Traceurs : A Dystopian Parkour Adventure

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Have you ever freeran or traced?

  1. Dude, it's my sport of choice!

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  2. It's a fun free time activity...

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  3. Does jumping onto something and yelling "Parkour" count?

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  4. Never.

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    Two Gangs. One City. Countless Struggles.


    It's year 2045. The war ravaged Earth is only just starting to heal from a decade of annihilation and despair. A new generation is taking control as a delicate peace settles among the people left. One city in particular has a budding population and a regime of sorts.

    ..Belle City..
    Named after the large bell in the center of the burghal.
    The people of Belle live mostly in makeshift homes of cardboard, wood, stone, and other easy to find/carry resources. Those with more leverage or higher ranks live in the abandoned buildings.


    Two gangs rule Belle City through a system of operant conditioning. They each lead a group of people in surviving the hardships of regaining civilization. Both gangs are skilled in Parkour and use it in their daily lives and struggle for life. It's used for scouting, transporting supplies, spying, and many other necessary activities.
    Parkour is also a form of entertainment and competition for the gangs and their people. The Archangels and Hell Hounds gather for contests and exhibitions.

    The Archangels

    Largely made up of independents, the Archangels are competitive and individualist. They refer to each other as their flock. Duties are handed out based on skill and strength. The more a member proves themselves, the higher they rise in rank. The most valued traits of the Archangels are courage, vigor, and power.

    The Hell Hounds

    Extremely close knit, they refer to other members as packmates and function more like a family. Each packmate has a responsibility that they must complete. The hardworking and dedicated members rise to higher ranks and are allowed more freedoms. The most valued traits of the Hell Hounds are loyalty, dutifulness, and tolerance.

    ..Rankings & Positions..
    (color = Archangels) (color = Hell Hounds)

    Leader - Seraphim - Alpha
    Deputy - Cherubim - Beta
    Enforcers (4) - Virtues - Leviathons
    Scouts (7) - Wheels - Ascaroths

    Transporters (7) - Ophanims - Fates
    Grunts (∞) - Angels - Hounds

    If you have any suggestions, questions, and/or comments- please fire away!

    ~I hope to see some interest~

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  2. I would love to have the Alpha character. We need a badass female~
  3. So, you're interested?! :D I totally agree.
  4. Yes, yes I am~
  5. Awesome. Hopefully some others will pop up! Otherwise I'll have to put it on the backburner. :cry:
  6. I'm interested as well! I'd like to reserve a cherubim, if possible.
  7. Glad to hear it! Done. :glassesslip:
  8. This seems interesting, I'm in =)
  9. Awesome. :slaphappy:

    Okay everyone, I'll be putting up the signups/plot discussion in the next couple of days!
  10. If it's possible to have more than one character, I'd go for a Wheel and an Ascaroth. If not, just a Wheel will do.
  11. That's definitely possible. The positions are both all yours. :)
  12. Sweeeeeeeeet
  13. Any chance Beta is taken? I wouldn't mind making one C: Along with a Seraph
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  14. Interested! I wouldn't mind being Seraphim if that hasn't already been taken.
  15. If possible, can I have two Leviathons? I feel like there should be some twin action going on.....
  16. Looks like I'm an hour or two too later for the Seraphim spot.

    Might make an Angel.
  17. i'm interested - though i am wondering if these are just humans with mythological titles or if they are suppose to be the real deal. if human, i would like to take a virtue.
  18. Interest piqued. I'll buy into this.

    Might go with a Leviathan or an Ascaroth.
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  19. My interest is definitely in, on this one.

    Might make a Leviathan or an Ascaroth.
  20. Funny. I made a parkour based RP a couple months ago (It's still alive, almost dead but I won't leave it die). Anyway, good luck with this, I hope you have more than me.

    I may join in the future.

    @Daws Combine weren't you in my RP but suddenly disappeared?
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