The7: A CYBERPUNK TALE (Private)

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Character Name: I am called Kobun
Gender: I am a man
Age: Only the oyabun really knows.
Birthplace: Back room of an un-named sweatshop somewhere in the sprawls, never found out which one, never thought to ask.
Role: I am a Street Samurai


General Appearance: Photos preferred, no animu kthnxbai
Strengths: My body and mind have been honed from birth to be strong, fast and agile.
Weaknesses: My teachers tell me I am ridged and unimaginative in battle and I must rely more on my intuition. They also warned me about the electrodes under my skin how they are prone to discharging when damaged releasing painful electric shocks
Augmentation: I have sub dermal tattoos all over his body that move and flow and mark me for who I belong to.


Current Goal/Purpose:
Talents: I strive for discipline, and keeping my head, and I am accustomed to the more twisted side of the human condition.
Inabilities:[b/] I have never known freedom of thought and my world has left me unwilling to trash others.
Fears: I am afraid that if given too much freedom I'll lose myself to temptations and the lure of power.
General Personality: I see myself as calm and calculating, I define the people around me by the roles they fill in the world I grew up in and trust them to do everything in their role to have things their way.
Inner Personality: If you damn a river the water will still keep coming until it overflows. There are a lot of things I try not to think about, I'm not as cold as I appear I just lack a personal identity.


General History: The Oyabun told me I belonged to him, that my mother belonged to him. I do not remember her, or him ever mentioning who my father was. I have been to every shop he owns and have never known if one of the women there is her or not, It doesn't matter though because he, the Oyabun, my frostier father, has a vision. He told be his vision only once when I came of age, for a new empire in the sprawls, away from the corporations and rivaling them in power.

He said I was the first though as far as I remember even in the earliest days there were more to be trained from birth as a new generation of samurai like in the old stories. He had us trained my his most skilled men and as far back is my earliest memory I have had blood on my hands. Where I struggled most was the other lessons, the song and dance the Oyabun loved, and the delicate instruments of ancient design.

My teachers here strict and unforgiving and taught well… but I… for all the allusions for the arts we were still criminals and part of our teachings included the business side of business.
I.. I have bought and sold people like cattle full knowing that I would be in their place under normal circumstances. My brother-in-name betrayed us when he said one of the girls was his blood sister. how he could have found out I do not know but we hunted him down, like so many other enemies. We held a funeral service for him in secret and each asked ourselves what we would have done in his place.

I am Kubun, and I have no name. Only the tile of foster son. I am the embodiment of the oyabun's dream. I am one of his many foster sons. I am his possession to do with as he thinks best.

Allies/Connections: Yakuza of the Eternal Dragon.
Enemies: Most other Yakuza, rival gangs, police, rivals within the yakuza that believe he's the oyabun's favorite.
The Offer: It was an intriguing and unique offer for the oyabun: Offer one of his organization to help Seven weaken the corporations or have his sweatshops suddenly found by the police.
I likes it, Vay. Very nice.

So we need a bio from Tegan and for Asmo to stop being such a cock-tease, and we're ready to go. MOST AWESOME.
Scroll and ye shall find.
Dude, I fucking love it. The Face, quite literally.

You guys are awesome, y'know that? Taken a bunch of Cyberpunk tropes and made them into interesting characters.

I think Tegan's idea will fit in quite nicely.
.....HOW DOES ASMO'S CHARACTER TALK?! Was only his face burned? So the char is able to experience all five senses or is he? How far was the blast? Did it get his ears too?!

His vocal chords weren't burnt! >:|

He's lost his outer ears and the mask covers them too. He takes in sustenance in liquid form (special nutritional drinks available in most shops). And his body can still feel, just not the face/upper torso/upper arms. The mask corrects his vision, hearing and nasal receptors, which only adds to his distorted sense of reality.
All leading to an ape-shit crazy character.

The best kind of character to have in a cyberpunk game.
I love this. Grumps, you've made me very happy, I'm promoting your rank in the Murr Zombies.

Turns out the wifi in airports is REALLY easy to gank. X3 Now go back to the first page to read my shitty bio!
An insane AI. This just gets better and better.

The cast is assembled. The7's set. I'mma writing the prolouge as we speak, and should have it up soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a feeling this is gonna be fun.
While I shall be masturbating possibly posting in this if I get through all my other commitments.

Asmo, Wow, I expected better of you.

I masturbated last night.

Shoulda made him a juicer Asmo....just to add to the crazyness.

@TK: what you don't have men/women flocking to play with your naughty bitz?
He lied to us.

It's a trap.

Wait.... *Looks at Tegan's character, then at Asmo*

Got drunk instead.

It's up now, however.

At this point in the game, you lot have all been contacted by Seven. Feel free to hi-jack the character in order to play out the scene; just bear in mind Seven doesn't do face-to-face contact.