These Twins Are Feeling The Love Alright w/akira

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  1. Name:

    Name: Tiana Williams
    age: 17
    personality: Funny, caring, puts others in front of her, sweet, shy, bubbly, quiet
    Other: She is starting to get feelings for him...
  2. Name: Leon
    Age: 17
    Personality: fun loving, likes to please, caring and protective, cares for others even if it means neglecting himself, cool attitude who isn't angered too easily, if he get mad though u better watch out image.jpg
  3. Want to post it first, she is going to the house.
  4. Could u do it, I suck at intros, sorry ^^""
  5. Tiana sighed softly, she got ready for her new adoptive parents to pick her up. Or her new father. She fixed her hair and finally packed in her bag. She bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes softly. she shook her head, hating this. She looked over at him. She bit her lower lip. She didn't know what to do, she got into the car with her new father he explained about how rich they were, a life of a teenager basically. She closed her eyes and let him drive to her new house.
  6. Leon made sure his room was perfect, and the house was. He heard he was getting a new sister that day, he was actually excited. He was adopted and brought into the home not to long ago.. And he loved it there. The couple couldn't have kids of their own so they adopted.
  7. Tiana sighed softly, She bit her lower lip and when they got to the place, she got her bag. Since she was in the orphanage, they never really got things that she needed, they were slightly poor, which was ironic. She looked over at the father who led her into the house, and led the tour. She looked around as he did so. But they stopped when Leon was in front of them. " who is this?" She asked sweetly, and she was being really quiet.
  8. "I'm Leon, your brother now" he said smiling kindly. The girl was pretty, he had to admit too.. "You'll like it here the place isn't crazy like an orphanage... I just recently came from one too." He said hoping she'd feel better around him, more comfortable and open, knowing he's been through the same things.
  9. Tiana thought about it, she looked over at Leon, eyeing him carefully. She smiled when she noticed how sweet he was being, " And I am Tiana, you can call me Tia. A Lot of people do anyways." she had to admit he was pretty cute. She looked down and thinking, wanting to find her room. " I haven't seen my room yet, do you know where it is?" She asked sweetl.
  10. " yeah it's next to mine, I'll take you there" He said and grabbed her bag so she wouldn't have to carry it. He led her upstairs and to her room, the door was closed. He handed her her bag. "Hope you like it.." He said opening the door revealing her room.

    [u describe the room. Lol :3 ]
  11. Tia looked over at him, as he grabbed her bag, surprised at that reaction. She didn't know how to react to it. She closed her eyes softl and thought about it She wondered and closed her eyes. She bit her lower lip and thought about it. She closed her eyes softly and was nervous so she opened her eyes to follow him. She noticed the huge room


    and she also noticed the door that would lead to her big bathroom
    and then she looked around before going to the open way in her bedroom that led to a computer, sofas a big t.v This room was really huge. She giggled softly. " It's like I can live in here." She said excitedly.
  12. Leon chuckles. "Yes it's true..just make sure to visit us sometimes" he joked. His room was pretty much the same, but different color scheme. The parents were very giving to them. "We'll, i guess i should go now to let u explore your room better." He said and turned to walk out.
  13. Tia sighed softly, she closed her eyes softly. She giggled and fell onto the soft long sofa. She giggled thinking, She looked around noticing a small fridge. She giggled and said, right.." She nodded. She pausedh earing him She grabbed his hand, " wait.. please stay... "
  14. Leon started walking out until he felt a soft small hand grab his and heard her asking him to stay. He paused confused. "....stay..? Is there something you need or...?" He asked puzzled and blushing ever so slightly if u payed attention.
  15. tia blinked softly. She bit her lower lip, she didn't know what to say, she didn't want to be teased or made fun of. She looked down, " I need someone to talk to.. I mean... to be friends with like to know... I know no one." She said softly. She blinked her eyes sweetly.
  16. Leon smiled. She was just so adorable. "Well, I'm always here" he said and sat down by her. " what would you like to talk about?" He asked.
  17. Tia gulped, and looked around. he seen him sit. She moved, for him to sit. She Looked up and seen their hands she took her hand away. She blinked. She tilted her head. She blinked and said, " Well... Um... I heard you were adopted too... did you meet your parents? You know the ones who you are from." getting nervous.
  18. Leon tilted his head a little. " I don't think so. I can't recall any memories. What about you?"he asked. Sometimes he'd remember little bits and pieces but could never put a face or anything together. Very early memories.
  19. Tia blinked softly, she didn't know what to do. She looked down sadly. Sad for him.She shook her head, " no I don't remember anything." She said softly. She bit her lower lip. " when were you adopted?" She asked softly.