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    Camp ThinkerRock:
    Summer Camp for Aspiring Superheroes.
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    Genre: Modern, Summer-camp, Superhuman, Sillyness/Fun, Character Driven, Mystery, Interaction heavy
    Recruitment Status: Open
    Roleplay Status: Introduction
    Players: 6
    Currently looking for: Hot Greasy Man love

    DATE: June 23rd, 2015.
    In a world of Super heroes and Villains.... A world where people with Godlike powers run free among the humans.
    Long story short, there's currently a shortage of superheroes in MURICA! and a few influential heroes managed to pull a few strings to get some superpowered kids in their training program: Camp ThinkerRock! Kids that have been arrested, kids that are in the foster care program with no way out, runaways, dead-ends, or just willing volunteers, this camp aims to train the next generation of superheroes... If only it wasn't a magnet for some of the craziest things around. Villains, Giant Monsters, everything weird and strange tend to come to the Camp! Why? Because they can. Will the trainees survive? Of course they will. They're the protagonists.

    Alright, this is an idea I've been throwing around a lot based off of Psychonauts. Originally everyone was supposed to be Psychic, but I decided to widen the range a bit to include all superpowers and shizz. So, if the paragraph up there didn't tell you enough, we're all going to be playing as misfit kids and other people forced (Or willingly) into becoming superheroes. This RP is going to be plenty character driven, along with a big ass camp full of mysteries and places to explore. I also promise plenty of craziness and shenanigans.

    Camp ThinkerRock:

    Camp ThinkerRock History/Information (open)

    Built at the height of the Cold War, Camp ThinkerRock is a Superhuman training facility that has been used for decades by the US Government. First as secret grounds for training Supersoldiers, as more 'official' locations were made, Camp ThinkerRock has seen less and less activity, to the point where it was completely desolate save for the people "guarding" it. There were talks about decommissioning the facility all together. Pushing towards the 2000's, however, during the rise of Superhumans and the ongoing conflict between "Heroes" and "Villains" a new usage for the Camp was found: training younger Superhumans to be Superheroes. The entire camp was repurposed into a "summer-camp for Superhumans" where younger students would have the chance to train. The guise was simple, a super private summer camp in the middle of no where, the nearest town being miles away from the camp. So everyone has the anonymity to use their powers on a larger scale without it being reported. However, the camp didn't exactly get a large amount of campers due to lack of interest, and hearing horror stories of Heroes dying horribly. It didn't get more than a few people at a time, which is rather underwhelming to the staff. However, due to the aforementioned problem of Heroes dying, there is also a lack of them to defend America. A few higher ups were able to strike a few deals with the Government to force some more kids into the ThinkerRock program. Such as picking up juvenile delinquents, or giving runaways a home. This wasn't super desirable, but the staff plans on "working out the kinks" for these campers. If they make a hero out of them, why does it even matter what they've done beforehand? They might actually learn a thing or two while in the camp such as putting their powers to practical uses and learning not to rely on them so much.

    ThinkerRock's main campsite is a large area that features plenty of locations that are spaced out from each other. Connected via paths, the camp has buildings and places to fulfill all of the campers needs. The place is split into four sections. The Main Grounds for basic camper needs. The Recreation Area, to keep them entertained. The Training Grounds, for them to train with their powers and take their hero courses. And the Beach, where a few locations are. But the campsite isn't the entirety of ThinkerRock's facility. Naturally, the camp is located in the middle of a heavily wooded area. Forests are far as the eye can see. All of the facility ground's combined (The campground, the forest, and the buildings off campground), equates to 3500 acres (Roughly four square miles). Meaning that it's a massive location, and hard to easily leave. The perimeter of the entire facility grounds are surrounded by a large thirty-five foot brick concrete wall. These walls are to keep people out of the facility, along with keeping extra animals away. Surrounding the main campgrounds is a massive forest, that have animals of all types. These forests have paths through them, going to every notable location, but ending at the walls that keep the campers in. This forest has everything you'd see in an actual forest. Rivers, ponds, large rocks, and more. And evil monsters. Never forget the evil monsters. The camp is next to a large body of water known as the The Jay-Thompson Lake. This lake is enormous, almost making up a good 20% of those 3500 acres. Around this lake are the facility's many features. There is even military base, all on the shores of the Lake. These are all left behind from the Cold War days. However, there is a mysterious island in the center of the lake, one that holds a strange castle. When asked about this castle, the Counselors tell everyone to go no where near that place.
    However, there is a small town; Raven Hills, several miles away from the Facility.


    Main Grounds

    Main Campgrounds (open)

    MAIN OFFICE. The very heart of the campgrounds. A large, two story building made out of wood with windows every few feet to let the sunlight in. The building is fairly round, and has a triangle-ish shape to it, except every corner is naturally round. Obviously this building is responsible for keeping the gears of the camp spinning. Here is the main desk, where the secretary works the computer. The rest of the building has plenty of other desks with files and more.

    LODGE. Where the campers kick back after a long day's work. Located in the center of the camp, on a hill, the Lodge is a large two story building with a large porch area that have been walled off with grey stone - with wooden stairs leading up to it. The building is also made out of wood, with stone at the bottom to act as a support. Behind the building is a larger porch area that acts as an overlook, a majority of the camp could be seen from this one point. The roof of the building is topped off with a tent-shaped triangle, made out of layered tiles. Now inside the building? It's a place made for students to kick back, so doesn't make sense for it to be full of stuff that does that? There's a row of three large TVs on one side of the room (One of the only places that has a functional TV) with sofas posited around it for optimal viewing. There are gaming consoles positioned under these TVs in case someone wants to game. On the other parts of the room, there are chairs and tables (comfortable chairs and tables) for people to sit down and talk if they want to - or eat their food here. Around the room there are things such as pool tables, dart boards, and more. Stuff to keep the students entertained, yeah. There's also a library on the second floor. Not like a traditional library, campers are free to read books as they please. Just that they can't take them out of the lodge.

    BOYS & GIRLS CABINS. Two buildings, almost identical in appearance, only one pathway apart from each other. One for boys, and the other for girls. Each location is denoted with a sign that says . Unlike traditional summer camps, the cabins are large buildings rather than rows of small cabins. They're large, two floor buildings constructed similar to traditional cabins, but bigger. They're elevated off the ground using thick (metal laddened) support beams, and have stairs onto a small porch that leads into a door. Inside the building, there's several large rooms with bunk beds to sleep on and chests for people to place their belongings, along with plenty of windows to let in the light. These buildings also contain a communal shower room (Don't worry, boys and girls, there's stalls and doors).

    STAFF CABIN. The staff also need a place to sleep too (And no, they can't sleep in the office). It's not built like the cabins for the kids, it's a red brick building, built on a grey stone support. It has plenty of windows, and a porch too (With a nice little rocking chair on it). Instead of one large room, there's several small rooms meant to accommodate each staff member. Along with a shower of their own for maximum awkwardness!

    MESS HALL. Everyone needs to eat, after all. Stationed not too far away from the Cabins, in the gap between the Cabins and the Lodge, is a large rectangle shaped building with a triangle-shaped roof. Much like the rest of the camp, the exterior and interior is made out of wood. The mess hall is one large room that is full of cafeteria tables (Image because I don't know what they're called) all rowed together. On the left side of the building is the counter where people get food, and behind that is the kitchen where the food is prepared. On the counter, there is a variety of food, and trays for all of them.

    NURSE STATION. People get boo-boos from time to time. Especially at a summer camp like this. A small building that is towards the Training Area (But not off the Main Campgrounds). A triangle shaped building that is separated into three parts. A waiting room, with chairs, and a front desk. A examination room, with everything you'd see in a doctor's office. And finally an office where all the medical supplies are kept. The whole building is headed by Nurse Jade West, a potent healer.

    GYM. The center for the student's independent exercise. The staff of the camp encourage physical activity in the students, and while there are plenty of physical outlets in the camp, this is the place for lifting, among other things. That said, this is a large one story building, with only one floor. There's plenty of windows in and out of the building so people can see it just fine. Inside are weights, treadmills, and many things you'd see in a gym. With one wall having a massive mirror.

    DETENTION CENTER. An intimidating building... A former prison which has been repurposed for the campers that misbehave. It's a large, two floor concrete block of a building with no windows, and, other than the door, is featureless. Inside is where things get interesting. The interior is constructed out of concrete as well, but inside are many metal cells that are made to specifically counter people's powers depending on their class, but all are durable by default.

    Recreation Area (open)

    RECREATION SHACK. Before any camper starts with their recreation, they have to check in at the Recreation Hall. Here is where people get the balls to play Basketball, the Bats to play Baseball, and so on. The building is more of a shack. It's a medium-sized building made out of red bricks with a counter. Behind the counter is a room that has plenty of Sports Equipment. All placed on racks and shelves. However, in order to get equipment, campers have to sign them in and out. If they aren't returned, then the staff will come to ask you where they went, and if they've lost it, the camper will serve out a punishment.

    THE PLAYING FIELDS. Pretty simple to explain. Several large fields, separated by chainlink fences. Each a Soccer field, Baseball field, Football field, and so on. Pretty standard stuff here. There's bleachers on the sidelines of each field for whoever's watching.

    THE COURTS. Much like the fields, these are a collection of courts. For basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Each have fences separating them.

    THE PLAYGROUND. A quaint little playground that is practically attached to the Courts and Playing Fields. It has wooden structures designed for children. It has stuff like a jungle-gym, swingset, slide, playhouse, and so on.

    THEATER. A large outdoor theater for plays, and for when the counselors decide to give a speech to the campers. This place is a large concrete stage, rounded, with a wall on the back of it and a wooden cover over it. On each side there are stairs up and down it. In front of it are large round concrete bleachers, that get higher the further back someone goes.

    THE POOL. Every good Summer location needs a pool baby! A large square outdoor pool that goes fairly deep. It has a "ramp" inside the water that goes deeper and deeper as the pool goes on.

    Training Area (open)

    OBSTACLE COURSE. What did you think camp was going to be all play? Maggot, this place is supposed to whip you into shape! The obstacle course is a large interchangeable field where campers are forced to run through it to test their agility. Everything factors on the exercise. It can have a wall to climb up, ropes to swing on, rods to crawl under. They often set up the course to accommodate for training exercises.

    PROVING GROUNDS. Since the campers are a bunch of hormonal, angry, teens, naturally they want to beat the fuck out of each other. This is where the proving grounds come in. Instead of forbidding all fighting, they set up an area for friendly duels (and otherwise). The proving ground is a large round clearing, that is pure concrete, with sand on top of it. Surrounding the Proving Grounds are ten foot high walls. Often the proving grounds are used to .

    SHOOTING RANGE. To train the more ranged campers, and those that aren't. It's a massive square field, with plenty of stalls. Down each stall, obviously, are interchangeable targets. Often all made out of cardboard, but other materials for the targets can be used. Such as wood, or perhaps even metal if they don't want to destroy the target. Anyone can use the Shooting Range, even though it's not encouraged for them. They could just throw a rock at the targets.

    Water Front (open)

    THE BEACH & DOCKS. Ah, the beach. Another place for the campers to kick back in their spare time. It's a simple large, crescent moon shaped, beach. That has sand! Waves slam up against the location constantly. Surrounding the lake are massive boulders that overlook the location. It's on the beach of the Jay-Thompson lake, and often the first place people go if they want to explore the other locations of ThinkerRock. On the beach, there's wooden structure known as the docks. It's positioned on the middle of the beach, and takes up a small part of it.

    BOAT HOUSE. Built on the docks, is a mere shack. A small wooden shack. Much like the Recreation Shack, there's a counter on it, and behind the counter are canoes on a rack. Campers may take the canoes out on the lake, but they have to bring them back before curfew is enacted.


    Wilderness (open)

    THE FOREST. As described above, a majority of the ThinkerRock facility is a massive forest. Trees far as the eye can see, that have likely been here for decades. Someone would be quick to note that most of these trees are evergreens, such as pine trees, and more. There are stone trails (With rustic wooden fences) throughout the woods that all lead to various parts of the Forest, but all end up back at the camp. Throughout the woods, there are animals of many types. The cute and cuddly like deers and bunnies, and the biological killing machines known as bears and pumas. Yes, it is completely safe to traverse the woods alone.

    DEEMEANOR MANSION. A strange mansion that has been there since ThinkerRock was established. Just that they couldn't be arsed to tear it down. It's a massive, three floor building, that is rectangle shaped. Far wider than it is long. It's made out of wood clearly, and built on a stone foundation, with rows and rows of windows and a flat roof. The mansion is fully furnished with tables, beds, and other things you'd see in a house. However they are either dirty, or have been long broken by campers running through there ages ago. The building has clearly eroded. Vines and other things have ravaged the place, the floors have rotted, and everything is filthy. But it's, strangely enough, still stable enough to stand. But if it takes a major hit, a good chunk of it is going on.

    GRAVEYARD. A spooky part of the wilderness. In the past, many people have died in Camp ThinkerRock. And that's the one thing they don't want to tell you. This location is where they buried those unlucky fools. It's a field, surrounded by a cast-iron fence, built on a slight curve. Here are several graves, denoted by concrete blocks known as Tombstones... some are marked, some, sadly, are not.

    THE CAVES. An unnatural landmark. They were created by a Meta-human during the camp's more... questionable era. They are a network of stone caves that, strangely enough, run under the entirety of the camp. These caves aren't very complex, and fairly simple. Likely created as an escape route for others. But they're dark, and have many critters that one would like to avoid. There's three known entrances. One in the middle of a forest, another by the Military Base, and dangerously enough, a entrance on the sides of the Castle Walls.

    Fort Thatcher (open)

    RUINS. A majority of the base has been long destroyed. Most likely by a rogue Meta-human. All that's left are the unstable and charred remains of several buildings. They're so damaged that some of them are unrecognizable. These buildings are barely stable, a strong enough blow would send it tumbling over. However, the entirety of the military base hasn't been destroyed, and there are places to explore.

    BARRACKS. A bunch of small, rectangle shaped buildings that were the living quarters on this base. There are at least seven, and each of them are made out of a wood that has been painted a light-green color. Each building is elevated off the ground somewhat. Inside the buildings are much similar to the cabin rooms of the campers. Each room has a metal-framed bunkbed with a chest at the bottom. These buildings have rotted, much like the rest of the military base, and there's animals, among other nasties, roaming through them.

    HANGAR. A large square building with a large door in front of it, and a few small doors off to the side, with windows at the top of the building to let in sunlight. However, that isn't the most notable thing about the building. There is a WW2-Era B52 Bomber resting in the center of the hangar. It's damaged to the point of uselessness, but it's stable enough for people to board it. It is possible to restore it if someone wanted to, but it's only in the hangar, taking up space.

    AIRSTRIP Long eroded, but still there. A long stone strip that leads straight out of the hangar.

    "The Castle" (open)

    Looming in the middle of the lake...

    WALLS & TOWERS. The first structure that anyone is going to encounter in this ominous location. The massive walls of the castle form a square that obscure a bit of the castle. These walls are constructed out of dark-grey stone blocks that are at least thirty feet tall, with large wooden doors in front of the castle (Which, strangely, don't have a mechanism). There's a breach in the wall, however. A circular hole in the side that has concrete blocks at it's bottom. At each corner is a circular tower that goes even higher than the wall. At the top of each tower is eight holes that act as windows, giving the impression that these are watch towers.

    MAIN COURTYARD. Beyond the walls is the courtyard, a large oval-shaped clearing, with a path straight into the Main building of the castle. There isn't much to say about this locations other than the fact that it's rather overrun with plants, and goes around the perimeter of the Main Hall.

    MAIN HALL. The main building of this castle. An octagon shaped, two floored, location, made out of pure stone, and fairly solid. There's two large wooden doors leading into it, which leads into the foyer of the building. Inside, it appears that this place is less of a castle and more of a mansion. There's bedrooms, a church, a dining hall, a kitchen, a great hall, and more locations.

    Rules of Camp ThinkerRock (open)

    1_. Under no circumstance are the Campers to leave Camp ThinkerRock without permission.
    2_. Fighting off the proving grounds is strictly forbidden.
    3_. Destruction/Theft of property is forbidden.
    4_. Nobody is to enter the Castle, Military Base, Mansion, nor any other structure off camp grounds.
    5_. All campers must be in their cabins by 9PM.
    6_. Sexual activity, smoking, alcohol, and drug use are strictly forbidden .Alcohol, weapons and other contraband are confiscated on arrival.
    7_. Do not feed or harm the wildlife.
    8_. Obey the staff at all times
    Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate punishment, which will be determined, depending on the offense.​

    Uniform (open)

    The official "uniform" for camp ThinkerRock (Required during all camp activities) is a T-shirt with the camp's brain logo on it and gym shorts. Fortunately, these outfits come in all colors and sizes, and everyone has a choice as to what to wear, so nobody is left out.


    Meta-Humans (open)

    Mutants, Freaks, Overhumans, Gods themselves... Commonly called Meta-humans are normal humans that were afflicted with a strange condition that has given them powers that defied the laws of nature and physics. Men with super strength, women who can teleport, children who can control nature itself. These powers are extremely varied. These abilities stem from a strange energy that resides deep within them. A green flowing energy that is known as the Meta-human energy. A invisible energy that is extremely hard to detect through normal means. This energy inhabits a Meta-human's entire body, from their skin, to their bones, to their blood. The energy isn't detrimental to them, or the environment, not even in the slightest, it can even be called beneficial. What is interesting is that scientists have observed that energy is the same, everyone has a slightly different form of the energy. Which is believed to be related to how no Meta-human has the same exact power.

    - Meta-humans have been around for two centuries (Rumored longer). They lived in secret until they were revealed to the world by the President of the United States in 1952.

    - Powers take a toll on the body and mind. Using any powers will tire out the user. Excessive and unrestrained use would cause what could be described as physical overexertion.

    - When a Meta-human uses their power on the outside world, a small amount of the meta-human energy gets projected and focused in that area. Such as a Water-Elemental controlling a cup of water will get some of the energy projected into it, until they cease control and the energy will fade away. However, a faint amount of the energy will remain.

    - The power grows as the user does over years of usage and training. The user may discover new uses with it, or a brand new trait may develop. This is directly linked to the amount of the energy in a single Meta (The energy concentration will grow).

    - There's a particular connection between high-stress situations and the advancement of powers. Under high-stress situations, powers rapidly develop.

    - There is no set age when powers develop. Some Meta-humans are born with their powers, while others won't develop until later into their lives. Powers received are sporadic at best.

    - There are powers passed from parents to the children, or simply run in the family. They are called Inherent powers, these are relatively uncommon, though. However, while inherent powers do exist, anyone will get a different version of a passed down power. In what ways vary.

    - There is a particular effect that is known as The Black Fall Effect. This has two main effects on the meta-human population:

    -- All Meta-humans are subconsciously attracted to each other. So subtly that it's next to impossible to even notice. It causes the shyest people to head out and interact, or draws people to one particularly location. The more Meta-humans that are around, the stronger "flocking" effect.

    -- Those who spend a lot of time around Meta-humans tend to develop powers themselves. It has to be years around Meta-humans for someone to develop powers. Which is why family members and close friends are extremely likely to get powers.

    - Meta-humans only use a fraction of their full power. High-stress situations allow Meta-humans to perform stronger feats - at the cost of putting more strain on the user.

    - Pushing powers beyond their limits would cause an effect known as "Ashing" - Which all Meta-humans fear. This is basically a deadly ailment where a Meta-human self destructs. Their powers shut off, and all their cells will die off at an alarmingly fast rate. Their cells will drop off their body like specs of ash, and this process will continue until there is absolutely nothing left of a Meta-human. This state is extremely deadly, and there's a mere 4% chance of survival. However, there are ways to stop ashing.

    - Ever since the reveal of Meta-humans to the world, the infant children of Meta-humans have been going missing...

    Power Classes

    Power Classifications (open)

    Cerebral: The Mind. Powers that have to do with the minds of the user or others - or powers that gather information. These powers are rather common, but not as diverse as Super-System or Elemental types. Most Cerebral types either have information gathering abilities (Such as telepathy, precognition, etc), or have powers that make active changes to the mind (Memory/emotion manipulation, and so on). There are other powers that would be classified as Cerebral due to their mental nature. Such as Telekinesis, Astral Projection, and etc.

    Super-System: The Body. Super-System type Meta-humans have abilities related to the body of themselves or others. These powers are fairly diverse. Any power that changes (or enhances) the body in any way can be classified as a Super-System power. Powers such as Super-strength, flight, and Regeneration are prime Super-System abilities. But, powers such as animal transformation also count as a Super-System. So, technically, the Super-System class is rather diverse in terms of abilities. Thus they have been separated into subclasses by using terms such as Bestial (Relating to animals), Biological (Related to altering the normal biological structure), and Chemical (Relating to the body's chemicals).

    Elemental: The World. Where Cerebral types have to do with the mind, and Super-System types, the body - Elemental is the World. The basis behind their powers is that they have powers that alter the world around them in a variety of ways - usually specializing in a single element. Any power that affects the world can be called an Elemental power. A generic elemental type has the ability to move their specialized element, and alter its properties. Others can turn into their element (Sometimes crossing over to the Super-System), create it, and more. The Elemental class easily the most diverse and common type of Meta-human. Elemental-types can also have powers related to energy, chemicals, or the stars above them. However, an elemental type cannot control the human body - it would fall under the Super-System class then.

    Power: The Essence. The rarest type of Meta-human out there. Opposed to altering the mind, body, or the world, Power-types alter the very essence of Superpowers; the Meta-human energy. For example they can alter it (On a large or small scale) to give themselves different powers (Power replication comes to mind), or enhance, or weaken, the powers of others. They can be fairly diverse, and extremely versatile. But easily the most feared. There are some Meta-humans under this class who can give or take away powers - there's even some who can manipulate powers themselves.

    Other: Powers that simply don't fall under the above categories.


    Rules (open)

    [1.] Me and my GMs have ultimate authority in the RP. When we tell you that something needs to be changed, you do it. Unless you're actually correct, I don't want to see any arguments about it. I can have your character get assassinated by a flying motorcycle and you will love it. Deal with it, scrublords.

    [2.] No godmodding, metagaming, powerplaying, autohitting, etc.

    [3.] I highly recommend that you get in contact with me on an IM service, so if we have any problems, we can discuss it behind closed doors rather than it spilling out into the OOC with pointless arguments. I prefer Skype (My handle is Mr AllenJ), but I have a Steam. On the plus side, we might become homies!

    [4.] This will be a mature RP. So, yeah, there will be plenty of swearing, death/gore, alcohol, drug use, and so on. Sex is also allowed as long as you fade to black/do it off screen. But I expect everyone to be mature, and not do it excessively or unnecessarily. On that note, I am fine with characters of any gender-roles (Transgenders, Androgynous, etc) and sexualities (Gay, Bi, etc) long as they are written respectfully.

    [5.] I will get this out of the way now: Characters can and will die in this RP. This means if a building is collapsing on John Doe and there's no way out, then I guess his white knight isn't here. I won't be actively trying to kill most of the characters I like, so you have nothing to worry about, right?

    [6.] In terms of powers, I am willing to accept anything reasonable. However the following powers are banned; "instant death" or death manipulation powers, mind/character control, time powers, anything with "omni-" attached to it, reality warping, gravity manipulation, atomic/molecular powers, life-force absorption, complete indestructibility/absolute defense. I also will not accept characters that have powers that can only be used in a fight.

    [7.] This is what I don't want to see when you make a character: super perfect appearances or personalities, people that are perfect at everything, super duper badass masters of all combat, or ridiculous/over the top characters. This also transfers to the IC, as I will be calling people out on this when I notice it. In fact, let's do a little experiment here! When you write your character sheets, do not mention that they are attractive/pretty/handsome/whatever. Dark and tragic backstories are a gray area for me. I will allow characters with them long as they are written correctly (I.E. actually have psychological trauma). Sociopaths are an even bigger grey area for me. I will not accept sociopaths unless they are written respectfully/realistically instead of being brooding asshats.

    [8.] No "experimented on and escaped a lab" back stories please. Those have more plot-holes than your character's corpse!

    [9.] This is an interaction/character development RP, not a fighting RP. There will be fights, but if you're goal in this RP is to prove that your guy the best through fights, then you're going to get it. I want rounded, and relatable, characters that fulfill a role in the story, instead of badasses. Because let's be real here, tons of fights get pretty boring fast. However, I will allow characters that know how to fight. Let's also keep dick measuring contests to a minimum. Some characters will be better than others, yes, but that's no need to hammer in how amazing/awesome they are.

    [10.] In terms of powers, I want a wide and diverse set of powers for the cast. I don't just want offensive powerhouses, I want some healers, some information types, and some other powers to round out the cast. Brute strength can only get you so far. It's next to impossible to make a power that truly can't be used in a fight, so yeah. That said, I will stop accepting certain powers after a period of time. That said, don’t try to make your characters powerful/the strongest. Aim for mid-tier and lower - better yet, aim to fulfill a niche. I won’t be accepting characters that are powerful just to be powerful. So keep that in mind.

    [11.] I am pretty lenient in terms of post length. Long posts are nice, but I'd rather take a short and meaningful post over a unnecessarily long post full of filler to attain that length. I highly recommend that everyone makes a collab for most of their interactions. However, I want at least one paragraph a post. One liners will make me tear my hair out. I also want some good content! Show, don't tell, kids.

    [12.] You are required to post once a week or you will placed as inactive. But, please say if you're leaving the RP, especially if you're in the middle of any interactions/important subplots. Any inactive characters will be forgotten about, or killed off if they were significant enough to the story. However, everyone is free to do as they please with any inactive characters.

    [13.] You are free to have as many characters as you can handle. I will be making a lot of characters myself. Though, if I see you struggle, I will not allow anymore. However, current players can have as many characters as they please (Until we reach an absolutely retarded amount).

    [14.] When submitting your sheets, I want a nice sample post written. You don't have to write an epic novel, but just show everyone an example of how your character would normally act. I want at least five paragraphs. The better the post, the better your chances at him getting in! Don’t aim for action/fight scenes, just try to show your character more than their fighting ability. And no, I will not be giving examples of a sample post. I seriously question your ability to write if you need an example to write as your character.

    [15.] This Site and This site can help you with powers.

    [16.] When making your characters, I want creativity and out of the box ideas! And I'm not just talking about powers, I'm also talking about characters. I love it when a unique character rolls around. Though, at least try to make the character fit in the story.

    [17.] You can play as the counselors of the camp, but I don't want too many. Run it by me, and we'll talk about it.

    [18.] If you have any questions, criticisms, observations or ideas; just post them. I love them.

    [19.] Oh, yeah, when writing a sheet, I want you to be detailed as all hell. When writing your appearance I don't just want two sentences and leave it, I want to know everything about how your character looks. I want to know their build, their facial features, their skin color, their hair and style, etc. Same with personality, I want layers, plox. I want you to follow the sheet format I provided too. Just look at my sheets for examples of what I want.

    [20.] Post your sheet on the OOC first, when you get accepted, then you can post your sheet in the Character Deposit. Also when you post your sheets in there, put them in a spoiler.

    Character Deposit[/b]. Also when you post your sheets in there, put them in a spoiler.
    [21.] I am a very silly bastard that tries too hard to be funny. Don't take most of the over-the-top things I say seriously and play along in my shitposting sessions and we'll be the best of buds.

    [22.] Penis. anime tiddies
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  2. _______________________________
    Character Sheet:

    Character Sheet (open)

    Basic Information
    Name: (Character's real name)
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: (Is your character known by any other names/titles? Leave blank if none)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Both or Other)
    Age: (8-17)
    Height: (In whatever format you want, metric or 'Merican)
    Weight: (See above, but how heavy instead of how tall)
    Reason for Attendance: (Tell me why your character is in Camp ThinkerRock. Were they arrested? Or did they willingly choose to sign up?)
    Hair Color:
    (Put what color your character's hair is. If it's dyed put that)
    Eye Color: (This should be simple)
    Ethnicity: (What color is your character's skin basically?)
    Physical Appearance: (What does your character look like? Go in detail here because the more the merrier. You can supply a picture, but it has to be accompanied by a description. No anime pictures.)
    Attire: (Optional if you want to describes outfits IC-side. What does your character wear normally and what is their "Style" if they have any?)
    (What does your character do when around other people? How is your character deep down?)
    Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character do for fun?)
    Skills/Talents: (Similar to hobbies, but refers to the level of skill a character has. For example, a character could like playing violin but isn't very good at it or vice versa.)
    Prized Possession: (What object does your character value above all else?)
    Quote(s): (Optional. Just put a line that your character would say here. Anything really.)
    History/Bio: (Optional, or PM it to me to keep it a secret Give me a detailed description of your character's past. How they were brought up. Try to include mostly major events/details.)
    Family: ([Ex: Parents, children, siblings] Include stepfamilies if it applies, and label as such.)
    (Basically a section where you put your character's thoughts on the other ones they've encountered. You can also talk to other people and decide what your characters relations will be.)
    [Character name] | [Impression (Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [Relationship (Friend, Rival, Crush, etc)] | [Character's thoughts [EX: I think Bob is quite the amiable fellow, has a great head on his shoulders, wouldn't want anyone else on my side]] |

    Power Class & Rating:
    (Cerebral, Super-System, Elemental, Power, or Other)
    Power: (Describe the power that your character has in great detail, and describe everything your guy can do.)
    Weaknesses/Drawbacks: (What are the weaknesses to your character's power?)
    Other: (Put whatever you want here, basically anything that doesn't fit in the other forms)
    Sample Post: (Write me an example post of your character in action - You also have to show your character's ability)


    Cast of ThinkerRock:

    Mr Allen J

    Jago & Newt Javuant

    Diego Bellemont

    Claudette Jean-Pierre

    Lupe Bellemont



    Richard Kennedy

    Marcus Shane



    Christopher Sava



    Enrique Ortiz



    Bianca Shade



    Shiloh Warren

    Darcy Moore

    Cody Park



    Zoe Gambino
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  3. Jago Javuant (open)

    Basic Information

    Name: Jago Andrew Javuant
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: JJ, The Ultimate Shield
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 137
    Reason for Attendance: Arrested for vandalism, theft, assault, and public urination.

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African-American

    Physical Appearance: A very youthful and proud teen. Jago has the looks of an outgoing person, the kind of kid that spends plenty of time outside and doing things rather than lazing around the house. Hell, someone could say that he has the looks of an adventurer. But he tends to have the young relaxed teen vibe most of the time. Moving around and walking with confidence and a cocky swagger. He's rather tall for his age, standing shoulders above other teens at a solid 5'7. His build is very thin and waifish, he's skinny, but he has a bit of muscles. Not the "I lift" kind of muscles, but more of the "I run, and do gymnastics" muscles. His arms and legs are particularly muscular - another thing I should note about them is that they're long, they make up a bit of his height. However, the boy has been hitting the gym quite often in hopes of getting ripped. They're hard to notice unless he takes off his clothes and shows some skin. Speaking of skin; Jago is obviously African-American. He has a chocolate brown skin color, tanned from spending plenty of time in the sun. His face is coated with some dark freckles. Free from blemishes and acne - but he has plenty of scars coating his skin from rough play. His appearance clearly implies he's been during various activities, but clearly rough-housing. His crooked nose was broken in fights fairly frequently and just never healed right. Along with a few scars here and there - mostly around his knees from tripping - he's clearly been in some stuff. Going back to Jago's African-American heritage, his facial features are structured very much like African-Americans. His skull shape, thick lips, and hair-texture give this away. Jago's facial features are rounded and smooth - blending seamlessly with each other - along with a rectangle shaped head. His chin is small, and square, blending into his sharp jawline very well. His nose is medium sized, with two large nostrils and a thick nose bridge, and like it's been stated before, is quite crooked. He has large lips, along with a wide mouth. His ears are small, yet quite round. Jago's eyes are small, usually giving off a lazy, bored look, or a fierce, determined, confident, glare. One thing Jago has been notable for is his thick, straight, dark-black hair color. It's a usually wild hair-style, since he keeps them all in shoulder-length, thick, dreadlocks. They move and flow just as he does.

    Attire: Jago's attire, and style, varies depending on his mood. But his most common style is either a hip-hop based outfit, an athletic outfit, casual attire, or bland outfits that allow freedom of movement. That said, there's few kinds of clothes Jago won't wear.


    Outward & Innate Personality: A young, impetuous, little shit. A lot of words can be used to describe Jago. Arrogant, cocky, proud, confrontational... are just among some of them. He acts loudly and proud, and it's clear to the people he meets that he is some kind of badass. Talking like everyone is below him, or simply worthless - talking himself up to be some champion. Merely because he thinks that most people are annoying and simply not worth his time. Usually he tends to act like the cool kid, the one that barely cares and does whatever he pleases. Jago casually throws insults, snarky remarks at people and taunts - bordering on bullying. Jago is the kind of kid that would spit in the face of authority and act wildly out of control. This is apart of his young, impulsive, attitude. He breaks the rules casually, and treat authority figures like they're nothing. Stealing, breaking things, and fighting people aren't below him. However, he will play along with their rules until they get into his way. Jago is very easy to annoy, and temperamental. People who annoy him will get the brunt of his insults. Sometimes he'll single out these people and prank them. Doing whatever he can to demean them for his own amusement. Jago is very quick to anger, and when he gets angry, he acts rashly, and certainly isn't afraid to escalate things from throwing insults to throwing punches. However, he tends to act aggressively towards people that are his own level physically. While he isn't afraid to step up to someone who's larger and older than him, he tends to rely on peer pressure to carry him through those situations. And let whatever happens, happen - even if he loses. It's easy to say that he isn't the brightest kid. Acting on impulse (or with his dick) tends to get him in quite a few sticky situations. Very rarely does he learn unless the lesson is pounded into his skull through brute force (Specifically a good asskicking). However, he tends to act far more cold and closed off when around strangers, or when he's not in the mood to be bothered.

    Innately, Jago is afraid of being weak, being useless, being scared. Which is why he acts all proud, aggressive, and rebellious - he wants the world to know that he isn't weak or a coward and will do anything to appear otherwise. He's convinced that strength, pride, and status is the only thing that matters, and the only thing he needs. While longing for something more. Jago is desperate to become a strong and capable badass that doesn't take shit from anyone. When in reality, he's just a kid acting like one - and he knows this. He's especially afraid of failing in the moments he really needs to succeed, or just not being good enough. He believes that he's alone in the world, and that no one can possibly help him - Which is why he has to get strong enough to help himself. Jago absolutely hates it when he has to rely on other people, or someone else has to come and save him. Morality-wise, while it may not seem this way, but underneath it all Jago has a strong sense of morality and justice. He simply won't stand for injustice befalling on the people he cares about. That said, he'll help a friend that's being mugged, or go out to get revenge for someone who cannot. But he certainly won't jump into heroic causes that don't concern him, nor will he go out of his way to save strangers. Jago's not out to save the world, neither is he out to destroy it - doing good isn't a duty or a responsibility. Just something he needs to do when necessary. One thing he does more than anything is hide this side of himself. Usually justifying it as something he wanted to do, or making an asshole-ish comment to cover his ass and divert attention away from that trait.

    Hobbies/Interests: Sports for starters. While Jago only really plays basketball and soccer, he loves to watch all other sports. Except for baseball. That's gay. Athletics is something he enjoys greatly. But the one thing he likes above all else are drinks! Not alcohol you fool, he's only fourteen. The point is, Jago will always be seen drinking soda, juices, and Gatorade. Other things he likes are chess and board games, video games, hot girls, hip-hop, and fighty fights.

    Skills/Talents: Jago has quite a few, all of them were taught to him by others. His most obvious skill is that he's very agile and fast because of his acrobatic, and gymnastic training - but it's been ages since he actually practiced it. Most of his training had stuck with him through the years since he uses it a lot. He can climb, is very quick on his toes, and is very acrobatic. Jago is also exceptionally skilled at playing basketball, and has played a little bit of soccer. Jago has also taken to skateboarding. Because he's a particularly mouthy teen, Jago's parents had invested in some Karate classes to teach him how to defend himself, and maybe discipline him. His greatest skill would have to be how clever, quick thinking, and creative he is. A cunning trickster by default, he can think outside the box merely by instinct.
    Prized Possession: N/A

    Quote(s): "A wise man told me that when putting others first; they know you just come second."

    "Good grief..." - His catchphrase

    "Ya'll forget; I'm the shield you bitches get behind!"


    Jago and Aisha/Newt were born into the Javuant family, a military family, whom already had a daughter, Deborah Javuant. Their early life was simple, and rather fatherless since he was sent off to go fight in the war. They had fun as children until he returned from the war a year later. They were all moved to Black Fall, Pennsylvania - the Westgate community to be exact. As the twins grew up, it was apparent what kind of people they'd be. Jago was the young bruiser, while Aisha was the trickster with an interest in reptiles and amphibians. As they developed, they were given quite a bit of freedom, since once their father got home from the war, he didn't want to raise anymore kids. It was up to their mother's steady hand that put them on the path to greatness. Neither of them were anything special in class - however, Newt had trouble with school since she couldn't hold still and found herself getting distracted. Both of them did well enough to get by, and that's just about it. Then, there was the fact they had nothing to do after school was out. The only logical thing she could do was get them some hobbies. Initially, due to their existing mobility, they were both signed up for Gymnastics and free-running. A hobby that they both greatly enjoyed (Except Jago would rather go without the unitard) and allowed it to hone their agility and bodies. Jago had also taken a liking to artistic classes, and he was also into basketball, and soccer - Since he thinks that all the other sports were boring. There were some attempts to get him to play instruments, but they didn't stick. Newt on the other hand didn't get into hobbies other than gymnastics. She'd rather screw around with reptiles. Which meant her mother had to force her hand, and forced Newt to attend piano classes... It goes without saying that she didn't like it at all, but as she went to more and more classes, she warmed up to the idea of piano. Along with a few Spanish classes. Regardless, these hobbies were all outlets for them to properly learn how to socialize with people - probably.... Jago quickly learned to dislike other people, while Newt found herself getting ignored - so she drew attention to herself.

    By the time they were ten, they began showing their true colors; two wild eyed children. Jago was already a young bruiser, aggressive and had one hell of a tempter. He started fights in school constantly - over the stupidest reasons -, and had to be picked up from school more than once. It was a worrying trend that would certainly end with their son dead if they didn't correct it. Grounding him didn't seem to have an effect, neither did beating him - in fact, the latter made him even worse. They were running out of options, so they went with the last resort; a disciplinary boot camp for children with behavior problems. A location that was out of state. Now this was where Jago was worked. He had to live under strict rules, and was punished severely for every outburst. Jago learned to restrain himself finally, and it did wonders for the young child's temper and taught him ways to channel his anger. But it didn't completely remove the issue, only teach him when and where to express it. The other kids there were pretty shitty, since they were sent here for the same reasons he was. Mixed with his standoffish and temperamental attitude, Jago didn't get along too well with the kids here. He was bullied constantly, and whenever he tried to fight back, he got punished. It was all a vicious cycle that did nothing to help the boy.
    Newt on the other hand was struggling with the temporary departure of her brother. She was a major source of peer pressure for him, and she felt rather alone without him - since her sister is too old to actually relate to her. Worst of all, Newt's grades were declining due to her lack of focus and interest in it. It was suspected she had an disorder, but her mother had a bit of denial when it came to the matter, so she just chalked it up to Newt playing around too much. This caused Newt to be worked twice as hard in regards to her school work. Getting punished for what she didn't have control over. Getting countless tutors that did nothing to help. The sheer stress didn't help Newt's situation at all.

    Jago's power manifested at boot camp, after getting into one last fight. Jago had fought back against some kids who were bullying him. He got beaten badly by what had to be five kids older than him. It was a scary situation, but in the process of swiping back at his enemies he had created a bubble shield around himself. It wasn't the shield itself that stopped the barrage, but it was merely the revelation that he was a Meta-human that scared them off. With he himself having little idea of what happened. Jago was immediately pulled out of the camp and sent straight home - he wouldn't have had it any other way. The moment he got home, he had a talk with his family about what happened, and through a bit of tinkering, he managed to replicate what he did. They didn't reject him since they already had one Meta-human (Deborah) in their family. So it was another one of their family secrets. Jago resumed life. He went to school, indulged in hobbies - with Karate classes added to the list due to the incident. But whenever he was alone, he practiced with his shielding ability. He attempted to understand it - with the help of Newt he learned some of it's capabilities; it can stop most physical attacks from normal humans, but what about the big stuff like bullets? Well, Jago never got to know. Either way, he practiced with his ability to the point where he could control it (No one accidental activation). Jago took pride in his ability, he felt powerful, and the whole concept of being superhuman had inflated his ego. While the disciplinary camp had taught him to control his anger, he would still get into fights. Just for better reasons now.

    On the other hand, Newt felt left out for being the only child in the family that wasn't a Meta-human, and worst of all, she met plenty of people who were. It was simply unfair! She eventually became jealous of her siblings powers and used every opportunity she could to undermine them. It didn't affect Deborah all that well, who knew of Newt's troubles, but it definitely caused her and Jago to drift apart for a while. They were all fighting over all the stupidest things. Arguing, pranking each other, and sometimes outright fighting. It was at that point they hated each other. This vicious cycle continued well until they were twelve - albeit to a more subtle level. They had matured somewhat, and everyone around them were getting tired of it. So their sibling rivalry died down - but not completely.

    Meanwhile, Jago learned a new aspect of his power while sparring in a Karate class and accidentally floating upwards a few feet... He was immediately disqualified for cheating. But that didn't matter to him, he had a brand new ability to explore! He rushed home and experiment with it. At first, he could only move around, which gave him the theory that he can make shields and fly, but a few months of practice the epiphany came that his powers were actually telekinetic. Around this time, Newt had discovered her abilities during her gymnastics class. They had manifested long before, but she didn't notice them until she was in class, bending her body in unreal ways. At first she didn't know, but given the Meta-human nature of her families, she knew it was a power. Newt was ecstatic, her gymnastics had reached the next degree. Eventually, she had also learned that she had the ability to turn - in simpler terms - invisible during an argument with her mother.

    The twins just had their fourteenth birthday and they were still causing problems as always. However, after one night of debauchery with some friends, which turned into a crimefree, the twins were arrested and were most likely going to be spending a few months in juvie. However, they were approached by a representative of Camp ThinkerRock, who offered them a spot in their camp and the chance of putting their powers to good use instead of going to prison. Two them, they would rather become superheroes than get assraped in a jailcell.
    So to camp ThinkerRock they go


    Father - Jacob Javuant
    Mother- Susie Javuant
    Uncle - David Termellio
    Aunt - Taya Termellio
    Sister - Aisha/Newt Javuant (Superhuman Condition)
    Sister - Deborah Javuant (Psychometric Perception, Minor-Telepathy, & Premonitions)


    Aisha "Newt" Javuant | Good | Twin-Sister | "You know, we fight all the time over stupid shit, but you we make a great team..." |

    Deborah Javuant | Neutral | Big Sister | "She the complete opposite of me and Newt - in a good way - because she acts white as hell. But whatevs. Smart, real smart, probably because of that power of hers - but real talk, I hate the fact that I can’t hide anything from her. She knows more about what the hell is going on than I do, so I’m not going to complain." |


    Power Class: Cerebral

    Power: Jago has two abilities that are Telekinetic in nature. Whenever he uses either ability, he is surrounding it, and himself, in a aura. Both abilities require movement of his hands.
    Telekinetic-Shields. Jago has the ability to create telekinetic barriers with little energy or focus as far as the eye can see. Jago's barriers are translucent, dark-purple or blue, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though, Jago is more specialized in creating walls, he can create curved walls, or spheres. He can't move them, the barriers are effectively stationary (Though, they can be moved with enough strength) until he becomes more refined in them, but he can create floating shields just fine. He can control what goes through them. For example, he can make it so that people can attack from inside his shields, or render them inaccessible from both sides. These force-fields have varying levels of durability, all depending on how much effort he puts into it. They can be enough to block a person, or stop an augmented punch from a super-strong meta. Though, the more pressure they're put under, the harder it is it for him to keep them going. Right now, Jago can only create bouncy, flexible shields. If his shields were hit by anything, they would deform, and Jago would be able to bounce it back, with a variety of other uses. Bouncy shields are a bit harder to destroy than his other shields because they're far more shock absorbent. He's working on creating traditional, "solid" shields by gaining a higher degree of control. He will be able to learn how to create reflecting, and deflecting shields with time. In regards to energy, or non-physical, attacks, Jago's shields block simply them regardless of the type of shield he has deployed, and they cause no deformations in his shields. One technique he believes he can do is that he can wrap his barriers around his limbs, to create an armor around himself. Bringing his durability up a bit. There are plenty more techniques he can come up with as he becomes better at controlling his ability, but it's more of a creativity kind of thing. He just needs to think outside the box with his power, and he can possibly become more dangerous than anyone else.

    Telekinesis. Making up the other half of Jago's power is good old telekinesis, baby! A recent development, and it came with the epiphany that his power is truly telekinetic in nature. By default, he can do the usual telekinetic techniques of lifting, throwing, pushing, attracting, and generally controlling the motion of any solids. It's also possible for him to bend, crush, or stretch objects. He does these techniques via hand/arm, and leg, motions - it's also possible to move it with a thought, but his control won't be as precise. By pointing his hand at an object, and with concentration, he can move it, as it "follows" his motions. By thrusting his hand outward, or swinging it really hard, he can send it flying at a speed of his choice. Get the idea? It's entirely possible for him to do this to multiple objects at once - with one motion, in fact. He can also be extremely precise with his telekinesis. The most he can lift up without strain is 200lb. Another trick he has worked out is more or less tactile-telekinesis. By touching an object, a telekinetic aura will wrap around it, and allow him to move it in a similar manner to super strength - except it'll be held together by an external force. It will also give him a mental map of the object (Which helps with picking locks and so on). Using tactile-telekinesis gives Jago more raw strength, but it allows him to use his telekinesis on himself. More or less giving him the ability to control his own movements. Such as flight/levitation, sliding along the ground, putting more force behind his punches, controlling his balance, and more precise movements. There are plenty more applications he can do, but that'd bog down the sheet.

    Weaknesses/Drawbacks: The first problem Jago has is concentration. All of his abilities rely on focus and concentration. Break it, and all uses of Jago's power will be cancelled. He also requires hand motions for all of his abilities. While he can use them without motions, he won't be as refined or precise. Jago cannot use his shields and his telekinesis at the same time, he has to cancel one usage before beginning the other. However, he can fly/move around and make shields at the same time. Overusing his abilities (Or maintaining a single use for too long) causes his body to receive damage and degrade over times. This in the way of him bleeding out of every orifice, awful headaches, strain his muscles, and at it's most extreme; brain damage and failing organs.

    For specific weaknesses, I'll start with his shields. There's the given weaknesses of larger and more durable his shields, the more effort it'll take to keep them going. However, Jago technically has no limit to how many shields he can put up at a time, but it comes down to a quality vs quantity thing. The more shields he has up, the less overall durability they'll have (Depends on size and durability). Putting constant pressure on Jago's shields is dangerous. While he can make them quite durable, the more pressure they're put under, the harder it'll be for Jago to keep them going. However, "constant pressure" means a lot of really hard hits coming on it at once. For example, a really strong punch won't cause any extra effort, but a barrage from anything stronger than a .40 Cal will make it harder for Jago to keep it going. It's also possible to break them if they get hit with more than what they can take. While his flexible shields are more durable than other types of shields, they have a few more disadvantages of their own. If Jago (Or anyone else) is too close to the shield after they take a heavy hit, the excess force may whip back and hit someone behind the shield. Bouncing attacks off his shields might also be hazardous for everyone else. They can also be pierced with enough force, or if someone tries to run through it with a blade. Jago's harder shields aren't as shock absorbent and easier to break with stronger hits. Reflecting and Deflecting shields are weak against slow moving objects, and someone can simply walk right through them. While Jago's shields can stop energy and physical attacks, the only thing he can't block are light based attacks such as lasers and the likes.

    For weaknesses specific to his telekinesis, they're simple. Moving heavier objects, moving objects quickly, and the more advanced uses, tire him out faster. The absolute weight-limit to Jago's telekinesis has to be two tons, and he wouldn't be able to move anything close to that weight without pushing himself far beyond his limits and coming close to ashing. The most he could hope to do is bring a stop to it. There's also a few limits when it comes to people (All of which might be psychological). He can move people around (Even restrain or throw them), but he can't do stuff like choke them, bend them behind their natural limits, tear them to pieces, and such and such. Obviously, his telekinesis ability only applies to solids - he cannot manipulate energy or anything on an atomic level. He can manipulate liquids somewhat, but not to a great degree.


    Aisha "Newt" Javuant (open)

    Basic Information

    Name: Aisha Phoebe Javuant
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: Newt, Phoebe, Highstriker
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 125
    Reason for Attendance: Arrested for vandalism, theft, assault, and public indecency.

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African-American

    Physical Appearance: Newt is certainly a young and spastic teen. Much like her twin brother, Newt is much taller than a girl her age should be. She is nearly at the average adult female height. But she herself still feels rather short compared to other people. Her frame is thin, and her body is trim from all the activity she goes through. She's basically skin and bones. She has the appearance of someone who's transitioning into a healthy woman, or someone in the middle of puberty. Her voice is getting deeper, her breasts are growing, with gaining a more womanly shape (Curves and hips). It seems like she'll certainly be a full woman once she finishes, but she's far from that. But she's certainly feminine. She's energetic, and never can seem to hold still, and her movements are quick and wild. Even when she's holding still, she's always looking like she's about to explode in a ball of energy. Strangely enough, Newt does not have one mark on her body. Her skin is so clear and flawless that it would make a super-model jealous. It’s surprising since, given the rough play she goes through, anyone would expect her to be heavily scarred. Newt is clearly African-American, her skin, skull-shape, and facial features are consistent with African-Americans. Her skin is a dark-brown color. However, Newt's body is splattered with black freckles against her brown skin. Newt's facial features are rounded, and smooth, nothing looks disproportionate from one another. She has a rectangle shaped head, and with a small square chin much like her brother. She doesn't have much of a jawline at the moment, but it is developing. Her nose is medium sized with rather big nostrils, and a thin nose bridge, making her nose look almost triangle shaped. Surprisingly, it isn't crooked or broken. She has thick lips that are usually painted bright red via lipstick. She has some small ears that are thin, and kinda pointy. Her eyes are very large, and round, they have a puppy-eyes look all the time. Her iris is a brown color. She has a long neck. In terms of hairstyle, Newt has two large afro puffs on each side of her head. Normally her hair is wavy, and thick, but she doesn't really maintain it all that well, so it's pretty messy and dirty. Often, Newt has a few stickers of stars on her cheeks, or alternatively, she draws stars on them with a marker.

    Attire: Newt would love to wear all the clothing that her parents would never let her wear, but she's forced to look somewhat presentable. But if given the opportunity to, she would wear ripped jeans, leggings, stockings, bikinis, and just skimpy clothing in general. Though, she is forced to dress somewhat normally. She'll be forced to wear clothing that covers her skin, such as jeans, and jackets. Through Newt likes to take this to it's logical extreme and dress up like a ninja. Wearing hoodies over hoodies and jackets over jackets. She's also fond of wearing gloves, boots, and high heels. The most standout feature of Newt's attire is that ridiculously long bright-red scarf with black edges. It's at least seven feet in length, and she keeps it wrapped around her neck or her face. Usually Newt is seen wearing jewelry of the ear-ring variety. Sometimes she's seen wearing hoop earrings, or usual.


    Outward & Innate Personality: A real wacky motherfucker. Newt is a teen that lacks tact, crude as hell, and will say just about anything that's on her mind. She won't refrain from saying rude, strange, or mean, things about people because it'll amuse her. Her favorite targets are the weak, annoying, and innocent - because they are so much fun to screw with. But she mainly goes for the people who can't fight back. She is quite rebellious and insolent, she dislikes authority figures with a passion, and will go out of her way to screw with them - sometimes for no reason other than because she can. It goes without saying that she tends to ignore and disobey orders whenever possible. It goes without saying that she's a chaotic neutral. Newt does whatever she pleases, right or wrong - however, she knows when to stop and tries not to go too far. People can tell that she's quite the hedonist, merely because the pleasures in life are all that really matters to her. But she definitely has altruistic tendencies. Newt doesn't have the best social skills on the planet, she is someone oblivious to how people interact with each other, and it shows when she says inappropriate (Or sexually charged) statements. Or the times when she invades people's personal space (Touching people, getting really close, etc). Newt likes to draw attention to herself, especially when other people stop paying attention to her. Merely because she hates being ignored and forgotten about. Another thing people will notice is that she's extremely nosy, and isn't afraid to stick her nose in other people's business. Going to the point of even invading people's privacy. She has trouble concentrating, and holding still. She's always so energetic that if she isn't stopped, she'll be all over the place. It's highly suspected that she has ADHD, which is something that upsets her. Underneath the wacky personality, Newt really cares for other people, and honestly wants to be their friend. She really cares about her siblings. While she tends to appear to brush things off - Things like criticism, insults, and so on tends to be rather damaging emotionally. In response to this, Newt can be quite vengeful. She will go to petty lengths to get even with people who wronged her (Or get the feeling that she did). If she can't, she'll have a hell of a hard time letting go, and will mull about it for ages. In terms of sexuality, Newt is bi-curious. She often finds herself being attracted to girls, while she prefers boys. It's something new to her that she's entirely unsure about. Newt keeps it a secret, but only her older sister knows about her preferences.

    Hobbies/Interests: If the nick name didn't give it away, Newt loves reptiles and amphibians. Especially frogs, and salamanders. If she sees any scaly friends she will absolutely lose her shit and be all over that. Other than that, Newt is surprisingly interested in things like classic literature, old movies, and poetry. She's also a fan of various animated series, her favorite being anime.

    Skills/Talents: A girl that's really light on her toes. She's fast, agile, quiet, and can hide pretty well. Just pray to God that you're not playing hide and seek with her. This is partly due to being in gymnastics. She's also a very good pick-pocket, using her powers in conjunction with her dexterous hands. Newt is also being forced to learn to play piano, she's not that good at the moment, but she's getting there. Her twin brother Jago has shared a few of his skills with his. Such as his Karate, basketball, and so on.

    Prized Possession: Her impractically long scarf.

    History/Bio: (Refer to Jago's sheet)

    Father - Jacob Javuant
    Mother- Susie Javuant
    Uncle - David Termellio
    Aunt - Taya Termellio
    Brother - Jago Javuant (Shields & Telekinesis)
    Sister - Deborah Javuant (Psychometric Perception, Minor Telepathy, & Premonitions)


    Jago Javuant | Good | Brother | "Hahahaha... Jago, pttf. A goon, wannabe, tough guy, fun. He’s all of those things, and more… Me and him working together… with trouble on our mind… we can get shit done." |

    Deborah Javuant | Good | Big Sister | "Big sis! A big name around Westgate, probably because of her power only. Everyone calls her the Secret Keeper? Ha, give me a damn break. I know one of her biggest secrets, and I don't plan keeping it."


    Power Class: Super-System, & Cerebral

    Power: Super-Human Condition. Newt has a godly body for a fourteen year old girl. She is at her (Super-natural) prime. That said, Newt has your typical superhuman abilities. Her body has been enhanced in a few fields, such as her agility and strength, among other things. However, her agility is simply top-tier, and easily the most improved part of her body by a long shot. She's insanely flexible, she can go from one motion to another with ease, sprint, do backflips, and other tricks with little effort. Her body/muscle control, hand-eye coordination, and balance are insane, allowing her to perform stunts with little strain on her body. Newt can also bend twist her body far beyond the normal limits, her muscles and skin are more flexible, and her limbs are double-jointed. Meaning she can perform contortions that look like she's boneless. She's also great with those hands of hers, they move at a blur, and are insanely precise. Which can allow her to quickly snatch something. This power also allows Newt to run faster (at like 45 mph consistently - she can run at least 75 mph for a short distance) and jump higher (At least a good twenty feet in one leap). Her reflexes have been increased to boot, she can react to things the moment she sees it coming. In a fight, the implications are obvious; she can easily and effectively dodge attacks - moving like a blur. Finally, Newt has the ability to wall crawl by taking advantage of van der Waals force. Newt can cling to any surface. Newt's strength has also been enhanced by a few notches, and supplements her agility. She can lift up to 650lb on her own, and that's enough to throw a grown man around like it's nothing, or throw a bone breaking punch. Newt's senses are also improved by a degree, specifically her sense of smell, hearing, and sight. She can smell on par with animals, hear a needle drop, and her eyesight allows her to see in the dark, see further, see clearer, and pick up movement much better. Her healing ability has been enhanced, to the point of regeneration. Newt’s ability to regenerate damaged cells is astounding. She’d heal from superficial wounds like paper cuts, micro-fractures, and so on, in a few seconds. Bigger wounds such as deep cuts will be closed in half an hour. Broken bones would be healed in a week. Get the gist? She is also capable of regenerating limbs. It’ll take a few months to grow back something like an arm, but it’s possible. Because of her high healing-factor, her immune-system and metabolism have been similarly enhanced. And finally, her stamina has been enhanced to the point where she could sustain all of these feats, and not even need a breather. She can also hold her breath for awhile.

    Sensory-Stealth. With a little bit of concentration, Newt can become invisible to the naked eye... sort of. Her power subconsciously alters the optic nerves and removes her from them. Thus, making her invisible to the naked eye, and not having to worry about being blind herself. Fortunately, this ability extends to her clothes, so she's not floating clothes walking around. The most she can cloak is her outfit. So far her power has no effect on the olfactory and auditory senses, but that could be a development for her. There's a possibility that she can become inaudible, and odorless in the future.

    Weaknesses/Drawbacks: Yes, Newt's body has been enhanced to godly levels, but there are some aspects that haven't been enhanced; namely her durability. It's still technically at the human level, and in some areas, weaker than the human average. Her joints, tendons, and ligaments are frail, and much easier to damage. She must know her limits, and control her body accordingly. Since, while she has the strength to bench press a piano, her skeleton can't support it and it'd still crush her. If she punches someone full force, then she's not going to be using that hand for awhile. Even if she jumps and lands the wrong way, she could break a joint very easily. And, even with regeneration, she's no wolverine, she can't instantly bounce back from damage, she needs time. Newt is a fragile-speedster by default, fast as hell, but can't take too much of a hit. That said, there's more weaknesses. Specifically in terms of her metabolism, it runs fast enough that she remains in great shape, but it also means her body requires more food, drink, and rest in order to keep function. If she goes without those for too long, then her body will shut down. And that's bad. Her regeneration has a few weaknesses of it's own. For starters, it kicks her metabolism into overdrive, and can drain her far quicker than usual. Then there's the fact that she can't heal from brain damage, or attacks that would instantly kill her. If there's an object in the way, it interferes with her regeneration until the object is removed. Also, if a broken bone isn't braced properly, then it will not heal correctly, and will likely have to be broken again. Her enhanced senses also present a few, rather obvious, weaknesses of their own. Sensory overload. Bright lights, loud sounds, strong odors, you see, attacks on the senses tend to be extremely painful for Newt, and almost just as damaging. Taking a flashbang to the face would render her blind and deaf, at least until her healing factor corrected the damage. Finally, while Newt can resist fatigue, it doesn't mean she can go on forever. The lactic acid buildup would cause an incredible pain, and force her to stop whether she wants to or not (Or else it'll be painful).

    That ability is called Sensory-Stealth rather than outright Invisibility. The main weakness to this ability is range. The further people are, the easier they can see her. Allow me to explain, she's completely invisible to people that are around fifteen feet of her. Outside of that, she can vaguely be seen (Without her facial features being visible) and the further out she is, the easier she can be seen. Further than thirty feet she's completely visible. The more objects Newt is making invisible, the harder it is to maintain overall. Which includes clothes, the more clothes she’s wearing, the harder it’ll be for her to remain invisible. Moving fast while stealthed will cause her to turn visible. She has to be standing still or moving relatively slowly to use this ability. Then there's people with enhanced/extra senses that can easily detect her. She isn't invisible to electronics either.


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  4. Intrigued.

    I shall be consuming all of the info in the relatively near future.
  5. Neat. Glad to see someone else is interested.

    I have a few more sheets planned, depending on how things turn out, I might make seven characters. But I'm definitely going to make these other two characters no matter what. They'll be up soonish, one's mostly complete, but I'm going to work on this other character that I'm starting from scratch. Since I might as well just get this out of the way.
  6. Basic Information

    Name: Richard Brian Kennedy
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: Wrecker
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 220lbs (When not activating power)
    Reason for Attendance: He volunteered after his entire town ousted him and his family after an out burst involving a speeding semi being flipped after hitting the boy. It was against his parent's wishes but he knew it was better for him and them.


    Show Spoiler

    Hair Color: D. Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian with a bit of redness
    Physical Appearance: Overall, he doesn't look like a guy who would be waiting in a dark alley, but he still has a presence. Thick-framed and buzzed hair. In addition to the other information, he is more bulk that lean. Skin is a bit rosy. It's obvious he works out but there is still a bear like appearance to him. Broad shoulders and a strong chest. He also has freckles all over his shoulders. His facial hair is a deep red, which may be an odd sight since he has straight, dark brown hair. Rich was born with a squareish head that gave him a prominent jawline. He ended up with a chin that easily be on a real superhero, and nice cheek bones to boot. His eyebrows do not dip or rise as they are perfectly straight across. The nose is....noticeable. It isn't overly large but it is distinguished...and slightly pointed. The eyes are blue and shaped to give a warm, curious look. His lips are average on a average mouth. His he lets his hair get long enough, he can resemble a hobbit. While he isn't a wildebeest there is enough chest/leg hair to look rather masculine. Not many scars though, as most of the time the bad guys don't have anything hard enough to to pierce him. No tattoos to speak of either.
    Attire: It's mostly what is comfortable, but he has no issue with going out in a tux.


    Show Spoiler

    Personality: He is an ENFP personality type. Here is some information that might help. =D

    • Curious - When it comes to new ideas, ENFPs aren't interested in brooding - they want to go out and experience things, and don't hesitate to step out of their comfort zones to do so. ENFPs are imaginative and open-minded, seeing all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life.
    • Observant - ENFPs believe that there are no irrelevant actions, that every shift in sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. To satisfy their curiosity, ENFPs try to notice all of these things, and to never miss a moment.
    • Energetic and Enthusiastic - As they observe, forming new connections and ideas, ENFPs won't hold their tongues - they're excited about their findings, and share them with anyone who'll listen. This infectious enthusiasm has the dual benefit of giving ENFPs a chance to make more social connections, and of giving them a new source of information and experience, as they fit their new friends' opinions into their existing ideas.
    • Excellent Communicators - It's a good thing that ENFPs have such strong people skills, or they'd never express these ideas. ENFPs enjoy both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations, which are just two sides of the same coin for them, and are adept at steering conversations towards their desired subjects in ways that feel completely natural and unforced.
    • Know How to Relax - It's not all “nature of the cosmos” discussions with ENFPs - people with this personality type know that sometimes, nothing is as important as simply having fun and experiencing life's joys. That Intuitive trait lets ENFPs know that it's time to shake things up, and these wild bursts of enthusiastic energy can surprise even their closest friends.
    • Very Popular and Friendly - All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition. ENFPs get along with pretty much everyone, and their circles of friends stretch far and wide.
    • Poor Practical Skills - When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, ENFPs have exceptional talent. Unfortunately their skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, ENFPs' ideas are likely to remain just that - ideas.
    • Find it Difficult to Focus - ENFPs are natural explorers of interpersonal connections and philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done is that TPS report sitting right in front of them. It's hard for ENFPs to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts.
    • Overthink Things - ENFPs don't take things at face value - they look for underlying motives in even the simplest things. It's not uncommon for ENFPs to lose a bit of sleep asking themselves why someone did what they did, what it might mean, and what to do about it.
    • Get Stressed Easily - All this overthinking isn't just for their own benefit - ENFPs, especially Turbulent ones, are very sensitive, and care deeply about others' feelings. A consequence of their popularity is that others often look to them for guidance and help, which takes time, and it's easy to see why ENFPs sometimes get overwhelmed, especially when they can't say yes to every request.
    • Highly Emotional - While emotional expression is healthy and natural, with ENFPs even viewing it as a core part of their identity, it can come out strongly enough to cause problems for this personality type. Particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, ENFPs can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best.
    • Independent to a Fault - ENFPs loathe being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules - they want to be seen as highly independent masters of their own fates, even possessors of an altruistic wisdom that goes beyond draconian law. The challenge for ENFPs is that they live in a world of checks and balances, a pill they are not happy to swallow.


    Show Spoiler

    • Food
    • Sports (Specifically team sports like football or baseball)
    • Music - Mostly Rock and Alternative
    • Singing
    • Cartoons
    • Relaxing
    • Babies
    • Video Games
    • Polar Bears
    • Lifting Weights
    • Cracking Jokes
    • Bodily Functions
    • Touching, when it doesn't startle him
    • Medieval History
    Skills/Talents: Well, he is a master of relaxing and eating. His skill level is singing depends on the song, so he can sing well but don't ask him to do the entire Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack. Video games, he is just your average gamer skill level. As for other talents, he is still trying to figure the out.
    Prized Possession: His spirit (Willpower)
    Quote(s): "You big silly man, cmon and bring it in." "This sounds like a place I need to go in and kick some more ass." "Anyone else smell that?"
    History/Bio: Rich was born in a small town, in New York. Life wasn't very interesting, in terms of being a mutant. He came from a good family. In that, they accepted him for who he is. However, they did not know how to deal with him constantly breaking/floating things. Wrecker was raised on good values but with his parents being unable to teach him how to use his gift, there wasn't much for him to be but experiment. There were a lot of ideas that either busted or floated away. No one else knew about it. It was like a dirty secret but he knew they still loved him.

    Often, the young man would go out for sports and of course the ability wasn't used. There were a couple of times he was tempted. Even so, he was an average athlete that did well in school. His favorite classes were music and gym. (Because lunch isn't a class). He was known as a class clown and it was something that was prided on.

    But the ability had to come out sometime. And it was the last day of Sophomore year. He was walking home, and his head phones were in. The light was red but the truck driver didn't see it. Luckily, Rich seen him. The front of the 18-wheeler had a Mr. Kennedy sized hole in the front. The driver was killed when the semi flipped over the teen.

    It was a hard sight to miss, said the 4th witness. They weren't in court, but it was a town discussion that wasn't going well. Before the torches were lit, they decided to move. To a point, he still resents himself for that day. Thankfully, being a teenager in this day and age allows for internet surfing. This is what helped lead him to some hero camp. Couldn't hurt to learn what he can do. After talking it over, with his family, it was time to go. Rich does still keep in contact, when he can, but this new life can be rather busy.

    Family: All Alive
    Mom: Linda 48
    Dad: Harry 50
    Older Brother: William 24
    Little Brother: James 6

    Show Spoiler

    [Character name] | [Impression (Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [Relationship (Friend, Rival, Crush, etc)] | [Character's thoughts [EX: I think Bob is quite the amiable fellow, has a great head on his shoulders, wouldn't want anyone else on my side]] |

    Show Spoiler

    Power Class & Rating: Class: Super-System - Biological Rating: "I'd say he'd shrug off light attacks like punches, but would take damage from attacks that would, say, break stone. Oh yeah, and he'd take normal damage from energy attacks."


    Density Manipulation
    The power to manipulate the density of objects or entities.

    User can manipulate the density and solidity of object or part of the object, whether living or non-living. Users body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. can be extremely dense/solid, allowing them to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. They also gain enhanced levels of strength and stamina, this is possible because of how hard their body has become, allowing them to resist tearing a muscle and/or their bones shattering easily. The user can make themselves so heavy it can break through almost anything or so light that it can just float away.
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Enhanced Endurance
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Pressure Resistance
    • Skin Hardening

    • If user isn't in control, they could either float away or be immobilized by weight.
    • User may sacrifice flexibility and speed for strength and durability.
    • Has a real issue with not picking the largest enemy in the room to fight just to feel like a bad ass.
    • Is far too rash with his own life.
    • If someone crosses him once, it may be the last time the cross anyone.
    • If the right buttons are pressed, he can be pushed to do almost anything.
    • While his skin can take an very, very large amount of damage, once it is damaged, his wounds do not heal any faster than a normal humans. Recovery would depend on quality of care.
    • He is still susceptible to energy attacks.
    • While he is a stubborn guy, his mind is still as likely to be taken control of as any human.
    • He has to "activate" the power. So if he is not ready to take a hit, the blow could be deadly if it is to a human.
    • Wrecker is still able to be affected by magic.
    • Unable to activate power while sleeping, unless a dream forces him into it.
    • Wrecker can not use this to fly as Superman or Iron-Man.
    • He CANNOT manipulate the density of anything other than himself.


    Show Spoiler

    • Cigarettes
    • Feta Cheese
    • People who don't feel remorse
    • Losing
    • People touching him out of nowhere
    • Horror Movies
    • Snobbish Behavior
    • Skateboards
    • Discrimination
    • Heights
    • Snakes
    • Being Alone
    • Not being useful
    • Rejection
    • Embarrassment of any kind

    Sample Post:



    It was all that was heard. The rather distinct sounds of a metal car taking some sort damage. The sounds were loud and they were close. Wrecker knew what happened, and it wasn't a car crash. At least, not until it hit its target. The green volvo was for somehow a car that was annoying to look at, which is why it was chosen. Not to mention it was the car of his neighbor that constantly blared his death metal next door. Rich didn't have an issue unless it coming from the next room.

    He chuckled when he seen the car and after when he picked it up to send it flying. The car whizzed through the air and almost seemed to be a homing missile for the offender's face. If only he could have taken a picture as it went barreling into him. That look was mostly somewhere in between "Oh shit" or "Fuck me". Not that mattered from for the pain he mostly felt as it rolled with him down the street.

    A few seconds later, Wrecker was standing over the body of....well he didn't know who she was but it was loser in their spat. Better get her out of here and to a hospital. He scooped her up and make a large leap over some some skyscrapers, landing in the alleyway next to the hospital.

    Rich was immediately startled by the now awake and flailing young woman. She managed to wiggle out of his grasp and went straight for the...air? Is she a flyer? He wasn't sure, since it didn't seem like she knew either. Maybe she was new-ish. Purps looked like she could use some medical attention. There was all kinds of moaning and body holding and this wasn't any prostitutes around. When she tossed out her questions, it was as it he had to try and catch them for answers before she went back to crying out in pain. What the hell did that guy do to her?

    He watched as her hand reached out to him. She was still unfamiliar to him, but instead of backing away the skin of his hardened. It wasn't done visually, but one could tell when he was or was not powered up unless they were touching him. As she gripped him, the skin didn't move with the touch though it should have. The rest did not move at all, except his blue eyes under the mask. Then she let go. And just like that it she seemed fine. Was she a healer as well? Fine. I will just go with it.

    "Wrecker. Nice to meet you." He said, trying not to chuckle at her name. Theirs palms touched as Purps hands was taken for a moment. His eyes fell to her form, because she mentioned getting lucky. It was a weird scan thing most guys do to almost every member of the sex they are attracted to. But they didn't linger. Admittedly, she was something different. A look worth being curious about.

    "We are only a few blocks away from where you blacked and are right next to the hospital. Do you want to go in?"
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  7. One more thing about his power, how much can he tank before taking damage?
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  8. Enough as you would allow, for a tanky character that isn't good at much else. haha
  9. Interesting...
    Once I have free time, I'll be working on a character sheet.
  10. I'd say he'd shrug off light attacks like punches, but would take damage from attacks that would, say, break stone. Oh yeah, and he'd take normal damage from energy attacks.
  11. Sounds good to me. =)
  12. Add that to his sheet, plox. I'm almost finished my third sheet. I just gotta write up his bio then I'm gonna move on to my fourth before I decide if I'm gonna make some more characters.
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  13. Basic Information

    Name: Christopher "Cross" Sava.
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: None.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 17.
    Height: 5'11" (180cm)
    Weight: 154lbs (70kg)
    Reason for Attendance: A glimpse of the future when you least expect it can cause quite a shock, and with no one to tell you what's up, where else are you to turn? Chris signed up as an outcast to his family, and likely out of confusion about his own ability.


    Hair Color: Dark chestnut brown.
    Eye Color: Pale green.
    Ethnicity: Romanian.

    Physical Appearance: Lean and somewhat lanky, and lousy in posture. Chris looks like the kind of guy who'd once been a runner but gave up years ago and has developed something of a inward curve of his shoulders and a soft middle. His face is sharp and angular, rounding off nicely at the chin with prominent cheekbones and jaw. His nose is straight and thin, his eyes rounded and framed by thick arching eyebrows a shade darker than his hair. His skin is somewhere at 19 on the Von Luschan scale, with a light dusting of freckles across his cheeks and shoulders from his younger years. His fingers and hands are large and calloused, with a faint white scar stretching across the palm from a childhood injury involving a fountain pen. His teeth are naturally straight and fairly white behind his thin lips that add to a rather charming lopsided smile. His ears are somewhat big for his face, but thankfully don't stick out too much to be instantly noticeable.

    Attire: Chris is quite fond of sweaters of pale or cool colors and loose cargo shorts with plenty of pockets for the various knick knacks he picks up. His sense of fashion is a a fickle thing that is either fairly decent, or an affront to the eyes. He's either wearing sandals or black boots, depending on the occasion or weather.


    Personality: Amiable and open-minded, charming and witty, calm and expressive. Chris is generally an even-tempered fellow with a few sharp words on the tip of his tongue and is staunchly loyal to those who do well by him. Though morally grey by societal standards, Chris isn't the type to do something often considered criminal unless it abides by the wishes of those few he's managed to befriend-- harming others isn't in his nature, but he'd gladly help a friend - as long as they kept him out of the actual hurting - if they asked him to. His views on the world bend easily due to his self-inflicted blindness, and this can make him somewhat easy to influence if the right words are used.

    His quickness to help a friend regardless of their intentions and his malleable will often make him out to be childlike or naive, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. Chris isn't always friendly on first meeting, and when he is it's not always the truth. He knows things he wished he didn't, and sometimes knowledge isn't the key to understandingor self-enlightenment. The aura that surrounds him informs him of many things, but that doesn't mean he's always going to acknowledge it.

    Other than his grey morality, amiable personality, and distant and respectful demeanor, Chris wouldn't mind being a hero if it means he could break out of the confusion his abilities have placed him in. He's terribly afraid of what lies beyond his blindfold, and the future is strife with uncertainty and mystery-- two things Chris isn't entirely comfortable with. It's not that he's afraid of death or other future-related things, but knowing when it will all happen and just what rests beyond the present that freaks him out. He'll gladly take a peek if it means he can help, but otherwise, Chris would much prefer to remain as blind as the rest.

    Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, mostly. Chris is a decent sketch artist and enjoys doodling the landscape from time to time. He's most often been caught drawing a creature straight from his dreams in order to keep in memory; what his brain comes up with can be quite interesting, and what Chris thinks is interesting must be put onto paper. He also enjoys video games on days he's willing to remove the blindfold.

    Skills/Talents: Once utilized a more tame version of parkour before his powers set in, but Chris has retained, to some extent, his ability to move as freely as he once did, as long as he's focused.

    Prized Possession: His blindfold, for obvious reasons.

    Quote(s): "I told you that was a bad idea."


    Christopher grew up in a rural town in southern Romania with an ailing father, obsessive mother, and obnoxious younger brother. His father was a well-liked Engineer in the locomotive industry before lung cancer due to smoking took him out of the business. Though born into plenty of money, the cancer ravaging Adam's lungs was terminal and thus he decided to pass what money he had onto his children, rather than waste it on pointless treatments. He died on Chris's twelfth birthday, and left him with a decent sum of money for the day he turned eighteen, and the family hunting rifle.

    Chris had always been something of a high-energy kid, so taking up parkour with the town kids seemed to be the first step in easing his mind and helping him get over his father's death. His mother offered little to no comfort in her own grief, and his brother was too young at the time to fully understand why their father wasn't coming back. While his mother did what she could to raise them to be decent kids, she always appeared distant and cold, a demeanor Chris decided he didn't want anything to do with. He spent time outside of school to teach his brother what their mother couldn't; English, what to do when a stranger approaches you, how to defend yourself and think up a snappy retort and other basic things the young boy hadn't been taught before. For a while, life was alright and Chris enjoyed the freedom.

    Then, he began to know things. They were small things at first , like how the coin would land, or what part of the body his brother had scraped up that time. It was an instinctual knowing that seemed to be nothing more than pure chance or luck. But the knowing slowly branched off and progressed and worsened, and soon Chris was incapacitated by uncontrollable visions what he could only describe as the future. Large events, changes to his family, things relating to people he'd never even heard of-- each time he opened his eyes, Chris was burdened with knowing of a future he wished would remain a mystery. Over time, the physical effect on his body eased somewhat, but the glimpses of the future remained. He believed that, if he couldn't see at all, then perhaps they glimpse of the world around him would stop as well. This was what prompted him to wear the blindfold, and he's tied it firmly across his eyes ever since. The visions stop as long as he wears it, and now Chris enjoys a more controllable ability.

    With the sudden "blindness", his rendered latent ability to know things evolved and morphed into something rather different; an aura that acted much like a million links to his brain that allowed him to glean information about objects, people, and the world by touch, smell, and sound. Blindness was no longer a hindrance with this new ability, though it had been rather unnerving at first.

    He had settled well into the changes by sixteen, when his mother remarried an American man and moved the family to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was the weird blindfolded kid in High School, but got by with the excuse that he was truly blind and used the sensory aura to easily match the other kids. By then, the visions were only stopped as long as the blindfold remained in place. It wasn't long before Chris learned of a Camp designed for kids with his very same issues; or, in more common terms, gifts. He signed himself up with the eager permission of his parents.

    And now off he goes, hoping to gain some kind of control over when he sees the wacky things of the future.


    Adam Sava - Biological Father. Deceased
    Jean Smith - Step Father
    Cristina Sava - Mother.
    Peter Sava - Younger brother.


    None so far.

    [Character name] | [Impression (Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [Relationship (Friend, Rival, Crush, etc)] | [Character's thoughts [EX: I think Bob is quite the amiable fellow, has a great head on his shoulders, wouldn't want anyone else on my side]] |


    Power Class: Cerebral.

    Power: Chris has a branching and constantly evolving form of clairvoyance. The most prominent part of his power are the visions; in most cases these visions are random flashes of the future that occur when his eyes are open or uncovered. But through intense concentration, Chris can focus on a specific person or point in time and guide the visions in that particular direction. These glimpses of the future can be anyone or anything, no matter how close or how well known it is, but they can't extend into the present-- only the near or distant future.

    He can use this ability to predict attacks and plan for the future, correct mistakes that are shown in the visions, and help where he can.

    As part of an adaptation to his self-induced blindness, Chris's mind created a type of mental aura that links directly to his brain. Touching an object can tell him who used it, how it was used, who touched it, or where it's been. His perception through sound is a bit more obscure and less fine-tuned for getting around, but it's believed he can use it to paint a vague picture of the world around him and understand the personality and intentions of a stranger based on tone of voice.

    Weaknesses/Drawbacks: Chris has no control over his ability, but since the visions stop when he can't see, he's started to wear a blindfold that renders him completely blind. Leaving the blindfold off for too long can be debilitating due to the influx of visions, causing sudden incoherence, headaches, and eventually incapacitation. And sometimes, more knowledge of the future than he'd want to remember.

    Sample Post:

    The bandanna slipped off, and the visions began.

    "He'll be expecting the front doors from you guys, so take the south entrance. Bring flashlights, or Mike is going to lose his head-- uh..." His head swam when his hard-earned concentration slipped, the visions in his head speeding up and washing across his mindscape and the space in front of his eyes. He cried out in frustration and shut his eyes tight, his deft fingers roving the ground around him for his trademark red bandanna. "Sorry. Flashlights, south entrance. He'll be cutting the power once he knows you're in there. He will know."

    He tied the bandanna tightly around his eyes, knotting it at the back to keep it in place. The visions stopped, and his eyes eased themselves shut. "That's five, Mike. You owe me." With the bandanna in place, Chris focused back on the sounds around him and directed his blind gaze in Mike's general direction. He appeared to Chris as a small boy, older than him but unusually short in stature. He felt a small coin get pressed into the palm of his right hand, definitely a dollar coin. It was payment enough.


    Chris pocketed the coin and rubbed his temples as the boys seated before him, ranging from preteen rebels to boys of his own age, got up and left. The concentration required to focus the visions had taken its toll, and now sleeping was the first thing that came to mind. Unfortunately, a dark and damp alley in the middle of the city wasn't the best option, so he pushed himself to his feet and wandered out onto the sidewalk, and began a slow journey back home.
  14. Done. What's a plox?
  15. It's a fun way of saying please, Cerulean.
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  16. What he said.

    @CheekyBeretta: Chris is accepted, but don't go overboard with the future seeing. I'll be sending you PMs with thangs to know.

    @Cerulean: Remove the mention of the unbreakable bones, and we'll be dandy.
  17. Yeah, no worries. No omniscience for Chris.
  18. Dandy as Cotton Candy. Too much? I don't care, I like candy.
  19. WIP

    I'm not all to sure about the bio right now.

    Basic Information

    Name: Alexander Fuller
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: Alex
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 140 lb
    Reason for Attendance: Willingly did so due to neglection from parents.


    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Physical Appearance: Alex is a scrawny kid who looks like he had been hooked on caffeine. He has short-cropped dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and a thin scar on his chin. He does have some meat on him must not to much, he has no bodily hair except for the stuff on his head and face. His nose is small but slightly pointy and his eyes as mischievous and and give him the look of a tall elf. He had no piercings or tattoos. He has straight with teeth and average lips.

    Attire: Alex usually sticks to a plain black hoodie with a white T-shirt with an unknown stain, a straight-fit pair of jeans with white patches and has a pair of black and white high top All-Stars.

    Personality: Outwardly Alex is easygoing, upbeat, energetic, funny, flirty and loves to tell jokes, even if they aren't funny. Alex is genuinely very intelligent and honest, and cares about his friends. He sometimes doesn't think before reacting and he enjoys pulling pranks on people, especially those who he doesn't like. Despite his jokey attitude, Alex is emotionally scarred by his parents cruel treatment. He hides a hurt and angry demeanour with humor. Alex has been shown to have a serious side, which happens when he is angered by someone or when the situation calls for it.
    But on the inside, Alex is grim and solitary. At times his eyes becoming somewhat glassy like something in him broke permanently, due to his cruel childhood. He is easily angered and defensive, but does not show it by hiding it with humor.

    -Telling jokes
    -Learning knew things

    Skills/Talents: Alex is an exceptional cook, having learned at a young age, Alex is a able to make anything from baking a cake to cooking and serving spaghetti and meatballs.

    Prized Possession: Alex's most prize possession is a a small black pebble that he
    found in his front yard. at that time it was his only possession, and the only thing that could not be taken away from him.

    Quote(s): "Hey, just because I have never ever talked to a lady before, does not mean that I'm not a ladies man."
    History/Bio: Alex was born in Brooklyn, New York an only child to a loving family. The first 5 years of his life were nice, he was pampered and spoiled. But when Alex started school, his family's life fell apart. Due to stress and money related issues, his father took up drinking, and ended up becoming an alcoholic. He and his mother were subjected to beatings that one time, landed his mother in the hospital. After about a year his father lost his job and his stay a home mom turned to a life of Prostitution I'm order to support the family. His mother eventually became addicted to the drug heroine and began to beat Alex also. Alex"s life had turned o side down and he was forced to keep it a secret, at on time, he was beat up so badly that he was unable to go to school for about a week. His parents lost there home and lived from relatives house to relatives house for about 2 years. Fortunately, Alex was never beat during this time. Eventually, with the help of a few family members, him and his parents moved into an apartment. Unfortunately the beating started up once agian, and this time more frequently and worse. His father at one time have him a broken arm, and he had to be taken to the hospital.

    When Alex was nine years old his mother was arrested and placed in jail for prostitution and possession of drugs. His father was also reported for child abuse when his uncle came to visit one time and saw what his brother did to Alex first hand. Alex and sent into child protective custody and was given to Jason and Janet Willos, a foster family. For about 4 years Alex lived a relatively peaceful life, although he was scarred by his time with is parents, Alex learned how to his that side of himself with humor. When Alex turned 14 his powers reveled themselves. It reveled its self I'm small ways, Alex would read want to know a friends secret and BAMM, he would know it and his friend would all of a sudden forget it. Or when Alex wanted to figure out a math problem on a test, the answer would all of a sudden pop into his head. Alex had told his foster parents of these incidents and ended up with a paper in front of his face not to long after that. His foster parents told him that these could be signs of something bigger, and that this camp was for people who were facing similar problems. Alex reluctantly signed the papers and was know off to find out what exactly was wrong with him.

    Joshua Fuller(father)
    Mary Fuller(mother)

    Jason Willois(Foster father)
    Janet Willois(Foster mother)


    [Character name] | [Impression (Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [Relationship (Friend, Rival, Crushetc)] | [Character's thoughts [EX: I think Bob is quite the amiable fellow, has a great head on his shoulders, wouldn't want anyone else on my side]]

    Power Class & Rating:
    Power: (
    Weaknesses/Drawbacks: (What are the weaknesses to your character's power?)
    Other: (Put whatever you want here, basically anything that doesn't fit in the other forms)
    Sample Post: (Write me an example post of your character in action - You also have to show your character's abili
  20. Sorry, but this sheet needs a lot of work. For starters, you need to work on your grammar. There's quite a few mistakes in your sheet. Then, it needs more detail in the appearance and personality section. I know it's a WIP, but those are the big things I noticed while looking over it.
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