Twins Torn

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    Shells exploded overhead and Jake Marshal dove into a near by barricade. His heart was beating so heard he feared it would explode in his chest. A black hawk, one of ours, thought Jake as it fell to the earth with black smoke trailing from its engine, resulting in a defining boom. It was a miracle that they hadn't been over run yet, trapped in a old store just over the Afghanistan border. For three days they had fought off the enemy. Jake had killed, with his rifle and with his bare hands. And now just as they were reaching the end of there ammo supply another vicious barrage of mortar rounds pelleted the ground........

    Jake Marshal awoke. It had been another dream, same as the last.

    Six hours. Six long, bumpy, miserable hours. Jake got to the Gray hound station a little after five a.m. from the airport and now was on route towards home. He opened his eyes briefly and stared out the window. Long, empty nothingness. It was, all in all, what middle America was. The long stretches of nothing that washed away in a sea of little gas stations, truck stops, and greasy spoon restaurants. It gave a person lots of time to think, however this is one thing that Jake did not want to do this morning: Think. He had done enough of that 'Over there', from this point on in his life he just wanted to get home and erase those brutal fucking memories that he feared would haunt him until the day he died. He close his eyes again, but this time he fought sleep. He would stay awake until the bus pulled into Oak ridge, Nebraska. His home, and where his twin sister was.

    At about 1:30pm, the Bus pulled up to the stop as squeaky breaks announced it's arrival into the terminal. Jack grabbed his bag and got of the Bus. HE searched the sea of faces for his Sister, who he had planned on meeting with on this day.

    His first day home from War over seas.

  2. His sister had begged him not to go but he would not listen. They were the closest of people since they were twins they never fought. Little did she know that him going over to war would change that person she once new and loved. Even though he was changed she would still think of him as her brother. Becca was sitting on the benches outside of the dark grey hound station there was very few people and she found that weird. Maybe there were few people because he was the only one coming home from the war and she felt happy about it. When the bus stopped right in front of her she smiled and she stood up waiting to see her brother get out of the bus so she could hug him once more. They would be driving home in a car that she had just bought since he was the only one driving at the time before he left. Now she would be the one driving him all around and going home. "Jake over here." She called out trying to get her brother's attention as everyone was filing off the boss her hands waved high over her head. This is the moment that she had been waiting for for a long time. At first when he left the letters came every week and then less and less. She waited for those letters to see what he was doing and if he was ok. At one point there was no letter and she was so worried that her brother had been killed. No call ever came to the house and no one showed up giving her the ashes from her brother. Their mother and faster died a few years ago and the twins were all they had for family. That's one of the reasons why he left for war he would be able to support his sister.
  3. Jake loved his sister. They grew up together, were the same age, shared physical (And emotional) characteristic and although they were only a few minutes apart, Jake always felt like an older Brother to Becca. He used to be very protective of her in school, especially when she started to develop and boys began to notice her. In Jake's eyes, none of the ones that liked her were good enough for her. And he imagined he may have scared a fair few away. But that was before…before his life and mind were changed forever. Now he felt distant, like there was a place that he had gone that she could never be apart of, like a piece of him, the piece that truly loved her, had died over there at war. It wasn't the flashbacks, or the lack of sleep that had made Jake feel distant...It was something else.

    Jake forced a smile on his unshaven face. She looked as happy as ever to see him, but he could not honestly reciprocate.

    "Becca, how you doing?"

    He put his arm around her, squeezed lightly one time and let go. His eyes darted and swam, looking past her but not at her.

    "You got a new car?"

    He asked, not exactly thrilled

    "Wow, arn't you the lucky one."

    at that moment he got the incredible urge to just turn and leave. At that moment he wanted to run.
  4. Back in highschool she remembered that everytime she used to like someone she ended up having to break up with most. Jake was always protective of her and never liked the men she picked and she appreciated it but soon it got annoying. She dreamt of this moment for a month when she finally got a letter saying he would be back this day. No phones were out there so she was not able to talk with him over the phone and no net. "I'm fine." She said hugging him back not wanting to be out of his arms again but the hug ended just as soon as it had begun. She thought nothing of it when he pulled away he was probably just tired. Little did she know that he had gone through something much worse then she imagined and it changed him for the worse. Walking towards the car she nodded and smiled up at him. "I had to because you were the only one that could drive me around." She looked down remembering the death of her mother and father and then her brother leaving for war.
  5. He could here the keys jingling in her hand, and see the outline of them in her pocket.

    When Mom and Dad died, Jake was distraught, but at least he still had Becca..however that didn't last long. He begun resenting her, the time she got to spend with them that he did not. The bonding that he would never be able to be a part of, everything. In fact, on the many dark nights he lay awake in the smoldering heat of the desert he hated her. Actually fucking hated his twin sister. He would quickly shake the thoughts away, he didn't want to hate her, he wanted to love her, but it was tough.

    He heard the Keys jingle again

    Why should she get a new car when he was surviving on freeze dried food and pissing in cups because snipers were everywhere. He had to live in conditions that would make being homeless look like a 5 star hotel, and she got a car? He had to kill men, watch them twist and die while crying out to their god, and she got a car? He had to go weeks without a shower, living in confined spaces with twenty other men…and she got a car? Seth was out raged, and as the mid mornings sun shone down upon them, bringing out the natural highlights in his sitters hair, he grabbed her and slammed her against the car.

    The keys jingled again.

    His face was only inches from hers, he could feel her breath on his lips, rapid and scared, he could see the deranged reflection of his own face in her glassy eyes, he could smell her fear, mixed with the scent of shampoo from her hair. He held her tightly against the car as his other hand moved down her body and into her pocket. He grabbed the keys, not for a second breaking his eye contact with her.

    "I'm driving home."
  6. She remembered when her parents died is when something changed with him and she did not like it. Now she did know that she spent more time with them but he didn't try which he should have. Sighing she pulled the keys out of her pocket and watched him. Now that he was back she knew something was wrong something was different. When he grabbed her and slammed her against the car she cried out in pain and looked away from him. Why would he do something like this he never was abusive and this was not in his nature he loved her didn't he. A few tears spilled over her eyes as she let him take the keys from her pocket and nodded when he said those words. Her back stung she might have really injured it the pain was almost unbearable. His eyes were cold and she couldn't look at them one tear slid down her cheek as she wondered if anyone saw what he had just done. Would they come and help her if they did see it? Please just let me go. She thought in her mind hoping he would not hear it they used to be able to read each others minds.
  7. Jake was overcome by rage and frustration. He wanted to express how he felt, but the years he had spent under fire made that very hard. He felt like a ball of pain encased in a metal shell. His feelings were there, but he had no idea on how to focus them in the right way. He loved Becca, god knew he did, but right now he wanted to hurt her, emotionally and physically. A few people were watching, but Jake didn't care.

    "Get in the fucking car. We're going home, and there better be some dinner cooked when we get there."

    He grabbed Becca by the arm, roughly, and walked her over to the passenger side. Then he threw her in before slamming the door. Next, he walked over to the driver side and jumped in, slamming the door behind him. Without pause, he jammed the keys in the ignition and fired the car to life. It was a gutless wonder, no balls at all, but still he hit the gas and left a fair amount of rubber on the road. They made in to their house rather quickly the way Jake drove, and when they stopped in the drive way he had calmed down a bit. He put his hand on his sisters leg and spoke softly.

    "Look I am sorry, but you have to learn that I like things to be a certain way and if you can't do that i am going to get mad at you."

    He paused, searching her face with his eyes.

    "Now. Lets go inside."

  8. There was no food cooked and now she was afraid that her brother was going to hurt her. Why was he acting like this she wanted him to be the same he would never hurt her before. When he grabbed her arm she cried out again it hurt and she was throw into the car quite roughly. Now she was shaking and she quickly put on her seat belt. What would happen if she didn't listen to him would she get hit or worse. When he slammed on the gas she lurched backward and gripped the seat. Now she was going to have to get her tires fixed and she had no money for that. She jumped when he touched her leg and moved away gently. The whole ride home she had been staring out the window hoping they were not going to crash or get stopped by the cops. When he looked into her face she got out of the car and headed towards the house she just wanted to go to her bed. That was a threat and she didn't like it one bit.
  9. Jolts of scarlet pain burst through Jake's head in churning, un-breaking waves. It wasn't a physical pain, but more of a frustration induced needle prick. It started right behind his eye and twisted it's way into an unreachable place in his brain, ending in a crushing hurt. He squinted at Becca, unable for the moment to do much more than listen to the sound of traffic outside their small house. To Jake's utter surprise, there was no food cooked. He was starving, fresh home from war, no less, and there was no food. Nothing. He slammed the front door and rounded on Becca, hovering over her small, frightened frame.


    Said Jake, after a long exhaling breath. He wasn't yelling, but a tinge of anger was igniting like a brush fire in his voice.

    "I am hungry….I don't understand why you wouldn't have cooked for me ahead of time? You knew I was coming home after a long trip? What's wrong with you? Are you lazy or just stupid."

    The fire in his voice was rising with each venomous word.

    "I am fucking exhausted. I am going to take a shower, get your ass in the kitchen and cook me something to eat."
  10. Just as she was going to hit the stairs to go out to her room his voice stopped her dead in her tracks. Her fingers gripped the railing and her knuckles were turning white. The tears had long stopped pouring down her face but she was shaking slightly and very scared. Could she get to the phone and call 911 if she had to? "I work two jobs full time to run this house because the money you sent me is still not enough. I took today off to come get you and I'm exhausted to." Her voice was quiet and she hoped he heard her because she did not want to repeat what she said over to him. Does he just not care about her anymore she thought to herself as she slowly turned towards her brother. Sheer shock, pain, and being scared flsdhed over her face all at once.
  11. jake looked at his twin with a rising mix of shock and anger. He twitched ever so slightly as the tone of her voice seemed to bring back the horrors he had seen in Afghanistan. All of the sudden, guns echoed in the distance and rockets blazed over head. Jake leaned against the wall, the anger being replaced with wide eyes and a white face. He heard people screaming as fires burned all around him. Something about Becca's voice was sparking a vicious flashback inside him. When she finished speaking, his anger was back, bright white and hot as fire.

    "You, bitch. How could you even fucking say that!? Do you know how hard it was for me to send you that money? Your two jobs don't mean shit! I killed men, Becca."

    He approached her, coming up behind her and grabbing a handful of her hair, twisting it roughly as he slammed her against the wall.

    "You fucking little twat! How dare you say that to me! I did everything for you and all you do is tell me how hard your little civilian life is?"

    He cocked back and slapped her across the face with the back of his hand, again, and then once more

    "You make me sick, you are fucking disgusting. If there isn't food on that table in 30 minutes, you are gonna wish you had never been born!"
  12. When she saw him start to turn white she knew what was coming and she took a step backwards. Even though she would move it wouldn't matter he would be faster then she was. Her hands went up to grab his hands to stop him and then she screamed out in pain when he slammed her against the wall. "Stop it your hurting me." Was all she could mutter out and her vision became blurry as she starred at him with tears in her eyes. When he slapped her across the face twice her face went from side to side and now her cheeks were read. What had happened to her loving brother she once knew he was gone and that she was sure of. "Ok." She whispered to answer his statement of getting food on the table he should have been a bit more appreciative. Tomorrow would be better she had to work for 8 hours maybe then he would learn not to do something to her.
  13. As the smells of food being cooked swam through the air indifferently, but none the less delicious, Jake's head began to stop throbbing. The small needle point pain that had been all but blinding just seconds ago, now faded to the background of his thoughts, like a bad dream several hours after waking. He sat at the table, head slightly titled to one side. The light caught off his freshly shaved head and his hands were folded neatly in front of him. His right knuckle was beginning to swell from where he had slammed it against his twin's face.

    He watched Becca, the way she moved reminded him of his mother -their mother- and the thought mixed with the visual made his eyes fill with tears of loss. He felt growing remorse inside, remorse for everything he had done in his life. Remorse for the people he killed while at war. Remorse for everything except his sister, for some reason he couldn't bring himself to fell anything but resentment for, no matter how much he loved her. He felt torn between the fact that he almost hated her and having to depend on her. As Jake waited for his meal, he wondered if he would ever be able to survive alone again.
  14. When he went to have a shower she sat at the kitchen table for a while crying before she started making something to eat. She would not get hit again even if it meant doing something for her brother. It was try she should have had something for dinner made when he got home but she had no time to herself anymore. It was just before the half hour mark was done she put the food back no the table. "I'm going in my room." She said quietly then turned around to start walking up the stairs. Please just let me go. When she turned the tears were back in ther eyes and she could not help it. What happened to the loving brother he once was just before going off to war when she begged him not to. Right now she wanted time to herself to rethink all of this through and figure out what she was going to do about it.
  15. Jake ate his lunch, slowing feeling a tiny bit better, although a dull throb in his head was still present, like a constant reminder of his quickly fleeting sanity. He had changed, that much was certain. He knew it, and he was sure Becca knew it too. Things would never be the same for him, the war had seen to that. Ever since he had gotten back he had this feeling as if he was standing atop a high cliff, teetering in the wind, and at any second might be blown over. Below was a put full of broken glass and sharp pieces of twisted metal. He needed help, but feared he may never get it.

    After eating, Jake walked slowly towards his sisters room. Glancing at the many pictures that hung on the walls. There were pictures of him, before he had gone to war, and pictures of he and Becca as children. He cringed as he past one of Becca alone with their parents, taken just before they died. He took it off the wall and looked at it for a moment before walking slowly into Becca's room. He walked close to her, standing only about a foot away, and said.

    "Looks like you guys were happy while I was away."
  16. Why couldn't he just leave her alone now she was huddled on her bed gripping a pillow tightly not wanting to make him mad. When he came into the room she jumped and tried to get further away. He wanted to hate her and slowly she was starting to become nervous and scared of him. Please leave me alone. She thought to herself before he said something that made her look into his eyes. "No we weren't happy at all. You leaving made our parents cry every single night. Especially me. We missed you." She said knowing their parents would be ever so happy to see him come home today but would not allow him to treat her like this. Moments later she looked away she did not want to deal with this right now. Soon she would need to go to sleep because tomorrow was a new day and she had work. "I have to go to bed now. I work tomorrow."
  17. Jake twitched at his sitters words. Although she was trying to let him know that he had been missed, it went right over his head. He got the impression that she was lying. That she was hiding things from him because they had in fact been better off with out him. He smashed the picture on the table sending tiny shards of glass all over the floor. He gripped the broken frame in unhand, as small beads of blood began to drip from his palm. He walked towards the bed, glass crunching beneath his feet.

    "You….have to work?"

    His words were venomous, hate filled

    "I just got home, and you have to go to sleep? What is wrong with you? Can't you even stop to think, for just one minute that I might want to spend sometime with you."

    He made a grunt, that was the cross between a word and a guttural growl. Then he grabbed Becca by the arm and spun her around so she was again facing him, jumping on the bed as he did so.
  18. When he smashed the picture frame right beside her bed she jumped but had no where to run. Even if she did run her brother would be able to follow her and catch her quickly. A few tears came to her eyes as she watched what he was going to do next. When he grabbed her by the arm she cried out in pain and was flung onto her back looking straight at him. "I had to get a job. If I don't go they will fire me. Plus it doesn't seem like you want to spend time with me you keep hurting me." The pain showed in her face and she hoped that he would not go further then what he was already doing to her. What if he actually hurt her his blood was now on her arm and glass shards were on her bed.
  19. Jake pinned his sister down, with his knees on either side of her body and his hand tightly clamped over her wrists. Small bits of glass crunched underneath them as he put all his weight on her, breathing heavily over her body. His eye's were wide with a crazed sort of anger, his mouth was partially open sending spittle onto her face as he spoke.

    " Hurting you? You selfish little bitch! Do you have any idea the hell I went through over there? You don't even understand the meaning of pain, you don't know what true hardship is, I had to watch my friends die and remained helpless to anything about it. I lived in hell those three years I was away, and all you can do is say that I am hurting you?"

    Jake tightened his grip on her, straddling her narrow body, leaning close to her so he could smell her fear. It enraged him ever more. At that moment he wasted to hurt her.

    "Didn't I protect you all those years from the stupid guys you dated? All those guys from school that only wanted to get in your pants, didn't I save you from them? And what did I ever get in return?"

    He moved his face close to hers, staring right into her eyes, the smell of her made something click in his head, all of the sudden he was filled with a deep sadness. He collapsed on top of her, crying. Sobbing onto her chest.
  20. When he gripped her hands she yelped in pain what was he going to do? The glass was cutting into her back and she hated this there was blood now on her sheets from it. Her head moved to the side when the spit went onto her face tears were forming in her eyes again as she could barely breathe with all of his weight on him. What had she done to deserve this she had done everything he asked for, sure she didn't have any food on the table when he came home but what did he expect? When he said those words she felt sorry for him but he was physically hurting her and how much of this could she take. When he gripped her even tighter more tears came and she thought to herself why just not kill me now? Please stop I don't want to be in pain. She thought quietly to herself. "I never asked you to save them." When he fell to the side she wanted to hug him since he was crying so much. He never helped her when she was crying all those times when he came back from the war why should she? "Jake?" She asked finally able to breathe on her own now and the pain in her chest gone from him squishing her.