Under the Moonlight

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  1. It was a cold and chilly day. A fragile-looking girl named Lily was slowly walking through the forest witth no constent of the dangers that the forest contained. All she wanted was to be alone. The small cold air brushed against her skin as she walked through piles of leaves on the ground. She wrapped her tiny arms onto herself as the cold breeze past by. Lily didn't know where she was heading to.

    She sat down on top of some leaves as she admired the moonlight. Lily rested her head against her shoulder as small little tears pored against her face. She wrapped herself like a ball and continued to cover her face while the light glowed on her.
  2. A rustling noise came from the leaves in the forest and soon enough, what was responsible for it came into view; a quiet looking boy, his face obscured by a black hood, he walked along at a slow pace himself, seeming to be seeking solitude himself. He had his hands in his pockets as it was quite cold outside, a hoodie like his wouldn't protect him too well against the elements and the cold wind should be blowing through it, but he didn't seem to be shivering, or at least not very noticeably. However, as he walked along, seeming to be deep in thought from the way he was walking, he stopped suddenly upon seeing a young girl curled up in a ball not too far from him, she stood out quite alot in the moonlight as it seemed to be beaming down directly onto her, he stood there for a while, as if unsure what to do before he finally cleared his throat softly, trying to get her attention.
  3. Lily heard a few rustling noises. She turned her head up to notice a guy with a small black hoodie on. She quickly cleaned off some of her tears as the cold breeze made her shiver softly.

    Her midnight hair covered half of her face as she looked at the boy closely. She took a small step back.
  4. He seemed a little surprised to see that she had noticed him, he looked back at her from underneath his hood with curiousity, as much as he'd like to assume, he needed to find out for sure what she was doing here. For a moment, he stood there a little longer, not sure if he should speak or not, but in the end he finally did "I-I thought I was the only one here..." he said, his voice was rather quiet, most likely because he didn't use it so much these days.
  5. "As did I" shouted a rather annoyed looking girl
    Her hair was ragged and despite. This she was still a picture of beauty
    "Why are you humans in my woods i'll Turn you both into trees if you don't tell me the truth"
    Her expression softened when she say the girl cry ing but she knew she couldn't let her guard down
  6. There was quite a surprised look on his face, or at least from what little he revealed of it under his hood anyways, in a normal situation like this, he'd have drawn his knife... But this was definitely no normal situation. "I-I... Well..." He tried to answer her but he was a little at loss for words to say the least, he wasn't sure how he was supposed to explain what he was doing at this hour, the words just would not come to him. Turning towards the crying girl before turning back to the new arrival, he had a conflicted look on his face, what was he supposed to do in a situation like this?
  7. The small girl looked over to see another girl right over next to the boy. Her small little fingers shaked a little as the cold air grew colder.

    " I uh.. didnt mean to disturb you. I was just casually strolling here." She said to the girl while moving her hair to the side. She looked towards the boy.
  8. "Oh good I thought you were here to chop down trees"she sigh in relief only to say"WAIT YOUR NOT LIEING ARE YOU"she got an angry look
  9. The boy looked towards the girl he had been talking to before for a moment, with a confused look before looking back to the other girl, jumping a little as she yelled, looking quite angry again "C-Chopping trees? H-here?" there was a bit of confusion in his voice, but he looked a little frightened at the thought of that.
  10. "No im not lying. Im actually here to admire the trees not to cut them" she said. She wrapped her small hands into her pocket. "He also came to stroll by too" she said as she pointed to the boy with the mysterious black hoodie.
  11. She sigh "I don't believe that buut I could never tell when some one was lying"she smiled kindly
    "So I guess ill have to tag along on this stroll" she sat next to the girl"names keeper what's yours"
  12. She wrapped her hands onto her knees. "The names Lily and nice to meet you too" she said while glancing at the other girl.
  13. The boy smiled awkwardly, figuring he'd introduce himself as well "I'm Grady..." he said, quietly, he seemed to have calmed down though but he stilled seemed a little awkward here.
  14. Lily smiled at him and motioned for him to sit down next to her. "Nice to meet you Grady.." she said kind of shyly as the wind brushed past them again. The moonlight glimmered through the forest as several leaves flew by.
  15. Grady nodded, he smiled a little despite being a little hesitant to move closer to her at first, though he eventually did, sitting down next to her with a small sigh, he may have been a bit more tired than he had appeared to be.
  16. Danny was walking through the woods with his axe
    He needed to be careful or he risked being caught by the forest's keeper
    He triped on a root and droped his axe and landed face first into the lap of an angry keeper
    Muu mhf
    *so sorry miss keeper*
  17. Keeper face redden with a mix of anger and embarrassment
    "Why you..."she delivered. A swift kick to this intruders nether regions
  18. She whimpered as she heard some noise and turned around to see a guy and an axe. Lily looked at the object with a frightful look and moved away. She touched her cheek that contained a small scar created by a sharp object. She hid it with her her.
  19. She grabbed the axe and gave it to the man who looked quite in pain. "Hmm... but wait a second! Were you trying to cut trees here?" she said as she gave him a suspicious look. She gave the axe to the keeper instead.
  20. "I wasn't here to cut trees I just needed protection in these dark woods"his smile rung innocence (he practiced a lot)
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