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    ~Hidden between the worlds of the multiverse lies a world that sometimes haunts your dreams. Or your nightmares. Dark tents, colorful lights, strange and terrible things wait just for you. And now you're here. You don't know when. You don't know how. But one night you woke up, and the dream became reality. Now, with no way home, the only thing left to do is explore, and hope that you might one day awaken.

    Tur'skelu is a dark mystery/horror game. It's the first in a planned trilogy with the theme of "the space between time/worlds".

    Tur'skelu is in the space between spaces, and is not a place you can simply go to and fro from. With very few (AKA GM approved) exceptions, no one knows how or why they ended up here, and there's no known way to escape once you're there. It's like you wake up from a terrible dream, only to find out that the dream was reality.

    The horror is going to be a lot of psychologically based stuff, blurring the line between fantasy and reality, not as much gore and death. However, that doesn't mean your characters are immune to death. I don't plan on offing characters left and right, and I want deaths to be dramatic and plot relevant. I'm open to helping people come up with ideas and actively encourage them, as I will use your ideas to weave into a bigger, better plot.

    Godmodding will NOT be allowed. I will be playing NPCs and the universe itself trying to harm you, but there will ALWAYS be a chance for your character to react.

    NOTE: This is a multiversal setting that can potentially include the Iwaku World and its mythos. However, this is not strictly an Iwaku World rp, and such characters are not mandatory. FURTHERMORE, I'll emphasize that all characters are to have strength and weaknesses, and that none of the characters in question have large amounts of power. Being able to just kill PCs and NPCs and/or being immune to all of the various psychological horrors that the world has to offer WILL count as Godmodding.

    I am running on a three chance system. Once you have used up all three chances, you will be ejected from the game for someone else to take your place, and I will kill your character. Hopefully this will be a moot point, as I believe in the strong quality of Iwaku roleplayers.



    Position: (Visitor, Performer)
    Appearance: (Can be written or image. Realistic image or anime, doesn't really matter.)

    Feel free to withhold some information from the public profile and send it to me privately via PM.

  2. Can you give an example I can follow?
  3. Name: Shiruvu
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fennec Fox Lycan
    Position: Performer, dancer
    Human: [​IMG]
    Small, at 4'5, she's got a slight frame and covered in lean muscle.
    Animal: [​IMG]
    Even as a fox, she is half the size of a normal fennec
    Half: [​IMG]
    still at 4'5
    Personality: Shy and easily frightened, this little lycan is docile, and listens quietly to its handlers, afraid of what might happen if she goes against what they ask. On stage, though, she dances with conviction and strength. She's confident and sensual with attitude oozing from ever pore.
    Powers: Emotional manipulation. She can create an atmosphere of the emotion that she wants around her. It doesn't change personality or influence decisions, but it's enough to ease tension, or to cause an audience to be more interested in her performance.
    Strengths: Being able to keep positive throughout this whole experience, trying to search for silver lining.
    Weaknesses: Self-doubt and self-loathing, she blames herself for being here.
    History: In a world like Earth, there are many species, though, some have interbred species from other worlds, for exotic tastes to create interesting looking pets. Born into slavery, Shiruvu was treated as little more than a dog or a cat, though with.... other expectations as well. At the age of twelve, after serving her master for what had seemed like an eternity to her, she was offered a chance to go somewhere new, to join what she believed to be a safe place, where many different kinds of species lived- a safe haven. She jumped at the chance, without thinking, and ended up going from one master to another. She was expected to perform to earn her keep. She was expected to draw a crowd, to keep them captivated. If not.... well, the threat never needed to be said, she was too afraid to disobey or to try to do anything stupid, like run away. It was when she was fourteen that she realized her emotional abilities, and once they were realized by her handlers, she was given the ultimatum to ONLY use her powers for performance, and that if she ever tried to use them to escape, or disobey...
  4. This is something that keeps coming up, so I'll address it here and put it as a note in the OOC.

    Tur'skelu is in the space between spaces, and is not a place you can simply go to and fro from. With very few (AKA GM approved) exceptions, no one knows how or why they ended up here, and there's no known way to escape once you're there. It's like you wake up from a terrible dream, only to find out that the dream was reality.

    TK, your character is approved, as the background is vague enough to work. You don't have to change anything about it, and we'll discuss some of the other details via PM.

    @Satrina: What example are you looking for?
  5. Example of a Visitor Sheet...
  6. Basically the idea is that you're in the multiverse. That means your character can be from a sci-fi world, a fantasy world, whatever you feel like playing. As mentioned above, you don't really find Tur'skelu as it finds you. Most visitors report having vivid dreams of the place before one day simply waking up and being there. So your character woke up in a mysterious place with no memory of how they got there, and no proper escape visible. Anything is possible in the space between.

    Will be posting CS once I return from work and maybe study. *stares at Bio Sciences book*
  8. XDDDD Study hard, Selenite! I can't wait to see your Monster Girl, she sounds like a great character!
  9. Well, I changed my concept a bit, but here we go!

    Name: Arthur Wells

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human, though made up of different stuff.

    Position: Visitor


    Appearance: ( I don't usually use pictures but this one just seemed to fit so well)

    Arthur Wells is a four foot tall man, with proportions that are not at all humanely possible, yet are indeed human at the same time. His eyes are large yet serious, his face is filled with a bushy mustache that covers his mouth entirely. His eyebrows are equally bushy, covered by a large African hunter's hat. His body is built more like a child's, but bears muscle that is notably more fit for an adult. His gait is amusing, especially considering the large elephant gun he carries with him at all times. Arthur is almost always dressed in hunter's clothing, preferring tan khakis over anything more mundane.

    Personality: Arthur is a gruff, serious individual. Life is not about jokes, nor is about fun, and he is the type of person who gets things done and doesn't get distracted about any of it. This contrasts his very nature, as a cartoon character, he struggles with his identity as well as with a body he wishes he could get rid of. Nevertheless, Arthur does have a fun-loving side, and enjoys good tea whenever he can get the opportunity to drink it.

    Powers: Arthur, having come from a universe where the Earth is subjected to cartoon physics, shares some common cartoon powers. He can be crushed multiple times and re-inflate himself, as well as avoid certain mishaps by comically shape-shifting into other objects. His powers have limits, however. For example, his elephant gun, despite being lethal against the cartoon animals he hunts, will do nothing to a person. The bullets will comically scream when confronted with a human being or similar non-cartoon creature, and will proceed to fall on the ground and die. He is also subjected to things such as disease, and anything even remotely acidic, which melts his body away into its base colors.

    Strengths: Arthur is an accomplished big game hunter in his world, and as such is an expert marksman and tracker. He is also knowledgeable in the fields of zoology and taxidermy. Arthur also has a love for history and politics, but seldom enjoys talking about either. For his age, he is in decent shape, which is partially due to his cartoon nature.

    Weaknesses: Arthur has no sense of humor, and his body is vulnerable to anything acidic. Even lemons, oranges, or mistreated pool water will burn away at his skin and reduce him to a pool of swirling colors.

    History: Arthur Wells comes from an Earth where the world is based solely in cartoon physics. In this place, animals can talk, people live for thousands of years due to cartoon invulnerability, and the world is an overall wacky and crazed place. And in the midst of all this, Arthur found himself a hobby in hunting, and thoroughly enjoys it. In truth, he detests being a cartoon, and it has always been his secret desire to be more "normal" despite not exactly knowing what being normal actually entailed. He has been wishing forever for something, anything, to happen to him, to change his world. He had something coming for a long time now...
  10. Is this open to one more? If so, I'd like to reserve.
  11. Name: Elena Fairchild
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fairy
    Position: Visitor
    Appearance: Pale white skin, Ivory silver hair, aqua eyes, and sparkly wings
    Personality: She has a bubbly personality and likes fun! But when in time to be serious she is not the bubbly person but a different one. She is very attentive to details. Elena like studying people like how they act and what they say in order to find truth.
    Powers: Flying and making other things fly
    Strengths: Fast while flying and keeps a positive when things are going downhill.
    Weaknesses: Water, if it gets into her wings she can not fly until they are dry
    History: Elena comes from Earth, a planet with many species like vampires,humans, werewolves and other mythical creatures. Elena is a fairy girl that just turned of age and was celebrating her adulthood with a ball. In the fairy community, Elena was treated like a princess since her parents were rich and very prestigious. Elena did not like to sleep, reason being that she always had nasty terrifying nightmares. Even though she barely slept she always had a smile on her face at the beginning of each day. After all, she was the kind of person that won't let anything bring her down.
  12. Satrina and Hejin, you are APPROVED! I am very much enjoying the characters coming out so far! Now if I can just drag Zeon on long enough to make his... =P

    And Souless, you're the last person I'll let in, as I don't want things to get too big. I'll change the image, but feel free to make a character sheet! =D
  14. Name:
    Unknown (Rather impossible to keep track)
    All genders, male, female, in-between and alien, and at the same time none of them. (Goes by 'he' though, for simplicity's sake.)
    Dream Entity
    Demar can basically be summed up as extremely spontaneous. Because of the way he existed before, he's had no reason to put into use things that most people do every day. Concepts like morality, consequences of actions, lasting friendships or romances, even family are largely foreign to him. To deal with him is firstly understanding what he is and to go from there, for trying to treat him as a logical person just causes frustrations on both sides. Demar is unpredictable in all things, mostly because all that he is is really just an unorganized mess of pieces of dreams that have amassed to form an entity. More than once he suddenly forgets everything he knew before, including who he is. Though he doesn't usually show fear, one of his greater fears is of his own unpredictability, in which every relationship he has, every conversation he has had or ever will have is constantly put under the knife. For him, the past is a jumbled mess, the future can never be predicted, and the present can't be trusted. It's not uncommon to see him completely forget what he has just been told, or become unresponsive as he's forgotten his own name or how to hear or feel anything. He tends to be very clingy because of this and frequently gives plenty of physical contact (although this is unpleasant to a person, it tends to devolve into sensory overload). When he's not clinging to people he tends to run his hands, tendrils, etc on walls, furniture, just about anything.

    Usually, he comes off as a very selfish kind of person, who doesn't care about people's well beings. This is partially true and partially false. It is true in the sense that he has a tendency not to care about people unless he can use them as a source of food. However, this is also untrue in that he does form attachments, he just doesn't understand how to handle any relationship longer than an hour or so and his thoughts don't work in a reasonable enough manner to feel empathetic, then act on said empathy. This makes him difficult to be friends with, or do anything but find him unpleasant. He genuinely tries to be a good person but it is incompatible with his existence. It doesn't help that if this is presented to him, he tends to get frustrated with himself and others and throws a small tempter tantrum instead of logically figuring out what happened, why, and how to fix it. The worst bit about this is that if he ever does become rational, it's an indication that he is dying in some way. Logic to a being that exists on illogic is a poison, and to try and force him to be logical is also trying to kill him. He knows this, but he still tries to be logical enough to be a good person, balancing between reasonableness and unreasonableness, dying and living.
    Demar has a wide variety of small, nonsensical abilities. For one, his usual appearance is just easiest for him. He can change his texture, size and color to just about anything so long as he concentrates hard enough to do so. When it comes to this shapeshifting, there are general rules in this. Demar has a tendency to forget, or concentrate, so his natural spontaneity usually renders this shapeshifting is a fairly ineffective disguise. He also finds it difficult to condense himself into a smaller form for any length of time, though he can do it with extreme effort. The record has been the size of a few weeks old puppy, he's quite proud of being able to get so small. Getting bigger is somewhat easier, but his density is equal to the density of his general thoughts, so becoming less dense (getting bigger) renders him even more fragmented than usual.

    His main ability is what he can do with the mind. He can blur what people perceive as not-reality and reality. He can't, however, change reality, only a person's perception of what is real and not real. Mostly, this comes as temporary hallucinations, though usually not of sight but of touch so people feel sensations that don't exist, including pain of various kinds. He can afflict the other senses as well, though not as efficiently. At a greater effort he can induce certain concepts to people, such as paranoia or mistrust, or affection and a long-standing friendship with just about anything. Depending on a variety of factors (target's strength of mind, how compatible it is with their own natures, if they're distracted or concentrating, etc) this can prove to be extremely effective or completely useless. At its most extreme, Demar can imprint a 'memory' in a person, something they can remember as real as if they had really been there. However, the source of the memory is in fact a piece of Demar himself, so he is quite literally injuring or removing a chunk of himself for this process (it also requires quite a bit of energy, usually rendering him to a 'dying' state).

    It is quite important to note that at no point can he actually harm a person physically; Demar is incredibly weak in this regard. Should a person be a mental wall, he is reduced to being unable to do anything. These powers can also work against him, if they're ineffective than it's a straight giveaway that he's doing something to people's minds (something people don't usually approve of, especially without permission) even if there's little physical evidence to it. Many of the abilities use up what energy he has, so an excessive abuse of this quickly renders him from 'completely healthy' to 'dying'.
    Demar is extremely flexible and adaptive to just about any situation because of his history jumping from dream to dream regardless of relation or setting, completely new things don't seem to startle him and he can easily adapt around just about every situation. Being largely a nonphysical being, he's not affected by things like gravity and he doesn't feel pain when injured physically. He also knows a wide variety of subjects and trivia, although if he can remember what he knows is a completely different subject. Often he will have a sudden stroke of genius, followed by having completely forgotten everything he was being a genius about.
    Demar is at the very basic levels a being consisted of energy. Being tired is about the same as dying, and every time he uses his abilities he kills himself a bit. To regain this energy back, he has to feed on people's dreams. He also can't 'learn' like other people can learn, rather the closest thing he can do to learning is absorbing information into himself through a dream. When he's injured, what's being damaged isn't any real 'body' but the energy that he lives off of and is consisted of. He can't be 'healed' through traditional means, and he has no way to regenerate any injuries. The only thing he can do is consume dreams to regain energy and replace his wounds with something else. He also uses up energy just by existing, so he is extremely dependent on his only source of food which is the energy he can glean off of through dreams.
    Demar hails from the world of dreams and dreaming. He doesn't know anything outside his world where food is plentiful and nothing mattered. If you did anything wrong, you could simply hop to another dream. Your death meant nothing, your life meant nothing, the world never made any sense and everyone you meet you would probably never meet again. If he met any other dream entities, they served only as a source of competition for food. More than once he's murdered and eaten his kin in cold blood, and he knows to expect the same treatment if any other entities overpower him. It was eternal chaos. Time was impossible to tell in an environment where a moment lasts forever and forever passes in a moment. It wouldn't be too difficult to imagine that something, anything could happen to anybody, passing from dream to dream.

    EDIT: ...Oops, I'm sorry it's so long. Let me know if anything a problem or if this character won't work.
  15. Hm, this is a very interesting character you got there, Souless. It definitely fits with the emotional tone of the story, and I don't see anything immediately wrong with it. Feel free to send me a PM with some other ideas about where the character can possibly go with the story if you've got any. =D

    And yes, this is awesome! I think Selenite and Zeon are the only ones left to post character sheets, and then we will be on our way!
  16. Thankee Thankee, can't wait to get this show on the road.


    No pun intended.
  17. PHEEEEW!
    My CS now.
    Sorry I took so long. Was not sure about which beast she would transform into.

    Cerena / Carnelia

    Human / Carnotaurus

    Performer. She's the beast attraction of Tur'skelu.

    As a human, she's an auburn haired girl. She stands about 5'7, or 1.72 cm as you prefer. She's lean, but has a medium frame. Her skeletal structure is evident at points such as her hips, shoulders, clavicle, spine, etc, but she's not too slim to be considered unhealthy.

    As a beast, she's a carnotaur, standing at 8'2, or two and a half metres tall; from her head to the tail, she's about 6 metres something long, which translates as something around 20 feet. She's not fully grown as a carnotaur yet, but is mature enough.
    Carnotosaurus.jpg 18219630.jpg

    She is two beings combined in one. The human, Cerena, is calm and kind. She speaks softly, is somewhat shy, and a daydreamer. She is humble, open, sensitive and likes to help others in any way possible.

    The beast, Carnelia, is almost the exact opposite. She is aggressive, proud, arrogant and has a taste for rampaging.

    None other than being able to shift from Cerena, the human, to Carnelia, the carnotaur.

    The transformation is a conscious action. Cerena must concentrate and alow Carnelia to take over the control of her body. Same thing the other way around; Carnelia should willingly let Cerena take control over again for the transformation back to human to occur. But, if emotions hit her hard, the shapeshifting may happen without her/their control over it. If Cerena happens to feel angry about something, too angry, she will be taken over by Carnelia, and turn into the dinosaur. If Carnelia feels too sad and weak for whatever the reason, she won't be able to hold herself as a dinosaur and Cerena will return instead.

    As a human she's charming, and lovely. As a dinosaur, well, she's strong isn't she? A formidable beast.
    Same weaknesses as any human. Or dinosaur.

    She lived as a normal girl somewhere on Earth, until one day when she was about eight years old, awoke near Tur'skelu. She couldn't remember anything that had happened to her; nothing of her early childhood or her family or what she liked or disliked. Not even her real name. Not only that, but she also realized she was not alone anymore. She could never be. She started to hear voices in her mind... It was Carnelia, and soon Cerena understood they were both sharing the same body.
    She (or they?) were welcomed to join the people at the circus; they named the girl Cerena, and Carnelia to her monstruous counterpart. They grew up there, adopting the Tur'skelu performers as her own family.
  18. A dinosaur shapeshifter....

    *SCHOOL GIRL SQUEE* Oh I am loving this group of characters. Truly, this will be epic!

    Zeon has the day off from work today, so I'll badger him about making his sheet before I head out to work. Also got a short work shift today, so when I get home, I shall begin the process of writing the intro!
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    Thread is getting started, yay!

    I was not sure you would be happy with the dino. I searched for many things, but could not find any suitable beast for her. Some sort of behemoth might have been the closest. But I did not like what I found. Dinosaur was way better!

    Also. Got to edit that CS. I forgot some little details.