Unforgiven Souls

At first Al could only stare at the nun, eyes wide in disbelief. A smile stretched across his face and he laughed.

"Damn sister! You know what, you're alright. Maybe I will keep you around just for fun...or until I get bored." Al walked up to her and handed her the tire iron. "Here, if you're coming with me you'll need to carry your own weight," Al's eyes narrowed looked straight into hers, "Where I'm going there's no peace or salvation, can you live with that? By the way what do I call you anyways?"
Looking from him to the tire iron and then back she swallowed hard. "Im Mia" His words crept up on her slowly and she wanted to say something but held back. Figuring it would be better to try and help him anyway she could rather than being left alone in an area where there was so little help she smiled and looked back at him.

"For now Al, I will help you but I will not agree with you on the last part of what you said. I dont want to fight right now. Just keep me safe and I will do the best I can in return. I hope."

Smiling once more she gripped the tire iron and then looked around. "Who are we going to ah.. use this on?"

Her tiny smile was tested when a barking dog down the street told them that they were no longer alone. The sharp barking made her jump. "Oh no, Al... what do we do? Al... Im scared..."
"Shh! Come on just stay on my ass. We're just going to check on someone is this house, but Their might be company so just watch my back with that thing okay?"

Alphonse grabbed Mia by her free hand and lead her tip-toeing to the front door of the house. At first he listened for a moment, but ambient noise form all over the neighborhood made it hard to hear if anyone was moving around in the house. Al turned to Mia and whispered,

"There might some bad people in here, worse than me. So I'll go in first and then you come in a few seconds after me and watch my back. If anyone sneaks up on me you whack 'em in the head got it?"

Just as he finished he heard a voice just beyond the door. By the sound of it it was a male yelling at someone else. Without even waiting for Mia Al kicked opened the door. Sure enough there was a man standing just in side the front hallway, and it looked like he was holding a gun. Al caught the man off guard and before he knew it Alphonse was already upon him tackling him to the ground beating his face in. Al didn't even check to see where the other person was.
A woman rushed at them and out of pure luck and total fear Mia swung the tire iron and it hit the woman right across the face killing her instantly. Her whole body spun as she landed with a crushed face. Her brain matter all over the wall, blood pooled at Mia's feet. In a daze Mia close the door and stepped over the body and right onto the mans nuts that Al was fighting with. That man howled in pain but she walked on. The rest of the house was empty. No one else came down or up from the basement.

Moving in a fog and covered in blood Mia sat down at the kitchen table with a frozen expression. The whole thing happened so fast that again her mind went blank. She had just killed a woman and hurt a man, both might have been evil but she was never suppose to take lives. She was suppose to be saving their souls. This loomed heavy on her but with the massive shock she failed to see anything or hear anything at all.
Al had the man by the throat just as soon as Mia got done with the other and walked off. The was alive, barely and bleeding badly, he still seemed conscious so Alphonse began his interrogation,

"Where is she! Answer me you little prick." The man could barely shake his head, it was clear that the man didn't know what Al was talking about, but Al didn't believe it,

"Where's my mother?" Al let go of the man's throat and searched the house yelling, "Mom! Where are you are you alright?!" After a quick check of the house it was clear that the four were the only people in the house. Al came back to the man who was trying to grabbed the gun he dropped when Al tackled him. Al just stepped on the man's hand and kicked him in the face just as he yelped in pain. Al went into the kitchen and slammed his fist into the counter,

"She's not here. What do you think maybe she got out or maybe...sister?" Al reached over and put his hand on Mia's shoulder and slightly shook her as if trying to wake her. "Hey what's wrong? Come on say something!"
Mia felt something and then looked up at him. He was angry about something but she wasnt sure what. "She's dead, I killed her." Was all she she could say before she held her hand over her mouth and bolted to the bathroom that happened to be right there off to the side. Slamming the door she was sick over and over again. Shaking and beyond herself. Crying and sick she stayed in there a while. The bloody tire iron clattered to the floor in her wake.

Strangly the phone rang to the house. It rang three times and then stopped. Mia made no attempt to leave the bathroom. The house was a mess and felt cold and empty. It had things in it but no life. No joy or laughter or even pets or plants. It was just a house with vinatage wallpaper and a dusty china cabinet that had been ravaged by thieves.

Mia was still shaking but ran some water and washed her face. Unable to move very much she sat on the floor near the tub and cried. Why had she been left behind to live this way? Why did God hate her so much. She took a life, a human life. She hit that cat a long time ago and since had never driven a car, was that why? She cried softly to the point of passing out.
Before Mia took off for the bathroom Al just stared at puzzled. As soon as she bolted Alphonse looked back to the main entrance and saw a woman's body just a few feet shy were he beat the man to a pulp. Al just ran a hand over his head flustered and now feeling a little guilty. He started thinking maybe he should have dropped Mia off somewhere instead of taking her with him.

Al's thoughts were soon interrupted by the phone, Al just let it ring thinking little of it, then it hit him. "Who the hell would be calling here?" Al thought as he rushed to answer the phone.

"Mom!? Al was only met with static, then a faint familiar voice, like off in the back round said, "Everything happens for a reason..." The phone then went dead and a busy dial tone could be heard. Alphonse got a very cold chill up his spine. Images of places started to fill his head, once the images left Al got a light headed sensation and nearly fell. It was then he heard weeping in the bathroom, and he was somehow drawn to the door. Al knocked lightly, "Hey sis-I mean Mia, you alright? Listen, we have to go now. Take a moment and pull yourself together, we have somewhere to go."
After a few moment she came out holding one of his mothers hand towels to her face. It was a rose colored one with laced edges. "Im sorry Al, I dont know what to do. I.." she looked down the hall again and started to cry.

"Look what Ive done. Im a child of evil this evil world has created a monster of me. Im a horrible, horrible person oh God my he strike me down where I stand. WHY!! Am I alive!! Why??" she was sobbing again and shaking like a leaf.

Something about the chill in the air crept over her and she looked up at him suddenly. "What was that?" She looked around and stepped closer to him scared.

"Al, we need to go..." A brave part of her came to life after her little rant and she took his hand. Holding onto him she looked at him with a serious eyes like never before. Her own where burnin from so much crying but she didnt care, and she didnt blink.

"I will not let you go" Her words meant way more then the simple phrase that they formed.
"Uhhh...Alright. Let get going we have places to go, and please don't ask me to explain because I couldn't tell ya for the life of me."

Al started for the front door but stopped to take one last look around. He wasn't sure what to think about his mother or the voice on the phone for that matter. Alphonse just chalked it up to going crazy form all the madness in the world. before Al decided to leave something on the floor caught his eye, it was the gun he wrestled form the thief. Al picked up the gun and looked it over quickly before stuffing it in his pocket, it was a small 9mm pocket pistol it wasn't going to be scaring any trouble away, but at least now he could blow it's head off.

"Come on Mia and don't forget your tire iron." With that Al reached for the door and held it open as he waited for Mia.
Nodding to him she grabbed the tire iron and ignored the blood. It was drying by now but two drops did pat the ground in her wake. The place looked almost normal all the the two bodies made the place almost livable. All the windows were in place, the kitchen looked like one might be able to pull out the pots and pans and make some chicken noodle soup. In a daze Mia hung onto Al and didnt want to let go. No matter how much this house seemed to be a home, it was now a shelter of death. More and more people had lost their lives and one at her hands.

Shaking off that thought she tried to keep up with him but tripped over the mans large foot and fell forward dropping the tire iron in the pool of blood around his mouth and ears. She frozen looking down at the crimson puddle. Her body reacted before her mind and she scrambled backwards with tears in her eyes. Her stomach did flips as she panted for air. Everything about this place was making her sick.

"Al...I dont.. I" she got up and ran to the bathroom. Yes they had to leave but she wasnt able to stop throwing up. Gagging and dry heaving in the bathroom she cried. Holding her chest and stomach. It hurt to breath and it hurt to sit up.

"Al..? " Her voice was just above a whisper. "Al??" she tried again. "It .. it wont stop.." she gagged and panted holding her stomach. "Al..?? " she sounded scared, really scared and sick. Sitting on the bathroom floor she hoped he didnt leave her there angry with her not being able to walk out like they had planned.
Alphonse could only rub the back of his head in puzzlement for the nun, he was still trying to convince himself that he pulled her out of that police station for a reason. It wasn't until Mia started calling for him that he felt something he hadn't felt in a long time, guilt. Al wanted to punch the wall but held back in restraint and bit his hand until it bled. Al quickly grabbed the woman's body and tossed it in another room and did the same with the mans body. Al tried to cover up as much blood as he could and tried to wipe off the blood on the tire iron.

With the iron in hand Alphonse went into the bathroom helped Mia up,

"Here lean on me and we"ll get out of here together." Al threw one of Mia's arms over his shoulder and his hand on her hip. "This is how it is now, if you fall I'll be there to pick you back up and I expect the same from you." Al helped Mia head for the door he didn't know what she was thinking but he was going to take her out of this house even if he had to drag her out.
"Oh Al" she covered her face as they passed the area where the bodies had been. She clung to him and used him as a shield. They were soon outside and then she felt like she could breath. Once they got back into the car she sighed and looked at him.

"Im sorry, I just could never handle blood" rubbing her arm she tried to smile. "Thanks for picking me up and not leaving me there. I know Im making you late you said you wanted to leave. Im very sorry." As she spoke the fumbled around with the seat belt.

Her heart was racing. Was he going someplace that was going to be much worse? How could it be worse? Her mind kept kicking out questions that she almost didnt want answered. Closing her eyes she looked down and prayed softly. She wanted guidance and hoped that as he drove he didnt see what she was doing. Inside her pocket was a small rosary, holding tight in her hand her lips moved as he drove. A mix of fear and hope kept her going but how long would it last? That was hard to say, faith was one thing, being stupid was another and at a time like this it was hard to tell them apart.
"Don't sweat it, just do me a favor: Stop apologizing for things you can't help. It's fine I just forget what it's that's it hard getting use too...not that you should get use to it, but....never mind."

Al helped Mia into the car and started off. He didn't speak to Mia about what happened at the house when the phone rang instead he focused on the road. Not knowing where exactly where he was going Al was looking for land marks that he saw in the 'vision'. He still didn't know what to make of everything, but Al was hoping for answers at the end of this trail so to speak. After several minutes of driving down the main road, a turn here, a turn there, and a couple of U-turns the trail lead Al to what looked like a busted up church tucked into an residential area.

"Well Mia looks like this is where we need to be, you more than me. I gotta say this is the last place I saw myself coming to, with the world ending and all."
Mia looked at him and then to the small church. "I remember this church. I grew up coming here and overe there my grandfather is buried." The little church was tucked perfectly away on a narrow street with sleepy looking houses that all had seen better days. "I can still see him. I think he is with me all the time. Being back here feels right." Taking a deep breath she took the handle of the door and stepped out.

"I want to go inside" without waiting for him to reply she started towards the stone steps that lead inside. Her little black shoes tapped as she ran. The gate slammed behind her as she made her way to the front doors but they had been chained and locked. Yanking on them she wanted to cry.

"Who would do this? Its a church! A place of worship and hope.. a place of peace.." yanking on the doors once more she huffed. There was no way her little hands could remove the thick chains. The walls had been tagged with horrible things and spots along the side wall looked like someone had tried to set the place on fire.

"No..." she whimpered and fought back tears. "Its just not right"
While Al was still trying to figure out what they were suppose to be doing at this church Mia drew to his attention that the front gates were locked. There could have been a reasonable way to look around for another way in but Alphonse never had the patience for problem solving. Al let out a sharp whistle to get Mia's attention and motioned for her to get out of the way. Al revved the engine of the car and threw it into gear. The car spun out as Al aimed it straight for the gate, Mia just getting out of the car's destructive path, and smashed it open. Al mashed the break as hard as he could to avoid hitting the church itself and turned off the car and stepped out. He reached into his pocket and made sure that the gun he picked up was loaded and ready to go and called out for Mia,

"You alright? Come on enough fooling around, we got work to do." Al looked to the church and got an uneasy feeling. He felt like he was on a mission, but following orders for god or who knows what. Al just hope there was something worth all the effort in the end.
"That! That was totally uncalled for Al" she huffed at him. "What are you playing at? You are tying to kill me arent you? What ... are you going to burn me at the stake too??" she was rattled and just venting for no reason. Dusting off her skirt and fixing her top she glared at him. "This is the last place you want to be messing around you got that. This is holy grounds buster so you just better watch it."

Huffing she went around to the side and found a broken window. "Here we can get throught her, this was the nursery" She kicked some glass out of the way and started to wiggling into the tight space. It was just perfect for her but he might have a hard time with it. Careful with the glass she hopped down and wobbled a bit. Dust flew up and she coughed. "Its a mess in here.."
Al just fixed his shirt and shrugged at Mia's scolding.

"Unless I wake the dead I don't there's not much else that could be done here, I mean look at it this place has been through hell!" Al's words fell short as Mia was already making her way into the church through a broken window. "Damn it sister!" Al could only curse to himself as he chased after her. Alphonse hopped through the window and found Mia looking around. Al put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her close to whisper, "Hey, I don't know about you but this place is pretty beat up and we don't even know if-" Al was cut short by footsteps running by the door. Before Mia could speak Al threw one of his hands over her mouth and pressed his index finger to his lips to signal her to keep quite. As the footsteps passed there were also voices, but the only words Al could make out were 'car' and 'front gate' and no mention of father or sister or nothing. When it was quite Al whispered,

"Lets just take this slow."
She was shaking at first from his sudden grab. Wiggling to get free she grew angry. Her small hands clinched into tight fist and she pulled away from him growing a backbone made from years of love for this church and what she believed.

"Let me go, they dont belong here and I want them out, this is a place of worship and its my second home" she whispered to him in a crisp tone.

Mia spun around ready to fight them. Looking to her right she spotted a bible and stopped covering her mouth. It was ripped in half and its corners burned. That made her eyes swell up with tears but she stopped herself and stood up. Sniffling she took a deep breath.

Stepping back she noticed a chalkboard. It was splintered with sharp edges. The sides were falling off and she took one, yanked it off and was ready to use it as a weapon. She might have been small and a woman that was never to use violence but things had changed.

"This is my home" she whispered over her shoulder to Al and started towards the narrow stairs that lead up to the main level.
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Al just sighed and pulled out his new pistol and made sure it was loaded.

"Al right, but let's do this nice and easy. First off let me do the talking, and second I got the gun so let me go first."

Al moved ahead of Mia and poked his head in the stair well. It seemed liked the people from earlier had made their way outside, for now. Alphonse slowly made his way up stairs with his gun at the ready, he peeked into the hallway and made sure it was clear.

"Okay sis, what way do you want to go: left or right? We could follow after these guys or see if anyone else is here."