Things you try not to think about

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  1. Like the ingredients list of most of the foods I eat. How may things besides the inside of my purse/ignition my keys have touched before I breifly hold them with my teeth so I can gather all my stuff, that watery stuff on top of ketcup that's sat for a couple minutes, and the times when you sneeze and you feel a booger come out but don't know where it went.

    And that you slept last night on the same pillow you drooled on the night before.

    (non serious) things that you know about, but avoid thinking too much about; go!
  2. On the rare occasion I'm staying at a hotel, I really try not to think about what's gone on in the room that I'm staying in and just how poorly it may have been cleaned. This is particularly difficult when I can spot strange stains around the room: on the chairs, at the foot of the bed, all over the bedside table.
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  3. (The irony of having a kitten give someone a 'Cat like Typing' rating.)

    Most of my stuff is normal paranoia when I'm trying to go to sleep. Did I lock the front door? Did I forget to turn the oven off after dinner? Did I remember to take my medicine?

    When I was younger I used to question how people came up with the name of things. Like, how did they really know a chicken is a chicken? Why didn't they call a chicken a duck, or a penguin?

    My brain is weird. @_@
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  4. Lol that is funny

    I meant more stuff you try to AVOID contemplating though. Whether you locked the door or not is probably something you shouldn't avoid thinking of!
  5. I try to avoid thinking about sleeping on the same sheets after a shower that my chlorinated, horse spit/hair covered body slept in maybe a day before >_>'

    I like to avoid thinking about swimming too, but now that seems to be all I ever can talk about with my family, so I suppose I am failing in that avoidance.
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  6. Thinking that there are people out there that legitimately believe what they hear and read on the news to the T.

    Bonus points if it's about brown people.

    Super bonus lightning round: school dance at work tonight, twelve year old girl of African descent decides twerking on me as I'm carrying boxes of supplies is a good idea despite my obvious appearance of not being a middle schooler.

    Two days suspension ought to teach her a lesson.
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  7. When I'm washing the dishes late a night, or hell, doing anything late at night near a window, I try not to think about the possibility of looking up and seeing someone staring at me. This very thought has been the sort of nightmare fuel that made my childhood a game of running down an empty hallway after just barely managing to turn the light off with the tip of my middle finger, back to the safety of my illuminated room. Then one day, my mother hit me with some knowledge, "If something really wants to get you, it's not going to wait until you turn the lights off." Then I tried not thinking about that.
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  8. Mine are too serious. I'd keep everyone up at night. lol
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  9. The fact that the cells in my body are pretty much billions of singular entities masquerading as one <_>

    Like, what if a group of them just decided to go wreck shit up? Looking at you, Natural Killer cells... >_>
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  10. I try not to think about the fact that there are gallons of urine and solid waste in the ocean whenever I swim.
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  11. I try not to think about how everything that happens in my life is at its worst. I try not to let those thoughts get to me.
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  12. - Windows.
    I hate those things.
    Seriously, the only scary story that ever gave me chills was one about a cabin with A WINDOW THE SIZE OF AN ENTIRE WALL on it. Just... what sort of sick person would create that???

    - Whether or not animals have thoughts, and what those thoughts are. Any time I do I just end up intently staring at my cats for hours.

    - How many people there are and how easily they could mess things up in my life.
    I'm not afraid of dying, and the idea of bad things happening to me really doesn't phase me. If it happens, it happens. I just don't like that anyone is capable of doing things like that.
    I'm just way too suspicious of people because of it. Any time I hear a weird noise, I take a mental note of what time it is. When I go outside, I keep a close eye on everyone. I make sure I not only know what their faces look like, but that I could describe them. I memorize license plates, car models, clothing being worn, things people say, just... anything and everything. If the police ever needed a witness I'd be prepared!

    I hate getting undressed, or getting showers, or anything like that.
    I'm also super careful about what I say, at times.
    Like... I don't like saying "I wish I was dead", or anything else like that, even in jest, because I'm always worried some murderer will hear and take that as an invitation to kill me.

    Laying these all out I guess I'm a bit paranoid that I'm being watched. :P
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  13. OMG THIS.
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  16. I try no to think about how necessary sneeze guards are in buffet style restaurants and how often they have to be cleaned in order to look like a simply precautionary measure. At what point in the buffet business did an owner realize, "Wow, that same dude has sneezed in the egg salad five times today. Maybe I should do something about that."
  17. I try not to think that at some point in my life, I may have to have large sections of my intestines surgically removed, or if my condition gets bad I may never be able to work again and force people to look after what will be a physical husk of my former self.

    You know, light thoughts for when my flare ups hit.
  18. This.

    I also try really hard not to think of how someone could easily hide under my bed or in my closet, which is why the closet door always has to be open at all times.
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  19. If someone tried hiding in my closet, they'd be tripping on everything imaginable, and possibly stab themselves in the foot with a bayonet.

    I sleep soundly.
  20. Me too! Whenever I'm back at home I usually get the washing dishes duty and the sink is in front of a window. Points if the lights outside aren't on. I try to focus on the dishes (hence they come out squeaky clean).

    Also, when I'm the last outside before going to bed, I try not to look back behind me after I close the lights.
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