Unforgiven Souls

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The end of times was near and everyone knew it. People were vanishing off the face of the earth and all the local state and city officals could say was that they were missing. No one knew why or where they had gone. Little by little this spread to the outer laying areas.

Governments around the world tried to cover up the massive amounts of people that had gone missing but werent able too. Then suddenly it stopped. The rumors that it was the second coming of Christ were replaced by fears of aliens. Had they taken humans and done unnatural things to them?

The fear spread through the people and homicide's started to take over. Everyone was scared. No one had any answers and the death toll was rising. Cities were cleaned out and the smaller towns were in lock down. It was every man for himself.

Mia Santos was one of the ones that was left confused and alone in her small studio apartment. Most of the other tenants had taken off weeks before the food ran out but she stayed. She had no place to go. Her only hope was to go to the police station where she was working to look for food and to get some water.

She was lucky that in her uniform no one bothered her. Most came to her for healing or prayer but with everything so crazy she began to question her faith and her choice in careers. Being a nun seemed like the right thing to do but now things looked very different. An officer would come for her everyday at 9 am and they would walk the three blocks to the station together.

Today however he was late and she was worried. Taking a huge risk she set out alone and walked fast. Making it alright she went inside and to her small desk near the holding cells. She was there to give the last rights to those waiting to die but that job seemed pointless now. It was a horrible thing to have to do in the first place but it was more of a title than a real job. She would pray with the sinners or criminals but nothing more. Most just sat there waiting court dates and she was kept there to look good on paper that they were helping the church.

Everything was a cover for something else and right now she didnt care. At least here she felt a little safer even if it was strange. Tucked away she read her book and ignored the yelling and cat calls.


More and more men and women were brought in for questioning but nothing ever came of it. With enough money most were let go. Nothing mattered any more as everything had changed. It was all about staying alive now.

Character Name: Mia Santos
Gender: female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 26
Birthplace/World: West Covina, CA
Occupation/School/Grade: St. Matthews, Nun in training


General Appearance: http://img5.allocine.fr/acmedia/medias/nmedia/18/36/20/33/18819772.jpg
Strengths: very kind and patient
Weaknesses: hate being alone and spiders


Current Goal/Purpose: To keep herself as safe as possible and to get out of the city as soon as she can.
Talents: She can play the piano and loves to bake cookies
Inabilities: Cant play sports and has a hard time driving
Fears: Large bugs, dark places and men with beards
General Personality: Sweet and kind. It take a lot for her to get mad at anyone. She is willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt and trust way to easily.
Inner Personality: Playful and very courious
Secret: Wishes she could get married

Following in her mothers wishes she is studing to become a nun. Its not something she wanted but it was more pushed on her. Once things went crazy and everyone started to vanish her parents did too. They had told her that the second coming was upon them but she still thinks that they are on some cruise. Her family was always into the church and fear was the ruling factor. To question anything was a sin so she kept to their wishes.
General History:
Her family is gone. Both her parents are alive and she has one younger brother that ran away from home when he was 15 and hasnt been seen since. She feels like its her fault and has a hard time sleeping at night. Thoughts of him and wondering where he might be haunt her. She had a cat named Mario but he is an alley cat and lives outside her apartment. He never sticks around.

Present Life: Lives alone in her apartment nibbling on small rations the cops give her. She helps them at the station but its time is coming to an end and she knows it, she just has no place else to go.

Special Historic Notes:

Name: Alphonse Derricks (called Al for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthplace: Los Angles, Ca
Occupation: drug smuggler


General Appearance: Al stands about 5'11'' with a stocky upper body build and thick midsection and athletic legs. His hair is dark brown, buzzed cut and his eyes are blue. He has the name of the gang tattooed to his fingers that he was smuggling drugs for, which he can't pronounce or read.
Strengths: Where Al lacks in book smarts he more then makes up for in street smarts and physical ability.
Weaknesses: Having lack of proper education sometimes a basic puzzle or problem stumps him (so he just gets mad and tries to break it). Including his short temper means Al is not very likeable in stressful situations.


Current Goal/Purpose: Try and find out if his Mother is alright.
Talents: Working for gangs and running form the law for most of his life has forced Al to be very resourceful, not to mention lucky.
Inabilities: Communicating with others even through basic conversation, and often takes the loner path.
Fears: High places.
General Personality: Alphonse throws up a tough guy front because he found that it was easier to make people avoid or hate you that trying to socialize with other human beings, and he is never one to shy away from a fight or back down.
Inner Personality: While Al acts tough he tries to avoid being a bully. There is nothing more he hates than bullies picking on the weak, Alphonse with stand up for the little guy, but make it seem that he is doing it for himself.
Secret: Even though he chooses to be a loner he loves to get praise for playing hero even if he denies it at all cost.


General History: Alphonse wasn't always the bad boy. He often was provoked into fights by other kids, sadly it did not end well for them. Insults to Al's mother where usually the cause of the fights. Al's mother had to result to selling herself to provide for him when working two jobs wasn't enough and his father was a good for nothing drunk that abandon them. Through all her talks and everything she tried to help Alphonse he was expelled from his school and started his adult life early to help out at home.
It wasn't long before Al looked into ways to make more money. Al got mixed up with some bad crowds and eventually ended up in a gang. He proved himself running drugs back and forth form drop off to drop off, but never let his mother know. What led to his wonderful spree was his temper, eventually he ran into the wrong guy or member and trouble would ensue. It wasn't long before the gang he was with got feed up with his attitude and eventfully gave Al up to the cops.
Present Life: Now Alphonse sits in a cell and after being shipped from jail to jail is left to rot in a decreasingly shrinking police station with all the vanishing people reports all over the news. He's told it's the end of days, Al could really care less as long as his mother is okay.
Special Historic Notes:
It wasnt the best timing and for Mia timing was everything. There were very few things she could control that this point and being on time was one of them.

"Your late missy" An officer called after her. "Just leave me alone" keeping her eyes down she passed the cells and went to her tiny desk at the far end. There hidden amoung all file boxes she spent her day going over things that might help the men that were locked up get out or at least have time for prayer and meals.

It was the only work she could find that she didnt really like it but agian had no choice. "Hey sexy come here" a man called. She had to ignore him and shook her head as the man was smacked on the back of the head by another for being rude.

For some reason a few of the men seemed to fear her. It was like she was on the other team and even if she didnt look like she could kill, her boss could. Holding her cross tight she whispered a quick prayer and waited for lunch time. It was the only time she had any interaction with the officers.

Most thought of her as a mouse but a least easy on the eyes. "Hey Mia, got a few new ones in, two have no set date, looks like tonight will be it for them. Better do your homework" The officers could be so mean. She didnt have the right or the power to give a man his last rights but thats what they wanted her for. The prisioners wanted more than last right from her, more like with her.

"Yes sir" was all she could manage as the other men stepped back not wanting to be next to talk the walk.
Alphonse sat in his cell thirsty and hungry. It seemed that everyday the detainees of the jail were given less and less to eat and drink. Al was beginning to think that his cell was going to be his final resting place. His thoughts quickly felt him to his mother and what an ass he was, not letting her know if he was dead or alive, or worse, for days now.

Alphonse snapped back to reality as he heard the cat calls form the other prisoners, the holy mother must be making her run he thought. He liked to gaze at her when she wasn't looking to pass the time. With this being the end of days he thought it strange she was still here, being a holy being and all Al would have figured she'd be one of the first to meet the almighty himself.

Today was the day though, Alphonse was sick of being locked up in a cell left to die. If rapture did come and he really was left behind he wasn't going to spend it in a cell. He was going to make a break for it, but he waited for the lady of mercy to come back to her desk to see if could could be of use. She must have hated it here just as much as he did, with the sexual harassment and poor treatment by the cops. Even if she didn't want out Alphonse could think of other ways she could be useful.

As she got back to her desk and got started on a stack of files Al whispered to her with out grabbing attention for the guards or other inmates,

"Hey, holy lady. Do you know how long they're gonna hold us for?"
She jumped as soon as his voice reached her tiny ears.

"Shh, Im not suppose to speak to you" Keeping her eyes forward he could see her hands shaking as she held the file folder.

"Hey Mia coffee?" she nodded to an officer that called to her but never looked her direction. He was one that liked having her around but never gave her eye contact. The fear of God and anything holy at this point scared the shit out of everybody.

"I cant tell you Sir, just dont make Orlando mad and you'll live" was she said as she got up and quickly got away from him holding some files to her chest. She hurried by the other cells to the tune of catcalls and whistling. Each time it made her ill.

"SHUT UP!!" An officer yelled. "You bitches want to eat then eat this!" Three of them threw rolls and beef jerkey at them like it was a game. She had to look away and vanished up stairs.
Alphonse didn't know how serious his situation was until what the nun had told him. Things really where getting out of hand, the way he saw things it was only a matter of time before the guards lost interest in their assigned tasked and left the inmates for dead. Alphonse had two options: sit in his cell and wait to die, or get the hell out of doge.

Alphonse began to scream and rant as the nun left her post,

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO US! WE'RE ALL DEAD! DON'T YOU SEE!? DEA...." and with that Al collapsed to the floor. He stopped breathing and lay completely still. Hopefully playing possum would make the officers drop their guard and he could grab a hostage.
"Hey" Hey this guy is dying man get him out of here, you killed him man!" Another prisioner heard Al and was freaking out. "HEY!!!"

Two guards came over just as Mia came back down to see what all the yelling was. "Looks like he had a stroke." Mia gasped and pushed past them. He was the only one that had been even a hint nice to her even if it was just by calling her a 'holy lady' he was at least trying to show some respect.

"Do something!" she tugged the sleeve of one gaurd. "Please, let me in I know CPR" she was near tears.

"Fine Mia, but if he is dead your dragging him out"

"Orlando your such a ..." her voice trailed off.

"Im such a what?" he teased. With that he opened the door and she went in to check on him. Once at his side she checked his pulse at his wrist and neck. She thought she felt something but wasnt sure. Getting closer to him she leaned over his chest.
Alphonse heard everything that was going on around him. He was hoping that one of the guards would have gotten closer, a gun would prove more useful than what he had. With everything going on it was easy to be left alone if you just kept quite and your head down. Alphonse managed to swipe a letter opener that fell of the nun's desk and sharpened it to a fine point.

As soon as he felt the girl press against him Alphonse grabbed her by the back of her clothes and jumped up with her. He positioned himself with the nun being the only thing between himself and the guards with his arm around her neck and his makeshift knife pointed right at her eye.

Al took a few hasty steps out of his cell and press the guards to back up. Out in the hall Al spoke cool and clam,

"Alright everybody just back up into the main office nice and slow. Do what I say and the nun keeps her eye. I'm walking out of here."

Of course at this point the other inmates were going crazy, a mix of cheers and screams filled the hall. The guards had already drew their guns and to Al's pleasure they had not opened fire...yet.
"Dont! Shoot the girl its bad luck.. " An Officer shouted as he tried to get the others to lower their weapons. "Mia just do what he says" Her eyes were huge with terror. "Dont let him take me.." tears stung her eyes as they watched him take her upstairs.

"Dont hurt me, dont hurt me..." She started to say over and over. Sadly everyone that was upstairs was busy. It looked like just another day at the office with shouting and shoving of people here and there. It was madness and Al dragging the nun out was nothing new. It looked almost like she was a suspect and he was trying to subdue her.

"Let him go.. just let him get her out into the street and then we can radio in a hit. Dont worry we will get him and if she dies its not in here" An Officer said grabbing the radio off the desk. Mia was having a hard time walking backwards and was to scared to say or do anything.

"Hey Mac move her over there with the others..." An Officer called over to Al and then it hit him. "Hey!!" But by then Al was outside with Mia. The street was packed with people all trying to get help. Mia wiggled but Al had a tight hold on her. "Please let me go, please.." She begged Al.
Al felt like he was doing pretty good until he hit the street, there were so many people it started making him nervous. On the inside he felt bad for his captive, but his survival instinct knew better,

"Look just go with the flow and nothing nasty has to happen," Alphonse whispered to the girl, "Now they will probably kill you just to get to me. We're in this together now thanks to me, so if you have a car now's the time to tell me."

Not realizing, Al's grip was tightening around his weapon and the girl as the cops started rushing out of the station and begun to converge on him.
"I do but Ive never drivin it" she was able to stammer out as the cops took a shot at him. It missed and took out the window of a parked car. That was just enough to send the crowd into panic mode and everyone started shooting for no reason. She scaremed as a man was shot right infront of her. Screaming and yelling filled the air along with more gun shots. The cops forgot about Al and the nun all together.

"Just get inside we need back up now. Sorry Sister your on your own!" A cop called to her as she wiggled to get free. Men and women were running all over the place. It was total madness.
"Shit!" Alphonse dropped his makeshift knife and pushed the nun against a car shielding her with his body from the chaos, Al grabbed her by the shoulders and made her face him,

"Look sister! If you want to survive this we are going to have to get the hell out of here," He grabbed her arm and held on tight, "We need that car so lead the way. Do this and I promise I'll let you go once we're out of this mess."

The crowd was starting to get worse, but most of all people were dispersing. If Al and the girl were to stay put he was sure to get a bullet between the eyes.
"The green one. Here.. my keys" she was shaking and the street became a freeway of people with arm loads of stuff. People were looting and all around them things were being smashed and fights were breaking out. She yelped as a guy grabbed her free arm.

"Hey your pretty come here" she pulled her arm back as a tug of war started. "Hey let go man I want her" He yelled at Al. She was whimpering from the tight grip he had on her wrist. "Let me go" she fought him off but he was stronger and had vice grip on her.
Alphonse grabbed the keys from the nun and took the lead. He could have simply just left her there now that he saw the car and had the keys but he was too wrapped up in himself at the time. Al was shoving through a wave of people which was making him nervous. all was going as well as things could go until he felt a tug, and saw a man trying to take the nun away from him.

Alphonse should have let her go, but the old softy stepped up to the plate, "I don't have time for this shit!" Al shouted and threw a right hook with his free hand hitting the guy right in the chin. The man's legs buckled and he fell straight to the floor catching some Z's.

The couple finally made it to the car and Al opened the driver side door and lead the nun in making her climb over the driver seat into the passenger seat. Al started the car and took off knocking over some rioters off their feet which quickly scrambled out of his way. Alphonse made sure he didn't see the police station in his rear view mirror before he spoke to the girl,

"You did good sister, sorry to pull you away form your so called 'protectors' but you would have better off dead than to stay with those animals. No need to thank me," Al reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of gum and handed it to the nun, "Names Alphonse, Al for short. Gum?"
Shaking and still over come by everything the only thing she could do was blink. Her hand reached for the gum but in her mind she wasnt even able to process the nightmare they had just escaped let alone really want some gum. Her clothes had blood spatter on them and some of the mans blood was on her cheek. Everything had happened so fast. Looking over at Al she could see his lips moving but heard nothing. The window blew her hair all over the place since the window had been shot out.

She didnt want to think about the horrible sight of a man being shot right before her, she hated to think what they might have done to her in that police station. Her legs were shaking from the pure rush of emotion and fear pent up inside her. She glanced at him again and her mouth opened to speak but no words came out. Trembling and unable to put words together she just sat there to scared to even breath. Panting softly she shivered and avoided eye contact. Why was he being kind? What did he want and why couldnt she stop shaking?
Alphonse continued to drive pass abandoned cars and smashed up buildings glancing over at his passenger every once and a while. Al was finally the one to break the silence,

"Listen, I'm sorry for what happened back there. I wasn't going to hurt you I just needed the guards to believe me. Anyways there's somewhere I have to check and then the car is yours again, o.k.?"

Al looked back to the rad just in time to swerve and nearly miss a couple of people in the street. One was laying on the ground while the other was just standing looking helplessly lost.

"Damn that was close!"
She was still staring out into nothing. In her hands she held the gum. It just sat there in her fingers just like when she had taken it. She was in shock and even with the near miss she said nothing. Hearing him wasnt the issue it was all the madness and blood shed that had gotten to her. It was a creepy stare that told him she was there in the car with him but her mind was back in that hell they just left behind.
Alphonse was puzzled with the nun's mental state. Al began to wonder if leaving her at the police station would have been better, that maybe he was to blame for how she is now. Al cursed himself, he wasn't going to baby sit this girl he had his own things to take care of. Besides if the world was going to hell then he was going to spend every minute living it up.

After weaving through some debris and a few car wrecks Al finally turned down a small residential street off the main road and drove down a few blocks. Some of the houses look terrible with smashed windows and broken doors, this only made Al speed up until he finally pulled into an empty driveway . This house looked no different than the others. Al let out a curse under his breath and stopped the car and opened his car door,

"Okay, like I said the cars yours again," Alphonse popped the trunk and searched through it until he grabbed what he was looking for, a tire iron, Al moved to the passenger side door,

"Alright sister your on your own, watch yourself and stay away for people like me!" Al smiled as he started towards the house, griping the tire iron tightly in his hand.
As he walked away she felt a pull to him. "Wait!"

Getting out of the car slowly she looked at him and then around. "Please dont leave me here, please." She was scared and rightly so. The area was a mess and nothing about it looked safe. Holding her hand over her stomach that was in knots she looked at him again. She was near tears.

"Please Im sorry, please sir." He had told her his name but in the chaos it slipped her mind. "I can help you, I think." It might haven a bit of a lie but she had to try something. He couldnt just kidnap her and then dump her off like garbage.

"You owe me" her bottled up courage came out. Her right had balled into a tight fist. "You... you owe me" she told him again her voice growing stronger still.