To Hell and Back?

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Kerra was a bit of a loner. She had nothing interesting to her name or no friends to speak about. She was the "Weird kid" that everyone stayed away from. Because, for one, she was very strong. And by strong, she meant "strong willed". She would never give in to anyone who would stand in her way of doing things. She wondered if she would ever meet someone who was just like her....Then again, maybe not. Maybe she was unique. She closed the math book, done with her math homework about 30 minutes before everyone else. Maybe it was because she was smarter than everyone else that it bored her to be around them all day, every day. Whatever it was, it was boring Kerra to death.

Kerra watched the clock as each hand moved slowly in that clockwise direction. Blah... She thought as the clock only moved an inch every minute. If she could, she would make time move much quicker, but she was too smart to know that that would never be possible. She got up, handed in her homework and headed back to her chair, laying her head in her arms and deciding that a small nap wouldn't kill anyone.

When Kerra awoke, the bell had just rung and the class was filing out of the room. She lazily hefted her big book into her backpack and headed out the door that survived the student stampede. She had to head home now, she had to get ready for work.
The students were quick to leave, some would gather with friends and go to their after school clubs. While other students rushed off home to study and eat dinner with their families. Things like this were common in schools, no one would want to be the last to leave. It was too quiet for some. But the peace wouldn't last long for Kerra....

In the chilly air came a rush of heat off the school grounds. Some wasn't right and it made the rubber of Kerra's shoes start to melt. 10 feet from her, the ground sunk in on it's self, drying out from inside out. It started to crumble, becoming even hotter. A figure of black and thick white hair dug it's claws into the stiff, hot tar and concrete. He was pulling himself out from the hot depths that encased him in Earth's core. A weary, sly smile came from his face as he got a firm grip on her shoe.

"You're the only one here..." His tongue slithered out, almost laughably resembling the tongue of Gene Simmons. "I should drag you back in with me." He wanted to strike a little fear in her, get a small scream maybe.

On his feet he rose. He towered above her, coming close to 6'9. He did not stretch his wings or bother wiping blood from his claws. Digging through all that layer of hard rock took it's toll. His jaded green eyes watched her, almost amused that he had a victim so early after "escaping".

"Why are you all alone?"
Kerra scoffed at the strange She didn't know if she should call it man or call it beast. But it didn't frighten her in the least. She glared at him.

"That is classified information and I would love it if you didn't come too close...your making me sweat bullets..." She pushed him away with one hand, afterwards regretting her decision. Her hand burned like crazy now. She blew on it.

"You freakshow....Where in the crap do you get your special effects? If you don't get rid of them or turn them off or something, you could hurt a lot of people..." She found a nearby rain puddle and stuck her hot hand in it, trying to cool it off. But it didn't help in the least. She turned and glared at the man...thing...

"You, tell me how i can stop this burning on my hand! I demand you tell me!"

She continued to glare at the dark creature. She walked over to the creature and waited, tapping her foot. She picked up her items that she had dropped when this whole schpeal started. She looked up at him, waiting for his reply, all the while her poor hand still burning like crazy.
His eyes flared to a lovely bright green as her hand briefly touched him. They lids spread even wider as his crazy smile grew, showing off his teeth. He could feel the gentleness of her skin start to melt between her touch and his hot flesh. With excitement, he watched her over react to the situation. He loved that he caused her pain, it made the artery below his ear twitch and he laughed in a low pitch.

"None of my business eh?"

He wondered what would poses her to boss something with more power than her, around. He lay a piece of his clothing on top of his palm and yanked her burning hand towards himself. He flicked his tongue at her before licking it tip to wrist. The burn flesh happened to heal quickly. It would cool from the wind against his drool left behind. Sadly, this was a very gross by product of him helping.

"Keep in mind, healing you isn't my intention." He laughed, letting her go. "I will kill you..." His eyes calmed down now, no longer glowing that brilliant green.

He started to breath slow and soft, approaching her even closer. "Sweating bullets, you say? Don't come any closer?" He chuckled, seeing now if he could make her uneasy. He got as close as he could, not caring if someone was watching. "I think you have some nerve bossing me around," he huffed in her face. But you're amusing. I'll let you live a little longer."

Being the low life he is, he decided to creep down further the weirdo trail that was him. Between his claws he snipped off a small lock of hair and held it tightly in his fist. "This should make it easier to track you later."
Kerra glared at the being in front of her. She wasn't amused. Killing wasn't anything to joke about.

"I bet you are just a demon drop out! Why the crap gang up on me anyway? Huh? Explain yourself!" she touched the hair that he had so creepily clipped off, almost as if petting the hair for the loss of their comrade.

"By the way, stay away from my hair...and I intend to live as long and as much as I can. I won't let you kill me!" She packed her books into her bag and decided enough was enough. Was he a creepy stalker demon thing? Stalkers were already creepy, but this guy was pushing that boundary to the extreme. If she could, she would try to lose him. She didn't want to be there, she didn't want to be around him at all. He made her feel uneasy. Unnerved. She didn't know what the correct word for it was, but she didn't want him anywhere near her. She ran from him and took the long way home. It was a little longer, but there were more hiding spots. This was the only time Kerra felt uneasy about someone. Would he follow her? Would he really kill her? She didn't want to stay long enough to find out.
"It's no joke, my dear. I won't let you get away." He didn't touch her after that, he just... watched. "Hell was boring," He lied through his sharp teeth. "I wanted new creatures to toy with. Demons don't go to school, we function differently down there."

He was quiet, listening to her demands. The more she yelled, the more amused he became. "I think you'll find out in time why I am after you specifically"He laughed as she fled from the scene.

Things were silent for a couple of weeks. But that changed when the news casters saw a pattern emerge. Young girl's went missing and half of them turned up mangled or partly eaten.

"Today, the 10th girl was found, mangled and left in a back alley. Witnesses reported a large man, like bird in the sky. Some believe it to be a rouge male in his late 20's to early 30's. Be on the watch out for him, he is very dangerous. A curfew has taken affect for all young females under the age of 25."

That night, a tap came to her window. It was quiet little rap of his claw. He used it to loosen the latch and slowly push aside the window. "I'm back." He spoke in a gruff voice, low and calm. He gripped the top ledge of the window and extended his long legs through. His wings were folded for an easy entrance. A bloody hand print was left on the window and top ledge. He waited for her to do something before creeping into the room further. He made sure to enter while her parents and siblings were gone. He dropped the clippings from her hair weeks before, laughing hard.

"I won't need these any more."
Kerra awoke to a meanacing laugh. Running from this guy was a mistake. She had completely forgotten that he had locks of her hair which made it easy for him to track her. She looked over, trying her hardest to look like she wasn't afraid. Deep inside though, she was terrified. She was too young to die this way. She had wanted to live her life, find a husband, have kids...what almost every girl wanted, and yet, she was staring at what could possibly be her death in the near future. That is when all the fear burst out of her into a rage at the meanacing demon.

"You just go away! Why do you torment me so? I don't want this. I want to live on and live a full life. Why can't you just go back to Hell where you belong? Why do you have to torment other human beings?! I wish you would just leave and never come back!"

She found it hard not to break down into tears. She couldn't let him see weakness in her, otherwise, he might strike earlier than she had planned. She didn't want that. She didn't even want him near her. She wanted to live. She may have been cold and such to others, but on the inside, she cared about humanity, but what she cared about even more was her family and herself. She got up out of bed and faced her meanacing demon.
"Such harsh words." He pouted at her mockingly. "I am a demon, I'm not hurt by words." He leaned in and watched her closely. "So many questions, how do you expect me to answer all this before I eat you alive?" His claws grew into a sharpened extension of his hand. Now he was just trying to show off, get the most fear he could out of her.

Seeing her rise only excited him even more, to see a challenge may be on the way. He smirked at her and grabbed her by her wrists. With one hand he dangled her above the bed and finally spoke. "You don't want this, hm? Neither did the other girls I killed." He set her down, bored now, he frowned to find the last girl he ate an hour ago had filled him up.

"Fine, give me something I can't refuse." He sat down, his long legs stretched out. He would have helped himself to her bed as a seat, but he wanted her head clear. She needed to think of something and quickly. "I want entertainment, I want what you can offer." His eyes were heavily set onto hers. His curiosity thickened in his mind, driving him almost mad.

He lifted his hand, smelling burned flesh. He had forgotten that he was still hot from crawling out of the Earth. He probably gave her a worrying look, though he didn't intend to. Did he burn her? His eyes raised from his hand, and focused on her wrists.
Kerra was suddenly lifted off her feet and into the air a little bit as he challenged her to entertain him. Entertain him? How in the bloody crap was she going to do that? She didn't know what entertained a demon and what didn't. As she was set back down, her wrist became noticably hotter than before. It was the same thing that had happened to her hand. Would he have to lick her again to stop it? She cringed at the thought as she noticed that he noticed his error in picking her up. She put her wrist in his face.

"I will entertain you, but you must stop this burning..." Making a deal with the Devil was what it felt like she was doing. She knew she couldn't ever trust this....thing as long as she lived, but she would have to make an exception in his case. It might have been the end of her, but what else could Kerra do? It was trust him or die. She blushed as she looked up at the extremely and eerily attractive demon, waiting for him to cure the burn on her wrist.

*Meanwhile, back in Hell*

Cyrus checked his watch. The Demon King had given his order to move out. Yet he hadn't ordered Cyrus to move yet. The King burst back into the room, all in a panic.

"That idiot has gone and killed human girls. I can't send my men in after him or it will only cause chaos in the human world. Go up and stop him Cyrus...Go kill him..."

Cyrus bowed. "I will my liege..." and off he went to human world, unbeknowest to the demon that terrorized Kerra that Cyrus was going after him.
The moon was hanging low now, but it brightened up the room quite a bit. It was just the two of them sitting there pure light. It allowed him a closer look at her wrists. The burns were quite bad, maybe even severe. In this world, something like that would take weeks to heal, and scars would form. She was too young to be decorated with hideous markings.

He was still rested on her floor, not moving much. "You'll entertain me?" His usual sexual grin, grew wide and child-like.

He was quite pleased to hear someone would entertain him. Searching off on his own for entertainment was tiring and killing young women was starting to get boring. He felt the clippings he dropped on the rugs under his warm skin. They shrivelled from the heat, annoying him just a touch. That was right, he thought. Everything he touched burned, he had mangled the girls before eating them. He didn't even get to have fun with them the way he really wanted. Even that one odd girl that approach him...

He shook his head clear of his thoughts, helping himself to a seat beside Kerra. "I'll refrain from touching your skin..." He whispered low in her ear, enjoying the sight of her reddened face. The a soft cloth was placed between their skin as he pulled her into his lap. He licked the wounded area and let her go. He didn't push her away, he left Kerra to scramble to safety on her own.

The moon had disappeared now, and the street lights had flickered off. For a little while, they were in the darkness before sunrise. The front door had opened and closed. "Your parents are home." His jaded green eyes shot to her, then the door. "You have school to go to." He removed himself from her bed, and slithered back out her window.
Kerra's face went all bright red as he licked her wound. It was the only way to heal her burn mark that he had so kindly given her. When he told her that he would refrain from touching her, she was glad. She wasn't keen on the idea of getting any more burns. She scrambled out of his grasp and sat back in bed, not being able to go to sleep. Especially with him watching her like that. But she had gotten a good night's sleep before he came and interrupted her so, she wasn't too worried about being too tired at school. So she just sat with him in silence, the darkness surrounding him. Even though it was dark ,the moon lit his face well.

It was beautifully carved and it was a little pale. He looked like a movie star...beautiful and eccentric. But as before, his eccentricity had always been the creepy part of him, but strangely enough, she began liking it. It made him unique. As if being a demon wasn't unique enough, he had to be a beautiful demon. She rolled her eyes and layed down, sighing and turning around, trying to catch a few more Z's until she would have to go to school. She soon heard her parents come in. He whispered lines to her and fled out the window. She sure hoped that he wouldn't follow her to school. Otherwise, the whole school might go up in flames by him just touching it. She couldn't have that happen.
Kon hated leaving the warmth of that house to be in the cool air. The scent of her home was quickly brushed away from his nose, robbed him of his soft hearted moment. He had closed the window, glancing at her once last time. He didn't smile this time. His wings flapped after stepping out onto the grass that made up her backyard.

"I may have promised not to touch your skin, but I won't stay away." He spoke bitterly as though he were jealous someone may have already claimed her.

He helped himself to the deep blues of the sky and became another bird that travelled across it. His thoughts would be on his next kill, but he was distracted. It was that girl, blast that girl. She should have been chewed meat in his stomach by now, fuelling him for his next hunt. Kerra's face couldn't leave his mind, he growled about it. "Get out of my head meat bag!"

He found himself landing on the cement he broke through. Kon looked upon the school and wondered what room she would be in. He wondered what he could do to cause trouble. An evil grin hand appeared on his face. "What's this? ....A lonesome girl wondering the halls... Breakfast?" He chuckled with a low pitch, slowly.

Some how he found his way into the school, figuring out locks were easily picked with his claws. He slouched and slinked along the hallways. "Hello, lonesome girrrrly."

He reached out to grab her, she did not scream in pain. He gave a questioning look to her then his hand. She only shook from fear, but didn't say a thing. He seemed to leave most girls awe-struck. "What... the.." There was no burn mark. He grunted and firmly placed down his hand in a different area of exposed skin. Still, there was no burned flesh. He growled, looking back at his hand. His anger level through the roof. "Go, you're free to leave. Don't speak to anyone about this." He pushed her toward her classroom door and turned down the hallway.

The girl shivered and could hardly take her eyes off of him until he pushed her. She scrambled up to grasp the door knob with her clammy hands. She sat herself next to her usual seat that she shared with Kerra. Her face was so white and let a little sound escape from her mouth. It sounded almost as an "eep".

"Kerra, bird man... b-b-b-bird MAN!" Her eyes bugged out. "He's here. H-h-he touched me, tried to molest me..."
Kerra was already still trying to wake up and now one of her class mates were claiming that a bird man touched her. Kerra rolled her eyes. It was that creepy demon man again. She knew it. He was following her everywhere as of late and it was starting to get on her nerves. But as much as he annoyed her, she couldn't stop thinking of the wierd demon man. Why was he following her specifically? What made her so interesting to him? She sighed, trying to calm her classmate down as she figured out where he might go next.

Kerra walked up to the roof of the school at her lunch break, not hungry so she decided that lunch was unimportant right now. She looked around to see if he might be nearby. She started talking loud and what seemed like talking to herself. If anyone saw her and/or heard her, her reputation might be ruined.

"Hey, Idiot, stop following me and stop molesting my classmates. I've had it with you. Why can't you just leave me alone? If it is so hard for you to leave me alone, at least leave my class mates alone. They have nothing to do with this. This is between you and me. So leave my classmates alone from now on...If you still persist on annoying me as well, then do so after class. I will deal with you if I must, but don't push your luck..."

At that, Kerra walked back down to her classroom. She still had some time for lunch so she sat down and began eating her packed lunch. This was going to be a long day. She could feel it in her bones.
She was right, he was on the roof and he was listening. He chuckled at her attempt to stand up against him. He had swooped down like a dark angel, not like the scum bag of a demon he really was.

"How could I have touched her? I burn those I touch, you should know that better than anyone." He flicked his tongue. "Seeing as you've had to be healed by this." He spoke with a wobbly voice, his tongue just hanging out now. Then a wink quickly appeared to accompany his grin.

He frowned that she would walk away like that. He swooped up and jumped in front of her. Kon blocked her path to the stairs that would lead her back to the second floor of the school. "What can I say, I'm bored. You promised to entertain me." He thought keeping her trapped on the roof was brilliant. They were basically out of sight enough, no one would notice them unless they actually tried to find them.

"Now would be a good time to keep me out of your hair." He leaned in and crept a little closer. His smile was big and creepy. "Maybe just talk to me. Tell me your name. I know I'll tell you mine. The nickname idiot get's a tad bit impersonal."
Kerra woke from her fantasy of eating lunch and realized she was still on the roof. The stupid demon man was blocking her way. She sighed, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

"I told you, I can't entertain you while I am at school. Besides, maybe touching me all this time has made your burning touch dissapate. It is what you get for staying in the human world for too long. Try touching me again. I am sure you can't burn me...." she was taking a risk. She only pretended not to be afraid. But in reality, she was terrified of him touching her again.

"By the way, my name is Kerra. So call me that. And I like the nickname Idiot for you. It suits you well, but I suppose you could tell me your name, just in case I decide to call you by it...."

She was still scared of that creepy snake-like tongue of his. She bent back a bit , but still held out her hand. She wouldn't move till she proved she was either wrong or right. She had never dealt with demons before, but she had sworn that she had been to a temple once. From her distant past, She could remember being to a temple. For what reason? She didn't know, but maybe sticking near this demon idiot would give her the answer she needed. She waited as he decided whether or not he should touch her again.
Kon's green eyes flickered with trouble making. "Prove it?" He asked, his shoulders hunch low so they were at eye level. He realize he may be rather close for her comfort, but he didn't care. He was starting to be amused. It apparently didn't take much. "You women, amaze me... Here on the surface you thrive off being right. You'll do what it takes to be right. What is up with that?"

He chuckled and his broad shoulders shook out of the power of his laugh. He then let his hand creep in a little closer. He was slow on grabbing it, but once he did he snatched up her hand. It should blind her from the idea that she should be feeling pain, but wasn't. He had pulled her close, starting to be a scum bag again. Kon appeared to enjoy that trait too much.

He pressed his forearm up her back, bringing her in like a prize catch. His firm grip on her hand made sure wiggling away would be impossible. "But I guess you are right." He grinned as he leaned down, being a little forceful. He kissed her without her permission.

"The down side," Kon started off in a simple whisper. "To being so hot," he winked. "Is that I can't do what I really wanted. The women would end up mangled by my touch. So for the sake of their pain, I had put them out of their misery." The whispering lingered between the air of their lips. "I had got so caught up in the moment, it was too late to heal them. I feel a little bad..." he trailed off, letting her go.

"You can go back to school. I'm amused for now." He didn't laugh this time. He just stood on the edge of the building, holding the fence. He watched all of Kerra's classmates.
Kerra's eyes widened as he not only grabbed her wrist, but the rest of her as well. He even played it off like they were a couple or something. And to top the cake, he kissed her. Her face went red as she was let go by a remorseful looking demon. If demons could feel remorse, that is....She looked down at her wrist. Normally it would be on fire, but, right now, his touch did nothing to her. Memories suddenly came back to her.

"Kerra, you must pray here every day so that if you ever meet a demon head on, you will be safe from him. But you must pray here every day. IF you do, he will have no power over you! Ok?"

Dad looked so happy that his only daughter was praying with him at the shrine. She was old enough to understand him, but only barely. She nodded, blissfully ignorant that that might ever happen to her.

So that was the day that she had gained her protection from demons. Maybe from touching her too much, it stopped his power from working on her completely. She turned her face away from him, it still red from the kiss.

"You better feel bad, demon. That was human lives you stole. Regret it the rest of your sad, pitiful life! I"m going back to lunch now that you've wasted about half of it..."

She glared at him as she walked back to her class and scarfing down the rest of it in an unlady like manner.
"Kerra," the tone in his voice was low and sorrowful. He did not watch her move almost through him to get down the stairs. Speaking her name was intoxicating for him. He panted for a moment as his stomach started to turn. He didn't know why so many thoughts would rush through him at once or mess with his body so much. Perhaps he had been here too long. Kon remembers being human once before his death, being sent to hell he was warned his demon status would crumble. He would become more like them. All his power would be gone. "Watch your tongue." He finally finished saying what he wanted. His soft voice turned to a vicious growl, but he did not turn to her. His back remained visible.

Where were they? He expected them to crawl from the core, like him. He looked to his hands. He felt almost cold in comparison to what he was used to. He had a feeling they would wait, he would weaken more quickly if he didn't eat. Kon moved back to the fence, looking down again before the bell rang. He wasn't sure what to do to entertain himself till Kerra got out of school. He had sexually harassed both Kerra and her friend. Hunting would be next.

"The bird demon," a homeless fellow sighed. He looked tired and unable to keep his eyes open.

"You heard of me?" Kon approached before rolling his eyes. He couldn't stand pathedic sights like these.

"You're the man who has mangled those women."

"Yea, I am." Kon knelt down and watched the man struggle again with his lids, trying to keep them open.

"This isn't the first time I've seen a demon. I used to be a priest," he huffed and wheezed. "Too bad you prefer to attack young women..."

"I don't mean to attack them, I toy with them. The end result is death for them." Kon had helped the man off the ground. He sighed knowing what he had to do. The poor man is suffering, he thought. I apparently upgraded to angel of mercy. "Need me to do the job, huh?"

"Yea. I know God will forgive me seeking out help. Even if it takes me 1000 years of damnation."

Kon had got the food he wanted, and he could did it without killing another young woman. But by the time Kerra got home, it was all over the news. "A man has been found killed and eaten in a back alley. Father Matthew was a local priest until the...." The story continued but the rest was not important. Around this time Kon had come tapping at Kerra's window.
Kerra had heard the news of Father Matthew. He was the one who had told her so long ago that she would be protected if she prayed everyday. Maybe Kon was Heaven's way of saying, "Too bad you forgot to pray everyday, learn your lesson the hard way..." But as the hours passed on, she really didnt seem to mind the annoying demon man. If it weren't for the fact that the man was kind of alluring, she would have prayed to Hell to take him back. She was glad she didn't. And once again, he was rapping at her window.

She walked over to her window, opening it up wide. She didn't mind him coming in. But she didn't ever want to let him know that. She didn't want to seem weak to him. Like a pushover girl who could easily fall under his spell. She wanted him to see her as a challenge. One he could spend hours and hours trying to figure out but never really can figure her out. She smiled, sitting on her bed.

"Kon, what is the real reason you came to the human world? Surely it wasn't to solely pick on me, was it? You must have had some reason...Please tell me"
Kon was pleased she let him in her room. Without second thought her movements appeared liked fluid to him. In his mind she wouldn't freeze up in the joints, if he called to her. He was that little lark that sung at her window and she, he thought. She was that wonderful girl who would listen to him sing.

Again, that large man was able to squeeze through the window. It was like magic to watch him fold his wings in such a way and bend his chest to his knees. He stood tall in her room, looking down at the Kerra. His smile was wide, but his mind wondered seeing her sit on her bed like that. His eyes tried not to give away what he was thinking. It didn't help Kerra was able to smile at him and be so oblivious.

He gave her an almost human look when she talked to him. He sat on his knees, almost submissive at the way he wanted to be at eye level with her. Kon's gaze turned soft, but remained firm as his grin faded. The quiet form he took on when Kerra became serious was almost weird, like he wasn't himself.

"No, Kerra, it has nothing do with you." It ripped him in half to be truthful like that. He liked lying, and making her blush. To manipulate her into an angry mush puddle was hilarious to him. He found it so amusing. "My life was in danger. That's why I came here."

Kon's body slithered up to her bed, got close to her finally. "I think I lied when I said I wouldn't touch you any more." His breath was warm on her cheek as he leaded her chin to tilt in his direction. He had used one claw to do so to keep her from pulling away. She knew better than to allow herself to get hurt. After all, it would lead to some more nasty licking.

"You would run too, wouldn't you? I fought to the best of my ability. I am not the devil himself. I still have a beating heart, I still have a pulse and lungs." He smirked, pulling her a little closer to see what she would do. "It's a lot like on the roof but you aren't angry with me." It was like a curse, the beauty of the night had followed him into the room. Kon turned more human and gentle at night, gradually his power would fade. He would gain the judgement of an actual human as he weakened.