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    On a particularly rainy evening, Asha found herself sitting in the Introduction Inn. She glanced out the window and couldn’t help but smirk. Perhaps rain wasn’t the way to describe the current weather. It wasn’t water falling from the sky, rather, it was tiny balls of blue that on impact, would explode into a small cloud of blue glitter. Which of course, resulted in the town of Birthdale and the surrounding areas, being covered in a layer of the shimmery substance. This had been happening for a couple days in a row nonstop.

    The reason Asha was at the Introduction Inn this fine evening (and the evening prior for that matter) was for a quest of sorts. A month and a day ago (or that’s how long it was over on the Crest) she had sent out word that she’d be forming a party to seek out the Tower of Ascending. Any of those who would be interested in the, sure to be grand, adventure where to meet at the Introduction Inn sometime in this nine day week. And so, Asha now found herself playing the waiting game.

    She had sent out a couple of personal invitations to certain individuals. One of the individuals was the guide called “White Wolf”. She’d heard rumor of him a while ago and how he would try to help those who hadn’t yet become residents back to their bodies. If they did find the tower, he would hopefully have an easier time with such endeavors. Another went by the name of Hendrix, she didn’t know much of what he did, only that he’d been around a while and he was handy to have around. She’d heard him described as an adventurer and a valiant soul. Surely he’d be an asset? She’d also invited along a girl she’d just recently had the pleasure of meeting, Miss Karou Thaiago. She was fairly new to the world, but that was all the more reason to bring her along, right? She’d get to explore the diverse place while being accompanied by, at least one, experienced individual. What better way to learn? And if the girl decided she wanted to go home, then at journey end, hopefully ti would be plausible for her to do so. Of course, Asha hoped others would join in on the adventure, she was counting on it really.

    Asha was torn from her thoughts as her mother’s voice echoed around her. Of course, none of the other residents of the inn noticed. She relaxed and took the last bite of her pie, then just clenched her teeth around the fork, letting the eating instrument dangle from her mouth. A spacey expression crossed over her face as she let herself be absorbed by the snippet of sound from the real world. For any of those that glanced at her, all they would see is a brunette woman, feet propped up in the chair next to her, fork dangling from her lips with a small goofy smile on her face spacing off.
  2. It had been about a day's travel before the couple walked up to the door of the inn, covered by a white rainbow-spotted umbrella. The inn was a familiar place, one they had each been to at one point in the past. Nudging the blue-eyed, blue-haired girl as she paused, the fair boy with the blue-black hair shot her a mischievous grin. The cap he wore hid his eyes beneath it, but Anna Sophia could still see the glimmer of pain flash across those deep blue eyes. Those eyes were one of the only reasons she was here. Had it not been for them, she would still be sitting against a tree, waiting for nothing. However, Trent was persistent. As soon as he saw a dam in distress, he cocked his head back and marched forward. That was Trent. No matter the situation, he knows exactly what to say and do to provide hope.

    Catching the younger girl staring at him, Trent hooked his arm through hers and began to gently pull her toward the door. Simultaneously, he was attempting to one-hand the umbrella shut with his left arm as they walked below the outside awning. It wasn't going so smoothly. Instead of pushing the button and easily sliding the thing shut, it pinched his finger. As he let out a pitiful howl, Anna Sophia feigned exasperation and pulled her arm away from him, allowing him to cradle his pinched thumb. Bringing it to his mouth, he kissed his thumb. He plucked the dropped umbrella up and slid it into the closed position before turning to once again grin at his younger companion.

    Except, now he was staring directly into the face of a fair-haired boy who shot him a quirky grin.

    "What? Is there something in my teeth?" The boy said as he pointed toward his mouth. Trent slammed his right palm to his forehead and let out a heavy sigh. "Please. Please, when you change, tell me." He begged.

    Anna-- No, Andy chuckled before offering his arm to Trent who glared. "Right. I'm going to walk around with a guy on my arms. Not." Then another grin before he pushed through the inn doors, ignoring a jostle in his backpack. "Come on. Let's seek out the quest-starter person thing. Whatever." He ended abruptly, obviously trying too hard to think of the correct wording.

    Following behind him and chuckling, Andy shook off a few sparkles that had landed on Anna's body outside. "Hello-ooo," Trent called out in the inn, ignoring the many glares he received. "We're here for an adventure! Anybody recall a request for a quest?" He let out a boy-like giggle under his breath. "Request for a quest. Perhaps that should be a son-- Oof!"A sharp elbow landed in his side.
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  3. Varris brought his base, a large walker-type vehicle outfitted with a few weapons and a tech lab, up above a large hill quite a ways away from Birthdale (but it had a complete and stunning view of the now-shining city; he took note that when he comes to the town later, he should gather some of that dust) before bringing up his rifle to rest upon Introduction Inn. He was not there for a kill - no, he didn't need to take that sort of job for a while. He just didn't have any better long-range vision apparatus than the scope of it. For now, he just stood still, looking at the residents inside, who quite possibly felt watched (all is possible in this world, after all).

    He had gotten wind through some chatter at another town, of a quest starter that was gathering people at said inn. While he still hadn't decided whether or not to come back to the "real" world or not, he thought he could at least help them get there while he decided - and if he didn't, he could probably stay close to it while deciding, provided it was not mobile. If it was, he could still wait for another one. But these people are most decided, and they deserved a helping hand at getting there.

    Staring down at the inn, he wished he could just go and offer his help. But he really disliked crowds, with too many things waiting to happen, and so he planned to identify the quest party and meet up with them in a more opportune place. His patience could allow it. He tracked a pair that went inside - a man and possibly a changeling, even though he didn't see him change because of a nearby noise, and decided to track their movements. They looked like they were in for trouble.

    Although after having thought that, he realized he would probably be better off with ears and eyes IN the inn, and so he sent a small drone to the area, which discreetly entered behind another comer, setting himself on the ceiling and observing.
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  4. The introduction inn, one of the few relatively safe places, and White Wolf's favorite drinking place. In the corner sat a young man and by his side sat his companion, a wolf with intense blue eyes.

    He had been observing the person who had called for his help. The inn had been fairly quiet the last few days, but sadly that quiet was broken by someone coming in the door yelling about a quest. "Kanandaq, do you know anything about those two?" White Wolf asked through telepathy, and looked in the direction of the new comers. "One of them is like you, but I think his real body still lives. I am not sure about that, though." The wolf replied calmly. "I don't know about the other, the quiet one." White wolf sighed, and rose from his chair.

    "A keg of Starbright." White Wolf called out to the innkeeper. "And a steak for Kanandaq as well." The man walked towards the brunette with a fork in her mouth, and arrived just as his keg appeared from the back room. "You've called for me. I am White Wolf, and that is Kanandaq." the man motioned towards the wolf sitting in the corner while keeping his eyes on the woman. "How many more should we expect?" He quickly added.
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  5. Cordelia was at the back of the room, sitting alone at a booth made for at least six people. And the amount of alcohol on the table was certainly enough for at least six people. She had seen other doing this- for, well, thousands of years, it seemed- and they always managed to escape from their own bitter reality. But Corrie couldn't. No matter how much of the sharp, burning liquid she consumed, she could never seem to get away.

    With a sigh, the demon girl lifted her eyes, scanning around the room. There seemed to be a small commotion happening in one section, but it was nothing worth getting involved in. There was almost no fun in bar skirmishes- all people who thought they were tough- intoxicated and weak. Now, if there had been a worth while fight, she most definitely would have waited and joined in. Instead, she downed another shot.
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  6. Asha jumped when a man appeared close to her, snapping her out of the daze and landing her own the floor by the chair. A large blush sprung over her cheeks as she looked up at him. Yea, great first impression there. She snarked at herself mentally. However, the man startlement brought her back from her space out. She threw a quick glance around and noted a couple changes to the interior of the Inn, a couple of guys, and a...metal bug looking thing. Asha stared at the mechanical thing before she snapped her now purple eyes back to White Wolf. A blush was still dusted over her cheeks as she stood up from her point on the floor.

    "It's nice to meet you," she inclined her head at both the man and the wolf at his side. "my name is Asha..." Last name, idiot, you do remember how to socialize, right? "Asha Crest." She dusted her hands off on her clothes before holding one out to greet the other man. "I'm not entirely sure how many we'll be expecting, it depends on how many answer the call, I s'pose." She answered after clearing her throat a little bit.
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  7. "Asha, you say. Glad to meet you." White Wolf took her hand in a firm and careful grip, making sure not to squeeze it. "Could I interest you in some Starbright? if you don't know it, it's a non-alcohol drink made from Moons Tear, Muloth Pears and Taurolus milk." He said, and looked at the keg being brought to the table. Before sitting down, White Wolf removed a small bear totem from his right glove and placed it on the table. "The gray bear, protector and caregiver." he muttered.

    "White Wolf, keep your focus." Kanandaq snarled in his mind, and came walking up behind him in his lupus form. "Greetings Asha, please excuse me. I need to leave your company for a short while. I'll be gone for about a day, no more than two." Kanandaq said coldly. "And you start focusing on the task at hand." "Enjoy your trip." The shaman said, sarcasm almost dripping from his voice. "He can be a bit moody at times." White Wolf said and smirked while looking at his companion.
  8. Zoe and her brother Lance watched from the sidelines, at a table near the back, inspecting the White Wolf, the actual wolf, and the girl next to him. Lance took a sip from his glass and set it back down. As we were getting ready to leave the tavern, Lance dropped his massive, two-handed sword and it fell with a huge clang, and the attention of the three strangers they were watching fell upon them. Zoe nodded their way and headed off, trying to conceal the array of items strapped to Zoe's belt. It seems the stranger's attention had permanently fixated on Lance and Zoe.
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  9. Catching part of a conversation discussing expecting people, Trent made his way through the inn toward the man with the wolf, or dog. Some sort of animal with four legs. He wasn't the best at observing things. The guy was now speaking to a girl with brown hair, kind of cute. Actually, quite cute. If she was to be part of their quest companions, he was certainly going to enjoy this. He settled next to the two and gently cleared his throat just as there was a sudden clang. He looked toward the source and saw a young girl and a boy, a large sword on the floor.
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  10. Asha blinked at the sudden depature of the wolf turned werewolf then she turned her attention back to White Wolf. She then cast a cautious look at the keg in front of her. She wasn't good with alcohol, so she felt relieved when the man had mentioned it's non-alcoholic state.

    "Sure, I'll try this Starbright drink." It'd be rude to decline the offer anyways. Asha liked to think of herself as being a polite individual. "So," she asked as she carefully poured herself half of a glass of the substance. "Why did you put a bear on the table?" She asked, trying to make conversation.However, her attention was then captured by a couple guys walking up to the table, and then by a loud clang that echoed around the entirety of the room, causing more than a few stares it seemed. however, to Asha anyways, clattering swords wasn't all that uncommon. She turned her attention back to the new blokes.

    "Hello, are you here for the quest as well?" She asked, trying to hide the tinge of hope that colored her voice. Sure, she hadn't been waiting all that long, but the more time that passed and the less people that showed had her doubting her decision to pull off such a public call.
  11. Returning their attention to the couple at the table, Trent replied, "Yup, that we are," sporting a sloppy and silly grin to his face while Andy stood behind him, head in his right hand. Trent was often an idiot. A sweet, lovable, dorky idiot. To avoid more shame that was surely to follow, Andy grabbed the other guy by his arm and pulled him away from incredibly hot girl.

    "Excuse my friend. I hit him in the head this morning. Apparently a little too hard," Andy spoke. "I'm Andy and this is Trent." He stuck a hand out in a polite gesture to the girl and shot the guy that had the wolf a polite glance. "Pleased to meet you."
  12. "Yeah", Zoe replied, joining the few people who called out yes. Zoe and Lance looked at each other before walking up to the girl who called out. Lance sheathed his giant sword and we politely said hello to the three, now four people standing by the bar. A half finished Starbright left on the counter. A few caught sight of the guns strapped to Zoe's belt and she hid them immediately. "We were told to wait here for the others on the quest. Nice to meet all of you." Zoe brushed her hair back and fastened it behind her ear. Lance greeted them as well before adjusting his sword's sheathe. Zoe asked quietly, "What're your names? I'm Zoe Redshade. This is my idiot brother, Lance," Gesturing towards the blue haired, slightly embarrassed guy to her right.
  13. White wolf poured Starbright into two mugs, and the slightly blue liquid shined slightly as it moved in the mugs. "Brother Bear will make sure this meeting goes well." White wolf said matter-of-factly, as if it was the most logical thing in the world. "The bear is a protector."

    He finished as two more people approached. A loud clang rung though the inn, but was completely ignored by White Wolf. After the two newcomers had introduced themselves, he returned the gesture. "Greetings, Andy and Trent." White Wolf looked at Andy. "You may want to address an elder sage with some more respect, but you do seem honest." He said and smiled "I'm pleased to meet you t-"

    White Wolf stopped talking as another person approached them. After the girl had introduced herself, White Wolf continued. "I'm pleased to meet you. I'm White Wolf, a shaman and guide. I will be aiding you on your journey." White Wolf drank from his mug, quickly gulping down the sweet liquid.
  14. From his quiet corner spot, The Outsider watched. As he watched, he sketched. As he sketched, he pulled fragments of reality into his designs. He was presently copying one of the mugs of Starbright. As he finished, he reached into the paper and pulled out the mug, taking an inquisitive sniff, before taking a sip. Sometimes, however rarely, his ink came on a little too strong, and it bled through into the real thing. Drinking ink wasn't particularly pleasant, so he'd gotten used to checking his food first.

    As he watched them, he found himself being entertained by their antics. Between the aggressive gunner girl and her brother, the guide who looked like he was half lost, the two boys who didn't look like they belonged in there. The quest bearer looked like she didn't have a clue what was going on in the first place, but was trying to hold it together. The motley crew of lost souls mildly entertained him. At the same time however, he didn't really understand their purpose. Why go back when there was so much you could do in this place?

    He leaned back in his chair and caught sight of the small machine. "Well, hello there." He remarked, clearly directed towards the machine. "No point in hiding, come on down and join the madness." He told it before standing up, grabbing his cane and approaching the group. He wasn't interested in the tower, but the group was... Intriguing.
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  15. At that comment, The Outsider could see an even tinier machine gliding down to his shoulder, from which a whisper came: "Too dangerous, and was never fond of crowds."
  16. "Hmm...? Turning to a buzzing noise in the corner, Zöe placed her hand on a gun on her belt, a black desert eagle. Once she caught sight of the little drone, she turned and asked, "Can I shoot it?" Her hand already aimed behind her back towards the humming, buzzing drone. "No." A chorus had rung out causing Zöe to sigh heavily. She turned back and a man looked back at her, after talking with the drone. He was drinking a starbright that had pieces of paper stuck to it. No... It's part of the mug. But how? That sketchbook perhaps... Lance snapped in front of her, sending her back to reality. "Perhaps we can assess each other's skills first. Okay?" Lance asked the group hopefully.
  17. "What a bunch o' loons..." thought the bag as he watched the one with the 'stache talk to his own shoulder. "Here I am, oh magnificent Lady Luck, I thank thee for bestowing upon my presence a woman most fine." he grumbled, all the while not realizing a pair of eyes was watching his leathery lips move. "Then these equally fine candidates for Random Dickwad of the Month had to swarm her like that. If I wasn't so happy at knowing I'm not in the wrong when it comes to taste, a tempestuous temperament become of me!" the bag spoke in a light voice, a complaint directed to someone almost unseen. Hendrix's lived in this funky place long enough to know that, no matter when or where, someone is always listening. No harm done to get a few things and then some clear, as he saw it. "Just fu-" Hendrix stopped when his eyes found themselves looking into another pair of windows to the soul, albeit somebody elses'. Or something like that. It wasn't very clear, the circumstances. He would've needed to sit down to pursue a topic like that, because that shit is deep.

    "Uh." Hendrix and the boy engaged in a staring contest, one that could've very well been to the death. Neither side wished to budge. Hendrix Colt Whitaker figured this was as far as his cover got, but his was not the first act to break the silence.

    "Are you Santa's bag?" the boy asked, his finger still neatly plucked into one of his nostrils. Hendrix's face emptied into a blank.

    "Hey kid, come closer. You wanna know? Come closer." Hendrix spoke to the boy from where he hung - at an unassuming coat rack. The boy did as he was told.
    Hendrix urged him closer. And closer. And closer. When the child stood a mere thumb's berth between them, he spoke.

    "Santa is dead."

    And on that day a bag known as Hendrix became the first to taste the tears of a child, and it was exquisite.

    He should really up and introduce himself, though. But then again, he didn't want Mr. Pringles to be talking to his shoulder. Choices, choices...
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  18. Asha's lips flickered up into a smile, even as she shuffled her feet beneath the table uncomfortably at the first mans expression. She fought away another blush that wanted to spread over her cheeks for an unknown reason. However, as Andy spoke and introduced the boys, her expression eased. Then White Wolf spoke, and then another pair showed up. Ashe pushed a chair over at the standing individuals.

    "It's nice to meet all of you, I'm Asha," She paused and nodded at the extra chairs, "Take a seat, why don't you?" She invited. When Zoe pulled out a gun, Asha's shoulders tensed as her eyes swept over the denizens of the pub.

    "Put your gun away. You're in a no violent zone." She snapped the order without thinking. Birthdale was the town for beginners, and as such, weapons where permitted, but the use of them was not. Asha herself had left her large weapons in the room she had rented upstairs. The only thing on her was the knives tucked away and out of sight. As Asha waited for the girl to obey her orders, a flicker of movement at the corner of her eyes, had Asha turning to watch a man with a cane approaching them? Or well, the general direction they were in. He might not be approaching them, them. Maybe there was another group he was going to. But the brunette hoped he was approaching them. Her eyes flickered to a pale blue color as they refocused on the people at the table with her, for now leaving the approaching man to either approach or not.

    "So what draws you in for the quest?" She asked the group at large, again, mainly making conversation as well as appeasing her curiosity. How many would be trying to get back to their body? What did they want out of the adventure if not that?
  19. Zoe's muscles tensed and she hesitated. She slowly managed to put her gun down and looked like she was about to explode. Zoe controlled it somehow. She wasn't used to people ordering her around. Her eyes trailed the man, trying to read his expression. Arrogance. After Asha tried to make conversation, I put the weapon in its sheath, mumbling. Lance, the optimist, once more piped up with the same question. "So, uh. Hi. Can we please assess each other's skills now? Zoe never gets this excited to show off."
  20. Laying on her back in a small crater of dirt Naomi fluttered her eyes open. Her whole body was numb and her thoughts were fuzzy. "What..?" She questioned to herself. Slowly, inch by inch, she became aware of her body. She lifted her hand to the level of her eyes, it looked different. All she could remember was ice, lights, and pain. After that she had faded into the darkness, endless darkness.

    (Sorry about the short post. Being rushed -__-)
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