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  1. So... I've had the idea for this "fantasy world" of mine for quite some time, so bare with me. It's basics are still quite rough. I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it as a Group RP of sorts in the future.


    I was once a member of DeviantArt and this is where my roleplaying started about 3 or 4ish years ago. I've always had a love for anime and fiction, so I was always full of ideas. I started developing Erenitus about 2 years ago, but never had the artistic ability or money to bring my idea to light. Now that I'm a part of this forum, I thought I'd give a try at reviving it.
    Basically, the plot of this roleplay surrounds a God named Ammonus and a Goddess named Denica that created a world they named "Erenitus." The God Ammonus, in the name of balance (the plot is really deep... you'll have to refer to the story), turns evil and is vanished from ever coming back to Erenitus and its inhabitants. These inhabitants of this world are all in specific villages and have different characteristics apart from each other.
    Dencia's First Concept Art:

    In the beginning, Rasa, the King of all the Gods and Goddesses, was created as a manifestation of humanity, and the embodiment of time, space, balance, and existence.

    "Can such a place exist? What am I to be its Seer, its grand Judge in its greatest times? But I suppose no one else can fulfill this task... If I am to rule, what shall I call this place? A place of balance and existence ... Axis. Yes, I shall call it Axis."

    As the existence of Axis grew and humanity began to take form, Rasa used his thousand arms to finally will the universe into being. He named the universe Axis. Axis seemed empty, though, an existence without a purpose. A spark of life and humanity lingered in the universe's presence, one that long surpassed the King himself. He felt that his reason for even being formed into being was to build upon this spark and universe. Rasa was to create a meaning of this universe. Rasa used his power to bring forth spirits into being, spirits that would ensure that humanity would be around as long as the universe existed. These spirits represented what Rasa embodied; balance, existence, spirit, light, and darkness. He named them Gods and Goddesses, the protectors and guardians of Axis and the worlds that would be created within it.


    "This feeling... am I?... No... We are ....a God and a Goddess... He is Ammonus... and I'm Dencia..."

    When Dencia and Ammonus were created, they were a pair of yin and yang, bound together by the thread of Rasa's existence. Their purpose was to create a flourishing world supported by both light and darkness, a perfect harmony of which would expand and support the growth of Axis.

    "This is it, Ammonus... I can feel it in the center of my being... We are to create a world and it will be ours, just ours. Life will flourish from every crack and crevice and balance will flow from its core. What shall we call this magnificent world, I wonder? Erenitus? Yes, that has a nice ring to it. Erenitus, the Eternal Balance of Axis."

    Together, they began to form their world of Erenitus from the essences they embodied. The Goddess Dencia breathed life and light into the world whilst the God Ammonus imbued balance and darkness into the world they were creating. Thus, Erenitus came into existence. The embodiments of the God and Goddess came to life and shaped the world. The light of Erenitus became the sun and daytime. The darkness of Erenitus became the moon and nighttime. Shadows crept into the light of day, and stars, created by Ammonus to light the way of the world through the darkness, illuminated the night. Life created dust and rain to which oceans and land were created. Plants grew in abundance and flourished. Then, the humans and the animals took their first breaths of air. This world created by Dencia and Ammonus was a balanced liveliness of one. It was and is Erenitus.


    "The Origin... keep it safe and protect its power with everything you have, Dencia..."

    "But why give me the Origin? Why give me such a power, dear Rasa?"

    "Child, there will come a time when you need it the most. In that time, something that is precious to you will be lost even beyond saving... As the Origin is a part of me, it is also a part of you. You will need it to protect your world because Erenitus will soon fall without it."

    "Do you mean...?"


    After the creation of Erenitus, the King Rasa created the Origin, a spiritual representation of the God and Goddess's world in the form of a crystal. If anything threatened the existence of their world, the Origin would help the one who wielded its power to protect Erenitus. But, if it were to fall into the wrong hands, Erenitus would cease to exist and the balance of Axis would be thrown off course.

    After the Origin was created, darkness began to creep into the heart of Ammonus. Dencia was aware of this sudden shift in the God's behavior, but only kept a close eye on him. Dencia loved Ammonus and tried to ignore the fact that he was changing. She did not want to see Rasa's warning come to life. Alas, in the name of Balance, it was always destined to happen. Ammonus's appearance, spirit, and being began to slowly change as years, even centuries, passed. Then, the darkness finally overtook him completely and brought Ammonus to a point of no return. He became the one thing Dencia was trying to protect Erenitus from.

    Then, on that one fateful day, darkness painted the world black, chaos rained down from the sky, and the One War began....


    "Ammonus! You can't... you can't do this! You're good, Ammonus! This evilness within you is corrupting you."

    "Do we even know what good and evil is anymore? We are a lie, Dencia, a glorious lie. We are just puppets in Rasa's grand scheme of things, happy little puppets keeping together his ridiculous notions."

    "We're not puppets! We were created to keep balance-"

    "You call this existence of ours balance?! We're not balance. Erenitus is not balance. Axis is not balance. Hell, even King Rasa himself is not balance. POWER is balance! Without power, nothing would exist. NOTHING."

    "That's not true, Ammonus... Power isn't what drives this world or Rasa... it's love. Love is power. And I-I love you! That's why you need to stop this!"

    "You're always blathering on about love, Dencia. HAH. Love. What a joke. Love isn't power. Rasa only created us because he simply could. He made us only to be slaves. Now what do we do now that we've fulfilled our purpose? Remain his loyal servants in his eternal plan of balance, harmony, and peace for his cute, little creations?! No! We have power as well! We are a part of Rasa! We had the power to create this world, and we have the power to create another world after that. Then another! Don't you see it, Dencia? We could control this puny universe then create another for ourselves! Rasa will bow to us and Axis will fall! Erenitus will cease to exist! Just give me the Origin, and our journey of universal conquest can begin..."

    Their fight stirred the seas and brought down mountains. The creatures below watched as their precious God and Goddess battled to the brink of obliteration. What were they to do? Darkness was slowly overpowering the light, and Dencia's spirit was the one being threatened to be wiped from the slate of Axis. Ammonus viciously attacked the Goddess Dencia and sent her crashing down unto the land they had created together. As he prepared to take the Origin for himself, a barrage of blasts pierced the God's body. An army of humans had gathered together to protect Dencia. Humanity could no longer stand to watch their clash continue and decided to protect their Goddess. Dencia, with tears in her eyes, accepted their help and then proceeded to assault Ammonus once more. Seeing that his plans were going to fail, the God ripped a hole of darkness into the fabric of Axis and brought forth an army of Demons, a race created from death and corruption. The war raged on... the humans fought the Demons, and Dencia and Ammonus fought for the one thing that could bring the collapse of the universe itself. In the end, though, good triumphed over evil. Dencia, combined with the power of the Origin and the warriors of Erenitus, was able to overpower the God, but as she prepared to destroy him, the Goddess could not bare to erase the one she loved. Instead, she banished him into another dimension called Weregild and sentenced him to reside there in exile for all of eternity.


    "I'm sorry, Ammonus, but please understand, I had to do this to protect our world and our precious creations within it. Rasa believes that you will rise again, and. that is what I fear the most, but... we are both still guardians of Axis and the protectors of Erenitus... I promise that I will try to save you from this darkness and bring you back to our world, to me. If I'm unable to, then I will have to gather the strength to destroy you unlike the first time. After that, well... May Rasa have mercy on your spirit."

    After the One War, Dencia, alongside Humanity, has slowly helped to restore Erenitus to the world it once had been. Now, the plants grow throughout the lands, and water continues to flow through the streams. The sun shines and the night quietly dwells. Life still breaths, but the promise Dencia made to Ammonus still has yet to be fulfilled. As Rasa quietly watches on the edge of the universe and the Goddess of Erenitus watches over her world, the Banished God, with his power slowly growing, turns Weregild into a land of death and darkness while he creates an army of Demons to do his bidding. Someday, Ammonus promises that he will return once more and cause have chaos rain from the skies like it thousands of years ago...


    "Keep a watchful eye, Dencia. The day will come when the gates of Weregild open unto Erenitus and rip its soul from its very core. Then, the time of Ammonus will begin..."


    [​IMG] Aquardis [pronounced Ah-kwar-dis]
    The village in the water, the Naiadaes (a woman called a Naiad and a man called a Naiadis) of this underwater society have adapted to their home for thousands of years by developing fins and the ability to breathe underwater. Aquardis is a peaceful village that does not seek to harm others, but will do so if they feel threatened. Their homes are built out of coral from the sea floor, and the Naiadaes often feed on crustaceans, fish, aquatic mammals, and vegetation found on the sea floor. The Naiadaes' abilities range from agile swimming, to the use of Water Magic to protect themselves, and the ability to heal the injuries of others. They have multiple skin colors (depending on how much time they like to spend out of the water), gills on the sides of their necks, brightly-colored fins on their forearms and ankles, bright hair with eye colors ranging from blue to turquoise to sea foam green. They cannot go a few days without returning to some sort of of water source. If they cannot find a source water, they will become sick and slowly become unable to breath due to the outside environment. Then, after a certain period of time, they will stop breathing entirely and succumb to their sickness.

    [​IMG] Blitzka [pronounced Blih-ts-kah]
    The village located in the Plains of Lightning behind the Strike Mountains, The Lux live in a ravaged plain of sea grass on the leeway side of a mountain range where fresh water is scarce and lightning storms are extremely frequent. Blitzka's hierarchy is based on strength and warrior status with both men and women alike, its people being very known for being wild and violent. If a villager cannot prove his or her power to the leader of the village, he or she is marked as a weakling and won't be recognized until they prove they are worthy of being a genuine Lux. The Lux harness the power of lightning, attacking their opponents with spears and lightning bolts, and have the power to regenerate themselves by absorbing electricity. They eat big game they hunt on the plains and get their water supply from tiny creeks trickling from the mountains. Their houses look crudely built, but can stand against almost any gale force wind. The Lux don't tolerate outsiders, easily killing someone if they feel the need to, and will even try to invade another village just for the fun of it. Their rivalry with the Pelle only curdles their blood even more. The villagers of Blitzka have very tanned skin like the Pelle, stark white hair, and gold or electric blue eyes. They often mark their faces, legs or arms with white or yellow war paint.

    [​IMG] Constellara [pronounced Con-stell-ar-ah]
    The village under the stars, the Stellars in this cosmic place live in a crater valley surrounded by mountains said to be created by a giant meteorite over a couple millennia ago. As the story goes, the meteorite, said to be created by the Goddess clashing with an unknown force in the heavens, crashed into an unnamed mountain range inhabited by nomadic villages. The mountain range was obliterated, but a few of the nomads lived to repopulate and form the village of Constellara. Constellara is a defenseless village often forgotten, as it is almost impossible to get to. The Stellars are not warriors, but they are a wise and spiritual bunch that use the power of the stars to guide them and tell stories of the past. The Stellars live in nice houses made of stone or brick, grow their own crops for food, and dig wells for their water supply. They have found ways of harnessing their own light. Their mysterious Magic harnesses the power of stars and heavenly bodies. Many users of this Magic say that their abilities are most powerful when the sky is clear and the stars are out. Some are even able to read the future by simply gazing at the stars. The villagers of Constellara are fair-skinned with different shades of blonde hair and deep blue, purple, or silver eyes.

    [​IMG] Corroth [pronounced Cor-rawth]
    The village inhabited by the Demons, Corroth is located in the darkest, utmost northern part of Erenitus. It remains dark most of the seasons due to the village's location and is considered to be the second coldest place to live following Glaurora. Here, the creations of Ammonus live in an almost exile fashion away from the rest of the world. Their buildings are constructed of what little they can find and their food supply is limited. The Demons share a mutual hatred for the Goddess Dencia and have erected a stature of the Banished God Ammonus in the middle of their village as a show of defiance. Order and strictness is important to the Demons of Corroth as most of them follow a set of rules created by the Dark Czar, considered to be the village leader of Corroth and the bridge to Ammonus. If someone is caught breaking even one of the rules, they are humiliated, tortured, banished, and even killed. Some of these rules order that love between a Demon and Human is forbidden and the banning of worshiping the Goddess Dencia. They were given the ability to harness corruption, their Magic ranging from curses to controlling darkness itself. Demons have gray to black skin with dark hair and vibrant colored eyes. They often have various animal parts incorporated with their bodies such as wings, talons, tails, ears etc. The inhabitants have also formed an intense hatred with the Empyrians for their profound love of the Goddess Dencia.

    [​IMG] Empyrea [pronounced Em-pi-ree-uh]
    The village in the sky, the Empyrians are the winged civilians of a heavenward island. It is said that when a meteor crashed into a mountain range, creating the crater Constellara is located in, an island-sized piece of earth inhabited by people was hurled into the sky. That piece of land was then saved by the Goddess Dencia by suspending it in time and blessing the people who were stranded on the floating island with angel wings to let them travel back and forth to the world below as they pleased. Thus, Empyrea was created. The Emyrians have formed a rich and resilient society, their buildings made from white marble and their warriors strong. They gather their water from a spring with a waterfall said to have been created by Dencia herself to grant them an endless supply of water, grow luscious fruits, and hunt and tame creatures that fly. Due the story of how their village was saved so long ago by the Goddess Dencia, Empyrians are very spiritual toward her, even creating a shrine in the middle of their village dedicated to her. They are able to harness the power of wind to their advantage and utilize great gale force winds to attack their opponents. Their main form of weapons are bow and arrows or spears. Empyrians are either tanned or fair-skinned with silver, dark or light blue, or turquoise hair. Their eyes are always a sky blue, and their angel wings are white. Very rarely, an Empyrian is born with black angel wings or no wings at all. Empyrians have a great hatred for Demons, thinking lowly of them for worshipping a Banished God and calling them monsters.

    [​IMG] Faar [pronounced Fahr]
    The village in the realm of the beasts, the Faarans reside in the oldest village to have ever been established. Faar is the largest village in population yet and is located in the center of Erenitus. The village is known for being extremely diverse, housing many different types of people and welcoming travelers of all races. The Faarans are an equal, structured people who protect and support each other. Also, they are very adventurous and like to travel to the different villages of Erenitus if their beast partner is mountable. The Faarans' homes are built out of wood, stone or brick and even have crude plumbing and lights made out of phosphorous stones given to them by the Turrahn in exchange for food. Faarans have learned to manipulate Eon (magical energy) to tame the beasts that live in the forests, caves, and waters around them. Annually, each Faaran at the age of 5 is gathered and sent into the wilderness to find and tame a partner that they will have for life. Whether or not they want to become a Tamer, the protectors and hunters of Faar, is up to them. Novice Tamers begin their training at the age of thirteen where they are split up into teams of three led by a Master Tamer to lead and teach them. Once the teacher feels they can pass a student or team onward, Novice Tamers become full-time, Senior Tamers. Master Tamers are the men and women in charge of all the tamers, and are only appointed by the Grand Tamer, the commander in chief who is looked upon as the protector and leader of Faar. Tamers utilize items such as crossbows, slings, and swords for dangerous situations. Faarans have multiple skin colors, naturally colored hair and eyes. They often wear modern clothes of their time like shirts, pants, skirts and dresses with leather shoes. Since it's the biggest village, it has been established as the meeting place for all of the village's leaders when the Council of One is brought forth.

    [​IMG] Glaurora [pronounced Glah-ror-ah]
    The village located in the arctic tip, the Aurorans live in this frigid area on giant ice drifts and glaciers. Glaurora is located in the northward most point of Erenitus where very few venture and return alive. The Aurorans have learned, after many generations, to adapt to the unforgiving coldness of the place they live in by harnessing the element of ice (some even being able to use Water Magic) to help them hunt large marine animals. The homes they live in are often made from ice and their clothes are crafted from thick furs and animal skins. The women support their family and help tend to the children of the village while the men hunt and protect, using spears to usually get the job done. The chief of the village is looked upon with high respect and spiritual status. The Aurorans are very sheltered from the rest of the world, but welcome outsiders if they so happen to come across their village. The people of Glaurora are the only ones to witness the Aurora Borealis, or Northern lights, that only occur once every year on the winter solstice. It is said that these lights are a message from Dencia to commemorate the creation of Erenitus. Thus, a festival is usually held in Glaurora every year for that purpose. Aurorans are a tanned people, often having dark brown hair and dark eyes.

    [​IMG] Howlin [pronounced Houl-en]
    The village in the Shrieking Wastes, the Howlers live in this dark place located in a desolate tundra plain inside the carved face of Stark Mountain which is said to be created by the aftermath of the One War. In this cold, lifeless place, people have learned to, unbelievably, thrive to an extent. Due to the position of its location, it is nearly dark year round and no sunlight shines. Their homes are made from petrified, crude wood and their water and food supply are short-handed,. Howlers often gnaw on the bones of the dead surrounding the Shrieking Wastes just to gather some sort of nutrients. They are known to be very ravenous and beastly, raiding other villages for their supplies (their main target is the village of Faar), but some are decent and choose to travel the world of Erenitus for their own muses. The Howlers have learned to harness the power of shadows and death, resurrecting any dead creature into a skeletal monster. Their physical traits consist of sickly pale skin, jet black or gray eyes with white pupils, dark-colored hair, and razor-sharp nails.

    [​IMG] Junipairy [pronounced Joo-nih-pair-ee]
    The village surrounded by forest, the Nymphids inhabit this treetop civilizations deep in the Divindell Forest. Junipairy is a city built into and on the tops of trees. The Nymphs of this forest village construct buildings made from wood and leaves in the branches of large trees said to be over thousands of years old. A diverse network of rope bridges connect these tree top buildings, allowing the people of Junipairy to not even travel to the forest floor unless they need water or food. This type of living was developed to protect themselves from the carnivorous beasts that threaten their existence. Nymphids are a fragile people, but have learned over time how to harness the power of plants to support and protect themselves. They are most known for their remedial herbs and medicines which they grow and make themselves. A special ability they have also acquired is merging into trees to hide themselves from their enemies. Nymphids have fair, tanned or brown skin with brown and green shades of hair. Their eyes are either green, brown, or golden. Female Nymphids love to put flowers in their hair, and even sometimes, the men, as it is shown to be a sign of strength and boldness in their village. A beautiful custom Nymphidian custom is after a man gives a woman a beautiful, bright pink and white flower called the Trinity Flower, he proposes to her. The woman then wears the flower in her hair until her wedding day. If the flower dies before the wedding, it is a sign that the couple was not meant to be. Many of the Junipairy villagers fear those that live in Lavlos as they are easily capable of creating a wildfire, completely devastation their home.

    [​IMG] Lavlos [pronounced Lah-vlos]
    The village at the foot of the Koakoa Volcano, the Pelle are the inhabitants of this humid, tropical village, living in strong, but small huts. Lavlos is a village not to be messed with, as its villagers have tempers as hot as the fire they harness. The Pelle are a structured society with warriors to protect the women and children who work to provide and the elderly who are often turned to for wisdom. Their main foods are whatever creatures are captured and a tropical fruit locally called the Ahihanae, also known as the Firebomb Fruit (which is INCREDIBLY spicy), that grows near the mouth and foot of the volcano located near their village. The Pelle are also incredibly impervious to fire, often playing in the magma of the Koakoa Volcano. They gain power when the sun is at its highest in the sky. These fiery humans tend to keep away from the rest of the villages in Erenitus, especially from the village of Blitzka. The latter of which is where their rival tribe, the Lux, reside. The Pelles' physical features consists of black, dark brown, or scarlet hair, crimson eyes, and very tanned skin.

    [​IMG] Noxioun [pronounced Nok-shyun]
    The village deep within the Valley of No Breath, the Smots are the inhabitants of this poisonous place. Noxioun is located within a bowl-shaped valley which captures and traps deadly, poisonous gases that they breathe in and learned to harness over thousands of years. Noxioun is a placed rarely traveled to due to the fact that its atmosphere is unbreathable to most, but if one were to be brave enough to visit, they would discover that the houses and buildings created of stone and mud are surprisingly well constructed. The biggest form of profit in this area is the gold dug up at the bottom of the bowl-shaped valley which is traded and sold to surrounding the villages. Many of the Smots are vegetarians as they can only feast on the poisonous plants that have adapted to their area. The inhabitants of Noxioun cannot leave the area for long as the poison that they breath daily is essentially their oxygen, but they have developed a device that helps them to breathe if they travel abroad. The people in this area have sickly looking skin with dingy hair colors and black, gray, or green eyes.

    [​IMG] Turrahn [pronounced Tur-on]
    The village in the underground, the Turrites of this subterranean community live deep within tunnels that have been carved into the earth by their ancestors for many centuries. Turrahn is a complex, peaceful village that heeds to their own matters, helping one another to support their city and live through another day. Their buildings are carved out of earth. They are accustomed to eating roots, reptiles and other animals that like to burrow into the ground. Some of their food supply is also traded to them by the Faarans in exchange for their phosphorous stones. The glowing phosphorus stones mined and utilized by the Turrites give them light in the darkness of their underground caverns. The Turrites are an industrial people composed of miners and metalworkers who use their earthen Magic to mine jewels, minerals, coal, and make precious metals. After years of development, they have developed tools to aid them in expanding their little village and create air and water tunnels for their needs. Some Turrites have been known to even be able to control crystals using their Magic. The burly people in this society are often very light-skinned with different shades of natural hair colors and very light-colored eyes as they do not often venture of out the underground. This makes the Turrites susceptible of temporary blindness fairly easily if their eyes are exposed to light too bright for them to handle.


    That's what I have so far! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Of course, the development of this idea has a long way to go, but I'd love everyone's feedback. Thank you!
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