Times in Games We've Done Fucked Up

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  1. We all have those moments in a game that we wish that we'd done something different. the fuck up is so damn bad that we stare at our screens and wonder how in the seven hells we managed to do that. Like we should get an award for pulling something that bad off.

    I was playing Saints Row 3 today, and my character was fleeing from at least five enemies. Well, dumbass me decided to throw a grenade, a second one, and then a third one. I had clients in the car, and I blew every one of them up including myself. So I'm sitting there, looking at my screen and wondering to myself why? Why do I have control over something's life like that? What made me think a second grenade was a good idea, and why did I throw it so close to my fucking car?

    Another time I was speeding on the streets just jamming to the mixtape I made. Outside of game, I got distracted. And I looked back just in time to see my motorcycle (not an Estrada or Sandstorm, I forget the name) go flying up into the air after hitting a semi-truck on the freeway, flying about mid-air for a few seconds before landing on the pavement below. My cycle blew up and burned me to death.

    What about you? Have any horror stories about moves gone wrong?
  2. Well, it'd be the first time I played Undertale and I killed Toriel. I was extremely sad I had to kill her. And then... I was told by a friend I didn't have to kill her X.X That made me angry! I almost true reset the game, but then I simply continued playing it. I'm glad I didn't reset it though, because some of the dialogue had changed the next time I fought Toriel.
  3. 8000 souls. No estus. Chose not to turn back and invest. Cursed tree
  4. That awkward when you save your game in a spot that is an unfixable glitch...yeah.
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  5. When I was a kid playing Digimon World 2 I got a 'toy plane'. I had no idea what this was, this was before tutorials were much of a thing so nothing explained to me what it was meant for.

    I found out I could sell it, so I did and made some cash thinking it was one of those 'valuables' sort of items...
    Learned from an NPC about an hour later it was a high-tier Digimon catching item. >.<

    And then to add some more:
    • Playing Brazil in Civ 5, focus on culture. Focused too much and as a result sucked everywhere else, and eventually even had lower culture than the other players.
    • Dark Souls 2. Discard item instead of leaving item. >.<
    • Dark Souls 3. Get cocky with grabbing items where the Dragon breathes fire.
    • D&D 3.5, still rather new. Made Orc Barbarian/Fighter. Have insane Strength. Forgot to pay attention to Constitution.
    • Pokemon Gold, have four Mewtwo's. Started a new game.
    • GTA V and almost done a heist. Accidently set off C4.
    It's also changes if you reset it right then and there.


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  6. In Divinity: Original Sin, I accidentally aggro'd an entire second story of an inn when I "misclicked" and stole three paintings off the wall. Needless to say, the civilians were no match for the training and overpowered gear of four Player Characters. All thirteen of them.

    God, I remember just sitting in the backroom with my characters saving action points, silently pleading the rush of unhappy artisans to stop coming to their deaths.

    I was sure I would have to reload my save, but turns out all the witnesses were brutally executed by some unknown force. So, well, I just continued on with my save file.
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  7. First time I played Morrowind I killed Caius Coscades, who for the unfamiliar is the first person you're sent to talk to for the main story quest. This was after I had hit something like 12 hours play time thanks to ignoring the main quest in favor of the Mage and Fighter guilds.

    Even that wasn't too bad because the message that pops up when you kill an NPC vital to the main story spooked me enough to decide to not save in order to undo my failure... but first I decided to slaughter the residents of Balmora for funsies and to see if anyone was carrying anything neat enough to kill them for it when I returned to my less murderous timeline. Unfortunately I got interrupted by my mother wanting me to go somewhere with her and as she was rushing me to save my game and get moving I did just that. I saved over my one save slot, and I had turned the auto-save feature off.

    I didn't realize my mistake until I got home and went to play again. I loaded in to see the carnage and much time and effort wasted. That is how I learned to ALWAYS use multiple saves when able, and also that Ra'virr the trader has sweet weapons that will make a new character extremely powerful with one quick murder.
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  8. I was just about to say Morrowind. <3
    I killed an essential character because I was an emancipator of slaves. It turned out that killing one of the slave owners cut the threads of fate.

    Another game that I've done fucked up in many times was in Planescape: Torment, like following a portal to a room that has no escape, pissing off a lich, killing things in general biting you right back in the ass.
    spoiler (open)
    The Rat King doesn't particularly enjoy you killing his subjects.
  9. Can we talk about d&d?

    Like the time my Lawful Good Paladin crit failed the heal check on his best friend in the party, ripping his intestines out and killing him.

    Then later that day he crit misses on a swing of his sword and beheads our rouge.

    This day actually caused him to lose his faith.
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  10. Holy damn O.O
  11. Nah, it has a happy ending.

    That very same character recognized his skill at killing player characters and became the main antagonist of another campaign.
  12. Happy ending= Missing internal organs.
  13. Minecraft

    Build a beautiful log cabin

    Lovely patio

    Loft bedroom


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  14. ssssssssssssssssssssssss
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  15. I was playing Gears of War 3 in horde mode, we were on I think the wave 30 boss wave with a Lambent Berzeker who not only destroyed all of our fortifications (nearly inpenetrable skin + insta down charging run + leaking acid goo = fuuuuuu-), but also killed the 4 other players, leaving me alive and alone to try and win the fight. For the next 5-10 minutes, I dove, rolled, ran out of ammo several times, and generally was completely at my personal limit when suddenly, it drops dead and the kill counter shows my name. I get close to gloat and my new friend says, "Hey Dervs, you might want to get away from that thing..."

    "Nah, I'm fine-"

    It fucking explodes like a high yield bomb and gibs my character. Nothing is alive on the map. Nothing.

    We still win the match, but I lost all my weapon pick ups and my dignity.

    Best match ever.
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  16. The dreaded sound I heard yesterday when I ventured out a little too quickly after the sun rose. Darn creeper blew up the side of my house! Well. Starter house. (Let's ignore the fact that most my houses are starter ones ^_^'')
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  17. I call those green bastards Al-Creepa.

  18. Beginning of my first playthrough of Fallout 3. I rigged the Megaton bomb to explode for Mr. Burke and traveled to Tenpenny Tower. As I looked at the detonator, I thought about what I was about to do, and changed my mind. Murdered Burke and Tenpenny, looted their corpses and threw them off the tower. And returned to the town.

    Bomb could not be disarmed.

    Quest broken. I now have no home to stash stuff.
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