Appearance: Xearian's do not have a set form, and merely take whatever appearance is most useful or comfortable, the only constant being they are entirely made up of a shadowy element.
    Click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    Shaydes omnitrix is in the middle of her chest, it is the only part of her being that appears solid.

    Home Planet: Xearus, a planet in a solar system with no sun making it a very dark, cold place.
    Abilities: Intangibility, Size shifting, Form manipulation, Shadow manipulation
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Same as previous.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: Same as previous, along with Fear inducement
    Alien 3
    Alien Name: Steel
    Species: Leonix, a sentient technological beast, first invented by the caonian's as a tool of war before it gained sentience.
    click (open)
    the mechanical monster, not the human(well...I think that's a human xD)[​IMG]
    Omnitrix (open)
    Upper back, just below the head, just a tad to the right of spinal area

    Home Planet: Caonia, a war planet with highly advanced technology.
    Abilities: Enhanced strength, Enhanced durability, Technokinesis
    Ultimate Form Appearance:
    Ultimate Form Abilities:
    Alien 4
    Alien Name: Aquas
    Species: Lailoran
    click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    On her necklace, the seashell is like her original omnitrix in the way that it pops open to reveal the omnitrix.

    Home Planet: Lailora, a planet made up entirely of water, there are many water based species here, the most prominent being the Lailoran's
    Abilities: Underwater breathing, Enhanced speed
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Mostly the same, however her scales change from pink to red and she gains fin-like wings.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: Underwater breathing, Enhanced speed, Water manipulation
    Alien 5
    Alien Name: Frostshear
    Species: Tuglaean
    click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    chest, just below the neck

    Home Planet: Qunope, a large planet covered in ice.
    Abilities: Flight, Ice manipulation
    Ultimate Form Appearance: Same as above, but grows to about twice it's size.
    Ultimate Form Abilities: Flight, Frost-Fire manipulation
    Alien 6
    Alien Name: Draconis
    Species: Dragon (this dragon is black though, not green like the wiki claims them to be ^.^)
    click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    chest, just below the neck(theres just not many places a dragon would be able to reach to deactivate or change to another form....)

    Home Planet: Unknown
    Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Flight, Immense Lifespan, Lasers
    Ultimate Form Appearance:
    Ultimate Form Abilities:
    Alien 7
    Alien Name: Siren
    Species: Succubi
    click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    Simply replace the green gemstone with an omnitrix ^.^

    Home Planet: Anur Transyl
    Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed, Hypnosis*, Flight, Sharp Tail, Energy Absorption* (* These abilities require physical contact in the form of a kiss)
    Ultimate Form Appearance:
    Ultimate Form Abilities:
    Alien 8
    Alien Name: Vyper
    Species: Eznayis
    Info. (open)
    An extremely small predatory race with half humanoid, half snake-like features. These small creatures have huge appetites, and are constantly hungry, often forgetting whatever they were doing at the sight of food. Though they only eat meat, it should be noted that a single Eznayan could eat a meal equivalent to that of an entire cow, and still be hungry. They are fast, often remaining unseen by the human eye, as well as flexible, allowing for movement through many areas even other small species can't access. Eznayans produce a venom that causes one to have hallucinations of their greatest desires, though the effects are temporary in small doses if a large amount is injected into a victim they will fall into a coma-like state full of happy dreams(though, a single eznayin would never be able to produce that amount in their entire lifetime). Due to their small size, members of this species rarely have many thoughts, usually having a one-track mind, thus it is easy to distract them, or bribe them as they will be too focused on what is offered to think of consequences or reasoning.

    click (open)
    Long pink hair(for her size at least), pale skin shifting to dark blue and then lighter blue scales. Her total length, which is mostly comprised of her tail, is 5 inches, her total weight being around half a pound(if that).
    Omnitrix (open)
    On her knecklace, it appears very similar to Serena's omnitrix before changing except much much smaller.

    Home Planet: Esneirus, details of planet are unknown even by plumbers and other such organizations, as other than the native species nobody has ever returned from the planet.
    Abilities: Enhanced Flexibility, Enhanced Speed, Venom, Retractable Fangs
    Ultimate Form Appearance:
    Ultimate Form Abilities:
    Alien 9
    Alien Name: Hazard
    Species: Polymorph
    Appearance: A human-like being made up entirely of goo(of a light blue/watery color), however instead of using an anti-gravity projector she has an anti-gravity bracelet that allows her to keep a 'solid' form in earths atmosphere, though because of this she is more limited than the usual polymorph and as a result is less 'stretchy'.
    Content may be slightly 'mature' (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    on her anti-grav bracelet

    Home Planet: Viscosia
    Abilities: Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Acidic Slime, Slime Projection
    Ultimate Form Appearance:
    Ultimate Form Abilities:
    Alien 10
    Alien Name: Flora
    Species: Yvanaen
    click (open)
    Omnitrix (open)
    Flora's omnitrix is on her left hand, in the center of a flower, making it seem as if the omnitrix itself has petals

    Home Planet: Eprilia, a planet covered mostly in rainforests.
    Abilities: Plant Manipulation, Plant Creation, Toxic Spores
    Ultimate Form Appearance:
    Ultimate Form Abilities:

    Other Information: Serena is albino.
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  6. Yeah but been busy, will have a char up tomrorow hoepfully.
  7. Remember to check your apps for broken images~
  8. Are my images broken for you? o.o They all work fine for me, but I can change them if any are broken or not loading for you, though since for me they all seem to be in working order you'd have to specify which are broken ^.^
  9. Just the succubus.
  10. Most of mine are bens aliens except the first, i'll try and find the picture i had on that alien.
  11. @Crow how's it now? If it still doesn't show up I'll just have to find a new image because I can only find it on one site, so I just downloaded it and saved it to tinypic(I'm a newbie coder, and dunno how to add images straight from my computer x.x)
  12. It verks now.

    I understand how you feel. Until I found the solution that is imgur, I was at a loss.
  13. yay ^.^

    imgur and tinypic are lifesavers xD
  14. sorry for double posting, but just thought I would let you know I finished all ten aliens....though I had more muse with the eighth than the rest, so it has more information. But anyways, my cs is now complete, let me know if I need to fix or change anything ^.^
  15. Your Succubi and Lailoran share names.

    I see that you are leaving certain 'Ultimate Forms' out. I guess you won't need Ultimate Forms for those aliens? That is alright.

    Also, it would be nice to specify where each of their Omnitrix emblems are on their bodies. Or are you going to describe where they are during the RP? This might come into play in certain events, especially if you're using Goop or an alien with a similiar body structure. And I see two Goops so far. Nice to see my pal Goop get some love.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In the first design, Ben was able to deactivate the antigravity manipulator and rip the Omnitrix of Vilgax-Goop's chest.

    Said action can be performed with Omniverse Design Goop, except the Omnitrix is attached to something more solid even after artificial gravity is switched off, so the Omnitrix cannot be truly 'stolen'.

    I too, am going for human-like aliens. In fact, I have like 5 to 7 plans of human-like aliens, but I can only include so few of them among ten, so I'm using their concept race for other characters like Plumbers.

    But yeah just change one 'Siren' to another name. Well, if you want name suggestions, ask away.
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  16. O.O I don't know how I did that, I suppose that's what I get for not paying too much attention to my other aliens, I'll fix it XD

    And for the ultimate thing, yes, I was planning on only a few of them using/having ultimate forms, since even in the show Ben barely used them himself, and even then only used like 4-5 of his aliens ultimate forms.(which really leaves a person to wonder if EVERY species has one)

    Also, was gonna go through and edit the omnitrix symbol in later, as I haven't entirely decided on the locations yet(I'm very indecisive) ^.^

    Edit: Fixed the name issue, and added in the omnitrix location for all her forms ^.^
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  17. I guess I'll add your character to the cast list soon.

    Looking through my list, I have enough fliers and levitators to roll. The fliers/levitators are my favourites, but looks like I have to scrap some of them from the list until later.
  18. I have important questions as to how these 'Albedo Omnitrices' work exactly. Not really on their simple functions as those are pretty obvious. But other things.

    1. Are all 10 omnitrices connected?
    2. Are they like ben's in the fact that his omnitrix has an entire planet full of dna?
    3. If not, is it more like an advanced unitrix in that it stores the dna sample within itself?
    4. if it is like ben's, would they eventually be able to unlock 'all the aliens' stored on said planet instead of just the ten?
    5. Do these omnitrices have a specific name? or are they just called omnitirices/omnitrix?
    6. last question, is the fusion thing like what happened with ben when he first broke his omnitrix in the original, except instead of fusing aliens within the singular omnitrix, fusing the two characters as their chosen aliens?

    I'm sorry for being a nuisance ;.;
  19. That is alright.
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