Two girls, One Harem, No Decision

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  1. It was a normal day on the Northern Arren University. A boy by the name of Jordan was walking across the lawn. He was white with slightly black hair and light blue eyes. He wasn't thin nor fat, and slightly tall. He walked up and suddenly he knocked into a girl.
  2. Lily was looking at her schedule her long red hair in a wavy curls in a summer dress. She wasn't paying attention and fell I the ground when someone knocked into her. She look up and blush seeing a handsome guy.
  3. Jordan groaned and stood up. He looked at her and it nearly took his breath away. She was extremely beautiful. He coughed, "H-hey I'm Jordan. Sorry about that."
  4. Lily smile and blush "h hi I'm lily" she stood with her bag and look at him. "I I'm new here do you know where English is?"
  5. He nodded, "Yeah, which one?" He looked at his own schedule, "It depends on which one." He smiled widely.
  6. "Uh" lily look at hers "English 1 I believe" she said soflry looking at him
  7. Smiling widely, he walked over towards the large building and pointed at it, "Second door on the third level." He smiled, "Do you want my number in case you have issues?"
  8. Lily smile and followed and took a paper out wrote her number handed it to him. "Here is mine. We should get together" she wink flirting and went into class.

    Kat was in history class sitting waiting for it to start. She has long brown hair in jeans and flip flops and a light blue shirt drawing in her notebook.
  9. Blushing, he nodded and typed the number into his phone. He yawned a little and sent her a quick text, 'Hey, this is Jordan.' He arched his back and went off to his own class.
  10. Lily smile and replied "hi handsome" she sat in class.

    Kat wonder it she will meet a guy in class to be partner with for the project.
  11. Walking into the classroom where Kat was located, he sat down beside her without knowing it. He tapped his pencil on the desk and waited for something to happen.
    He sent back, 'Huh?'
  12. Kat look at him and smile thinking he is handsome. "Hi I'm kat. Wanna be partners?" She ask softly blushing

    Lily replied "I said handsome as in your cute"
  13. He blushed, a little offset by the fact that she was so forthright with her emotion. He blushed, 'Well thank you.'
    "Sure, why not?" He shook Kat's hand, "I'm Jordan, what's your name?"
  14. "Kat with a k not a c" kat smile and shook his hand. "Great! So what are yor other classes?"
  15. He slid her his schedule. He showed his classes and smiled, "We have three classes together!" He giggled.
  16. She smile and giggle "I'm excited!" She wrote her number down. "Here we should get lunch together or dinner or dessert doesn't matter" she smile blushing
  17. He nodded, "Y-yeah." He yawned and wasn't sure how to tell her that he'd already been flirted on with Lily. He blushed, "I-I guess we easily could!"
  18. She smile "great" and giggled. The class started and she took notes as she glance at him every so often checking him out and blushing.
  19. He tried to ignore the fact that he was being checked out. He continued to take notes and kept blushing, knowing she was looking at her.
  20. She blush and smile then class ended and she stood with her bag and look at him. "Shall we go to next class?"
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Not open for further replies.