Troublemakers (School Roleplay with a Twist!)

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  1. Original thread started by BubbleTea, she has not returned since posting it and we were in love with her idea, so we decided to move forth with it. Should she return, discussion will follow. I take no credit for this idea or the quote below.
    "The Story: This boarding school was created as an experiment. It enrolls two types of students: the perfect honor roll students who always raise their hand and the obnoxious gum-smacking troublemaker that blurts out inappropriate comments the entire class period. Roosevelt Boarding School only accepts the best students and the worst. Why do students even choose to come here? For the deal. The good students are offered scholarships and any financial support needed for them to go onto college...under one condition: students must tutor and room with the educationally-challenged teenage criminals until Graduation Day. What's in it for the troublemakers? They get a clean slate, and every single bad thing on their records get burned IF they make nothing below a C in any class and as long as they don't drop out." -BubbleTea
    The Students...

    (SilverJae) Violet Acer, 16, Delinquent
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    (tutored by Ambridge Decker)

    (Imagination) Ambridge Decker, 16, Scholar
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    (tutoring Violet Acer)

    (Kuro) Blair Iver, 17, Scholar
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    (tutoring Robin Butler)
    (Vacyr) Robin Butler, 17, Delinquent
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    (tutored by Blair Iver)

    (Tweetheart) Brooklynn Meile, almost 17, Scholar
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    (tutoring Trent Holt)

    (HoldMeCloser) Trent Holt, 17, Delinquent
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    (tutored by Brooklynn Meile)

    Rooming: Violet + Ambridge and
    Blair + Brooke and Robin + Trent
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  2. Violet pulled the hood of her jacket up over her head as she stepped silently out of her dorm. It was her first night on campus and she always got up early, habit. She walked down the halls, humming the tune to the song that was playing through her headphones. She stayed very quiet as not to bring anyone else out of their dorms.
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  3. Creak.
    Thud thud.

    Ambridge yawned, pulling the creme-colored comforter that was piled around her in a fortress against the chilly dorm air up around her neck. Daintily opening her eyes, she noticed that her roommate was gone and had left a sprawling pool of blankets on the wooden floor beside her bed. She hadn't had a chance to formally introduce herself, and found it unnerving that she wouldn't get to greet her this morning, either. She knew that her name was Violet, she also knew that she'd be tutoring her, which told Ambridge that Violet was what the school administration called a "delinquent."

    Sighing, Ambridge threw aside her blanket fortress and rolled out of bed. She pulled off her t-shirt and instead put on a cozy blue sweater and her favorite pair of light jeans and her converse. She padded down the hall to the bathroom and flipped on the fluorescent lights. She screeched softly at the unexpected brightness and let her eyes adjust, blinking rapidly. In the mirror, a rumpled-looking red-head stared at her, face puffy and eyes dreamy. After carefully washing and scrubbing her face, applying eye makeup, quickly brushing her teeth and curling her hair into downy, loose waves that tumbled over her shoulders, she was ready to begin her first day at this experimental high-school.
  4. Violet stopped at the end of the hall. She had no idea on how to get around the school, but she didn't care. She started down the stairs, making it to the study room below the dorms. She looked around at the various desks and tables and situated herself by one of the windows, still humming as she watched the sunrise.
  5. As Ambridge headed back to her dorm, she glanced out the window at the end of the hall and noticed the sky was a milky pink and the orange leaves were back-lit by a rising sun. She paused to soak up a few minutes of the radiant view before shutting herself back in the dorm. Ambridge turned on her phone, waiting for the familiar bzzt bzzt! before checking the time since she hadn't yet set up her alarm clock.
    I still have a few hours till my first class. Ambridge thought, double checking her schedule, which was printed on luminescent yellow paper.

    She bundled her laptop up in a squishy, padded case before inserting it into her forest-green satchel among her textbooks and notebooks. Shouldering the bag, Ambridge headed out the door to hit the study room. It never hurt to look over the course guide or begin reading the textbooks.

    After getting lost twice, Ambridge finally located the study room. The room was quiet and smelled of freshly printed books, large windows perforated the walls with light, and tables dotted the room. Ambridge noticed a blond head sitting by one of the windows, her face illuminated by the morning sun. It wasn't until she was pulling up a chair across from her that Ambridge noticed it was her roommate.

    "Hey, I'm Ambridge. You're Violet, right?"
  6. Violet quit humming and turned to face the girl that had sat across from her. "Yes." She answered, taking one headphone out to show she was at least partially listening. "Do you like to watch the sunrise?"
  7. Ambridge smiled at Violet.
    "I guess I've never really gotten up early enough to see it," She admitted, turning her gaze to the window. "But it's gorgeous."
    She propped her chin up on her wrist and watched as the sky cascaded through a range of warms colors.
    "What about you?" She asked, looking back at Violet.
  8. Violet nodded, turning her attention back to the sky. "It's my favorite time of day." She said. A few birds hopped along outside on the grounds and the wind lazily drifted by, tickling the branches of the trees.
  9. "I can see why.." Ambridge sighed softly. The two girls sat in silence, barely noticing as the sky faded to a crisp, Autumn blue. Slowly, Ambridge slid her sleek laptop out from inside her satchel. The soft sound of fabric against metal grazed her ears, and she gently placed it on the table. She turned the volume down before turning the device on, hoping to not disrupt the surreal peace that enveloped the pair. She quickly opened up her favorite word processor and jotted a few notes about the sunrise. As the daughter of an author, she was taught to always remember the details and small but miraculous moments in life. She flexed her fingers across the keyboard, admiring the poise and agility they had when it came to writing on a computer. If only that natural grace had been distributed through her entire body.
    She looked over the top of her laptop at Violet.
    "Sorry about that, I.. I just wanted to remember this little moment." She murmured, a smile flickering through her eyes. She saved the document and powered down her laptop, shoving it back into it's protective padding.
  10. Violet shrugged. "No problem." She kept her gaze on the scene outside, letting her mind drift from one thing to another like the lazy wind outside.
  11. After a few more minutes of peace, Ambridge broke the silence once again.
    "So, according to these orientation sheets, I'll be tutoring you this year." Ambridge said slowly. She was unsure how the girl would react, she seemed completely nice, but there had to be a reason she was considered a delinquent.
  12. Violet clicked her tongue. "Good luck teaching me." She said, still looking out the window. She didn't care who tried to teach her, she was going to keep her habits.
  13. Ambridge shot her a tight smile, drumming her fingertips on the oak table in an awkward manner.
    "Hey, it'll be fun." She finally said, pulling out her wallet. "Want to get a latte or something? I heard there was a cafe in the campus food court, there's still a little time before class starts. My treat!" Ambridge stood up and pushed her chair in, all while slinging her satchel over her shoulder. Whether Violet accepted her offer or not, she needed some caffeine before first period, and was ready to hunt some down.
  14. Violet shrugged at the thought of fun. "Umm.. Okay." She mumbled when Ambridge mentioned a latte. She stood up, adjusting the volume for her one headphone as she followed Ambridge.
  15. Ambridge led Violet through the campus until they finally arrived at the food court. The room was abuzz with noise, a perfect parallel to the silence they'd been basking in only minutes earlier. Ambridge spotted the cafe, a cute little booth tucked away behind a (closed) pizza place. She ordered two triple latte's with extra foam and tipped well, handing one of the small cups to Violet and taking a small sip out of the other so she didn't burn her tongue.
    "Mmm.." Ambridge sighed, inhaling the warm smell of java.
  16. Violet had turned up the volume on her music to compensate against the noise. She accepted the cup and stared at it until it cooled enough to not burn her too bad. She took a small sip and smiled a little. "Thanks." she said to Ambridge. This was something she didn't do very often if at all, smile and have manners.
  17. In that moment when the new sun comes rising above the dark horizon and ridding the world of its twilight, Robin sleeps soundlessly. He is as silent as a killer and as content as a cat. With keeping his alarm clock on his pillow, he is sure to wake up or else the man would sleep forever. The gift of waking up and falling back to sleep naturally is a precious gift from his father. One that he wouldn't sell for the all the world's gold. It's great to be able to doze off in class, wake up, perhaps even answer a question or two, before falling back asleep.

    That dreaded alarm of his starts blaring, his hand coming out from underneath his dark blue sheets to tap the snooze button. One eye opens and then the other one as he stares up at the bleak ceiling. A sigh escapes him, a schedule once again controlling his life. Pushing the covers away from him, he dresses in sweatpants and one of his old football jerseys. It's stained with grass and dirt marks but smells as fresh as the detergent lets it. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Robin nearly trips over Trent's suitcase as he moves to exit the room. "Dammit, man," Robin grumbles, steadying himself against the wall before taking his key and leaving the room.

    Meandering his way through the brick building, Robin hardly notices the rest of the dorm starting to stir. Doors click open and tired footsteps shuffle out and head for the bathrooms and showers. But by the time the shower heads start to rain down on the different aged boys, Robin is already making his way through the Commons area, or the food court, to the track. A morning run is what he needs, giving him just enough time to get back to his dorm, wash up, dress, and get to class.
  18. Attending class is something on the must do list for Trent however getting up any earlier than necessary is not. An alarm set for 20 minutes before class is due to start, a strict routine that conserves energy effectively, getting up and going to wash up quickly, coming back to the room to get dressed and grab his bag, and then walk to class. A finely tuned process that was planned in advance for his first until his last day of being here.
    *Trent stirred as Robin makes a ruckus in their room.*
    As a heavy sleeper it takes a very specific annoying alarm to get him up every morning, and anything short of pain or water just wont succeed.
  19. Violet finished the latte and put the styrofoam cup in the trash. She remembered she'd left her bag in their dorm. "I've got to get my bag." She said to Ambridge and started back towards their dorm, opening the door with her key. She picked up the black and navy backpack easily off the floor. It held her textbooks for the day, a drawing pad, pencils, and several empty pockets. She closed and locked the door as she left and watched as several students passed by on their way to the commons room. She decided to go to class, considering there wasn't too much time before it starts. At least there won't be too many people. She thought to herself as she started towards her first class. She didn't like crowds, but she didn't like class either. She was between a rock and a hard place, so she chose the hard place.
  20. Running back to the room, Robin makes a shortcut through one of the academic buildings. Stopping at one of the doors, he pushes his short brown hair back, causing it to half spike up above his widows peak. Pushing the door aside, he almost is surprised when he sees the mass of students waiting on either side of the hallway, waiting for class to begin. Many different grades, heights, weights, and shades of people, glance at him as he passes. Not having a watch on him, he looks up and around, finding no clock.

    Hardly looking at the person standing to his right, he asks, "Hey, do you know the time?" His eyes are still looking around for some sort of clock but it seems his fatigue from running is making him blind to the one right across the hall above his own head. Breathing out as normally as he can, the chest of his heaving in and out, Robin wipes the sweat from his brow and wipes it on his sweatpants. Hopefully he will have enough time to take a shower and change but the way things are looking, he might have to just spray some OldSpice on himself and dab his body with a wet washcloth. Chuckling at the thought of it all, he finally looks to the girl or boy he asked for the time.
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