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  1. Ok, here's the gist. A group of friends go to an abandoned town for a two-week-long post-apocalyptic survival RP, with the town set up in advance to resemble something like everyone evacuated without packing much. They brought real guns and ammo, survival gear, post-apoc outfits, apocalypse-ready bug-out bags full of supplies, got walkie-talkies, turned off their cellphones, the whole shebang. For those two weeks, the world had ended, and they were trying to survive.

    But little did they know, the world was ending around them. Soon, the chaos would reach them, and the game would become reality.

    • Usual Iwaku Rules
    • No godmodding or metagaming
    • If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask!

    CS Skeleton:
    [if picture appearance, it goes here]
    [if description appearance or special details, it goes here]
    Class Skills:
    LARP Character History:

    My Character
    Archer Phillips
    Age: 26
    Rifle (open)
    AR7 Survival Scoped.JPG AR7 Survival Rifle.jpg

    Pistol (open)
    Bladed pistol.jpg

    Tertiary: Bow (seen above)
    Melee: Axe
    Strengths: Beginner parkour, Marksman experience, firestarting, cooking
    Weaknesses: Not a leader type, stubborn, allergies,
    Class Skills: Lock picking, stealth, ranged, silent steps
    Gear: Tactical Messenger Bag, fire starting materials, lock picking set, long-term storage food, extra clothes, rifle ammunition, arrows, tin foil, deconstruction tool, binoculars, walkie-talkie for communication
    LARP Character History: Archer knew that, eventually, the world was going to end. All the signs pointed to it being within the decade. He prepared for months, had everything planned out, from rations, to scavenging, defense plans, escape routes. The one thing he didn't count on was where he'd be when it hit. A delivery boy for the local pizza place, he was out making deliveries when the first riot broke out in his town. After that was quelled, people were making a mad dash to prepare, to gather last-minute supplies. But archer remained calm, he was already prepared for almost anything that could happen. He went home, and waited out the next few weeks as more riots began to spring up over food and supplies. And then the one thing he could have never seen coming happened- he helped someone, and that someone turned out to be leading a group of raiders. They took most of his supplies, but he still had some gear and enough supplies for about a week. He had to keep moving, though, to find more food, water, and safe shelter. Eventually, he and a few other wandering survivors formed a group of their own. They had just found an abandoned town to rest in. And so, our story begins...
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  2. This is an awesome idea :D count me reserved!
  3. Ohh. The only problem I have is with weapons. I'm bad at those.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Class: Sniper
    Primary: Sniper Rifle
    Sniper Rifle (open)

    Secondary: Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle (open)


    Tertiary: N/A as gear is heavy already
    Melee: A small switch blade
    Strengths: Has worn glasses that zoom things in that his eyes naturally followed suit and stay zoomed in. Can hear things pretty decently as well.
    Weaknesses: Having zoomed in vision, he has trouble seeing things that are right in front of him as they are too big.
    Class Skills: Focus- tune everything out for some time to help his shooting.
    Gear: A backpack that has many pouches, however due to a mishap on the way to his target location, he lost all of his contents.
    Backpack (open)

    LARP Character History: Seth was a teenager who lived in the country, hunting the local wildlife with his father, before his father passed away, he inherited his dad's rifle, which he uses still to this day. He heard of a small school where he can learn about the wildlife and survival tactics, where he pays the fees after a few years of saving up.
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  5. Not quite something that I would put a character in for, but I am more than willing to read and offer a few screwball mishaps to happen along the way~!
  6. That would be much appreciated. ^^
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  7. LARP Character History:
    Bad at using them. Not a really violence fan. Good for apocalyptic but for me not enough people are alive so no need to kill off more.

    Oh and for a weapon does it have to be a gun? I would prefer a more silent weapon if I do. A crowbar perhaps maybe a gun In case of emergencies.
  8. @DixeyRay
    Guns aren't necessarily for killing people, y'know. Guns are very useful for hunting animals for food. As for silent weapons, read my CS in the first post. He has a bow, and there's an entire slot for melee weaponry, so, yes, there are more silent weapons, and no, it does not have to be a gun.

    If you want to use a gun and keep quiet, however, silencers exist for specifically what the name implies.
  9. ** though silencers are not completely silent.
  10. No, but they help. Better than not having one.
  11. very true, captain, very true indeed
  12. Doing this tell me if you think something needs changing.
    5"7, 103 pounds

    Name: Rose Drake

    Age: 20

    Class: scavenger

    Primary: Metal Crowbar

    Secondary: Pistol (slienced) with twenty shots left.

    Tertiary: Two throwing knives located in special pockets in her boot.

    Melee: Small dagger that sits in her boot.

    Strengths: Nimbleness, Gathering, Fire starting, not being seen

    Weaknesses: she hates very loud noises so she tries her best not to be near them. Doing this causes her to leave the group often sometimes getting lost. Also in total is emotionally damaged which sometimes also causes her to run off.

    Class skills: Climbing, Foraging, Hiding

    Gear: She doesn't carry much on her other than a few things she needs including:
    • A rolled up sleeping bag, barely insulated ( carried separate/ over her shoulder.
    • A makeshift medical kit ( in one of the back packs pockets).that has bandages, disinfectant and a few other things.
    • A good sized backpack that has a pocket that holds the medic supplies she has and other pockets for other things.
    • Two changes of clothes( spring/summer and fall/winter clothing. ), hair brush, bobypins
    • Pouches that hold berries and other types of food she has on her.
    • Canteen that holds about as much as a plastic water bottle maybe a bit more.
    • A jacket good for fall winter and spring.
    • She sometimes brings with her a plant identification book. It's small enough to fit in a small slot in the bottom of her backpack and has most of the types of poisonous plants in it.
    • I will add to this list as she gets things.
    All of these things except the sleeping bag fit in her backpack.

    L.A.R.P backstory: Rose always had it in her head that something bad would happen if she wasn't prepared. So she prepared, zombie apocalypse not really possible, other types definitely prepared. So Rose always carried her backpack and sleeping bag with her. Most of the time her sleeping bag could fit in the backpack but that was when she was in school and still had stuff to carry that didn't matter to much.

    She signed up for this group hoping to sharpen her skills but one night the person who was supposed to stay up and watch for intruders fell asleep letting a raider get in. Rose woke up when she heard her friends muffled scream. She was to late her friend was stabbed and before she thought twice she started to hit the raider over and over again with a crowbar she found next to her. She beat him until she was pulled away from the bleeding body. Scared and lonely she wandered away from them finding a new group after that. The crowbar is her main weapon and the blood had turned into a stain for the length of it.

    Lol I'm bad at these things so anyway.
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  13. One problem. I don't think a dagger counts as a "ranged" in any respect, and the field is "tertiary," meaning "third." You don't even have to have a third, and dual daggers can go in the melee section. As for class, I think "scavenger" would be best suited. Collects fruits, veggies, and various useful odds and ends around the area. Her quiet nature would help her go unnoticed by bandits as she did so.
  14. Sorry copy and paste hates me so I will change that though you can throw knives and hit moving targets, A neck hit is very deadly. Not sure what a good stealthy tertiary weapon would be.
  15. You're talking about throwing knives. Separate from daggers. While throwing knives are usually double edged, they are more balanced and better for throwing. A dagger (usually) has a double edged blade, and is made more for stabbing than for cutting or throwing. OF course, with time and practice, one can throw just about any bladed weapon, but it's easier if said weapon is balanced well enough for consistency and accuracy during longer flights.

  16. I'm bad at weapons as I told you but I might as well use a throwing knife. And I updated my CS again so that it fixes what you told me.
  17. It's no problem, not everybody likes to fight. As for your character, accepted!

    IC thread will be posted later today.
  18. Yay so we're are we starting. Like in a building? exploring? Setting up camp?

    Oh and for my posts I like posting like this:

    Month date, year, time, were are they.
    Post goes under.
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