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  1. Hi! I am Toxic Princess, and need people to roleplay with. Some things you need to know about me....
    I reply about the same amount I am given.
    I play females, only.
    I like to do smut, but it's okay if you don't.
    I can do general talk to me about things, let me know.
    I am very outgoing and love becoming your friend.
    I am currently on break from college life, but once it starts up I'll let you know my schedule.
    I love talking to people, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I really do, so I mean I won't bite if you say hi. ( WAIT... I might bite... but it's a good type of bite ;p).
    stars are my currently craving


    Please don't start a roleplay with me to just ditch me. I really get offended that I do something wrong and it makes me worried about what I had done wrong. It also gets very annoying because I like long lasting partners.
    I post about as much as you give me. I don't like one liners. Please have it be about two paragraphs or longer, but never novel-like. Novel-like posts scare me and will delay me from replying and even dropping the roleplay.
    I like to actually get to know people that I am roleplaying with, so please don't just not talk to me because we can bounce new ideas, be friends, and actually let each other know how our schedule is going. Just talk to me, don't be afraid of me, even though I bite ( not hard I promise).
    I like doing smut, but it can be added to the plot. I will only do smut when my partner is over the age of 18, or the age of.

    Prince x Princess
    Teacher x student
    Gang x Innocent girl
    Popular x New
    Popular x Popular
    Popular x Nerd/outcast
    step brother x Stepsister*
    Stepfather x Step Daughter
    bestfriends sister
    model x photographer
    model x singer
    singer x dancer
    Male Stripper x Wannabe Stripper
    Stripper x
    Daily Bar Visitor
    Fan x Singer
    x Bestfriend
    Brother's Bestfriend
    Bestfriend's brother
    Police Officer x Prostitute
    Police Officer x Innocent Girl with bad crowd
    Band of guys x dancers
    Flight attendant
    x customer
    Prince x Maid
    Master x Slave
    x Kidnapper
    Farmer's Daughter x Helping Hand
    City Girl x Farmer
    Shy/Talented Person x Agent

    Race Pairings
    Demon x Demon
    vampire x human*
    demon x human
    angel x
    angel x human

    angel x angel*
    x vampire
    neko x human
    neko x neko
    x demon
    neko x vampire
    witch x vampire*
    witch x wizard
    witch x neko
    witch x demon
    neko x wizard
    Mermaid x Human

    High School Based (open)

    Muse A saves Muse B during the summer, they get to know each other, and start to grow really close until they only get to see each other not so often and soon they both realize their stance and Muse B is getting abused at home, and so Muse A comes in to help her after noticing herself getting worse and worse each day when school starts. (Muse A being a teacher and Muse B being a student).

    This high school is different?
    In this High School a popular vampire guy meets a new girl and this girl is the only human in the school. They find out that they are roommates for the dorms and she is confused about why she is in this school. She doesn't know why the classes are at night which she falls asleep in them because she is really tired. The popular guy starts to like the girl and realizes the scent of the new girl is rare. She has rare blood.

    *Creative Title to be thought of*
    A girl has to go to this rich school, she is the poorest one in school, she stumbles on this group and they tell her she has to listen to them, and has no way out of it, since she is poor, she doesn't know what to do. What if she falls in love with the 'king' of the group?

    Twisted Family Matters
    High School Based (open)

    Girl: You were the sweetest girl in school, but then your mother gets married. But soon after she 'accidentally' killed herself with a knife. You know the truth that your mother was murdered, maybe someone was ordered to kill her, but now you only have no one in the world. Your step brother seems to be all nice, only at first and when you kiss him the first time, you now get abused by him and you are terrified.
    Guy: You are the rich person, you are {girl's} soon to be step brother. You are a cold hearted person, you were raised to have the upper hand, the women listen to you. But when you have to kill her mother, you have no one thought of this being horrible. But now your step sister is clinging onto you more, so you have a plan, be nice first then be your true self. You start to beat her and abuse her anyway you can. You don't have no bad thought of this.

    You Aren't Alone
    Girl: You were the popular one, loved by everyone. But inside your family, your step father abused you after your mother died, even your older step brother abuses you... You feel alone, but your bestfriends ( 2) are the only ones who knows what goes on. They seem like they care.. Your best-friend always tells you to come bump at their place when something goes wrong, well that's now coming into a habit.. Every night.. You feel bad.. But you start to feel for him. You found the feelings you had ever since you knew him. Will you be able to be his girlfriend? But what if you find out that you are pregnant with the step brother's child.
    Guy: You were the popular jock, since you loved sports. You are in the guys soccer team, you have a blast, making sure your best-friend who you like is there. Which she is always there to get away. You told her to come to your place anytime when her step father or step brother hits her. You feel bad, you always liked her, but seeing how horrible they got towards her make you angry. But you tell her to actually stay with them, to never go back to that house, you get stuff for her. When she comes running to you, telling that her step brother got her pregnant.. You want to be the father. How will you tell her? Or will you ever?

    This Is All An Act, Right?
    {Girl} and {boy} have been best friends since birth. They both had that instant click of having oh so much in common. As the years progressed and they found and lost love, one of them developed feelings for one another, and that one was {girl}. She was tired of watching him chase after fake bimbos and getting heartbroken after. Except, the one night she was going to kiss him, he confesses that his girlfriend cheated on broke up with him, as well as proposing the idea of fake dating to get her back. {Girl} is shattered but agrees which she knew would make him happy, but now as they have to continue their fake dating with kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. Will {boy} realize what he's been missing out on or will {girl} come clean once and for all?

    Looks Do Matter In This World
    {Boy} is the "jock" and {girl} is the "nerd" of the grade. His friends all teased her for her appearance, since she had glasses. On the first day of her sophomore year, she comes back to the school, completely 'revamped.' She no longer has glasses anymore, wearing contacts, and as soon as she steps foot into the school, the guys are all over her, unable to believe she's the same {girl} from the year before. {Boy} then approaches her and finds himself attracted to her, even though he used to be for as long as he's known her...He was just afraid to admit it.

    I had to suffer, So Do You
    She was always seen by him as the cute little sister, just another one of the boys almost. He was always careful to include her to the point that he talked about the girls he liked, and how far he got with them. He didn't know it killed her inside. She has a massive crush on him. Eventually, she decides to do something about it, and comes back from the summer holiday all made up and in short skirts. Definitely a girl. He can't believe his eyes. Suddenly everything's changed. He can't talk to her about girls, because she's the girl he wants. She enjoys teasing him with it.

    I Always Loved You
    Girl and boy have been best friend's ever since they were little, and for most of that time girl was dating another boy. Boy hated everything about him; he treated girl like she was his property, always bossing her around and being a jerk. The day that he broke up with girl, boy was furious and girl was heartbroken. So, to make her feel better, boy takes her out for the day, on a trip to his lake house. That night he admits that he's in love with her. Will she feel the same or will she not be over the breakup?

    The Horrible Secret
    This girl's mother is getting married. Nice to the mother but horrible to the daughter. she wants to run away because of this man. she is afraid to run away. But..when her mother dies, She sees it, he killed her. Now her step father is hurting her more and having his way with her. At school, she is scared and doesn't want to say anything. Her best friend knows there is something wrong but tries to get it out of her.He cares for her, and the girl has a crush on her best friend. And the guy is crushing on her hard. Will they be a couple? what will happen, will she tell her friend and will he tell her to come live with him??

    It's Our Lives
    This guy is madly in love with his best friend, he tells her and her father doesn't like him cause he thinks he will break her heart ( since he is a bad boy. ) Well they date without telling the father, but they keep getting deeper in love, like to the point he wants to live forever with her. Well one day, when they are hanging out on the lawn, Her father finds out about them and hates this. So He makes his daughter locked in her room and she goes through her window to run away to him.

    Summer Love
    A girl is going to move to France, So she goes to the beach everyday she meets this guy but when she almost drowns he saves her they start to talk. In school he is the popular guy so he can be cool and all. But he is really nice. She ends up not having to go. So she is the new girl at a high school meeting these girls after this prep rally they bring her to this car where the guy is. Finding the self that he is in high school she hates him but now. She doesnt want nothing to do with him when he does, but that was when he was with his friends. He truly loves her. What will happen?

    This is life
    Maybe like a best friend saves his friend from being raped but it's too late she was raped he feels bad for her and wants to take her in his house since she has a bad home, His mom thinks she is a w**** until she tells the story. The friend that got raped she doesn't know how to think of this. It got her pregnant and she has been falling for her best friend. But his mother secretly tells their lawyer which tries to figure out who did this to her. Will love happen between these two? Will she have the baby?​

    Angel Based (open)
    [ unknown title. ]
    A guy sees a girl trying to commit suicide, he goes to her trying to help her.when he helps her he takes her to his house and helping her get out of the depression she is in. Then he offers her to stay at his house. When she is realize that he is helping her, she never had any one help her before so she allows him to help her.
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  2. If you don't mind a slower posting rate (my time online varies, since I work most days) and fade-to-black/vague description, we could brainstorm something for a long-term RP. I generally prefer medieval-esque fantasy, but can also do modern fantasy, or some mixture of the two. If you're interested, we can take the discussion to PM, otherwise I understand!
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  3. I'll PM You!
  4. Hello your highness I am wondering if you maybe interested in doing a wasteland apocalypse roleplay. It's a concept I have been looking to try for a while. It's essentially takes place long after a great catastrophe. Cities are in ruins and humanity is slowly recovering. There are villages scattered across the world. Cities are still dangerous to go in. Mutants, zombies, bandits, cults, and other hardships plague humanity. I would take the role of a scavenger who wanders into your village and naturally nobody trusts me. We can go from there.
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  5. Hello Zadok,

    I never done one of those and I am willing to try it out. PM me the details? I think that would be a lovely concept of an idea and I am excited to try.
  6. Well hello there (:

    Intro is really well done , I like it it , well I have been away for a while and recently got back and I am looking for cool and friendly plus long term rp partners and you seem like . A good person to chill with and rp .

    I like your pairings I can already think of some sweet and grand ideas for some of them .

    Well anyways if your still looking for rp buds pm me or tell me here and I'll pm ya.
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  7. I'm interested in some fantasy plot. If you like my resume, send a PM
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  8. raises hand
    I'd love to rp if you're still up for it!
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  9. I am still searching is anyone out there that possibly wants to RP with me?
  10. you never sent me the PM
  11. I am still looking for a partner, please PM me or write on here.
  12. I am still wanting to roleplay, someone please get me out of my boredom!
  13. Im still looking for people.
  14. It's been a while since I did a rp of the sort. If you don't mind, maybe we can talk something out to help me practice?
  15. are you still looking
  16. Will PM you both
  17. uh whatever happened to our roleplay, you just sort of dropped out without saying anything.

    @Toxic Princess
  18. no you didn't. I never got your message.
  19. I am still looking.
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