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  1. ((This is the RP for the people who signed up also known as @Kitsune @justice hunt @Phantom Plaza @Brea @Kakra @Samantha @Sav The Zombitch @LeoValdezLover please read the OCC thread before commenting here))

    Sarah (Host)
    Sarah is standing on a platform. "Welcome to Total Drama: High School! We were going to have 15 contestants, but one is coming just there is a traffic delay. We have the contestants Rhett, Ryan, Drake, Sybil, Ash, Dash, Astyr, Brea, Jenna, Choi, Lilito, Jake, Corbett, and Morgan." Sarah moves to show the contestants behind her. "They will be put onto three teams, and then compete in challenges. The losing team will vote a member off, for good. Now, the teams are..."

    Sarah pauses for a moment. "On The Preps are Choi, Astyr, Jenna, Ryan, and Sybil. On The Nerds are Morgan, Corbett, Lilito, Ash, and Dash. And finally on the Jocks are Brea, Rhett, Jake, and Drake. When the other player returns she or he will join The Jocks."

    Rhett moved his tie til it was straight. When he heard he was on The Jocks, he sighed. I guess the teams were not based off of personality.
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    "A NERD?" says Morgan, her eyebrows raised. "I am not a Nerd."
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    Corbett looks up at Morgan, who towers over her. "Oh, come on," she says, nudging Morgan in the side. "It will be -- EXPELLIARMUS! -- fun!"
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    Morgan rolled her eyes at the little weirdo at her elbow and expectantly turned to Sarah, awaiting further instruction. She hadn't come here to make friends. She had come here to win.
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  5. Drake
    "Not bad, it suits me" He slid his fingers through his jean pocket. "How did this freak get here, the one with the weird hat?" He gave a slight smirk.

    Jack raised his eyebrow. "Oh cool a Jock, would of preferred a prep but that- Wait hey, i'm not a freak, i'm just unique" Jack gave a huge smile.
  6. Astyr was extremely stoked to be there, and it was evident. When the teams were announced, however, she seemed disappointed. "Wait, I'm not on the Nerds..? Oh, this is mutiny!" she whined, though she waved it off. "Aw, whatever. Just.. Nobody touch my electronics and we're good!" She was only partially joking. Though, she seemed like a friendly person.

    Sybil, however, remained silent through it all. She stared at her feet, shuffling them quietly. The preps...? Great.. Her brother was one, and that was why... Don't think about that.
  7. Sarah
    "And just so you guys know, teams were NOT based off of personality, and I chose the teams in a fair way. So then not all the nerds and all the punks and certain groups were together I took people who were athletic and put them on different teams. I did the same thing with everyone," Sarah added since some people were getting mad. She paused, "Oh- and would the Preps please stand by that tree, the Nerds stand by that rock, and the Nerds sit on the grass."
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    Corbett smiled at everyone.
    "Hello!" she said happily. Corbett was here to have fun, after all. And you can't have fun without friends, she thought.
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  9. ( @FangirlingSinceBirth you told the Nerds to go sit in the grass AND stand by the rocks, just so you know. I know it was a typo, but I don;t know which place the jocks are supposed to go? Sorry, I just wanted to let you know.)


    Breanne stood beside her sister in the line, listening to the teams. As soon as she heard her team, the Jocks, she had the urge to drop out. Not only was she placed on a different team than her twin sister, but she was also the only female on her team. What?! She thought, How is that fair!? Boys tended to intimidate her, so she always worked better with females.

    She felt her sister squeeze her hand in reassurance before parting to go join up with her separate team. Just calm down, Brea told herself as she turned to find her own team. It can't be that bad, everything will be just fine. Subconsciously, the girl reached up and ran a hand through her red hair. Maybe they'll be nice.

    Jennifer smiled when she heard what team she'd be on: The Preps. That was the team she was hoping for, just because that was the clique she associated herself with. She did feel a tad bit sorry for Brea, because her sister was definitely not a jock. So, she squeezed her hand before parting ways with her, eager to meet her teammates.

    "Hey guys," She greeted once everyone was met up at the tree their host, Sarah, had told them to meet at. "I'm Jenna." Sure, she was here to win the money, but she also wanted to make some friends along the way. What was the harm in that? She tried to remember her teammates names, and was pretty sure they were: Choi, Astyr, Ryan, and Sybil.​

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  10. Ash & Dash, Seagreen
    "Looks like we're on the Nerds team, brother."

    "So it seems."

    Ash and Dash sat on the rock that they were suppose to be standing next to. Why stand when you could sit? It was one of their mottos. They were quite close to one another, resting against each other. Ash rested on Dash more than the other did on her. It seemed like they were ignoring everyone else's presence.
  11. Lilito
    Lilito sigh as he stand by the rock. "Well nerds I might find in " He looks at his sister which who was on the perps team. He looked at Morgan and Corbett. He wonder was everyone a girl but him.

    Choi walks over by the tree holding her skateboard . She put the skateboard down and sat on it and waites with for the other members. She heard someone say they were on the preps. Choi notice by the name that it was almost girls.
  12. Ryan
    "So I'm on the Preps team...alright" He put a sucker in his mouth and went to the tree and then zoned out.
  13. Astyr happily went to stand by the tree, taking note of her teammates, who were mostly girls. Great... She got along better with males, but oh well.. There was only one guy on her team, evidently... And she had to admit; he was cute. Don't... Don't think of that. You.. You know what happened.. To.. Him.. Trying to shake off the haunting memories, she smiled at the other preps. "Hey, I'm Astyr. Nice to meet you all," she greeted, flashing a bright and charming smile.

    Sybil only shyly walked to the tree, still staring at her feet and dead silent.
  14. Choi
    Choi looks Ryan, Astyr, Sybil and Jenna who was onon the team. Took out a bag of cookies and starts eating them. She felt short to everyone then stand up on her skateboard. She skates over to Sybil "hey I'm Choi I hope we can be friends"

    Lilito looks Ash and Dash. He sigh and stuck a lollipop in his mouth then looks up at the sky.
  15. [​IMG]
    Morgan surveys her teammates. Mostly girls. The twins seem alright, sticking to themselves. Lilito also seems fine to be alone, and the little weirdo, Corbett, is a few feet away, walking in circles and singing to herself. Morgan sighs. She didn't really care; she was used to being a loner. She pulls out her phone, sticks her headphones in her ears, turns on Black Veiled Brides and sits down.

    Corbett wanted to make friends. She looks at her teammates. The twins were preoccupied with each other; the emo was listening to music. Corbett skipped over to Lilito.
    "HI!" she says brightly.
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  16. Lilito
    Lilito looks at Corbett "well hello " he smiles "how are you and may I ask what's your name'
  17. [​IMG]

    Brea made her way to the grass, and decided to stand instead of sit. She had watched other seasons of Total Drama, so she knew very well that they'd be starting the first challenge right away. No use in sitting down just to stand up again, right?

    While she waited for her other teammates, Rhett (@FangirlingSinceBirth ), Jake (@justice hunt ) and Drake (@justice hunt ), Brea looked over at the Preps and the Nerds. Their male-to-female ratio seemed to be just as unbalanced as her team's was, and she also realized that they currently had one more player than her team did. She knew that later on, the Jocks would be getting the kid who was late, but didn't this leave them at a disadvantage for the first challenge?

    She decided it didn't matter, but she did hope that the person running late was another girl. It'd be nice to even the team out just a little bit. Boys could be over-powering sometimes. Again, she ran her fingers through her hair. For some reason, her bangs kept falling into her face, and she found herself wishing she had pinned them back.


    Jenna takes in her team. Right now, she's not sure if they're promising or not. The only male on the team, Ryan, had already zoned out, which gave her the impression that he was going to be a bit of a slacker. It's a shame that he's attractive, though, because if he wasn't going to do his part then she'd have to vote him off, thus getting rid of some nice eye-candy. Who knows? She thought, optimistically. Maybe he'll be a good teammate. We'll have to wait and see.

    Jenna then looked over to Choi and Sybil, seeing that Choi was already asking to be friends. This annoyed Jennifer slightly, because she had said hello to everyone, and no one bothered to answer her. But, then the quite girl gets all the attention. No matter, Jenna thought, her annoyance at this fading as soon as it arrived. I have plenty of time to make friends with everyone here. No rush. Lastly, Jenna looked at Astyr, glad that someone was friendly enough to greet the whole team, just as Jenna had.

    She smiled kindly at Astyr, and said, "Astyr, that's a nice name. I've never heard it before. It's pretty."​

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  18. Sybil glanced up when Choi greeted her, offering a small smile. "Ah.. Well, nice to meet you, Choi. I hope so, too.." If I don't make some kind of friend, Ander'll have my hide. Uncertainly, she offered Choi her hand. That was what Ander said to do when she met someone, right? Shake hands? "I'm Sybil," she finally introduced, as well. She had momentarily forgotten that she hadn't formerly stated who she was. She hardly seemed to have noticed that Jenna and Astyr had previously addressed the entire team.

    Astyr returned Jenna's smile, nodding her thanks. "Thanks! It's Old Norse for 'Star'," she replied, momentarily thinking back to all the times her father had explained his reasoning for naming her that. 'I remember the day you were born, how you were fast asleep in my arms.. And then you opened your eyes. Those beautiful green eyes.. And they shined like the brightest star I'd ever seen.' Shaking off the thought, Astyr extended her hand to Jenna, still smiling. "You said your name's Jenna, right? I like it."
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    Corbett smiled at Lilito. "Corbett," she said brightly. "And I am -- WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA -- good, thanks. You?"
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  20. Drake

    "Life isn't fair dimwit." Drake walked to the grass and dropped down. He put his arms around his head. This thing better be worth it to be stuck with these freaks. He smiled. "So can we go inside now because i'm gonna fall asleep any second now" Drake closed his eyes.

    Jack rolled his eyes at Drake and walked to the only female in the group. "Hi i'm Jack, you look nice, sorry that you aren't with the group you like but we could still have fun!" He smiled and put his hand out to shake.

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