The7: A CYBERPUNK TALE (Private)

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un jour je serai de retour près de toi
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I don't believe justice really exists anymore.

The year is 2052. A time of progress and advancement so rapid and sudden sometimes I barely recognise the world I now live in. A world of cybernetics and biological augmentation, a fully wireless world, with new and incredible technology being developed and created every day.

A world of injustice and conspiracy.

For an invisible war rages, battles between megacorporations that have become more powerful than the government. Human life is losing it's value, and every day another atrocity is covered up, another witness and his family are silenced.

I know all this, because I am a part of this invisible war.

But no longer.

There can be such a thing as justice and fairness once again. These corporations are not infallible. I can stop them.

But I cannot do it alone. No one man can stop them.

So I will assemble a team. The deadliest and worst of the New York mega-city. The scum and villainy of the streets. They all want something, whether it is to escape from something or to get to a better place, or even just to make money.

I can give them what they want.

But to get it, they must join The7, and help me bring justice back to this city.


Character Name:


General Appearance: Photos preferred, no animu kthnxbai
Augmentation: Has your character been fitted with any cybernetics? Have they recieved any biotech augmentation etc.?


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:


General History:
Allies/Connections: Who does your character know in New York who can help them? (Eg. The police, street-doctor, fence etc.)
Enemies: Who's out to get your character, who have they pissed off? (You MUST take at least one enemy)
The Offer: What was your character offered in order to join The7? What has Seven used to get them involved with his plan?


1 - The Street Samurai (Vay)
2 - The Femme-Fatale (TK)
3 - The Psychopath (Tegan)
4 - The Hacker (Karsikan)
5 - The Assassin (Jumi)
6 - The Face (Asmodeus)
7 - The Boss (Grumpy)


New York, 2052.

The Second Renaissance, they're calling it.

Think Blade Runner, Deus Ex, Shadowrun without the fantasy elements, those sort of cyberpunk settings. The world is a dark and unpleasent place. Innovation and incredible technology is commonplace, but this is far from a utopia; life is cheap, short and often painful.

Corporations have each etched out areas of control, or 'enclaves' as they call them. On these grounds live the corporate workers, their families, and the higher-ups, the accomedation ranging from cheap flats to beautiful high-rise apartments. Security is strict; it's nearly impossible to get in without a SIN (Serial Identification Number, which all corporate-citizens possess, but possible to fake if you're good enough) affiliated with the corporation which controls the territory.

Outside of the enclaves are the Sprawls, where most people eke out an existence. Crime is rampant, the police are in a full-out conflict with the gangs and there's little safety. It's a good place to hide if you don't want to be found, however; imagine it as a huge, high-tech shanty town, and you'll get the picture.

Everything's wireless; people wear comm-links that allow them to see the wireless world around them, access their equipment remotely, browse the web. Cybernetics are commonplace, too; it's perfectly ordinary for people to have replaced their arms and legs with cyber-replacements, and some have even gone as far as refitting their whole person with a cyborg body (though some parts of society frown upon this). Most of these are just bog-standard, mass-produced pieces, but the more high-tech cybernetics can have things mounted onto, and inside, them (like, oh say, guns).

Aside from cybernetics, there's also bio-technology. Think cosmetic surgery taken to insane heights. People can have tattoos grafted to them that literally shift and swirl beneath their skin, or have their muscles augmented to be better than human. Some take such things to extremes, transforming their bodies into bizarre shapes of borderline metahumanity (naturally, there's folk who don't like this either).

More than that, just remember, it's cyberpunk; this is the dark future, people, it's grim and it's nasty. You get the picture.​

Character Name: Amadeus

Gender: Man, Woman, Both, None (whatever it feels like that day)

Age: So long as there has been an online, there has been an Amadeus

Birthplace: Unknown

Role: "The psychopath. Psycho Path. Psychopomp." Trust Amadeus to be your guide through the vast world of the net, finding places unknown, long forgotten, or just never conceived to begin with. Just don't trust Amadeus too much . . .


General Appearance:

Strengths: Quick-thinking, creative, very difficult to harm or intimidate, since no one knows where Amadeus' physical body is, and all attempts to hack its persona have been fruitless.

Weaknesses: Unpredictable, short attention span, can be diagnosed with nearly every mental disorder known to man-plus a few new ones. Sometimes these mental instabilities work in Amadeus' favor, other times. . .

Augmentation: UNKNOWN


Current Goal/Purpose: Have a little fun, make a little noise, shake up some chaos, maybe even educate the boring rabble outside.

Talents: Amadeus can go nearly anywhere it pleases online. Walls, codes and other things simply do not hinder it; Amadeus simply walks through them as if they were open doors. Time and space aren't inconveniences, either, since Amadeus has been known to show up in multiple places online at once. Amadeus considers itself not only a guide to the world online, but an artist as well. It can change the rules to suit its desires.

Inabilities: There are some places Amadeus simply cannot go, simply cannot change. Since it is megalomaniac, this frustrates Amadeus. Also, since the online persona never shows its face in the real world, Amadeus cannot be of much use in a physical fight, unless there are devices nearby with online access. Though it has the ability to enter the minds of beings with augmented brains, Amadeus chooses not to, for reasons it keeps to itself.

Fears: Boredom. Boredom would mean the end of existence for Amadeus.

General Personality: Depending on the day, Amadeus' personality can range from delusions of grandeur, manic behavior, and nymphomania-to self-loathing, irrational phobias, and compulsive lying. However, for the most part, Amadeus likes to project itself as a zany cartoon character.

Inner Personality: What you see is what you get.


General History: No one knows who Amadeus really is. Only that one day, it was on the scene, causing chaos and discord wherever it went and no one knew how to stop it. But that was a long time ago, so either the owner of the Amadeus persona is really old, or Amadeus is more than one person. Either way, there has to be a person on the other end of the persona . . . right?

Allies/Connections: Enemies, friends; Amadeus fails to see the difference. There are those who want to shut down Amadeus, and there are are those who worship it.

Enemies: See Allies

The Offer: A change of scenery, a bit of fun, a peek at some places Amadeus has never seen.
Character Name:"Topaz" / Evy Goldstone
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthplace: Honestly, she doesn't remember
Role: Femme Fatale


General Appearance:
Strengths: Beauty, flexibility, a fighting style that is as improvised as can be, and almost completely unable to trace to a source, Knowledge, and a charisma that's hard to deny, Her body's state allows her to process and retain substance from foods longer than the normal body, so she can easily go without a meal for a day or two, but still must drink water during this time, Also, it's harder to get her drunk than the normal human, her body filters it all out quite easily, and this thing she can do with her tongue when-..... well. I don't think that's the type of "strength" you want to hear about..... well, maybe you do.... She also, due to her body, can endure more than a regular human can
Weaknesses: She has a weakness for music, singing, instruments, humming, anything. Also, due to her body, she can stand out quite a bit if she's not covering her body up enough. Luckily, the orange glow shown in the picture only shows while she's extremely exhausted, and can be turned off if absolutely necessary, but that takes a bit of help. On the subject of exhaustion, her body is one that isn't the MOST practical. It runs on food and beverages, yes, but it also requires a series of "Batteries" in a sense, to constantly be changed and replaced, to keep her running. Usually it takes nine to keep her running at full speed. Although, she can struggle along with five, it's unwise to force her body through that. These batteries aren't cheap and she usually has to go to a lot of the same places to get them, seeing as they aren't exactly easy to come by. Also, if her body is injured, it can be extremely hard to find someone to repair it at times.
Augmentation: Her entire body is cybernetic.


Current Goal/Purpose: To retrieve this
from an enemy who stole it from her. This is the last memento of her previous life. She will do ANYTHING to get that tiny trinket back, what it does, beyond plays music and serve as a pneumatic device, is shrouded in a mystery. She won't talk about that.
Talents: She has the voice of an angel, and the body of a goddess, plus the horsepower that would put a corvette to shame. Also, she happens to be the best lay some have ever had a chance to come by.
Inabilities: She can't swim. She can deal with rain, she can take a shower, she can take a bath, but she can't swim. Her body is unable to float as a normal human's would. She also is completely unable to divert from a one-track thought when she thinks she might be on the trail of her mysterious music box. All bets are off at that point.
Fears: She fears silence and sensory deprivation, she also is afraid of her body running out of power, so she ALWAYS has enough "batteries" on her to power her for three years.
General Personality: To most people, she seems warm and kind, extroverted to the max. Like the person who would give you the shirt off their back without a second thought.
Inner Personality: She is very cold, in all actuality. She has an innate charisma and uses it her advantage, but inside, while you think she's the sweetest woman you've met, she'll be stealing every last cent you have, and with her luck, you won't even know until tomorrow. She hates most people, and there are few that she tolerates for more than one day.


General History: Evy used to be just a simple girl struggling along with a father. Her mother had died in childbirth, and she had always felt that her father hated her for it. While she was still fairly young, her father was killed while trying to make ends meet. The little girl found him, mangled, and pleaded with anyone to help her clearly dead father, but no one stopped to even give her the time of day, not even to offer any words of pity. As the flesh of her father decayed, unable to be buried, so did her behavior. One man finally came over, weeks after the initial killing had occurred, she thought, hopefully that he would help her, but instead, he dragged her further out of public view and raped her. This man then dragged her back to his housing and held her captive for a few years, watching as she hit puberty and started to grow into a young woman, all the while taking every advantage of her captivity that he possibly could. A year after she was assumed to be fourteen, the man wound up dead in the same alley as her father. The day that man died, was the same day that Evy changed her body over with the money she had been quietly and slowly stealing. With the wrath of a woman scorned, she started a slew of killings, entrancing men with her looks, letting them assume that they were going to have a spectacular night, which would be true, the only thing is, she killed everyone she led to her bed. In the throes of passion, a trigger would be pulled, and Evy would haul the body into the same alley every time. One time, though, she made a mistake. She led the son of a big time medical corporation(Glyson Cybernetics), Lloyd Stills home and when she pulled the knife, the boy had jerked to the left, his face becoming mauled, but still alive. He ran away, and Evy, shocked, didn't go after him. Bad choice. She wound up bound and gagged, fitted with an eyeless-hood in some abandoned warehouse, tortured and tormented for an unknown amount of time. There were no questions asked, nothing said, just quiet brutal force. It didn't take her long to find a way to circumvent the pain. After a while, she found herself used to feeling of her body creaking and breaking. Then, finally the day came when her hood was removed and the gag was ripped away, and her name and affiliation was demanded of her. She gave them the name "Topaz" and said that she was her own employer. They had asked why she tried to kill their boss' son, and she gave them the simple answer of "He's just another man who thinks every girl is their plaything." She had shrugged, but was only rewarded with the act of the hood and gag being replaced. When it was removed again, she found that they had ransacked where she had taken to living and had found the only valuable things in there and laid them before her. They wanted answers, as to why she tried to kill the son, and figured this might help. They destroyed her father's watch, her mother's metal pendant necklace, and a wooden box that contained some childhood drawings that she had done. All without a change in answer. She asked of the whereabouts of one small little wooden music box and was told that the trinket had amused the son. They pressed for more answers, but her only response was the return of that music box. Finally one was brought before her, with the same tune as the one she knew, and in an effort to placate them, she told them everything about her life, her real name, her father's death and of the killings she had done following the incident that had changed her. This wasn't what they sought and the trinket was destroyed. Causing the young woman to suddenly snap after all their efforts. Somehow, even with a broken and tired body, she managed to break free of her bonds and run away, hiding, unseen nearby while they searched and talked about the fact that what they had brought to her was a replica. The real one was still with the son. So, knowing where the box was, Evy disappeared. Within days, more of the medical corporation ended up dead in an an alley. She traced the son to New York, after following him to other places, always one step too far behind. All the while, leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake. During all of this, though, she manages to split almost into two distinctly different people, where her supposed reality was starting to turn into a facade. Evy Goldstone, who was a woman struggling to find a man called "Thomas", who was her childhood friend. When in the actuality, there was "Topaz" who was a mostly unknown woman, who was apparently a ruthless killer, searching for the son of the medical corporation, possibly to kill him, mostly just to get back a small wooden box. "Thomas" was a persona created to give her a reason to search New York. She would only talk to those who she needed to, and when needed, would give them the sobstory of two unrelated children growing up on the street together, then the boy suddenly being kidnapped. And her searching for him. She could be quite convincing when she tells this story. What makes things a little difficult right now, though is to The7, she's Topaz.
Allies/Connections: Who does your character know in New York who can help them? Evy has managed to trick a person in the medical corporation into trusting her. Of course, that man is under the impression that her name is Gretchen Smith, and that she was a small-time nurse. She's at the point, however, that she no longer needs his information and will soon dispose of him. Otherwise, she knows no one, but is able to make friends in short periods of time
Enemies: Who's out to get your character, who have they pissed off? Glyson Cybernetics, soon to be "Stills Cybernetics" due to a change in hands of the ownership of the company. They are out to get a vague concept of someone called "Topaz", though. After all this time, they are still unable to find someone to give them a discription of what she looks like. And those who knew her original story she talked of in desperation are already long since dead.
The Offer: When she finishes helping them, all she wants, is to be helped in return to retrieve the music box and to kill Lloyd Stills for the pain and the suffering she has endured.
I need an NPC called the Hand, who people can talk to when I'm not listening.

Character Name: Gawain McFelwin

Alias: "Felwin"
Gender: Pancake
Age: 32
Birthplace: Datalux Corporation, second class apartments.
Role: The Face

Strengths: Nothing much. No real combat ability, but can slash up the unwary/surprised/asleep.
Weaknesses: Nothing much. Pretty slow compared to most.

Augmentation: Panatrian Mask (creates animated digital faces that reflect Felwin's emotions); Monofilament Whipclaw (1 foot long monomolecular whips extending from metal clawed gauntlets); Thesis Pistol (a normal pistol mounted to the palm but synaptically linked so that no trigger-action is needed and it can't be easily disarmed); Legs-Suspensors (metal overlays to the knees and calves, giving additional support when landing on his feet from a drop).

Current Goal/Purpose: Seems to be craving some kind of emotional high from the idea of changing the status quo.

Talents: Persuasivenss, mystique, intimidation, seduction and grace.
Inabilities: Finds it VERY hard to hide his feelings, due to his mask, so in many ways must BELIEVE his own lies and exaggerations. Suffice to say, this has damaged his sanity.
Fears: The loss of people and connections. He needs to feel and be surrounded by people, otherwise he despairs.

General Personality: Gawain is, without a doubt, overemotional, but not in a reckless way. Everything is made poetic in his eyes, meanings derived and beauties extrapolated. He thinks of his friends as fellow scholars, no matter how thuggish they are, and is seldom without a quote or a theatrical gesture. Think of him like a Shakespearean actor who has forgotten how to break character.

Inner Personality: Felwin is still the child who was burned by the Hesperos Accelerator, terrified and damaged. He cannot truly survive in this world without his fantasies - his augmentations both physical and spiritual.

General History: Gawain was the beautiful, innocent child of Randall McFelwin, pioneering scientist of the Datalux Corporation. His father was the visionary who helped bring Datalux into the big leagues, thanks to the new form of plasma-based energy known as Hesperos. Gawain was never far from his father's side during the tours and inspections, and this was to be his tragedy. On one of the tours Gawain sneaked away from the main group and into a test facility, where he was promptly confronted by security guards. Terrified, he tried to run but was caught in one of the Hesperos beams, his body horribly burned, his face virtually melted from the bone. His father's grief was matched only by his anger and when the security procedures were found to be at fault, Randall forced a deal with the Datalux Board that lasts to this day. Gawain is to be supplied with augmentations and a monthly allowance to allow him to lead a comfortable and independent life. And in return, no claim will be made by the McFelwin family on the intellectual rights of Hesperos Energy. By this deal Gawain is both outcast and mascot, allowed to live a hedonistic life amongst the city clubs and enertain guests in his corporate apartments, just so long as he stays out of politics. Openly, Gawain has accepted this deal, but in private, either consciously or subconsciously, he has now gathered enough contacts to make himself a valuable asset in any covert war.

Allies/Connections: Most of the major club managers, pimps and technology dealers, plus several key middle-management names amid the Corporations. He doesn't know the big players, but rather the departmental chiefs and ground floor managers.

Enemies: A third of the Board of Directors of the Datalux Corporation, who resent the stipend expenses and are plotting away to get around the McFelwin trustees and finally assassinate Gawain once and for all.

The Offer: The Boss spoke to him personally and presented the offer as an academic intrigue - an intellectual curiosity that Felwin couldn't resist. He is now so bored of his lifestyle that the only things which can appeal to him are the things he has not yet considered. The Boss made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
Only if I get an NPC known only as The Ass, so I can request you kiss it periodically.

EDIT: And TK, fuckin' awesome character, that. You certainly deliver on the gritty.

Character Name: Mitch Hammilton

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Birthplace: Slums of New York

Role: The Assassin


General Appearance:

Height: 5'10

Weight: 168


Enhanced Speed - Mitch has had several small electrical dischargers implanted into his muscles allowing him to perform feats of superhuman speed, and also allowing him to bend the laws of gravity somewhat. He can move at two and a half times the speed of a man in prime physical condition, and due to the speed, he can scale walls to a certain degree before gravity pulls hims down.

Enhanced Senses - His fives senses have all be implanted with several upgrades allowing Mitch to use them at four times the effectiveness of most human individuals.

Manufactured Blood - Having had an operation on him to replace his entire blood store with a manufactured substance, Mitch's wounds clot almost immediately, and they heal along with illness, and broken bones much faster than most with scraps, and cuts healing in hours, and broken limbs healing in days or weeks depending on the severity, and the ability to rest while healing.


Manufactured Blood - Mitch must have his blood filtered, and replaced every few weeks, or after so many filterings during healing or else his organs, and other parts of his body will begin to shut down. The location of this replacement substance is a very highly guarded secret, and there is only one location which forces Mitch to either remain close to New York or to carry a reserve of the substance with him.

The Munchies - If Mitch is kept from indulging himself on his cannabis pass time, he starts to suffer with drawls which include a spike in aggression, and his nerves beginning to shake.

Augmentation: Sensory Amplifiers, Electrical dischargers in his muscles, and the manufactured blood.


Current Goal/Purpose: Milk life for all it's work until his Bullet catches up with him, and to destabilize the current corporate America.

Talents: The use of firearms, blades, hand to hand combat, reading individuals, bluffing, joking, and his memory.

Inabilities: He cannot break any detail stated in his contract, for it is law to him. He also tends to avoid large crowds or direct confrontations unless it's called for, and is an addict of Marijana.

Fears: His guns jamming on him, falling to his death, and being trapped in a relationship.

General Personality: Mitch is quiet to most everyone he meets, and it doesn't hide the calculating look in his eyes. Everyone knows that he's aware of what's going on, and seemingly of things yet to pass. He'll often weight the actions, and make a choice based on the numbers. If letting an innocent serves the purpose better than killing them, or vice versa... he'll act accordingly. Ultimately he's chaotic neutral.
He doesn't show any outward signs of aggression, or compassion. He tends to simply seem unconcerned unless he's cracking a joke, or completing a mission.

Inner Personality: If one were to get past his outward persona, they would see that Mitch is a very angry man... angry in the soul, but not in mind or body for what's around him. He's mad at what the world's become, and thinks that by killing the caretakers of this current reality, that humanity can be saved from stagnation, and being cattle for the slaughter... though he doesn't care about society in general... he only cares because once the target is gone... someone else will want someone dead. Need to keep the job security.


General History: What's known of Mitch is he's an accomplished assassin. The kind that myths, and legends are born from, and if you don't know the legend.. it's because you're dead. Seven's got the dirt on the man's past, but all you need to be concerned about is if there's a little red dot on your forehead, or if your pockets are deep enough to pay the man.

Allies/Connections: Various weapons dealers, the cream of the crop Doctors, as well as your local street slicer docs, and a lot of contacts in various securities for the larger corporate world.

Enemies: Rival assassins, and petty murders who have lost the juicy contracts to Mitch... not to mention all the cops. The most notable is a rival assassin called Bullet Eye who's said to always be in Mitch's shadows. The two scuffled a few years ago, and Mitch took his eye as a memento, and as a warning.

The Offer: The choice was simple... do the job, and live, or don't, and watch a very tiny bomb explode from your chest. Seven had a way of making the employment seem worth while...
I think I'll just go NPC. You get The Assassin, old chap.
Wait, Jumi's joining in an RP where I'm NOT a klutz/subservient/spineless girl!?!


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Dun worry, I am.

Through the form... OF INTERPRITIVE DANCE.
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Character Name: Kris Akadia
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthplace: New York City
Role: The Hacker


General Appearance:
Strengths: Cybernetic limbs multiply his strength by a factor of four, The materials used in their construction are highly resistant to damage and are equipped with an auto-repair system capable of repairing his cybernetics at a rate equal to natural human healing. He's equipped with Neuro-ports, a series of cables capable of interfacing with any machine.
Weaknesses: Aside from looking beyond freakish, Kris needs to recharge his cybernetics roughly once a week, in addition to maintaining a strict diet to keep his organics up and not interfere with his cybernetics. In addition the when using the neuro-ports Kris is extremely vulnerable to black-hammer programs
Augmentation: Kris has had a number of mechanical augmentations fitted onto his body, Cybernetic limbs, a Cybernetic Ear and name the least, His favorite are the neruo-ports. A series of universal cables connected directly into his brain and spine. Lastly a cybernetic tool-set built into his forearms.


Current Goal/Purpose: To make money and experiment with new technology
Talents: Kris is one of the best hackers out there, in addition to that he's also capable of fixing nearly any machine placed before him using his innate knowledge of mechanics and cybernetic tool kit. Though he isn't much of a fighter an augmented brain and cybernetic precision make up for this, making it seem like even the most improvised move is well calculated.
Inabilities: Despite his heavily augmented body Kris could easily be defeated by a skilled fighter, in addition he's tied to civilized areas that have a good enough infrastructure to support his power and dietary needs.
Fears: An interesting twist of character, He's a Hacker who's slightly afraid of hacking, given his vulnerabilities to black-hammer programs he's loath to use his neuro-ports until after he's already cleared the system of any malicious code the old fashioned way. He's had far too many run-ins with that illegal coding to not be paranoid.
General Personality: On the outside he's a tough, albeit trustworthy character, few people are comfortable approaching him given his scarred flesh.
Inner Personality: Inside he's a kind soul, always wiling to help out those in need where able.


General History: He's pretty much Mr. Average except for the accident. An explosion happened about five years ago while working as a mechanic. a faulty plasma line ruptured while he was underneath checking the exhaust system, everyone thought he was dead but the EMT's caught him in time, thankfully for workman's comp he was re-built and has since been upgrading every part of his new mechanical body.
Allies/Connections: He's well known and respected among the hacker community, and could easily call in help from more than a few of them, in addition he could easily secure a discount on vehicle repairs from the Mechanic bay where he used to work.
Enemies: Being a Hacker is sure to have earned him a number of enemies, none of which he's aware of.perhaps the most dangerous kind
The Offer: Kris was one of the easier members to recruit, needing only money and a tech-lab. Seven easily provides both to him in exchange for his services.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Boss.


Character Name: Seven, The Boss
Gender: Male
Age: Looks to be in his 50's
Birthplace: Unknown
Role: The Boss


General Appearance:
Strengths: He sits in a chair a lot, so it's kinda hard to say, isn't it?
Weaknesses: See previous statement.
Augmentation: Cybernetic Eyes, what else he might have is guess-work, really.


Current Goal/Purpose: To stop the oncoming war between the Corps, to bring down the Corps, to bring justice back to New York
Talents: Computers, Cybertechnology, Corporate Knowledge, Criminal Knowledge etc.
Inabilities: Unknown
Fears: Unknown
General Personality: Cunning, Sharp-Witted, Ambitious, Visionary, Corporate-Hating etc.
Inner Personality: Unknown


General History: So who is Seven? It's hard to say. He's clearly been around a fair bit, judging by just how experienced he is. As to what he does, or did, and what his story is, he's not saying.
Allies/Connections: Seven's contacts are extensive; if he needs something, he probably knows someone who can get it.
Enemies: Unknown, but there's probably a fair few.
The Offer: He makes the offers, baby.
Like a Boss.

Also Jumi,the time of the nine has begun.
*imagines this as a cross over between 7 Samurai and Charlie's Angels*