Twins Torn

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Jake didn't want his sister to watch him cry, he buried his face into her chest while hot frustrated tears erupted from his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her, squeezing tightly, while his chest jerked and convulsed from the sadness and anger he had building up inside him. For a moment he felt at peace, despite the slightly awkward situation of his body, on top of hers, pressed tightly against each other in what might have been a lovers embrace, he felt safe for the first time since he had been back home. He started rocking back and forth, like a child might do to calm it's self, and moved his face to her neck. She was scared, he could tell from the feel of her skin, and all of the sudden Jake felt terrible for what he had done.

"Becca." Said Jake through gasping, tear soaked breaths "I'm sorry, I love you. Everything is ok now, I promise."
When the tears started soaking her shirt she did not care she was just worried and nervous. She tensed up when he hugged her because she was afraid that he might hurt her again. When he spoke those words she did not know what to do what if he snapped again and she got hurt again? A few tears fell from her eyes as she relazed a little bit. She probably had some glass in her back and the sheets had to be washed because of the blood from the glass. "I know." What else could she say she had no idea what was going to happen now and she laid a hand on his side hoping to comfort him somehow.
The feeling of his sisters body under his, combined with her hot, slightly frightened breath against his neck, was strangely comforting him. It was as if all his troubles were slowly dissolving in their tight embrace. The fire of pure hatred still burned inside of Jake, but for the moment it was forgotten. He continued to hold Becca, with his face buried in her chest. His thoughts traveled to Afghanistan, unfortunately he was unable to stop them, at least for the moment. He was in a bunker, bullets flying over his head, the bodies of his dead friends stacked and rotting not far away. Just as soon as the thought entered his mind, a white hot flash of anger burst into his skull. Before he could stop it, he was sitting up, legs spread and straddled across Becca's lower mid-section. One hand tightly clamped around her neck, and his other hand cocked back about to swing slap her across the face. His moment of happiness was gone, he no longer wanted anything from his sister, at least not anything she could give him, except to hurt her. He swung, bringing all five fingers roughly across her face. He laughed as crunching glass underneath her no doubt was grinding into her back underneath their weight. He swung again and again, and once more. Each time yelling at her. After he felt that she had had enough, he got off and noticed that there was a blood on her back.

"Go take a shower. Now" He Ordered. He wasn't done with her, but for some odd reason he didn't want to watch her bleed either.
Maybe this was all starting to stop and he would be going back to the way he was. Moments later she was straddled again trying to struggle and get free from his grasp but he was so strong. She could not remember him being this strong before but he had to work out for the marines which she knew. When she was grabbed around the neck she started choking and trying to claw his hands away from it but nothing worked. When she saw him go to hit her she closed her eyes tightly hoping it was all a dream the tears slid down her cheeks again. She cried out in pain as best she could with restricted airway why hadn't she left when he was in the shower? When he was hitting her she could see her vision start to blurr and she was on the verge of passing out. Finally he let go and she turned to the side coughing trying to catch her breath again. Why was he doing this to her? Moments ago he was holding her and hugging her telling her she was sorry and now it was worse then before. When she finally caught her breath slowly she got up and headed for the door to the bathroom.
A sudden flash of bright, red light bolted into Jake's head. His hands were tingly and his face had gone numb. He had the strangest sensation that a giant weight over his head was about to fall. He could feel it teetering and swaying. It was connected to a thin rope that had many loose strands. He watched his sister walk into the shower and heard her turn the water on. He snapped, jumping off the bed and doing something the Jake before would never have done....

He busted in the door, hearing as the wood splintered against the hinge. He grabbed Becca by the hair and slammed her on the ground. He saw that she had her shirt off and was in just her bra, but he didn't take much notice as he cranked the water to cold and started ripping her clothes off. He then threw her into the shower by her hair, the cold water splashing on his arm, his eyes were not his own anymore. What was once her brother was now a vacant shell, what replaced him was a mean spirited monster. An animal bent on seeing Becca suffer.

" All those years.." Jake said in a low, harsh voice "All those years I was away.... I protected you, I loved you" Tears were forming at his eyes and his fists were clenched and white.
Finally some piece and relaxation something she had wanted in a long time since he came back. When she was thrown onto the ground she could not say anything her vision was white and he had trouble staying awake. Her head fell to the side then to the other side as she struggled to keep conscious. When he threw her clothes off what more could she do? She couldn't even respond her vision was blurry and she couldn't think straight. When the water hit her she started to wake up the shock of cold woke her up and she looked at her brother. When she saw the eyes of her brother she knew it was not him anymore. "Please stop Jake." She whispered her hand went to her head and she could see blood on it now from her head. She hit it so hard that she had cut it open she might have a concussion
Jake didn't listed to his sisters pleas. Jake didn't care that his sister was naked, crying and helpless at the bottom of the shower as he loomed over her. Jake didn't notice her screams as he cranked the water on and plugged the drain with his foot. Jake, in fact, was no longer Jake at all. He looked at her body. He could see why all the boys in high school had wanted her, the way her hips curved perfectly to her waist, the well endowed shape of her chest and the soft skin under her neck. Jake didn't turn the water off as it started filling the tub and threatened to drown her.

"You better apologize to me, you little bitch."
"I'm sorry please." She said trying to break free but nothing helped he was to strong for her and saw that his foot was covering the drain. Her vision still was blurry as she struggled to stay awake blood started to pool in the water. The water she could feel rising up over her legs now threatening to drown her. What if he didn't pull his foot away would she die and then he would have her death in his hands? She knew that her brother was gone and there was probably nothing she could do about it. All she wanted to do was have a nice warm shower but now he was threatening to kill her. Her own flesh and blood the brother she spent all of her life with and never fought with till now. Tears streamed down her face as the water was now up to her hips. The water was scalding her body turning it scarlet pink.
Jake watched, unmoved by her screams. He kept his foot firmly planted on her chest so she couldn't move. In his mind, she was a dirty bitch. A dirty bitch that needed a shower. He picked up a bottle of shampoo and squeezed it over her head.

"Wash your hair you dirty bitch."

The bathroom was like a sauna as the water began to fill up covering her naked body and rising up over her legs. Pretty soon, she was almost completely submerged. Thick steam rose from the bottom of the tub as Jake's boot was covered in water and the laces floated just above his sisters breasts. He moved the toe of his boot so it was at her neck, then he applied pressure.

"You're gonna be sorry, Becca. You're gonna be sorry you ever fucked with me."

Jake was definitely, at this moment, no longer her brother. His eye's were bloodshot and filled with anger and malice as her head went under the scalding water.
When she was submerged she tried to get out of the water now she was struggling because the water woke her up. Now the tears would not show on her face because it was completely submerged. She was not able to wash her hair because she had no oxygen and she could not do anything except struggle. Her eyes pleaded to let her out but they were unheard about two minutes later she went limp in the tub the struggles stopped. Her eyes were open and it looked like she had died her lungs were filled with water now.
Jake felt his sisters body thrashing under his booted foot. It was only when he noticed that the air bubbles had stopped rising from the water. He watched as her body went limp, then snapped out of his trance like state. Her body, naked and completely covered in water, was loose and lifeless. Jake quickly dragged her out of the water.

"Becca! BECCA!" He shook her, before getting down on his knees. In the army he had learned CPR, he just hopped it would work. He tilted his sisters head back and put his mouth to hers. He blew once, then waited, and did it again.

"Becca, wake up! I am sorry!"
Her eyes stared up at him when he pulled her out of the water now he had killed his sister. What would happen if he couldn't bring her back to life? What would he say to the police when he called them they would find out about the bruises on her stomach from being held down that she was killed. Her lungs were filled with air and the breath did not get fully into her lungs her chest rose only slightly not enough to bring her around. Her pulse was almost nonexistant.
Jake had never given CPR before, but he was trained. He stopped blowing air into her mouth, and frantically began pushing on her chest. He counted, one, two, three...all the way to seven before tilting Becca's head back and putting his mouth to hers, again trying to fill her lungs with air. HE body was limp and wet, once or twice during the process of giving mouth to mouth, his hands slipped and Jake was forced to brace himself clamping his knees on either side of her body.

"Please, Becca! Wake up."
Tears were close in his eyes, threatening at any moment to spill down his cheeks. He just wanted everything to go back to normal. Jake was, for the moment, himself again.
When he did the compressions that's when most of the water came out of her lungs and dribbled down beside her on the floor. This time her chest rose more easily but still water consumed her lungs that would come out soon. When he straddled her and started the second round of compressions is when she started coming to. Her eyes flickered and then she started coughing wanting to sit up but something was pushing on her and she couldn't move. Soon she realized her brother was ontop of her and that she was naked she wished she had a towel. The rest of the water from her lungs pooled on the floor.
Tears streamed down Jake's face now, but they were tears of relief. As Becca coughed up water, a rush of happiness flooded over him, more than the happiness he had felt when he got home. This was different, HE was different. Whatever had been plaguing him before, for the time being, seemed to be gone. He loved his sister, he wanted her to be happy. Her face was still slightly red from where he had slapped her and at that moment he felt very bad for his actions. Then he did something very strange, and very unexpected. He loved his sister so much, and as he leaned down, he wasn't sure what he was doing. For a moment he thought he would kiss her on the lips, but at the last minute gave her a small peck on the cheek. IT was a very awkward moment, her completely naked and him on top of her.

Jake stood and ran to get her a towel.

"Are you ok, can I do anything for you? I am sorry...I....I don't know what happened"

Jake was honestly confused, but at this moment he just wanted his sister to be ok.
When he leaned down to kiss her she pulled her head away and had tears in her eyes. When he brought her the towel she quickly put it on her feeling quite embarrassed how he saw her body naked. "You killed me." She said getting up and making sure her body was covered as best she could with her towel. She would never be able to forgive him for this for all the pain he had put her through the last day and a bit. Slowly she got up wanting to go get some clean clothes and get some water her throat burned and she wanted to get away from her brother.
"What's wrong, Becca? Can't you forgive me? Please come back, talk to me."

Jake was on his knees, water soaked the front of his pants and shirt, his face was twisted into a questioning grimace as his sister walked away. A terrible thought flashed through Jake's mind. What if she never forgave him for his horrid actions? What if she left, and he was forced to cope with being a damaged war vet alone? The thought almost brought on fresh tears, but he fought them back with determination as he rose o his feet and hurried after her.

"Ok, Becca. I am going down stairs, just come talk to me when you are ready."

He laid down on the couch in the living room and closed his eyes. All the rage was gone, and for the moment so were the horrible memories of death in Iraq.
"You killed me and hit me abused me. You think I should forgive you?" All she wanted to do was get away from her brother right now she probably would never forgive him for killing her. If he just abused her then maybe eventually she would be able to but he had killed her. Going into her room she shut the door and then went to the mirror in her bedroom. There were bruises already showing on her chest and neck and she would not able to go outside because people would ask questions. If they found out he would have to go to jail she did not want that to happen. Picking up a brush she started to slowly brush her hair since it was wet from the shower.
As Jake lay on the couch, staring at the ceiling, a sudden memory flooded his mind. It was of the war. He was covered in blood and beside a dying man, a friend, a fellow soldier. The man's screams were penetratingly loud and painful, echoing through the nights sky. They were surrounded by the enemy, and Jake didn't know what to do. He could either sit by and let his friend die or….

He awoke with a sudden start. The living room was still there and he could her his sister upstairs, his twin. HE wanted to go to her and hold her in his arms, but he thought he would let her come to him. For the moment he wasn't mad at her, but he feared that it would change sooner than later. HE felt at peace, for the moment, but not in control at all. As if there was someone else in his head working the emotion controls. He had killed her, but by some stroke of luck brought her back to life. He feared that if there was a nest time he may not be so lucky.
Right now she wanted nothing to do with her brother the physical pain he caused her was much more deep then the emotional. All she did for the next 20 minutes was stand in front of her mirror brushing her hair until it was soft and very straight. After trying to calm herself down by doing this she took off the towel and then put some real clothes on. Her brother saw her naked and she would never be able to forgive him for that either. Twins were not supposed to see one another naked except in the womb. When she changed she sat on the bed looking at the wall hoping he would not come in the room. She should really call the police and tell them what he had done but then he would be put in jail. That was probably the worst place to be when he was going through this.