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    Welcome to The Way Station
    Limbo. Purgatory. Oblivion. Call it whatever you want. All that matters is you're all stuck here, and none of you are leaving until you come to terms with one thing: Your suicide.
    The Way Station is your first stop. After days of wandering through the desert of the Far Side, you arrive here, disoriented, dehydrated, and most-likely miserable. This is where you learn of your own death. You collect your memories before moving on to The City, where you're destined to do one of three things: accept your death and move on, to stay here forever, or to prove that you deserve to go back to the life you gave up.
    What will you choose?

    After committing suicide, the spirits of he dead are trapped in the Far Side. For the most part, everything is the same here... Just a little worse. Spirits living in the Far Side don't dream --- instead, they receive frequent visions of the people that they've left behind. They're forced to witness the misery that their friends and family have to go through in their absence...
    They are haunted by the living.
    They feel, look, think, and act like the living version of their selves, however, the longer that they stay in the Far Side, the more they lose. Their memories of their old lives will slowly disappear until all that remains are the memories they've acquired since arriving... And with no memories left to guide them, these souls will never move on


    Character Sheet (open)
    Photograph: (Optional)
    Psychological Disorders: (Optional)
    History: (Optional)
    Cause of Death:
    Reason for Choosing Suicide:

    Accepted Characters:
    (Clicking the character's name will direct you to his/her CS)
    Maria Rayne Clark
    Evan Alasdair
    Kanae Il Naerim
    Alexis Bradford
    Axel Derren
    Alic Reece Moore
    Noah Rhyes Johnson
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  2. Name: "Maria Rayne Clark"
    Age: "I'm 16, which isn't so bad, I guess. I just wish it wasn't going to last forever."
    Sexuality: "Love is the only factor I'm concerned with." Pansexual.
    Psychological Disorder(s): "That's kind of personal..." Bipolar.

    Personality: "It really depends on the day, I guess. Lately, I've been really down. Sometimes, getting out of bed seems impossible, and when people try to talk to me, I find myself wishing that they'd just... leave me alone. But sometimes, I'm really happy. Like really happy. On days like that, it's like I can't keep my mind focused on anything for too long. I want to experience everything at once, because I love being alive... well, loved being alive, I guess. Anyway, I prefer those days. I feel so amazing, and full of energy --- I can't sleep because I don't want to miss even a moment of that feeling. And because I don't want to wake up sad again."
    History: "I don't know where to start... I guess, I lived with my mom and dad in a pretty little town in Oregon. It was perfect. We had a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and it seemed so safe there. I never had to move, and I was never without anything that I really needed. I miss that feeling, a lot.
    Anyway, there was this guy that lived down the street from me. Destry. We met when we were seven, and I think I knew right away that I'd love him forever. He was a big flirt though, and I was stubborn for a really long time about him. I'll admit, I was a little embarrassed about the way he acted and the way he dressed... all of my friends said that I could do better.
    When I was 15, we finally started dating. It was wonderful and it was awful. We fought a lot because I was jealous and he was like... all over every girl that he talked to. It drove me crazy. We'd been dating on-and-off for a year when I died.
    Cause of Death:Destry and I got in a really bad fight, and I think Des felt really guilty about it because he came to see me that night. He was trying to be cute and romantic, I think, and it probably would've if I hadn't been in the middle of one of my episodes. He stole his mom's car and picked me up just after midnight, and we were going to drive up to Pittock Crest when he said something that made me really upset. Honestly, I can't even remember what it was anymore.
    Anyway, I freaked out and started hitting him. I wasn't really thinking clearly, but I grabbed the steering wheel and pulled. Everyone blamed Des and they all thought that it was his fault, but it wasn't. I really hurt him, and I'll never forgive myself for that.
    Reason for Choosing Suicide: I didn't really mean to choose it, I guess it chose me. Frankly, I think that me being here is a mistake. I didn't want to die, I just wasn't thinking."
    Regrets: "Isn't it obvious?"
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Evan Alasdair

    Age: "I was eighteen, or am...whatever."

    Sexuality: "Does that even matter, I'm dead." Heterosexual

    Psychological Disorders: Severe Depression, Split Personality

    Personality: Which one? I mean there is Evan on his good days, and than there is Evan on his bad days. On a good day, Evan is the best friend, brother, and son anyone could ask for. Super polite, mature, self motivated, always doing the right thing, fun to be around. And then there is Evan when he is the 'other guy.' It seems what ever good Evan does bad Evan undoes it. His bad days can consist of Evan smoking, punching walls if not people, doing drugs, and playing every girl he can get his hands on.

    History: Growing up in a rich household, Evan had much in his life, though nothing could ever truly be his because it was only a matter of time before he screwed it up. At the age of twelve, Evan was diagnosed with split personality disorder, and well since than it had been a 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' show. Take for example, days before eighth grade graduation, Evan won an award for best scholar; however, the day came to receive the award, and the other guy came out and punched his principal in front of a auditorium of parents, teachers, and students. It seems each mile stone Evan made was torn down. Days before his high school graduation, Evan thought he was fine and went to school, but things became ugly when him and another student got into a altercation and Evan ended up putting him in a coma. Which resulted in the immediate expulsion of Evan.

    Cause of Death: "I hopped in my dads car, drove down the street at eighty miles per hour and slammed straight into a concrete wall, causing the car to explode."

    Reason for Choosing Suicide: "Try knowing that everything you want in life is in reach, but once you have it you make yourself give it up just cause that side of you finds it funny to see yourself in misery at all hours of the day... Yeah not fun or worth it."

    Regrets: "My mother was at work the day I died, she was everything to me. I mean I hated my dad that's why I chose his car, but my mom she was my world. I was her only child, and I regret leaving her alone with my father. I hate looking at her and seeing her cry, I can't even imagine what this did to her."
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  4. [​IMG] [​IMG] tumblr_ltbmgizYGF1qi9fsdo1_500RESIZED.jg.jpg
    Name: "Kanae Il Naerim"

    Age: "16"

    Sexuality: "The only person i'll ever love is my dear brother."

    Psychological Disorders: "I was diagnosed with, depression, multiple personality disorder(DID), social anxiety, and insomnia."

    Personality: "I don't care about interaction. I'd rather die again than to speak to anyone any day. Though, if you have a program or game to offer me i'd gladly accept. Just don't expect me to converse with you."
    "Kanae likes to keep to herself. She doesn't really like talking to people, but if you offer her something that catches her interest she won't mind having a company or two. Me? I'm no one really. I mean, no one interesting... Yeah, something like that."
    "Hm? My personality? That's a secret~ It's more interesting that way, don't you think?"

    History: "We were the same, yet also different. Despite my efforts to be better we always had equal results, but of course they loved him more. Males in our family were always favored and the females could never reach that part of their expectation. Even though I should have hated him for it, I loved him just as everyone else did. After all, he was the only one who was there for me, the only person that I could trust and also because I knew the truth. Eventually, we were told that we had an incurable disease. It was the same exact one. My brother's disease affected him faster, making him imprisoned in the hospital quite soon afterwards. My parents questioned 'why?' 'why him?' 'He didn't deserve it.' 'We need him.' 'This will ruin our reputation.' 'If it was possible... It should have been her.' I wasn't surprised, it has always been like that. Of course they would want the favored/successful child to live and I couldn't have disagreed less. But my brother begged to differ from everyone else. In fact, he was composed and had a look of longing and anticipation every time we visited him at the hospital. As if he were waiting for something. A few days later they announced his death. Everyone who knew him mourned and it felt like a part of me had died when it should have been me. The one and only person who had shared a part of what I didn't have, was gone and yet his body lay lifeless and peaceful as if his wish was fulfilled, like he had finally gained his freedom. It wasn't fair though. I felt like I should have died first and apart of me had hoped that his life would have been extended in exchange for mine. He should have been the one to live longer. But, I knew that it was exactly what he wanted. My parents not wanting to decrease their reputation of a good son who was now gone, decided that he wasn't gone and instead bribed to replace the information on the death certificate so that I could take his place. It was only temporary though. Even the showered love that I was given for taking his place was temporary and fabricated. I couldn't fill his place and neither could I feign that he was there with me when I was him. I just couldn't live a life without my other half and I knew that death would come for me soon. So instead of waiting, I went to his room and died suffocating, just as he had suffocated in the hospital, and just as I had suffocated living."

    Cause of Death: "No amount of suffocation could compare to how suffocating it was without him... So I hanged myself in his room."

    Reason for Choosing Suicide: "We had the same exact disease, yet he had to die first. He was loved by everyone unlike me. Apparently even death loved him and it was inevitable that I would be next. So I decided to go with him."

    Regrets: "The only regret I have, is not dying before my brother."

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  5. Photograph:
    Name: Alexis Bradford
    Age: 22 At Death
    Sexuality: Straight
    Psychological Disorders: Depression, Social Disorder
    Personality: In life, Alexis was a girl who was filled life and always had a smile on her face. She was smart, bright and always had hope for the future. But inside, she was just a girl who was crying for help and felt incredibly lonely. So people don't have to go through what she went through, she was always comforting and helping others, putting others before herself. But staying strong for so long...Was never the easiest thing to do.
    History: Alexis was born into a fairly messy life. Her Parents were drug abusers, which made it difficult for her. She was silent about it because she didn't want Child-Protection Services involved, or to even take them away from her parents, the only people she had. Even though they were abusive drug addicts, they were still family. By the time she was twenty-one, she moved out and began living with her boyfriend, who was her whole world. A year later, she got pregnant and her boyfriend fell ill. Due to medical malpractice, he succumbed to his illness as Alexis was forced to take him off life support. Eight Months later, Alexis couldn't take it anymore, so she took a 9mm Handgun and ended her own life, taking her unborn baby with her...
    Cause of Death: Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound to the head
    Reason for Choosing Suicide: Couldn't live another day without her boyfriend.
    Regrets: The fact that she took her baby with her.
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  6. I might consider joining this, I actually really fell in love with the plot
  7. I'll brand new char up tomorrow.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Axel Derren



    Psychological Disorders:


    Axel is a person who bottle's up things, never letting anyone in or
    a very few selection of people in. He is secretive at certain times when
    he thinks or knows that if he leaks it out, something awful will go down. He
    does think first, but there are occasions where he gets insanely pissed off and
    does things he regrets later on. He can easily see when other people are hiding
    things from him, so he wouldn't be surprised if someone else knew when he was
    hiding something as well even though he can be just a bit better at it than most.
    Despite these things, Axel can be extremely caring and protective to the ones he
    came around to love. He does let people go who don't want anything to do with
    him anymore but, he probably will always still care a bit about them. Lastly,
    Axel does sometimes explode when everything that he bottle's up overflows,
    but all he does is bottle up again.

    Cause of Death:
    Axel had two beautiful daughters to raise all on his own since their mother walked out of them and
    became a drug addict. Since she was still their mother, he had to let her see the kids sometimes or he
    would have to speak to the judge. Whenever the two girls went over to her house, she and her boyfriend
    would always beat them for no reason or for something stupid like sleeping too early or drinking soda
    instead of juice. When Axel finally found out, he rushed over to where she lived and gave the boyfriend
    what was coming to him before he went off to jail. This enraged the mother, causing her to curse him out
    and telling him rude comments about his daughters. Shortly after, she lost custody of the two kids and they
    now permanently lived with him which only made her pissed. One day while Axel was out washing his car, the
    mother stuck in and picked up the girls while they were still asleep then hung them out of the window by the
    hands and threatened to drop them if he didn't do what she wanted him to do. He promised her anything,
    anything that she wanted as long as she didn't drop long as she didn't let go. Of course she didn't
    listen and dropped them anyway. They both fell to their death right in front of Axel, lifeless. She immediately
    went off to jail while Axel stayed in the house everyday pretty much already dead inside. He wouldn't eat,
    he would barely sleep, and he was basically isolating himself from the world. He decided to go up on the roof
    of a building a jump when he just couldn't take it anymore.

    Reason for Choosing Suicide:
    He lost the two people who meant the world to him. After they died, he would always
    have mental breakdowns and never ate after that so he just..jumped.

    He regrets letting her stay in their lives, meeting her, and loving her like he did.

    This is similar to what happened to the kids! Just remember that it was the mother who

    dropped them out of the window and that Axel was outside knowing that if he moved
    she would definitely drop them.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Alic Reece Moore

    "Twenty-one, I'm assuming. Since I'm dead, there's no point in remembering."

    "Demisexual, I guess. I never really tried finding out."


    Psychological Disorders:
    "Schitzophrenia.. I couldn't control it."


    Well, it really just depended on what she was told. Moods were based off a small little portion of the brain. She had no control over that portion, the visions and voices always told her what she felt and what she had to do. On a good day, which was rather rare, Alic was seemingly calm and acted like any normal person. But on bad days, she couldn't control herself. Who knew what would happen, she tended to act more psychotic and wouldn't stop until they made her take the Happy pills, which of course never worked. Alic was a very anti-social person and would never talk to anyone when she was alive. Not like she did much of talking now that she was dead. There wasn't much personality that anyone, nor herself, could really talk about. Everything came from her head, things she couldn't control. Her delusions caused certain emotions to erupt. If she were to be normal, Alic would probably witty, bad-mouthed 'People' person. But, alas, there is nothing normal about her. Given that, she's a fake, manipulative anti-social girl whom has absolutely no trust in anyone else. Like clay, she's molded into something she's not every day.

    Cause of Death:
    "I simply just tried walking across a very busy street. Barely got a few feet before getting hit by a truck. Didn't feel a thing."


    Reason for Choosing Suicide:
    Alic hated being controlled, hated having everyone afraid of her because they thought she was going to freak out and possibly kill someone. She never once had a friend, and her family never spoke to her, acting as if they were ashamed. She was sick of seeing things that never happened, and having to hear so many voices mentally in her head all at once. It's not like people would miss her, seeing her as a small fleck of dust within the wind. Alic was nothing to them, nor were the others in her head. At the age of seven, she had been diagnosed with Schitzoohrenia, although it had been suspected all along. Everyone only distanced themselves further away from her life, always out of the house and going out with their own friends. The only person whom she really loved was her little sister. Her little sister was four, and didn't know what was wrong with Alic, which always made her happy because they could become friends and love each other unconditionally. Her happiness seemed to grow, but it didn't last long. At the age of nine, her little sister finally figure out what was wrong. Alic was fourteen, and had gotten so used to her little sister that she never wanted her to go. Her little sister, Brynn, had become scared of Alic- because Alic had one of her little episodes. So, Brynn left her to become lonely once more. The voices couldn't handle it, she couldn't handle it. So. She killed Brynn, having not been able to understand why everyone was leaving her again.

    "Although I blamed her for a long while, in my heart I knew that it was my fault that I was born different."

    "I regret ever letting myself care so much for her. When I knew all along she would leave me. Just like everyone else. Brynn was everything to me, and yet I betrayed her."

    Songs that basically represent her.


    Sorry about all the pictures.. I got bored and thought 'Oh, why not just get creative?'. So, there it is. I guess. O .o
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  10. @C r o m i c a l♥
    I love the movie your character come from ;u;

    Have you ever seen it before? (SuckerPunch)
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  11. Thank you, I absolutely love the show your Character came from. ~

    Yeah, I've seen the movie. I stole the DVD my aunt had of the movie and watched it for the first time last year, I believe. It's an absolutely amazing movie. Although a bit sad and messed up o w o
  12. Omgz, I love you! You love SuperNatural and one of my favorite movies c:

    Aha, I watched it like three times back to back xD I love it!
  13. [​IMG]

    Totally feeling the love, man. XD

    IT IS JUST SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD. For some reason though the rest of my family hates it. They're just missing out. :P
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  14. Name: Noah Rhyes Johnson
    Age: 21 years old
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Psychological Disorders: Antisocial/Sociopath
    Personality: Controlling, perfectionist, loner, void of feelings.
    Cause of Death: Drug Abuse
    Reason for Choosing Suicide: Unbearable feeling of loneliness and emptiness
    Regrets: '' I have none... ''
    History: '' I was born without a mother. Raised without a father. And I died without anyone knowing. ''

    [I fell in love with this plot. Seriously. I'm not into ''emo'' themes like suicide and all. But how you presented it, it just made it very appealing and full of feelings to rp.]
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  15. Such fantastic introductions so far! I'm so pleased to be joined with so many fantastic writers <3
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