Through the Veil

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  1. Its gonna be a supernatural horror type rpg, monsters, ghosts, etc. It starts out with a young teen girl (( Jo)) visiting her 'mother' Terry during the summer. Her mom had her when she was 14 so her paternal grandparents took her and raised her, with no protest from the young Terry since she still had growing up to do. The mother has a boyfriend, recent enough to have never met her daughter, and by all appearance far too young to be with someone her age (( like shes a cougar to him, but he is a cradle robber to the main character as well, so fun things like that lol)). The main male is actually a monster, and quite the horrible being, but is very good at pretending to be human.
    Jolene is able to see ghosts and demons, so she's able to see him for what he is the moment they meet, and that intrigues him when he eventually finds out about her unusual gift (( in the sense that he stalks her, wants to kill her, bone her, or steal her soul, it varies day to day)). Theres going to be LOTS of supernatural fun, blood, violence, and dark things to be had (( as well as a bit of quirky love <3))

    What I'm looking for:
    Someone who ENJOYS playing someone fucked up and twisted. Not afraid to get things headed in a darker direction and likes to play with mischief.
    Someone who is willing to play a man/monster
    It'd be cool if the monster could be in a position or power where the meet with unsavory characters daily. Cop, lawyer, warden, psychiatrist, for plot reasons.
    Someone who doesn't Rush romance, and is willing to play along with the relationship with the lead females mother while still bothering the lead female (( whom does NOT enjoy his advances))
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