Two Friends (With Icystorm)

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  1. Bailey Fallen
    "God dammit." There was a low growl and a thump of something hitting the ground. "Fucking zombies."

    Bailey ran a hand through his short blonde hair as he stepped out into the light. He had been hiding out in an abandoned building so far, but it appeared his place had been found. As he packed his bags, the light illuminated his face showing the long scar that went from under his right eye, across his nose and stopping just left to his lips. It didn't appear to be recent in any way, and obviously didn't bother him.

    Bailey's ice blue eyes stared over the unforgiving landscape. When the zombie outbreak had first happened, this area had been a bustling city of life. Since it had happened, everything had gone to hell. Practically nowhere was safe, as zombies could survive without food for a very long time.

    It had all started with a simple virus.

    Simple enough, but over time grew more and more complicated that gave doctors no hope for a cure. It only affected humans, turning them into mindless beasts that hungered for human meat. Beasts that had the faces of the ones you loved. Bailey grimaced at the memory.

    They could only infect others with bites, luckily not scratches or blood. Most of the time though, they just consumed whatever they caught. Normally, they shambled around every where, however once they got the scent of some prey their shambles turned into a very fast sprint. The only things that could kill them was a beheading, or a single shot to the head. They mostly came out at night, preferring to go dormant during the day.

    Picking his way through the rubble of some buildings, the lean body of the 23 year old male tried to find something to eat along the way. Food was scarce, and he needed to raid a grocery shop or something soon. Otherwise he would have to go kill an animal or something. Finally spotting one, he unslung his rifle from his shoulder and carefully made his way inside. Even though the zombies went dormant during the day, it didn't mean they wouldn't wake up.
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  2. "Are you awake, sir? I have some news you might want to hear."

    A muscular body lay draped across a couch; one of his hands hung off and trailed against the floor. The male was not overly large, but he had a danger factor about him. They way he held himself told people they had two choices: back off or get fucked up. He wasn't holding himself now, though. He was doing his usual routine of lazing around until there was work that needed to be done.

    Lids cracked open to reveal dark blue eyes. "It's Seth, not sir. How many fucking times do I have to tell you that, Mason?" Seth grumbled as he sat up. Bangs fell into his face and covered one of his eyes. His hair was black except for a fading strip of blonde on the longest part of his bangs. That he could not get that strip of blonde touched up was one of the things that bugged him most about this whole zombie apocalypse. "What news do you have?"

    "Jack saw a guy wandering around a few blocks from here." A questioning look from Seth caused Mason to shuffle his feet nervously. "Yes, Jack was out by himself, but he has never lied before so shouldn't someone at least check it out?"

    Seth knew better than anyone that Jack never lied, and he hated it. He had known the man before the virus struck, and the zombie virus was the only reason he allowed that worthless thing back into this city. They had been friends once, but that friendship had crumbled into dust long ago.

    Seth adjusted the spiked glove he always wore on his right hand before reaching into the couch and pulling out a pistol. Checking to make sure he had a few knives in his pocket he stood up and forced the pistol into Mason's hands. The only guns his men had were the ones they owned before the virus, and instead of giving those guns to the people who most deserved it, he let the owners keep them. Unfortunately, Mason did not own a gun. "Let's go."

    "Wait! Just the two of us?"

    "Yes." Seth turned to look at Mason with a dangerous smile. "I can go by myself if you like. Just remember that if anything happens to me you are in charge." Seeing the look of horror on Mason's face, Seth waiting for him to take the lead and followed. It didn't take but a few minutes for them to reach the building where Jack said the man went into. He told Mason to stay outside and then headed into building, not even trying to stay silent.
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  3. Bailey Fallen
    A noise. Someone, or something, had entered the shop.

    Bailey paused, having just about to put some cans into his backpack. It didn't sound like a zombie, there was no moaning sound to go with it. However, the noise seemed too loud for it to have been by accident. Did someone know he was here? How? And were they not trying to be quiet at all? Some confidence they had.

    Deciding it was the latter, Bailey carefully set his bag down. He grabbed his rifle that had been leaning against the shelf and began to pick his way through the broken glass and fallen goods. He hadn't been in the area very long, and so there could be some sort of organisation or group that controlled the area. Those still happened, unfortunately. Bailey tried to avoid them as often as he could, but sometimes it was hard to.

    There were more than a few shelves of goods in the grocery shop, it's name having been lost long ago. The virus had been released about 5 years ago, and so the only thing edible in these shops were canned goods. If he wanted any fresh meat, it had to be hunted. Bailey was in aisle 3, with the shelves horizontal to the window front. If someone had come in, it was through the front door which opened up to viewing the aisle names but not in one of them specifically.

    Bailey carefully moved to the front of the aisle, knowing that if someone was here then he'd have to either kill them or talk them into leaving him the hell alone. Which usually involved his rifle, no matter the case. He had a machete hanging from his belt as well, but he usually reserved that for zombies. It didn't mean he was against using it on other humans as well, however.

    Now at the end of the aisle, he crouched down and aimed the gun at the wall where he knew the man would pass by. Deciding not to speak, because many people were trigger happy idiots, he waited.
  4. Seth stopped and looked around after stepping a few feet into the store. This place used to be Mike's Grocery, the store he stole from most as a teen, but now it was nothing but a dump. Just like the rest of this city. Not that he could complain. He had always lived in the run down part of town, making his home on a street that no one lived on and where the houses were long forgotten. That house now served as a sanctuary for those that chose to stay with him. The ones that did not want to stay had long been run off.

    Not seeing anyone near the entrance Seth figured if the man was still in here then he was in one of the aisles. Looking at the row of aisles he let out a quiet sigh. Instead of grabbing one of the knives in his pockets, he put his hands behind his head as casually walked forward. If it came to a fight, he preferred using his fists as his only weapon. He had always been that way, and he always seemed to win, although on occasion he would come out of those fights with stab wounds.

    Passing the first aisle he glanced down it out of the corner of his eye and saw nothing. The same went for the second. This was not so with the third, though, because when his eyes glanced over he saw a rifle pointed his direction. Of course, always with the guns.

    "Put that damn thing away." Seth said without even turning his head to look at the main. "Unless you plan on shooting me." A smile tugged at his lips. "If that is the case then let me make it easier for you." With his hands still behind his head he turned to face the man in the aisle, exposing his chest. The smile still playing on his face he looked down at the crouched man, amusement lighting his eyes.
  5. Bailey Fallen
    Bailey listened intently as the steps continued. By his guess, the other guy was making his way down the aisles. He would be here any second...

    When the other spoke, the blonde's eyes narrowed. "I just might, unless you tell me why you're here." Standing from his crouched position, he stepped back a little bit kept the gun trained on the other. If he was too close, it would open him up to an attack that might just render his rifle useless. And although the other didn't appear to be holding any weapons, he could have some hidden away in some pocket or something.

    All Bailey wanted to do was get the hell out of there with no one following. Sure, zombies could be dangerous, but humans were unpredictable. That was why he hadn't bothered with having a team mate or something. The few times he had, they had only just dragged him down and or left by themselves. He knew it was hard to be around him, but he didn't care. He never grew emotionally attached to anyone, and never planned to.

    However right now, his main focus was on the man who had entered the grocery store. Bailey moved back a little more, inching his way back to his backpack. If he moved fast enough, considering the other didn't have a gun, he could make it out and put this entire area at his back. There was no point in staying longer than necessary.
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  6. At the man's words Seth's smile vanished. What a good for nothing lowlife this guy was seeming to be. "Do you have so little pride that you would shoot an unarmed man?" After a second, Seth tilted his head in thought. He held up a hand, willing the guy not to shoot, and slowly dipped the other hand into a pocket. Keeping his movements slow he pulled out a knife, dropped it to the ground, and did this with the rest of his pockets that held weapons. Once his pockets were empty he kicked the knives away. "Ok, now an unarmed man."

    Seth noticed the man kept inching back, and with a look behind the man he saw a backpack. Was this guy planning on grabbing his supplies and bolting? "You can grab your bag, but I wouldn't run if I was you. I may be weaponless, but my friend outside is not. If you go running out there and I am not with he is going to think something bad happened to me and won't hesitate to shoot you." He was not sure if Mason really would shoot, but it was a 50/50 chance and no one ever liked those odds. Except for himself. He tended to give himself those odds on a daily basis.

    "If you stop pointing that damn gun at me then maybe we can talk this out like people instead of acting like animals." Seth took a step forward. "If you choose not to then you better shoot me now like some cowardly bitch and pray you can run faster than my guy outside can shoot. The only way you are getting out of here safely is with me." He stared the man in the eyes, trying to read what decision the guy would come to before the guy took action.
  7. Bailey Fallen
    "Pride will get you killed in these times," Bailey answered, watching each and every movement the other made like a hawk. His hands were steady, yet the one on the trigger almost moved when he saw the glint of metal. Even though all of the weapons appeared to be on the ground, the blonde simply didn't trust the other enough to lower the gun.

    As the other spoke again, Bailey stopped. There was another guy outside? Well shit. There went his plan. He didn't know what the guy outside was like, and wasn't about to take his chances if he had a gun. However...

    "How do I know he has a gun? How do I know there even is a guy outside? I don't know you, and I sure as hell don't trust you." When he took a small step forward, Bailey shook his head and gestured for him to move back with his rifle. "Uh uh. Get back. If you take another step forward, I'll blow your brains out." He wasn't lying, and the other could tell from his eyes.

    Bailey cursed as he tried to remember if he had seen another exit. He didn't recall one, but it didn't mean there wasn't one. However he didn't want to go searching for it, with an obvious reason. "Why are you here? If you're going to rob me, I don't have much anyway. Tell your guy to back off and this'll be the last you'll ever see of me." That was the only thing he wanted. Human interaction could go fuck itself, for all he cared.

    Another plan came to mind. If he shot the other, the sound would carry out to the front. Maybe a nicely aimed shot to the foot... That would make sure he wouldn't be followed. By this guy. Not by the other. Then perhaps something a little more serious... Bailey aimed the gun at the other's shoulder and fired.
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  8. Seth raised an eyebrow. So did this guy not have any pride? That is what the choice of words made it seem like, but the trigger that would decide it had yet to be pulled. "Pride should have killed me long before this apocalypse started, but I am still here." To blame death on pride was laughable. Pride had nothing to do with it. Foolish choices were the reasons people died. And yet here he was, putting himself in a deadly situation. If he were to be killed by this man, he would not blame it on pride, but on his own dumb choices.

    With a tilt of his head and a small huff Seth answered the set of questions. "How do I know that gun is loaded? I don't. Just as you don't know if there really is a guy outside with a gun." The head shake caused Seth to narrow his eyes and look down at the gun, but he did not move back. He also did not take another step forward, although he was starting to think this guy was all bark and no bite. Such a look in the man's eyes. Perhaps he really would do it, and perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing.

    Seth's eyes moved from the gun back up to the man holding it. Was he trying to think of a way out of this situation? Good luck with that. Unless the guy shot him to kill or fully incapacitate, he wouldn't be going anywhere. He ignored the next question and comments that came out of the guy's mouth, and instead waited to see what this man would do. To shoot, or not to shoot- that was the question.

    Luckily he did not have to wait much longer, and he was was ready when the gun was aimed at him. Knowing he would not be able to dodge, he instead chose to leap forward. The bullet tore into his shoulder, but thanks to the adrenaline coursing through him it felt like nothing more than a small prick of a pin. It was going to hurt like a bitch later on, though.

    His dark blue eyes were cold as he crashed into the man, knocking them both to the ground. With his good arm he grabbed the gun and began trying to rip it out of the grip that currently held it, thankful to hear the sound of footstep, and not but a moment later Mason appeared.

    Mason pointed the gun at the stranger, wincing at the wound in Seth's shoulder. "Sir?"

    "I'm not 'sir', and he is coming with us. If he tries anything feel free to shoot, but not to kill." Before Seth stood up he leaned in close so only the stranger could hear him. "You should have killed me." There was no threat in these words. If anything, there was a hint of sadness. "Now get up." Seth said as he got to his own feet.
  9. Bailey Fallen
    As soon as the gun fired, Bailey realised he had really misjudged the other. Instead of attempting to dodge, or defend himself or something, he had lunged forward and knocked him to the ground. Bailey had hit his head and everything spun for a moment as he let out a groan. The gun was ripped from his hands, and he heard the sound of footsteps. Another voice was heard.

    Finally the world stopped spinning, and he heard a voice in his ear. "You should have killed me." Bailey's eyes narrowed, and he glanced to the one who held the other gun. He looked like nothing, someone Bailey could take. Someone that wouldn't shoot.

    Picking himself off the ground, Bailey suddenly grabbed his bag and dashed for the end of the aisle. While it was a straight shot, he seriously doubted the one who had the gun would actually shoot him. And even if he did, he could live with a gunshot wound as long as he got out of there. The bag protected most of his back, and it had a few things in it that would definitely stop a shot.

    Of course, the main thing he had forgotten was that his rifle was now in the hands of someone who would shoot. It had completely slipped his mind, for the gun was something he had been willing to lose for his freedom. He was not going to be tied down to a group, no matter what. That is, if he could even get out. Luckily the end of the aisle wasn't that far... It had another row which led to the window front, the glass already shattered. If he could make it.
  10. Seth let out a low growl as the strange man took of and signaled for Mason not to shoot. This was starting to become more of a pain than it was worth. How badly did he want information that would probably be of no help anyway? The answer was he would give his life if only to have one question answered, so dropping the gun, he took off after the stranger.

    Knowing he was not the fastest runner, Seth hoped the backpack was heavy enough to slow the man down just enough so he could use the last bit of energy to get close enough to grab hold of the guy. The numbness in his shoulder was starting to fade, so he sped up with that last burst of energy and grabbed hold of the backpack. Not wasting a moment, he slowed, forcing the man to also slow and jerked the man sideways so he could wrap his arms around the stranger as he came to a stop.

    Panting hard, his tight grip on the other man caused the blood to flow faster and the pain to increase, but he tried his best to ignore it. "I only want to ask you a few questions you fucker. If I wanted your supplies, or to harm you, don't you think you would have been dead by now? So, I ask you now, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?" Not that either of the ways were going to be to the man's liking.

    Seth saw Mason approach out of the corner of his eye, a gun in each hand. If this stranger tried to run again, he would order Mason to empty both guns of their ammo. What was causing this stranger to act this way anyway? Sure, the world had turned to shit, and it was best to be wary of strangers, but that was not reason to shoot an unarmed man and then bolt. The guy acted like the world was after him or something.
  11. Bailey Fallen
    Hearing no shots behind him, Bailey figured he was in the clear. Except as he went to turn the corner, he felt a hand grab his backpack. A tug, and he was forced to slow before he was jerked sideways. Arms wrapped around him, trapping his own to his body. "Fuck you!" He snarled, but he calmed down enough not to do something rash. However he wasn't going to give in easily.

    "What kind of fucking questions do you want to ask?" Bailey growled, trying to think of more ways to escape. Either way, those options didn't seem very promising. Both, he felt, would involve some sort of pain. He only wanted to get out of there. He was only passing through the area and of course this had to happen. He should've realised that cities were bound to have some sort of group in control.

    Bailey had had bad experiences before with groups like these. The last time he had been caught, he'd been beaten within an inch of his life for coming within a mile of their main base. They had also taken all his shit too, which sucked. But the worst part was that they had let him go at night, injured, and with no means to defend himself. He was lucky that... No. Now was not the time to think about it.

    The scarred male was determined not to be taken again. Sure, some groups may be different, but all of them wanted various degrees of control. And the piece of shit here was bound to take him to the group leader or something and have him tortured for information he didn't even have. What, was there a war or something going on? He knew some groups did that. Idiots. With that in mind, Bailey moved to slam his foot down on the other's.
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  12. Seth narrowed his eyes. It didn't matter what kind of questions he had. They were ones he would rather not ask in front of Mason, because Mason was too loyal. He didn't want his right hand man to go off in a search just to please his leader. The only one that was allowed to get hurt in this hopeless endeavor was himself. Not even those he questioned would be harmed..even if they decided to shoot him in the shoulder.

    Or stomp on his foot. Seth let out a sound similar to a snarl, but did not budge an inch. "A bullet did not stop me, so you think a little pain to foot is going to help you? Maybe later, if you are good, I will let you in one why your pitiful attempts don't work on me." They still hurt like a son of a gun, though, and thanks to that bit of pain it was made clear that it would be the hard way. Probably for the best, because he did not want to have to chase down this punk again. Fuck, who he was kidding. He would have been unable to chase this guy down again.

    Seth looked at Mason, and with his eyes pointed at the backpack. He waited until the backpack had been removed and then issued another order, this time motioning to the stranger's wrists. "Your shirt, Mason. And hurry up before I bleed out. Keep hold of him once you are done." He waited while Mason tied the stranger's wrists behind his back and made sure Mason had a firm hold on the guy before he unwrapped his arms from the strange man.

    Grabbing the rifle Seth moved to stand in front of the stranger. He set the rifle between his legs and tore his own shirt down the middle, making it easier to remove. Using the torn shirt he wrapped the bullet wound the best he could, only removing his eyes from the stranger when he used his teeth to help tug the shirt tighter. It wasn't the greatest wrap job, but hopefully it would stop the bleeding.

    Seth lifted the rifle to examine it before moving to stand next to Mason. "I will get him, you get the stuff. Send someone to collect my knives later." He handed the rifle over to Mason and switched places, holding the stranger's arms tightly. Once Mason had both guns and the backpack, Seth nodded for Mason to take the lead and then nudged the stranger with his foot. "Walk."
  13. Bailey Fallen
    What the fuck was he, some sort of unfeeling bastard? The way he had stomped on his foot should have hurt like hell, yet this asshole was still standing. Bailey let out a low growl, trying desperately to come up with another way before he got taken. And killed. But he was stubborn. Stubborn enough to get him killed sometimes, and despite what he had said earlier, he had plenty of pride.

    Bailey tossed the idea of headbutting the guy as soon as it appeared. He'd likely just do more damage to himself, with the way this guy was reacting. But his arms were trapped against him and he had no other way of getting free. And he highly doubted they would just let him run, especially with the coward guy holding two guns. It seemed that if the asshole told him to fire, he would do so.

    Then his backpack was removed. Fuck. That was something he actually did need, because it held some things that were very important to him. Probably the only thing they could blackmail him with. This situation was getting worse by the second. If he didn't get out of here soon, then- well shit. The other guy had tied his wrists.

    Finally though, the asshole let him go. But with his wrists tied he couldn't really do anything. So the plan of running was out. "Fucking assholes," he muttered under his breath, but he smirked when he saw him wrapping his shoulder. That was going to hurt when the adrenaline wore off.

    "What am I, a fucking dog?" Bailey growled, but he started moving. This wasn't looking good, and his chances to escape were dwindling down to a zero. However they seemed different to the last group, even if they were still rude. They hadn't hurt him much, yet, and seemed pretty determined on asking him questions. Even so, his eyes still darted around their surroundings for an escape.
  14. Seth gave a huff, something close to but not exactly laughter. A dog? That would be giving this stranger too much credit. "No. You are a cowardly bitch." That had been proven as soon as the stranger pulled the trigger. He had always found using a gun against another human cowardly, though. This stranger was lucky, because if it had been one of his men instead, he doubted they would have been as friendly. Without his orders they would have shot back, and understandably so.

    Knowing there was rarely zombies in this area Seth did not bother looking around. Mason would be on guard, but the only time zombies had been spotted near here in the past few months was when a few strays wandered into the territory at night. It had not been easy creating this 'safe' haven; there had been casualties, but it had been worth it in the end. The biggest blow had been when an old friend had been one of the first to die.

    The scenery changed from broken stores to broken homes. Seth kept a close eye on the strange man, expecting him to try to bolt at any moment. It would be easier to find a hiding place among these run down houses than it would in the stores. There were more places to hide, but now that they were close to the house he called home his men could be anywhere, and it would be unfortunate for this little bitch to run into them. With that thought in mind Seth put a hand on the back of the guys neck as a warning not to run.

    With his other hand Seth pointed to a two story home, three if one included to small basement. "That is where we are going. It was my home before all this started." The house looked more run down than the others in the area, and barbed wire surrounded all but the entrance. The barbed wire was more as a means to alert of any danger than it was to keep unwanted visitors out. On the porch sat a man relaxing in a wooden rocking chair, a shotgun resting against the wall of the house. They were still a few houses away, so now was the last chance for the guy to flee. Seth tightened his grip on the stranger's neck.
  15. Bailey Fallen
    "Fuck you." Bailey muttered in response to the insult. He didn't care much for it though, his eyes still scanning the environment. If he got his hands on a gun, he'd probably empty the clip into the asshole at this point. That would've been extremely satisfying. Probably a bad idea around these parts though.

    As the scenery changed, new ideas began to form. There were a lot more places to hide in the area around here. However they still had his backpack. While Bailey was confident he could over power the other one, the asshole he wasn't so sure about. Plus his hands were tied. The hand on his neck further reinforced that he wasn't getting away any time soon.

    Gritting his teeth, the blonde realised that he wouldn't be able to escape any time soon. He hated that feeling more than anything else. It only reminded him of the time... Yeah no. Not going back to that again.

    Bailey rolled his eyes as the other spoke, instead looking at the man with the shotgun. Yeah, if he ran now, he'd likely run into more men and he highly doubted they would do the same thing to him as the asshole had done. Piece of shit. Why the hell did they want him, anyway? Deciding not to say anything, he pursed his lips and kept his eyes straight ahead. He wouldn't be intimidated by anyone here.
  16. Seth's grip stayed on the stranger's neck as they entered the house, but it loosened. The room was large entrace, and to the right was a staircase. A table was in the middle of the room, and two guys sat at it playing cards. Two more guys leaned against the back wall watching the card came, and a last man stood in a corner away from all the others. The corner loner wore a fedora and watched with interest as they entered the house.

    "My window." Seth told the men. One that had been watching the card game nodded and made his way outside. With Mason still in the lead he forced the stranger up the the stairs and into the closest room on the left. This room was small and contained nothing but a couch and a window, which one of his men now stood under.

    Seth let go of the stranger and turned to Mason. "Take the gun for now but leave the bag. Now go and send someone to retrieve my knives." With a nod Mason dropped the bag and left, a click signaling that the door was locked from the outside. The only way this stranger could leave was the window, and that would be suicide.

    With a sigh Seth walked over to the couch and collapsed into it, head tilted back and arms spread out across the top. The bullet wound was really starting to hurt, but he would wait to get it fixed up until after a conversation with this guy. His eyes watched the stranger, but his he didn't speak, deciding it best to wait until this strange man wanted to talk
  17. Bailey Fallen
    As they walked into the house, Bailey took note of how many men there were. Yeah, he wasn't getting out of this one. Ugh. However, something caught his interest. The way the guy holding him was ordering the others around, he seemed to be someone of importance. Bailey didn't like that. Someone of importance meant that he couldn't just kill him and get away with it. Not that he'd be able to kill him in the first place.

    After being forced up the steps -he sent a couple of glares behind him- he was walked to a room with a couch and a window. He already knew the window was suicide and when he heard the door click behind him, he knew he would be in the room for a while. There was a gun in the bag, but he found it highly unlikely that he would be able to get to it with his hands tied. And besides, even if he did get it, what use would it be? He'd probably get one shot off before being killed anyway.

    There wasn't much he could do, but so far they hadn't done anything either. Besides tie him up and force him to their base or whatever. Still, he was extremely wary of strangers and it was clear with the way he was holding himself. Forcing himself to relax, he took a deep breath and leaned against the wall. His captor had let him go and gone to sit on the couch.

    A waiting game. Of course.

    Bailey could do this all day. He didn't like speaking to others, and his pride wouldn't let him back down. That bullet wound must be hurting, he thought with a slight smirk. And it would continue to hurt. He figured the other wouldn't get it checked out until after they talked, which was perfectly fine with the blonde. He had no intention of speaking first and would stand there all day if he had to.
  18. Just by watching this guy for minute he could tell this whole waiting game would be pointless. The guy had relaxed, but he looked like the type he was an expert at not speaking. That was fine. Sometimes silence helped people feel safer, but sometimes it was talking that needed to be done to help the other feel a bit more comfortable.

    Seth closed his eyes and looked away. "After running away from home at a young age this became my new home." The reason why he ran away was a reason he would rather not speak about. He had been a horrible child and leaving home had been his greatest act of defiance. He couldn't imagine the hell his mother and father went through after that. "It had been abandoned when I found it, like most houses on this street. Broken and nearly empty, but still a place to call home. A bed, a busted television, and this couch were the only three things it's last inhabitants left. I couldn't bring myself to sleep in the bed, so I slept on this couch and have ever since."

    There was a brief pause before he continued. "I survived by stealing from others. It was like second nature to me. I only stole what I needed, and never more than a small amount of cash from each person. It was unlikely most noticed the missing cash. I started out as the lowest, but once I was old enough I worked my way to the top of this world of nothing. I was the king of the streets. There was no happiness gained from this title. The only happiness I felt was when I was around my friends, and that circle of friends was destroyed before the virus hit."

    The speaking stopped as Seth grew lost in his own thoughts. He would give anything to go back and change that day that destroyed such a close friendship. Hell, he would give anything to go back and say just three words. Three words that could have made a difference. "Time became a blur after that, but eventually the virus struck."

    Seth ran a hand through his hair and looked at the stranger, looking like anything but a threat. "If you want I can untie you." It was probably a dangerous thing to do, but he would accept the consequence, whatever they might be.
  19. Bailey Fallen
    Slightly relieved he didn't have to wait too long, Bailey listened without saying a word. However, it was confusing. Why was he being told all this stuff? Was it even relevant? Well okay, he obviously had a shitty childhood or something. Bailey had had an alright one, pretty normal in his opinion. But why was he telling him all this? He didn't understand. But he didn't interrupt. If he wanted to keep talking, then so be it.

    While Bailey followed along with what he assumed was his sob story, he sighed a little but kept it to himself. While it did sound sad, he didn't trust the other. Especially when he was holding all the power. When he got to the part about the virus hitting, a small frown was seen but that was about it. The virus had hit most people quite hard, though it appeared his life had gone to shit before it had happened. Such a sad life, the blonde thought sarcastically.

    However, the scarred male could see it had really affected him. There was just this look on the other male's face that he could tell that he was telling the truth. Sinking down onto the floor, Bailey leaned more against the wall. "Sorry about your friends," he sighed. "And yes, being untied would be preferred."

    Holding his arms up, he waited patiently. He wasn't about to get in a fight with this guy. The door was locked, and although the window looked promising he knew there were probably men elsewhere nearby. Not to mention the crash of the window would bring others running. So he figured he might as well wait and see what the other had to say. Despite not liking him.
  20. Seth watched the stranger for a moment longer before standing up and making his way over. The other man seemed confused by why he had gone on about his life, and rightfully so. There was a purpose to why he had chosen to talk about it, and it had succeeded the purpose. Kneeling down Seth began to untie the knot Mason had created. "I didn't tell you all that so you would feel bad for me." That was the last thing he wanted. In fact, he hated when people felt bad for him, because almost every bad thing that had happened to him had been his fault in the first place. "I told you so you would see I am human and not a monster."

    Having gotten done with the knot, Seth made his way back over to the couch, dropping the shirt as he walked. He sat back down, but this time kept his hands in his lap. It had been hard work and pain to boot, but finally it seemed like this stranger would take the time to listen and talk. Not that the guy could go anywhere, but hearing and listening were two separate things, and he had only wanted to ask his questions once he was sure he would be more than just heard.

    "I didn't lie when I said that all I want is to ask you some questions." He took a deep breath: praying for the best, preparing for the worst, and expecting the usual. "I have never seen you before, so I know you are not from around here. In your travels have you happened to stumble upon a Scottish lad? Someone larger than me, broad shoulders, brown hair and hazel eyes. Usually wears green, but in these times that is probably an unhelpful detail."

    Seth looked at the stranger with an expression of pleading hope. He wanted nothing more than to hear a yes and that this person was still alive. This was the only reason he went through that hell to get this stranger here. Every time he asked this question he allowed whoever he was asking it to to hold his heart for a few vulnerable seconds. He trusted enough for people to answer truthfully, when really, if they wanted to they could lie and crush him to pieces. Thankfully, no one has ever lied, but they had also never seen the man he was asking about.