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The7: A CYBERPUNK TALE (Private)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grumpy, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. No. I can go either way.
  2. No problem. And good night then~ ^^

  3. I'll probably start it with some basic info about the game and my girl...it may be only a slightly more fleshed out version of my idea post XD
  4. Hmm...well if you want you can go ahead, and make it.
  5. XD ok I will do that then :3
  6. Temk 52

    With their body audibly still chewing up their meal, Temk gazed on in wonder at the cybernetic bodies. The Nim were in all honesty, a fairly new species to the galactic scene. While their vines weren't around for the great 'ascension' as it was known in the vine neural networks, they never got accustomed to the sights, sounds, and people. It was just a ludicrous idea, beings turning themselves into metal. The flesh they wore lost and their minds alive inside shells of metal. Nimhisians were still doing masonry out of stone when they got uplifted while these aliens were commonly shoving metal into their heads. It was a wondrous and such a foreign concept that it made their vines shiver in delight.

    Or possibly that was them constricting and grinding the fox to pulp to be absorbed. Nim cuisine wasn't really defined as cuisine yet but it didn't stop them from trying whatever food was put before them. Except those fungus things, mushrooms. That was ghastly and some species seemed to delight in raising the horrid things. In the genetic memory of all Nim vines were the ancient fears of the great fungus plagues. Loved ones being slowly and painfully drained of life, corrupted and parasitized. It was probably closest in example to other species to be actively ingesting bowls full of freshly drained pus. Their shivering now definitely one of disgust at the thought before the pile of vines pushed the image from their mind.

    Temk stares at Keter as he, it, whatever took leave right behind the other crew member who had just basically peeked in. Optic something, optic-talia. Whatever, Temk wasn't good with the faces of aliens yet. Their visual senses very rudimentary. Instead it was the sound and presence that their vines felt. Everyone gave off a different feel. When their vines weren't coherent in their shell and all splayed out they could feel many many meters, like this though, it was difficult to feel outside of the room they were in. Temk had toyed with the idea of laying flat out a couple times, but it was too risky until they had more vines. Easy to break apart into 52 separate entities and they, Temk, would be shattered and hopefully realigned as someone new. Best to wait for now.

    Temk looks back on at the Captain and the Cyborg, Austin his name was. With a look of pure inquisitiveness they open their mouth to speak. "What do you do with your old parts? Do you eat them or sell them?" Temk staring out at the door Keter and Optical-talia had just left through. "I'd sell my old parts if I was you, that way someone gets something out of them."
  7. "OK sweetie." Astaroth patted her head and turned away.
  8. Lucius kissed her neck softly.
  9. Hmmm....so the Zeria rp.....since your girl does does come with her till the holy lava part. Do I just time-skip to say my girl collected the other things? Or better yet say my girl happen to already have those two items?
  10. Liddo | Bartering Hall | Late Afternoon

    Interactions: Abel @Tealous & Priest #1

    Liddo snapped out of his despondent reverie as Abel proceeded to step into the conversation and...Was she sticking up for him? There was no way. However, it couldn't have been anything else. Surely, from what he had come to learn about the Human so far, she was kind and a beautiful spirit. She wouldn't speak to someone so aggressively without reason, he assumed. The Amalgy could only gape in wonder at her, completely mesmerized.

    "The insolence!" the Priest growled. He closed some distance between himself and Abel, and he straightened his posture to tower over the woman. He was an Amalgy himself and had a good set of inches over her. In fact, he was the same height as Liddo, but broader in the shoulders and torso. He glared down at Abel. "You're interfering in business that is not your own, Human," he spat. "And verbally slandering servants of the Great and Wonderful Idneus is a sin heavily loathed..." He sneered in disgust. "Though I suppose such lowly behavior is expected from your race."

    He then turned on Liddo. "Quokoa!" he snapped.

    Liddo seized up, his eyes wide in a mixture of surprise, fear, and confusion. The Priest gestured to Abel.

    "Guide this ill-mannered heathen away from my presence! If you can't redeem your own intelligence, then you can at least be somewhat useful now and deal with...this." He waved dismissively at Abel, as if she was a Spectalia Fly buzzing in his ear. Something about that comment made Liddo's chest burn, though he couldn't place what it was. It was certainly a sentiment he never experienced before, but it made his hands clench into fists at his sides.

    "I-I..." He looked at Abel, pure helplessness coloring his features. Just the thought of telling Abel to leave tore away at his insides. He didn't want her to go. He enjoyed her company so much; who else would treat him so wonderfully? In the end, he came to standstill and found himself rooted to the spot. He refused to move a single muscle, his empty eyes glued to his feet and the ghost of a tremor rattling him to the bone.

    "No..." he whispered.

    Like a whip, the Priest's gaze whipped to him. A fire roared through him as a snarl grated deep in his throat. "You dare deny your superior?" A warning teetered in his tone. "Watch your next words, Quokoa, and think clearly for once! This is your last chance. Remove the Human from my sight. Immediately."

    Liddo didn't move.

    Image of Spectalia Fly:


  11. Crunchyroll is a legal site many people use for streaming anime, you can either do the free version with ads and get the latest episodes 1 week after it airs in japan or pay and get ad free anime only a few hours after it airs. I've also heard that hulu has a lot of anime, and netflix has started to get more shows. So if you have any of those you can check what they have. Then there are the illegal streaming sites that oftentimes don't have ads and airs the show a few hours after they aired in japan. Now I don't remember if the iwaku rule was that we can't share downloadable piracy stuff, or if it counts for streaming as well, so I won't give any links here, but if crunchyroll doesn't work for you (I've had computers that really doesn't like crunchyroll's player) you can always just google "series name episode 1 watch online free" and you will get lots of sites popping up. Try your way around until you find a site with good players and don't click on any commercial on the sites. :3

    You can use sites llike myanimelist.net and anime-planet.com to find shows you might be interested. Members often post shows that are similar to other shows, so if you for example like death note you can search for the show death note, go to its page and look at what the other members that have enjoyed it recommend watching.
  12. Arthur wrapped one arm around her as he smiled* “I know but there are just somethings you can’t stop.”

    Alexander’s thrusts hit only her weak spots as he thrust
  13. “I wish I could’ve spent more time with them.”

    Alena moans loudly at every thrust, her body shudder with pleasure each time.
  14. Dun worry, I am.

    Through the form... OF INTERPRITIVE DANCE.
  15. Oh gosh, I want to see this.

    Character Name: Kris Akadia
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Birthplace: New York City
    Role: The Hacker


    General Appearance:
    Strengths: Cybernetic limbs multiply his strength by a factor of four, The materials used in their construction are highly resistant to damage and are equipped with an auto-repair system capable of repairing his cybernetics at a rate equal to natural human healing. He's equipped with Neuro-ports, a series of cables capable of interfacing with any machine.
    Weaknesses: Aside from looking beyond freakish, Kris needs to recharge his cybernetics roughly once a week, in addition to maintaining a strict diet to keep his organics up and not interfere with his cybernetics. In addition the when using the neuro-ports Kris is extremely vulnerable to black-hammer programs
    Augmentation: Kris has had a number of mechanical augmentations fitted onto his body, Cybernetic limbs, a Cybernetic Ear and Eye...to name the least, His favorite are the neruo-ports. A series of universal cables connected directly into his brain and spine. Lastly a cybernetic tool-set built into his forearms.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To make money and experiment with new technology
    Talents: Kris is one of the best hackers out there, in addition to that he's also capable of fixing nearly any machine placed before him using his innate knowledge of mechanics and cybernetic tool kit. Though he isn't much of a fighter an augmented brain and cybernetic precision make up for this, making it seem like even the most improvised move is well calculated.
    Inabilities: Despite his heavily augmented body Kris could easily be defeated by a skilled fighter, in addition he's tied to civilized areas that have a good enough infrastructure to support his power and dietary needs.
    Fears: An interesting twist of character, He's a Hacker who's slightly afraid of hacking, given his vulnerabilities to black-hammer programs he's loath to use his neuro-ports until after he's already cleared the system of any malicious code the old fashioned way. He's had far too many run-ins with that illegal coding to not be paranoid.
    General Personality: On the outside he's a tough, albeit trustworthy character, few people are comfortable approaching him given his scarred flesh.
    Inner Personality: Inside he's a kind soul, always wiling to help out those in need where able.


    General History: He's pretty much Mr. Average except for the accident. An explosion happened about five years ago while working as a mechanic. a faulty plasma line ruptured while he was underneath checking the exhaust system, everyone thought he was dead but the EMT's caught him in time, thankfully for workman's comp he was re-built and has since been upgrading every part of his new mechanical body.
    Allies/Connections: He's well known and respected among the hacker community, and could easily call in help from more than a few of them, in addition he could easily secure a discount on vehicle repairs from the Mechanic bay where he used to work.
    Enemies: Being a Hacker is sure to have earned him a number of enemies, none of which he's aware of.perhaps the most dangerous kind
    The Offer: Kris was one of the easier members to recruit, needing only money and a tech-lab. Seven easily provides both to him in exchange for his services.
  17. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Boss.


    Character Name: Seven, The Boss
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks to be in his 50's
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Role: The Boss


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Strengths: He sits in a chair a lot, so it's kinda hard to say, isn't it?
    Weaknesses: See previous statement.
    Augmentation: Cybernetic Eyes, what else he might have is guess-work, really.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To stop the oncoming war between the Corps, to bring down the Corps, to bring justice back to New York
    Talents: Computers, Cybertechnology, Corporate Knowledge, Criminal Knowledge etc.
    Inabilities: Unknown
    Fears: Unknown
    General Personality: Cunning, Sharp-Witted, Ambitious, Visionary, Corporate-Hating etc.
    Inner Personality: Unknown


    General History: So who is Seven? It's hard to say. He's clearly been around a fair bit, judging by just how experienced he is. As to what he does, or did, and what his story is, he's not saying.
    Allies/Connections: Seven's contacts are extensive; if he needs something, he probably knows someone who can get it.
    Enemies: Unknown, but there's probably a fair few.
    The Offer: He makes the offers, baby.
  18. Like a Boss.

    Also Jumi,the time of the nine has begun.
  19. *imagines this as a cross over between 7 Samurai and Charlie's Angels*