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Should zones have their own effects? Ex. Wasteland's storms can weaken powers.

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I'm a Banana so I don't care!

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  4. Yes, but only a few zones.

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  1. [​IMG]

    You've seen that world in dreams, the horrors that still linger, the beasts that still walk, and the survivors that cling. Everytime you lie your head down you see that world and it feels so real yet you know its fake.You feel drawn to it and have tried searching for information on it. There is none though, nothing. Perhaps its only in your dreams. But then when you lie your head down, a calming darkness steals your vision. Then you feel yourself falling and you hear muffled voices all jabbering. You try opening your eyes, but they refuse to open and then you try shouting only to find your voice gone.

    You feel fear as a voice becomes clear.
    "Why? Why did you leave us? Come back little one, come back."

    The voice becomes muffled and you feel yourself land. You open your eyes to find you are not in the world you live in. Something's wrong, something has dragged you into this world. Then as you look around you remember. This was the dream world, a warped world. You also remember those words, "Come back little one, come back."

    Hello you, so you saw my Rp and looked at it. Well, I hope the intro got your attention! Unto what's going on!

    So, after looking around on Iwaku for a bit I haven't found a Multiverse role play and I decided to make one. Here's the deal, you can create a character that is either pre-existing or something that isn't, but I do recommend a pre-existing one as this is a Crossover role play. As for the situation, yes your character does find themselves in a strange world, but the intro doesn't have to apply. This world is also semi-sandbox meaning you can do a great deal many things, but this does have a story and a ending which can be shaped by the players.

    As for characters, go crazy with them, but obey the rules! Also, read them because there are some rules on characters. Your character can also find items that are familiar to them. An example is someone has Dark Souls character they'll bonfires scattered about.
    1.No godmoding or Metagaming. In case you don't know what that is, godmoding is playing god and having a 'perfact' character. Controlling another player's character is also godmoding. Metagaming is using game knowledge and applying it. Your character won't know about the cheeseburger that is stashed simply because someone said there's one in the OOC.
    2.Don't be sexually exclit/gory/other mature stuff. We're not in the mature area so KEEP IT PG-13
    3. Be friendly in the OOC. You can be mean and have fights in the IC with characters, but if this goes into the OOC use the PMs instead. However, I'll allow friendly stuff like 'I'm going to smash your character so hard their grandkids will feel it :p".
    4.No Mary Sues. Characters must have flaws.
    5. For characters with powers they have to have a weakness in order to balance things with characters without powers.
    6.You can start with three characters. After that, you must wait for three weeks before making another and then one week.
    7.Don't kill player characters unless both parties have agreed to it OOC.
    8. No godmod powers such as reality manipulation. Should your character have this they've been stripped of it or it has been dumbed down.
    Blacklisted Powers (open)

    Reality Manipulation: If this is really dumbed down then I'll allow it.
    Time Control: Again, it has to be dumbed down.
    Mind Control: This is ok in terms of NPCs, but player characters have to give their consent.
    Immortality: There has to be to disable them easily.
    Power Nullification: If your character only has this ability then its ok.
    No Omni-anything: No, just no.
    Atomic Particle Control- This one has to be dumbed down very much or has to harm the user in some way.
    Insta-Kill!- NOPE!
    Powers/items that can harm anything- Ok, I'm good if its just like a knife that does little damage, but a nuke that can destroy reality is a serious no.
    Necromancy- Bringing legions worth of undead is ok, but they must be weak or it harms the user. Also, don't try and bring a god back to life unless you want Dr. Hex.

    This list will be updated and I'll announce when that happens.
    To make things interesting I am adding factions and you have a relationship with them. Of course there will be a enemy faction that wil attack you always, but having a good relationship with the factions means they can help you in many ways! For example, a person has a powerful item and you want it. Having a goodrelation with the faction can ease the way you get it.

    There can also be quests which vary by the factions. Normally it just increases your relationship with them, but there might be something good in it! Now, onto factions! For now there shall be one and as the Rp goes on I'll update this.

    The Survivlists


    Normally traveling in small groups, these ragged batch of people live off the scrapes of the world their forefathers use to call home. These are hardy people who are not afraid of tackling even the gods themselves and should they be threaten, they will make use of their crafted equipment. They will also fight against each other at times. They know these lands and by befriending them, you can ensure your own survival.

    The Raiders
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    Raiders. The mere word makes people gag. These are lowlives, murders, thieves who are willing to do anything to survive. Some are simply trying to survive, others are in it for the fun. Either way they must be stopped. The raiders are also divided into four rival gangs and numerous groups. The Glade Protectors reside over the Glade, the Wasteland Thugs scurry around the Wasteland, the Outpost Guard 'protect' the traders in the Western Outpost, and a fourth unknown gang. However, should they be united, perhaps there can be chance.

    The Wasteland Thugs typically stay in the Wasteland where they do battle with the Collective. They are the oldest raider gang and thus are very organized. Also, as a result of battling with the Collective, the Thugs have gained valuable combat experince. They should not be taken lightly.
    Show Spoiler

    The Glade Protectors reside within the Glade guarding the natives there. They do constant battle with other factions who seek to take over the Glade. They are also generally well feed and due to the Glade having trees they are experts in Guerrilla Warfare. By far they are the most powerful and most numerous so do not underestimate them. ​

    The Collective
    Centurion defeated...

    Zones are the different areas of Geography such as the Wasteland which is nothing more than ruins and rubble. However, they each have their own 'effect' that can help or harm the characters. They provide their own challenges should one enter.

    The Wasteland
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    The Wasteland is said to have been the greatest city in this world with bustling streets, busy offices, and great people. Now it is torn apart. Decayed and rotting. Few would dare call this place home for the Collective gather here killing anyone brave, or foolish, enough to venture here. The storms also have an effect on Meta and Super beings as the rain slowly seeps away their powers. However, those who venture here and returned have some of the most powerful tech still around. The buildings also provide shelter against the harsh storms. Perhaps it is worth exploring this dead place.

    The Glade
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    The Glade is safe-haven for anyone still alive and wandering. It was once said this place was a land-dump for trash, but how could anything this beautiful could have been once a place for litter? However, people dismiss these stories as many have taken resistance here and few Collective and raiders venture near here. Little fighting occurs and the sunlight seems to rejuvenates people. This safe haven, however, is among the last there is.

    The Western Outpost
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    Show Spoiler
    No one knows what these buildings were used for, but the remains tell us it could have been used as an Outpost. If so against what? The Western Outpost is a series of buildings that are attached to highland plains and seem to reach the sky. Traders also pass through here as the Outposts fry any Collective that come close. Traders also report hullanations that seem so real and earthquakes are common here. What could be causing this?

    Origin (Where they come from. Ignore if custom):







    Powers and Abilities:


    Destructive Capacity:(Highest is Red Giant, beyond that there must be a catch)

    speed:(Also includes a few other things and you can modify).

    Durability:(Highest is solar level)

    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:

    Stamina:(PM me if you want Infinite stamina. We'll talk.)

    Standard Equipment:


    Theme song (optional)

    Are you fine with other people controlling your character when you are inactive for extended periods of time?

    Down below are your own people and they can be used by you.

    Faction App:
    Number Brought:
    Tech Level(describe it briefly):

    Player characters and factions
    Dr. Hax, the Game Moderator.

    X/Maverick Hunter X/Commander X and Elite Hunter Unit 17- CoreyXIX

    George Washington Diggersby - Jaysunn(Inactive)

    Rose Tyler- Echorun

    Warmaster Hamzah and Zealot Arkith- Archwar

    Aelsy- Zarrock

    Blade Wolf- Cloudjumper

    DEEMO- Essention(Inactive)

    Dante "Fenrir" Roth- King_Dalmasca

    Constantia Harvey- Sql_Constantia Harvey(Inactive)

    Celestia- ResolverOshawott

    Ichiro Karugawa/Ichiro/Prince of Music and faction: Ai Tachibana- ~Death~​
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  2. Forgot to add this, but the highest I'm willing to go for destructive capability is Red Giant. Beyond that there has to be a catch.
  3. Hey, I'm gonna post my character within the next couple days. I want to get a couple sketches of him done first, so I'll post my bio as soon as I get them done!
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  4. Alright! Also, can you invite some people?
  5. If I actually knew anyone on here, then I totally would. But I'm pretty new on here, so the only people I know are the ones in Astaeron.
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  6. Alright, thanks though.

    I will be reducing the starting characters to three. Also, for some stats such as Durability the highest I'm willing to go with is solar level.
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  7. Once i figure out a character for this I'll have it up. Should be within the next few days.
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  8. I bet you will create/pick a cool character. :bsmile:
  9. I cannot think of any pre-existing character I would want to play. I'm considering either a entirely new custom one or a custom one based in an actual series.
  10. Your choice mate. :D. Though, I would pick a character in actual series.
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  11. if i can think of one, ill have one up
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  12. sounds fun. give me some time to work up a CS
  13. Thanks for the interest mate!
  14. When you say a "pre-existing character". Do you mean characters from books, videogames, movies, etc?
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  15. Yep. As long as the ones with powers have appropriate weaknesses they are good to go. There are two things however that are not allowed. Omni-beings and inappropriate characters. Omni-beings, in my view, are godmod characters and therefore can take away from the fun so they are not allowed. For inappropriate characters, just obey normal Iwaku rules and use some common sense and your character won't be counted as inappropriate.
  16. So we cant make our own original characters?
  17. Incorrect, you can make your own characters. Though, established characters are preferred as this is a Crossover Rp, but I'm not restricting you.
  18. (I actually found a pre-made I want to play! An old classic!)

    Name/alias/titles: X/Maverick Hunter X/Commander X

    Origin (Where they come from. Ignore if custom): Earh 21XX A.D. (Megaman X universe)

    Gender: Male

    Age: About 100

    Personality: X is sympathetic and heart and kind of people. He dreams of one day finding peace for people and reploids. However, he is aware that not all conflicts can be solved with peaceful methods so he will fight to ensure the future he dreams of.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Species: Reploid

    Backstory: X was the greatest and last creation of Dr.Thomas Light. He was robot built with a special "Suffering Circuit" that allowed him to decide and determine right and wrong actions. To test his programming Dr.Light sealed him a capsule to test X's ethics to ensure he wouldn't become evil. A century later X's capsule was discovered by an archaeologist named Dr. Cain. Cain would try to replicate Dr.Light's design, but failed. His failure caused the robots, named "Reploids" after how they came about, went haywire and would attack and cause destruction. x became part of an government-run group called the "Maverick Hunters," which hunted and destroyed the rogue Reploids.

    Eventually the leader would go Maverick also, causing X and his his Zero to stop him. Among the many attempts to destroy their previous leader Sigma they encounter a new prototype Reploid named Axl, who could shapeshift into other reploids of similar size. He would eventually join them in their hunt to destroy Sigma as well.

    Powers and Abilities:
    Variable Weapons System: X can copy some certain types of weapons/techniques from defeated foes if his system has time to analyze them.
    Emergency Dash System: X can activate jet boosters on the bottom of his feet, propelling him quickly for a short period of time.
    Charge Shot: X can charge up the energy of his Mega Buster and unleash it as a larger, more destructive shot.
    Upgrade: X can use certain parts and programs to modify himself.

    Suffering Circuit: The special circuit Dr.Light put in X holds him the ideals that the good doctor intended when he made X. If X ever commits an evil action it will cause him mental anguish and possibly physical anguish/damage, depending on the circumstances.

    Pacifism: When it is a sensible thing to attempt X will try to use reasoning or peaceful methods to try to deal with the opposition before violent methods.

    Disarming: When X starts gathering what he feels to be too many abilities with his Variable Weapons system he deletes some of them from his system. (Meaning his maximum is eight special weapons)

    Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level taking into account possible weapons/attacks he may gain. Small Building level with no special weapons.

    Speed: Superhuman Mid

    Durability:(Highest is solar level) Large Building Level

    Lifting Strength: Superhuman Class 5

    Striking Strength: Class MJ

    Stamina: (No link to one of the wikias here?) High?

    Standard Equipment:
    Mega Buster MK.17: A arm-embedded gun that focuses the energy from X's fusion core into a plasma shot that he fires at enemies.

    Intelligence: (No wikia link?) Just above average.

    Theme song (optional):

    Down below are your own people and they can be used by you.

    Faction App:
    Name: Elite Hunter Unit 17
    Races: Reploids
    Number Brought: 15
    Commanders: X
    Tech Level(describe it briefly): Futuristic/Science Fiction.
    History: A unit that is part of the Maverick Hunters. After Sigma went rogue and was defeated the first time by X leadership of the unit was transferred over to X, who has led it to current day.

    (Too powerful, not powerful enough? How is it?)
  19. It's good. I've bits of Megaman and as for stamina there's no wiki for it. At least that what I know of so you can just place whatever is responsible, but please don't put infinite unless you talk to me first. Accepted.
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