Unforgiven Souls

A loud scream filled the air making Mia jump and grip the chunk of wood tight to her chest giving her a splinter. "Ohhmmmph" She blinked and looked up to where the noise came from. Some running started and the yelling went on above them.

"What! Why are you screaming???" A male voice shouted.

"Its bleeding!! The cross... look his eyes are bleeding.." the silence that followed washed over the church like a heavy blanket of fear laced with the promise of pending death.

"Fuck this... lets go.. go.. leave the junk lets go move... no time to mess with the car just go.. we have the motor cycles at that house come on" the male shouted at the others and massive scrambling insued.

Mia looked at Al. "Do you really think its bleeding??" she looked confused but curious as well. The gang took off yelling at each other and leaping over the small fence that Al nearly took out completly.

"I wanna see it.." she told him gathering herself once more she made to cut him off again to get infront.
Al could only stare at Mia's statement,

"The statue of a dead man starts to bleed, with the end of the world going on, and who knows what could be the cause and you want to investigate? Sure why the hell not its not like we got anything else to do. Stay close."

Alphonse took the lead i and went in the direction Mia was looking. Al found himself in the main hall where he guessed mass was held. He looked around and saw make shift beds laid out on the benches and bags and belongs scattered about. Looking to the corner of the row was a row of white sheets with budges under them. On closer inspection Al saw feet sticking out form under them. Looked like people brought their sick and wounded to be healed by the power of Christ, or to be forgiven before they died.

Al finally looked up to see the bleeding statue, only to feel a sinking feeling that he couldn't explain. The blood wasn't just running down the statue, but it seemed to 'wrap' around it as it trickle to the floor. Then it hit him, the image seemed so clear but he still couldn't explain it. Al's mouth moved and barely pushed the word from his lips,

The what? Al I dont understand?" Mia looked around them and then realized that they were surrounded by dead bodies. "Al?" her voice was trembling as she looked at the row to her right and then to her left. A few of the benches had smaller bodies on them. Children's bodies. Tears filled her eyes.

"Al...??" she was going to be sick but wasnt, she had nothing in her stomach. Dropping the chunk of wood from the busted up chalkboard she held her stomach and dropped to her knees with tears in her eyes.

"There were only children?"

((If im slow to reply its cuz ive been sick again sorry))
Al had the location in his head. How he got these images was driving him mad, he had never been to that hospital yet he could picture it perfectly in his mind. It wasn't too far away just a quick drive down the road, assuming the car was still drivable.

"Come on lets get moving unless you want to join them. There nothing here we need to keep moving before I lose sight of the next location."

Alphonse picked Mia up by here arms and tried to lead her out of the church. Al could only wonder how much more of this journey Mia could stomach before she had enough.
She went with him and was very quite along as they left the small church. It was crippled and broken much like her heart. Beaten and torn from its peace and happiness. No longer was it a home it was a shell. It was cold and filled with things. Things that had no life, no soul. Sniffling a little she wiggled free from his hold and went to open the car door but in her rush she hit the handle to hard and bent her nail back. Holding back a yelp she kicked the door and put her finger to her mouth to numb the pain.

Without saying anything she got in and slammed the door mad at 'it' for being metal and heavy and ugly and now all banged up. It was his fault, it was all his fault. Her mind was racing as she felt her heart rate go up.

"Its all your fault.. you.. you kidnapped me, made me hide and then.. kil.." her voice faded away as she covered her face and wanted to cry but looked up and hit the dashboard instead.

"Why God! Why!" she was angry and confused.. It wasnt his fault but she was so tried, everything hurt and she was hungry. "Just drive Al... please.."

As she struggled with her seat belt a huge explosion rocked the area. "What was that!?!" she looked at him and then felt the sound wave, it shook the car rattling the windows.
Alphonse could tell that Mia was really lost right now, her beliefs shaken down to the core. Al thought she was taking it rather well than other people would. Mia was right though it was all his fault, if he would had just stayed quite in his cell they wouldn't be in the mess they were in now. And Al would be dead.

Al hopped in to the car and went to start it,

"At least you got the right attitude, I rather you be anger and upset than depressed. You'd be surprised what anger can do-" Just then he was cut off by an explosion, a big one that even rocked the car. Al just looked to the direction it came form, he didn't know the area well so his guess was as good as any.

"Don't know, but I know we're not going that way." Alphonse started the car and backed it up through the smashed gates and on to the road.
He started in a opposite direction of the blast with haste and didn't bother to look back. His mind wonder to the hospital that he pictured in his head and what they would find there when his stomach let out a loud growl. Al rubbed it and looked to Mia, "You hungry?" Even before she answered He was looking for a suitable place to find some food. Al eventual spotted a 7-11 and pulled the car around to the back of it to try and hide it away from view. Al turned off the car and put it in park.

"Al right this place is as good as any. Stay close to me and just food for now and some for later." Al grabbed the tire iron and looked to Mia, "Are you ready for this?"