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  1. Welcome to a world without love…

    To a world where fear, hatred, and death thrive.

    However something else, something good, also prospers here: Hope.

    “Welcome to The Void a world ruled by demons. Here the roughly 200,000 human prisoners work, live, and exist all for the sheer pleasure of us demons. They truly are the ultimate cattle. But the best part of this prison is that there are no locks, no bars, and no guards because the entire world is the prison and no matter how hard you try it will forever be impossible for you humans to escape. And the absolute best part of the whole thing is something we demons call The Purge. When a human is brought to this world they have an electronic device placed in their heart that allows any of the high ranking demons to stop it at a moment’s notice, killing the human instantly. Now, at this point you’re probably wondering why you have been chosen for The Void. Well, the truth is you weren’t. Every human, since this world’s creation, has had a 1/543,869 chance of being brought here upon death. You’re probably wondering why you wouldn’t just get yourselves murdered to escape to Heaven or Hell? Well, don’t bother trying because if you die here you’re completely dead. Gone forever. The demon king eats your soul or something, Hell if I know, I’m a low-level welcoming demon. Anyway, I think that covers the basics. Work for eternity, don’t rebel against the demons, and the last most important rule: have fun. This has been Hogosha Betsuni, your guide to a world worse than Hell this is The Void.” The welcoming demon gave off a crooked, creepy smile before spreading his wings and taking flight into the ever-black sky.

    Welcome to The Void, you are the 1/543,869 who has just been brought to permanent enslavery to The Void, or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran of the demon’s torture, or maybe you are one of the horrible demons. Only you can decide.

    CS (completely optional since this IS jump in)


    Race: (demon or human)




    Bio: (Brief pls)

    Means of Death: (humans only)

    A few rules: 1-Post often enough

    2-No godmodding

    3-Checkout the OOC at some point or if ya are new ( )

    4-If you die you may come back as a new character or be done with the RP

    5-If I contact you privately and tell you that your character is going to die. DIE! (I will only do this if it is instrumental to the story or your character screwed up and got a high ranking demon official pssed at them)

    6-Have fun
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  2. Name: Tai Laero
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Look: (N/A because I lost it momentarily)
    Bio: Normal guy, not much important stuffs happened in his life. Was a salesman at a car dealership with his fiancé Rachel, when he got in a car accident on his way home from work and died
    Means of Death: Car crash

    Tai looks up at the demon, Hogosha Betsuni, before looking around the small dark field he had found himself in. I had died? No, that couldn't have happened. Surely I would have remembered something like that... wouldn't I? There's no way I'm dead, that 'demon' must've been mistaken. Tai put a hand to his forehead and sighed. He looked around, trying to get a better grasp of his surroundings. Tai was standing in a small rocky field with tons of picks, mallets, and other various tools were nearby. Tai guessed this place used to serve as a storage center for the rocks that were deposited from nearby mines. Nearby was a small town of about fifty-ish buildings and many people were out carrying out their daily tasks. What are so many people doing out at this time of night? Although, I suppose when you're enslaved for eternity you stop caring about things like time. Tai took a deep breath and began walking in the direction of the town, hoping he could find another human to clue him in on what was going on. Surely somebody here would know what the hell was happening!
  3. Name: Lori Sutton
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Bio: She lived a rather poor life, but had always been optimistic about winning the lottery, so she spent as much of her extra money as she could saving up for a lottery ticket, and she won it. Though a so called "relative" killed her not too long after for the money that she recieved.
    Means of Death: Murder

    Listening to the demon's speech before it flew off Lori was quite confused, though admittedly she didn't remember much before she ended up here somehow... Was she dead? Her chest certainly hurts, perhaps from what had cuased her death? Or was it just that electronic device in her heart. She looked towards the town with a sigh, figuring she'd head over to it, as she wasn't in such a hurry to hang around whatever place this was, presumably where the slaves deposit their... Rocks, why make them mine for rocks out of all things though? She wondered looking ahead of her and noticing that she was beginning to catch up to a man whom was also heading in the same direction as her, he looked quite confused too, she quickened her pace, making it to him with a little effort and tapped him on the shoulder "Do you know where we're supposed to go?" She asked panting a little.
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Eraziel
    Race: Demon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 631 (Appears about 16)
    Bio: Although Eraziel takes on the appearance of a young male, he's actually quite callous. The whole innocent boy look is mainly a charade to confuse the humans. Not all hell-spawned creatures have to look so vicious. While not the most powerful demon in The Void, he certainly can hold his own.
    Means of Death:


    Eraziel sat on a ledge a good ways away from mine, watching as two new humans appeared and listened to Hogosha's boring welcome speech. They couldn't see him, but he could see the three of them. Eraziel rolled his eyes as Hogosha talked to the two. He had heard this little lecture hundreds of times, perhaps thousands, maybe even millions. He mouthed the words to himself as Hogosha spoke, making foolish facial gestures to mock the demon. "Truly the ultimate cattle, forever impossible to escape, blah blah blah." After so many years of repeating the same speech over and over and over again, couldn't Hogosha come up with something new?

    Eraziel stood up as the other demon left the two. He rubbed his hands together. Ah, fresh meat. How he loved it. They were so new, so vulnerable, he couldn't wait to see these two broken. He decided to get a closer look, as he usually did with the newcomers.

    He appeared in front of the humans in a puff of black smoke, levitating a few feet in the air as he peered down at them. "You're supposed to head that way, towards the little town back there" he said, hearing the girl's question. He pointed at the small town behind them. "But you're going that way anyway. So good job, you're already in the right direction." He spoke forcefully, with a lack of any other emotion. But his voice was so young, making it sound rather odd. "Once you get to the town there should be some labor for you to do. Not too hard, since you're new and all, maybe moving rocks and stuff. I don't know." He shrugged. "Better get a move on though, don't wanna be late first day on the job."
  5. Name: Ninazar

    Race: Demon

    Gender: Female

    Age: 1050 (appears 24)

    Look: [​IMG]

    Bio: Ninazar loves to tease everybody, be it demon or human. She loves to make humans suffer and to make them see how much fun she has while doing that. She's always smiling and never takes things too seriously. She may appear friendly at first, with that smile of hers, but it's all a facade.

    Means of Death:

    - - - - - - -

    Ninazar watched the two new humans, her grin getting wider as the time ticked by, it grew even bigger when she saw Eraziel talking to the them. Without losing time, she appeared behind him, throwing her arms around him and forcing her entire weight on him.

    "Eraziel! You're talking to the new humans and didn't even invite me? I'm hurt!" She said in false disappointment. She turned her eyes toward the humans, eyeing the girl especially. "She's pretty, don't you think, Eraziel? It's a shame that such a beautiful face is going to get all dirty. Well, poor girl. I could make her my pet or something like that. Hey, you think Boss would let me?" She grinned at the idea. She loved pets, and that human could be a beautiful pet.
  6. Tai turned around to face the girl asking him a question. Oh, yeah. I wasn't alone in my orientation. "D-Do you remember dying? I still can't possibly believe that I dead, that I will never get to see her again." Tears began to form in his eyes as he spoke, but he quickly wiped them away with his shirtsleeve.

    A demon appeared telling them they had to head to town. And move... rocks? How awful. Another demon appeared.
    "This can't be real. This just can't be happening. You've all made some kind of mistake! I'M NOT DEAD!"
    By the time Tai finished talking he had collapsed to his knees. "Please, tell me this isn't real..."
  7. Ninazar watched the boy's outburst. That didn't surprise her, she already lost the counts of how many humans reacted that way. It was amusing to see them denying death, trying to convince themselves that everything is just a bad dream. She released Eraziel and walked towards the human, getting down on his level once in front of him.

    "Oh dear, this is real. You are going to work for us. You will spent the eternity in here." Nina put her hand on his cheek and made a little cut with her nail, she let the blood stain her finger before licking it. "Can you feel the sting on your cheek? If so, you better get on your feet, because everything is real and you have work to do." Nina grinned, chuckling quietly.
  8. "I don't remember what killed me... But I'm pretty sure I did somehow..." Lori said, she was about to try and comfort him but then the other demon that had landed near them got to him first, she almost seemed to get a kick out of mocking the man's current situation. The first demon had looked more gentle than this one did, perhaps she was the more seasoned one of the two.

    "I guess we'd better get to work soon, but I still don't see what mining a bunch of rocks will accomplish."
    She thought to herself, as her eyes wandered to the countless others walking in and out of the area, some carried rocks while others carried tools. Her eyes drifted towards the small town where that first demon had told them to go, though she decided it would be better to wait here for that second demon to finish doing.... Whatever she was doing.
  9. Eraziel had an expression of amusement on his face as the female demon bend down to the human. "Ninazel, you're not usually one for injury on the first day," he chuckled aloud after she had scarred the poor boy.

    Eraziel wasn't one to interact physically with the humans. He liked to keep his distance, staying up in the air and watching them from up above, much like he was doing now. He had his arms crossed, his youthful face a sly smirk. "Well, I suggest you get a move on, then." he said to the two humans who were still standing. "Don't get all emotional about this whole Void thing. No tears, no sobbing, no mid-life crisis kind of stuff--or I suppose "afterlife" crisis. " He couldn't help but grin at his stupid little joke. He regained his composture, gesturing at the boy at the ground, "Or you'll end up like this spineless fool, possibly even worse. "
  10. Tai flinched at the demon's touch, his cheek stinging a bit. He recognized her words and new she was telling the truth. He was dead. And he was no bound to eternal damnation at the hands of these beasts. "No." It came out as barely a whisper, hardly audible to the demons inches from his face "No." He said again, this time much louder and more forcefully. Tai slapped the demon's face away from his hand and stood up. "I will never admit to being the property of another being. I don't care what you do to me, I will never stop fighting. If I can't escape then I will make damn sure that I am the last thing any of you bastard demons ever sees. I will kill you, I will kill all of you. I will nkt rest until every single one of you has been whiped from this world!"
  11. Gently pulling the man along before any demons decided to do anything to him Lori began to head to the building, if they were gonna do anything about their current situation; the first thing NOT to do is piss off any demons at the moment. "W-we need to get going, we're gonna be late." She told him before looking towards the two demons "Excuse us... Please." she told them, she wondered what the man's name was... Not to mention if he remembered anything about how he died, her own death was starting to come back to her in little snippits of memories of her previos life...
  12. " Ninazel, you're not usually one for injury on the first day,"

    Ninazar chuckled at that. Well, that was true. But she was especially thirsty that day, she wanted to see them beg her for freedom. Oh, she was excited.

    "Not my fault. Boss told me to do some things, and I stayed far away from the humans during that. I couldn't wait to come back and see the faces of our adorable little pets." She returned her eyes to the human in front of her, a grin splattered on her face.

    The slap came by surprise. She eyed the boy emotionlessly, before cracking up a laugh. She started to roll on the ground, holding her stomach while trying to control the laughter.

    "Oh my Satan! That-That was hilarious! Did ya hear that Eraziel?? This kid thinks he can kill us!! Kill us!!!" Another fit of laughs. When Nina finally calmed down, she approached the humans, she still had that stupid grin on. "Oh, you're funny kiddo. I like you. Just don't go slapping anyone, ok? Trust me, I'm the nicer one around here. You won't have the fortune of getting out of this intact." Then, she let them make their way to the city. Oh, she loved the smell of fresh meat.
  13. Tai sneered at the demon and followed the human girl into the city. Once they were out ofthe demons earshot he stopped and turned to the girl. "Listen, I want to thank you for getting me out of there. If you hadn't stopped me I might've done something incredibly foolish that would've gotten me killed. I just can't believe... I'm really dead?" Tai shook his head and looked back at the girl. He stuck out his hand. "My name is Tai."
  14. Lori nodded with a little smile "Don't worry about it, I'm glad to help a fellow prisoner out." she said quietly, when the man introduced himself as Tai and stuck out his hand, Lori did what was natural and shook it, even if it was rather awkwardly "I'm Lori, it's nice to meet you Tai." She said quietly, looking at him curiously, despite that cut on his face, he looked to be someone who had been in better living conditions than she had been before they both died one way or another.
  15. "So, pardon me asking, but do you remember your death? I can't remember anything about dying. I just remember... Rachel!" Upon saying his fiancé's name Tai burst into tears. I-I'll never get to see her ever again! Tai whiped away his tears and looked at Lori. "It's nice to meet you too, I'm sorry I can't really control my emotions right now, I'm finding this whole situation to be a little hard to believe."
  16. "I... Don't remember much, I just remember that I wasn't in such a good financial situation in my past life." Lori said, trying to recall her past as much as she could. When Tai began to burst into tears though, she felt quite bad for him, she hadn't been aware he had a fiancee... "It's... Understandable I guess, I'm a little confused myself..." she said after he finished and spoke some more with a nervous laugh.
  17. "Perhaps we ought to head to town? To see what those monsters have decided what our new jobs are going to be. I'm quite interested in finding out. " Without waiting for a response Tai continued walking toward the town.

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  18. Eraziel watched silently, his head tilted in interest at the human's outburst. The human had the actual audacity to outright slap Ninazel's hand away, which shocked Eraziel somewhat. Even he didn't bother provoking his fellow demons. He remained silent, listening to the human's silly little speech about killing demons. This boy was a stubborn human. Eraziel had never seen one so outright defiant before. He would definitely be interesting to observe.

    Eraziel landed softly after the humans had left, his feet hardly making a noise as they touched the black stone beneath. "Can you believe that?" he chuckled. "Not resting until he wipes every one of us out, sheesh, sounds like that came straight out of a shitty action movie. Some humans are way too emotional. " He shook his head, almost feeling his own sort of twisted version of pity for humankind. "How deplorable."
  19. "Ugh, I know right." Ninazar rolled her eyes. "That's, by far, one of the most ridiculous, and funny, things that I have heard surfing my lifetime. And that's not short." She paused for a while before continuing. "Not that I'm old."

    Nina watched as the two humans disappeared in the horizon, she tilted her head to the right, making a "I'm thinking, don't interrupt" face.

    "Hey, you think we should keep an open eye for that human? As ridiculous as he is, I think he's going to give us some quite headaches." She sighed. "I don't think Boss is going to like him."
  20. Lori followed closely behind Tai, she too was quite curious about what kind of job they've assigned her. It felt kinda strange, but familiar, to be walking in an awkward silence with another, something she'd probably have to get used to in a world such as this one.
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