Undercover Operations

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  1. OOC thread if you want to join: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=19272&p=504871#post504871
    Welcome to the Undercover Ops.
    This is a place not known by anyone. It's a legend, a folk tale. You have been one of the few selected to join. You will be placed in the Combined Ops Force, also known as the C.O.F. You must be cunning, smart, and loyal to the others on the team. Welcome to C.O.F. Squad Omega. You are the newest additions to this team. You must get along with at least one person on the team. Please, follow all iwaku rules. Thank you.
  2. Kate dropped onto her bunker bed waiting for the other team members to come in. General wouldn't let her see any of them before hand, and she was tired, so she dozed off, leaving her bag under the bottom bunk why she was on the top bunk.
  3. The door opened and an average sized male walked in in an all grey uniform, his hood was up, his mask was attatched to his belt and his duffle bag was over his shoulder. He looked around the barracks for his new squadmate.
  4. Jason walked in to the bunker closing the door behind him. He ruffled his hair and looked around. He saw a masked guy looking around, searching for something. The guy with the mask must be a pyro. Jason would probably get along with this guy. He walked up behind him and tapped on his shoulder. "Hey man," he said.
  5. The masked man looked behind him, then turned his whole body. "Hey, you a new part of Omega too?". He spoke with a slightly muffled and metallic voice from behind his mask.
  6. Stepping in the room with a all black tactical uniform, he held a sliver gun case with 3 pad locks along the front side of it, along carrying a duffle bag with his eqquipment gear in it that was kept strapped along his back. With his hoodie over his head, only thing that was mainly visible was just his lower half of his face, and the tips of his bangs that stretched passed his eye lashes. Not speaking a word, Shichrioji would step towards the far back bunker and set down his duffle bag and the silver case upon his bed to begin removing the pad locks that all contain different combination.
  7. Jason nodded. "Yeah. Very. I don't know what to expect, but I guess I'm ready for anything," he said with a nod. "So what's up with the mask? You a pyro? Do you ever take it off?" he said with a joking smile. He noticed another person come in, but he didn't really pay attention to him. He seemed like the kind of guy that kept to himself anyway.
  8. As he looked around the room to catch a glimps of the other members of the squad, Taking the 3 lock pads off the gun case, he'll remove 3 main parts of the Scar-H to begin assembling it. Snapping the Acog on the top rail of the gun, he placed the gun down on the bad. Moving his left hand around to his left leg, he took his 9x9 mm Waltherp99 from its holister and also placed it down next to his rifle.
  9. "Pyro to the max my friend, and yes I take it off, sometimes I just forget it's on. It's like a second skin you understand. He watched the other guy walk past. "Must not be one for greetings."
  10. Has he set all his tactical eqquipment out on the bed that he choosed, he'll organize all of his suits, uniforms, and normal clothes in a dresser just next to his bed, allowing him to put his duffle bag and case under the bed. Adding the strap to his rifle, he'll take it off the bed to set it to the side of the bedframe to have it leand against it, along with his pistol but to rest ontop of the desk. Taking another look around he'll take a few second to analyze the other 2 males in the bunker before sitting down to clean his 9x9 mm Waltherp99 that he placed on the desk.
  11. He pulled his mask off, revealing a young cleanly shaven face, amber colored eyes, and a few loose strands of pitch black hair. His hood covered the rest of his head and he attatched his mask to his belt. He walked over to the man cleaning his sidearm. "You've got a pretty small gun there.. Why only a 9?" He asked curiously.
  12. Easy to work with. the kick on it isn't bad. Spoken in a calm voice as he had no problem answering such a simple question
  13. He pulled out the mag in his sidearm which was in it's right thigh holster and pulled out a .45 ACP round and tossed it on his bed. "Now THAT's a bullet!" He said with a smile.
  14. Jason nodded as he walked off to the to other guy 'Pretty face though...not in a gay way." he thought to himself with a snicker. He put his stuff down next to the empty bunk that was right next to him. He threw himself onto it, taking out his bow and arrow and machete. He then took out his silenced and painted AK-47, and laid it next to him. He then took out his black and gold 9mm with a silencer. The only weapons he had. However Jason will use whatever fire arm he could get his hands on. He stuck by his machete and bow and arrow no matter what, because he had earned those. They were special to him. He stuck his machete down into its sheathe, and held his bow close while reaching down with his free hand to get his quiver full of arrows. After getting set up he stuck his AK, and 9mm back into the bag and zipped it. His other bag actually contained clothes, mostly black and camouflage, and his wing suit. His wing suit would change colors depending on what environment or area he was in. It made him practically invisible in the sky. The wing suit came off easily too. After use it would immediately fold into a backpack. Jason always came prepared....especially at this place where he was kind of forced to.
  15. "That's a nice piece you got. I perfer my Scar-H over anything else I own though."

    He grabbed his Scar and pulled it out across his bed with an Acog scope, laser dot to the right, along with a led sunfore flashlight straped to the left, extended mag.
  16. "Back in my old unit that was our standard issue, that was a good bit of equipment. But I got an upgrade when I was sent here." He placed his Beretta arx 160 above the SCAR. It had a holographic in the middle with a zoom scope behind it that could be pushed to the side in CQB, a foregrip, aswell as a laser/taclight combo on the side. It also had a socket for a bayonette.
  17. That is a very nice gun.
  18. "You too." He patted the man on the back then loaded the bullet in the mag then the mag in his sidearm, he took his rifle and walked to an empty bunk and took out his bayonette then carved, "Scorch" into the side of the bed.
  19. Jason started to doze off, listening to them talk guns. Jason really didn't know names at all. He found a gun and he used it. Simple as that. He closed his eyes with his machete under his pillow and his bow leaning up beside the bed he had chosen. He started dreaming about his past battles, his won battles, which were most. The only battle he had only lost was the battle he put up before being kidnapped those years ago. If it wasn't for him escaping from it he would've never became the soldier he was today. A smile grew on his face as he slept.
  20. Scorch started putting his clothes which were mostly black t-shirts and black miltiary issue pants in his dresser. He put his rifle against the wall between his bunk and dresser like a gunrack. He pulled out his sidearm and put it under his pillow then pulled out his sword in it's sheathe and placed it next to his rifle.