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    In an alternative universe, superpowers are not only in movies, but in real life. However, superpowers in this world are a thing of terror and destruction, and most don't wish to have these. Most are born with them, others develop them over time. When it comes to the so called "Mutants" there is one rule to follow if you are a citizen, and that is to run.

    Some people have a natural hate for them, forming groups that kill them illegally. Others seek to take these powers for their own use, using a special machine called a "Transfer". This machine is illegal, and those who have one are put to death- immanently. When one use without powers, connects to a user with powers, the machine transfer the DNA containing the powers over to the none powered one. This however kills the source of the power, the mutant.

    Lastly, few stand up for these "monsters" but those who do have formed groups to try and protect them and get them equal rights.

    As for the technology, though the year is the same, technology advanced much faster here. All sorts of hover technology has been advanced, most only allowing a certain altitude. Robots are now an everyday thing, helping people, managing businesses, severing coffee, etc. Law Enforcement, Private Militarizes (mercenaries) and Government Militarizes have accesses to the more fun things, such as Mechs, laser weaponry, Jet Packs and Jet Boots, etc.

    Military and Governments

    Asia and most Island Countries
    The second most stricted continent, the majority of the Asian countries jail those who refuses to work for their governments. Those who resist arrest are killed immediately, and the government has even traveled to other countries in search of mutants fleeing their countries.

    Europe and Canada
    A more relaxed continent, the European Union have strongly encouraged mutatns to join their military and governement fields, and those that dont are kept watched by the government.

    Africa, South America, and Central America
    These countries tend to be similar to Europe, the main difference is that those that have physical mutations are forced into the military and other government operations. Those that deny are killed.

    America Russia and Australia
    Strict countries due to their leaders. Most mutants are killed, unless proven useful. Those taht are useful are hired by the government to become killers or other jobs to please the officials.

    Black Thorn
    Main Antagonist Group. Most advanced Military Freelance military group. More powerful than many countries, and has done illegal acts across all continents. Their leader is unknown, a mysterious man by the name of Big Pin. None that have met him have lived to tell the tale.
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    M.M.F or Mutant Military Force
    Used to hunt down illegal mutants, terrorist, and other dangerous forces. Created to combat the Black Thorn Freelance Group, the M.M.F are made up of the worlds best mutant hunters, trackers, assassins, and executioners. Funded by the worlds main governments (Britain, China, Russia, and the United States).

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    Templar Manufacturing
    Templar Manufacturing is the worlds best mech, robot, and sentry manufactures in the world. The have grow so much, the now hold the worlds largest full robotic private military. They are known best for their Excalibur Elite Units.
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    World Rebels
    Illegal Group known to kill mutants and governments that support them. Major influence in America, Brazil, and the UK.
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    International Manufacturing Corporation (IMC)
    The international Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC, started out small, in natural resource extraction industries, under the name Hammond Engineering. Fifteen years later, demand for Titan manufacturing materials, combined with Hammond’s market-cornering planetary survey technology and map database rights, contributed to explosive growth for the company. Over the course of a century, a series of acquisitions, mergers, and re-brandings lead to the transformation of Hammond Engineering into the sprawling commercial empire that is the IMC.
    Despite their reputation for exploitative behavior on the Frontier, they receive little criticism from their shareholders and customers – the material conveniences and widely used products provided by the IMC generate considerable ‘consumer inertia’, to the corporation’s benefit.
    With valuable shipping lanes and vast resources ripe for exploitation, the IMC is dedicated to maximizing profits and shareholder wealth, using the legal application of force when necessary.

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    The Frontier Militia represents the military arm of the Frontier territorial defense pact. The Militia is a loosely governed mishmash of homesteaders, mercenaries, and mutants, all rising up as 'citizen soldiers' when the need arises. Many homesteaders have taken on a ‘can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ attitude regarding working alongside different criminal groups. Naturally the people in this melting pot don’t always see eye to eye on how to deal with the IMC’s exploitation of the Frontier, but they are unified in fighting against it.
    The Militia is loosely divided into Brigades. Each Brigade is responsible for fighting in an assigned section of Frontier territory, which might span as far as several . The Marauder Corps, a.k.a. the M-COR, is a small part of a much larger Brigade tied to the Freeport System. Although some brigades are little more than vast pirate organizations, the Militia has enough resources to be a real obstacle to the IMC's ambitions on the Frontier lands.
    The Militia often claims that direct action against the IMC is in the best interests of the homesteaders whom they allegedly represent, but not everyone on the Frontier sees it that way. But everyone on the Frontier agrees with the belief in both the defense of their land and the need for mutant and human equality.
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    It WILL be played out during the roleplay.

    1.) Have fun!
    2.) Be respectful!

    3.) Do not GM, Bunny Mod, Leave players behind, kill players (without their permission) and metagame.
    4.) Almost powers use energy, I'll let you know if it wouldn't in a PM!
    5.) Ask me any questions at anytime!

    6.) Use common sense!
    7.) Did I miss anything? xD

    Character Sheet
    Power: (If any, and remember to not make it Over Powered)
    Organization: (Not Required)
    Bio: (Two Paragraph minimum, more encouraged

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  2. Name:Edward Hamilton
    Gender: Male
    Nation: American
    Age: 24
    Power: Control over plant life, like accelerated growth or mutations. Immunity to all poison and venom. Can control and create sentient plant life forms. In extreme circumstances, may mutate his own body.
    Weakness: Fire, Ice, soft spot for environmental issues. Easily carried away with said issues.
    Bio: Edward was born into a family of farmers. Since day one, Edward had been close to nature and enjoyed gardening with his parents. He grew into a gentle adolescence, growing all sorts of exotic plants in his green house. Edward was happy until a large corporation bought out the family farm and bulldozed the entire lot for a mall. Edward committed his first act of eco-terrorism at 17, blowing up the same mall at night with C-4. He left town, for fear of his life and out of disgust for what he saw as weakness from his family, who attempted to scold him for his actions. Eventually the business behind the whole fiasco kidnapped him and subjected him to medical experiments.They tested illegal and highly dangerous chemicals on his system, exposing him to innumerable dangers. Due to good behavior, Edward was allowed at some point in time to have smalll breaks outside, in the company approved employee park. He soon got a job within the park as a gardener, and got back to his true passion: gardening. Within months, Edward realized he had more than a green thumb, as his peach trees grew to full hieght and flowered in weeks. Edwrad's fears that he had developed a super mutation were confirmed when the corporation began forcing him to grow plants throughout the building, including the creation of his own mutant crossbreed fruit trees. Edward took the time to master his powers, learning that he could not only create plants, but also control them. After four years of captivity, Edward escaped the building that held him captive by poisoning everyone else in the facility with his own brand of organic toxins. Edward has spent the last four years evading capture as an Eco-Terrorist, fighting against anything he saw as destructive to Mother Earth by any means neccessary.
    Personality: Gentle with allies, Edward tries to be peacful when the issue doesn't involve nature. If it does, Edward will become violent and agressive. He will stop at nothing to do what he believes is best for the environment. Edward refuses to speak of his family, as he feels they are dead to him.
    Other: Does NOT kiss people to control them.
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  8. Name: Artyom Aleksandrov
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: European Union
    Age: 45
    Power: Artyom has the ability to manifest mental energy in varying forms and degrees. The most prevalent is the elemental focus he can imbue, creating fire with a thought for example. In addition he can shape matter into nearly any given form, give him carbon dust and he'll give you a diamond back.Furthermore the mutant can create vivid hallucinations in the minds of others.
    Weaknesses: Artyom is prone to hallucinations of his own when prolonged periods of using his own powers comes around. In addition he has a minor addiction to painkillers due to the fact the he experiences violent and constant migraines.
    Artyom's hallucinations are strictly limited to the senses of sight,sound,smell. And his control over them is while admirable is wanting. Fooling more then a few people at once is something of a draining experience. Furthermore his only real experience in their uses are limited to combat, meaning he has little understanding in the subtly of their true potential. He can scare the crap out of a garrison of troopers but making pretty pictures for a five year girl is beyond him for example.
    Bio: Artyom was born admist the height of Russian power during the Cold War and from a young age was imbued with a national pride by his Father, a twenty year veteran of the Red Army. The grandson of a WWII veteran as well the young boy seemed destined for a life in uniform. Not that he minded, in his mind he saw himself battling fascists with only a rifle pried from the hands of a dead comrade. A regular hero of the Soviet Union his daydreams made Artyom out to be.

    Of course he did mind the whole having to put up with the demands of real life. Going to School and the chores his parents put him through. But Artyom lived for the weekends when his grandfather would teach him the soldiers trade, well at least the shooting and sneaking around parts. The old man made it into something of a game. And by the age of twelve the boy could hit any target with any rifle every single time. This marksmanship saw him put on the schools shooting team and by the age of sixteen Artyom was an international champion competiting against shooters twice his age.

    But such things were not meant to last and in an instant his life was forever changed. On the week before his seventeenth birthday the shooting champion was visiting his mother's family in Pripyat and fate reared her ugly head in the form of Nuclear Fire. The reactor nearby went into meltdown and the isotopes that powered modern society instead killed those that had thought to harness them. Knocked out by the radioactive poisoning while his mother's family was killed by it Artyom spent three days in this hellish wasteland before a rescue team found his unconscious body.

    Only clinging to life the doctors worked day and night trying to flush toxins and cancerous cells from his body. It was all for naught though as rapid mutations set in. Writing Artyom off as a lost cause the doctors were flabbergasted to see the youth instead adapt to the mutations, watching his genetic code being rewritten literally before their very eyes.

    He spent a month in this coma as the radiation finished changing what he was. And when he awoke he nearly killed the supervisor in charge as confusion and newly awoken powers mixed together. The confusion didn't last long though but the powers were here to stay it seemed.

    Artyom spent the next five years in an institution that was little better then a prison. Though he willingly kept himself in that cage in the fear of what he had become. Still the nature of things is time moves ever forward not back. And by his third year the mutant could call upon his powers and maintain control over them. Through out this all he maintained sanity by regular visits to target ranges, looking down the sights or a scope was how he mediated.

    After his fifth year though both Artyom and the Politburo felt he had mastered himself to a sufficient degree as to warrent total freedom. And the mutant was allowed to walk from his mostly self imposed cage.

    He then joined the Red Army and turned his powers into a weapon for his country. Fighting the wars of his time Artyom grew into the soldier his childish dreams wanted. But bloodshed and duty could only carry one so far and he looks forward to a day neither is needed. Till then he fights to keep his country safe.
    Personality: Artyom is a deeply philosophical fellow always trying to seek the reasons why and what. He does not care for rash or impulsive actions. He also views even the men he has slain as humans deserving of life and always regrets when he must pull the trigger.

    On the flipside he does not hesitate when the need for action comes knocking. He has a deep love for his country and will not tolerate any threat to it. Believing firmly that with power comes responsibility Artyom despises mutants that lash out against the world instead of trying to make it a better place.

    Because of his mutant nature though he maintains a standoffish nature with other people. Artyom has few friends outside the military and discourages romantic interest to the point most think him slightly odd.


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    Name: Illya von Edler
    Gender: Female
    Country: Germany
    Organization: Frontier: M-Core
    Age: 19
    Power(s): Cryokinesis: The ability to creat and manipulate ice and water from both liquids and ambient air. Though to a degree it is possible to control weather to a degree as well by creating a cold front. The possible usages for cryokinetics is endless.

    Alchemy: the ability to change the structure, form, and composition of matter through understanding the matter than transmuting it by manipulating the earth's seismic energy to break apart the natural atomic structures and re assembling it to the desired form.

    Weakness: Illya is a fast pace urban combat specialist with medium and some long range combat elements. Due to this Illya is weak towards long range attrition warfare and brute physical force. She is not however weak towards elemental or energy based weapons and abilities due to her armor's carbon nanotube composite channeling and redirecting heat and energy into a form of usable energy. She is also capable of overcoming her weaknesses with use of Titans.

    Bio: Illya and her sibling were born in Berlin. Losing her parents to a fire bombing leaving a three year old Illya and her newborn sister to the mercy of the government system. After two years of abuse in a rundown orphanage being beaten daily basis protecting her sister, a member of the International Manufacturing Corporation approached her offering her a way out for her sister. At a price though, in exchange for her sister's happiness and success Illya would become a weapon for them. A condition she readily agreed to. After being " adopted" into the IMC's care. They forcefully awakened her latent abilities and augmented her body and DNA turning her into a perfect soldier and human being along side the capabilities to preform alchemy. After training her for two years before being sent to war working her way up the ranks with both valor and honor but atrocities and sins as well for the next eight years.

    After ten years away Illya finally returned to Berlin as a Lutenant in charge of the first gen 'pilot' program. Composed of children created by the IMC like herself, weapons. For a few years in this position and numerous successes of the pilot program along with the use of combat Titan class mechs in the field, the unit finally was uncovered by media. Upon discovery the IMC denied any knowledge and involvement purposing a joint extermination of the pilots to cover their now loose ends.

    Personality: Illya generally is a kind yet strict leader amongst her comrades. Amongst others in combat she is generally very calculating and prefers to remain in the shadows. Other than this Illya is usually very kind and loving.

    Others: Do to the nature of her abilities and equipment as a 'pilot' Illya is master of CQC and fast moving joint vehicular combat. She is capable and knowledgeable about both medical and technological fields manually and through use of her neural interface to hack and utilize civilian and military data and equipment and off field.

    Armor:combat attire consist of a brown reenforced light weight armored titanium carbon nano-tube 'smart' FLEX armor along with a enclosed helmet with a HUD and MK VII jump gear.

    Armor and Titan: armor is a female variation of the set in the picture
    Other gear includes: her Arashi custom gen 5 katana that is attached to a mechanical sheath on the pre equipped jump gear. A tactical head set and enclosed helmet . A wrist mounted tac pad. A jump core, this allows short range teleportation and equipment replacement plus additional weapons. Also a upgraded cloaking and stealth suit and other pilot gear.

    R-101C medium, automatic assault rifle with suppressor and optics. Fires phased emp/ plasma/ and many other types of rounds.
    Arashi Mk III custom 56in HF air pressure katana.
    Beretta Model 93R custom smart selective-fire machine pistol. Fires phased emp/ plasma/ AP rounds.
    Unconventional Combat Suit unit: USC unit.
    M3 DMR, a long to medium range heavy round sniper riffle made to counter snipe enemy snipers with a multi vision smart scope.
    M6 charge riffle, a direct energy weapon that specializes in anti armor warfare.

    Limited telakanisis. USC unit
    She also has the same gear as what titanfall pilots have.
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