The Untold Story of an Olympic Trio

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  1. --- This is a private roleplay between Andy and I, not open for joining. ---

    It was easy to get lost in the buzzing diverse crowd of such a large high-school in clattered hallways between blocks, easy to have eyes pass over one individual person if you could learn to lay low. The halls were thick with rather large classrooms and a stereo-typical student feel all around. There were even clicks, easy to see on the first day and it really wasn't hard to get into one or form one of your own.If you knew the right tricks. Not cause problems, get the right small amount of friends, stay away from the wrong types of people and really appearing 'normal' to the opinions or thoughts of others was just about anyones feat.

    Of course, Isabella had never been one to care for those opinions of others despite her parents wishes and angry requests to simply behave from this time. This day, her first day returning to school after another three-week suspension and it really wasn't hard to see why they wanted her to behave herself. She was on a three-strike system, so to speak, and one strike away from getting kicked out of the school all together -surprised she hadn't already but then again she had never gotten kicked out of a school before because her father always managed to talk the head out of it. Strike one had been a fight, strike two had been a fight, surprise surprise what did her parents warn and threaten against her about? Getting into another fight. So the girl was determined to stay out of trouble at least today, on her first day, if only to prove to them she could.

    What an odd time this was to be thinking about such things, when Isabella herself was currently pinned under one of the more popular girls getting ready to dodge another punch aimed at her pretty face. She wasn't exactly big, so often ended up on the under-side of things but quick movements always gave frustration and work to her attacker. After all, it wasn't as if the fights were always completely her fault... she was just the one who usually started them with a sharp cocky tongue and the missing talent of knowing when to shut up. There was a loud almost sickening crunch when the girl that had her pinned aimed another off punch and met the ground. "Comon Mary, you need to work on your aim a bit better! Ouch, that one looked like it hurt -did you break a pretty nail too?" A calling crowd had long-since formed around the two girls but no teachers had yet noticed to step in; the hallways were always crammed in-between blocks so why would this look any different from the outside. Isabella wasn't dim, she knew calling out Mary for laughing at her brightly colored gold nails had been a bad idea and that she would probably get some pretty bruises for the task; but it was almost worth it rather then staying silent.

    "Comon Mary just hit her already!"
    "Will you two stop?! This is rediculous, just let her up!"
    "Oh don't be a spoilsport, just get a good punch in!"
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  2. Just as the fight had broken out between the two girls two new students had walked into the building and had been making their way to the office to sign up for classes a girl and a boy. Some rumors were already floating around about the new transfer students after seeing them some people were assuming they were brother and sister but that wasn't actually the case. The boy Will walked down the hall with a friendly smile on his face he didn't walk as if he was nervous but he didn't strut about like he had all the confidence in the world he just seemed like a nice guy who wanted to get along with everyone.

    The girl Rose however had two canes and leaned upon them heavily since her legs looked weak and she needed support. Looking around the huge hallways the girl only seemed to get nervous even more so when she saw all the students gathering around the fight. She looked at the boy and tugged on his sleeve looking up into his face with big green eyes "Will..please stop the fight...I know you want to get along with everyone here..but please..I don't want to see fighting on my first day I already feel like i'm going to throw up.."

    Looking over at the large group of people Will just smiled kindly at her and nodded his head. Patting her hand gently he started working his way through the crowd until he was almost right in the center of the fight. the only way he could possibly get closer would be if he were to join it himself. Seeing the two girls rolling around on the floor fighting a part of him wanted to laugh but he knew that if he did he'd only be encouraging them taking a deep breath he squats down in front of the two girls and gives his kindest smile as he looks up into the face of the girl on the top "Hi there um..I know your in the middle of something right now and I hate to be a bother but me and my friend are new here and we need someone to show us around we asked other people but they all turned us towards one of you two"
  3. Isabella looked up with wide eyes at the same time the girl Mary lifted her head, almost in a comical way. Her ginger hair was tied back into a tight long ponytail pressing against the ground and he was very close to stepping on it, making the girl squirm and shift slightly until being held still by Mary herself shifting. At first her aggressor didn't really seem to understand what the intruding boy was saying, but she herself got it right away. And also knew he was lying. The girl had a sense for these things and as sincere as Will seemed the smooth lie that rolled off his tongue made her wonder why he was really breaking into the fight. Was it on teachers errand? A dare from a stupid friend? If he had been looking at her the boy would have seen her eyes narrow slightly with thought.

    Until they went blank with pain, as Mary got a solid hit in while the girl was distracted connecting hard with her jaw. The impact was followed by numerous cheers and groans from the crowd around. Ouch. That was going to bruise.

    "Yeah sure stud I'll show you around. Where's your friend?" The pretty blonde stood up after that and stepped over Isabella to lean into Wills direction a bit with a smile, brushing back a long lock of hair as if none of that had ever happened. She certainly didn't appear to be unfriendly, but her words brought whispers from another two girls that flanked her as they glanced to Rose. Isabella looked up at Will for a quiet moment with a scowl, blaming him for the distraction resulting in a mark she would have to explain to her parents now. Oh, the fun that was going to be. She could already hear their scoldings and threats that would never actually pull through.

    "Thanks a lot," The girl muttered under her breath pushing off the dirty floor to brush herself off. At first the crowd wasn't ready to let her go, still chattering and snickering or mumbling but it was quickly dispersing so after a few short moments she managed to push through. "Great, glad we could give you all a show." Isabella mumbled dryly. That was when she noticed Rose, standing alone looking rather nervous. Having never seen the girl before she could only assume she was new and was simply going to brush past it but... A better part of her argued against it. With something of a sigh the beat-up girl walked shortly over and entered the area where sunlight shined through long windows making her eyes turn amber-gold. She addressed the situation in a casual tone, mumbling something unintelligible first. "Hey, you lost or something? Class is about to start."
  4. Rose looked at Isabella and gives a nervous smile as she gently brushes her hair back behind her ear " i'm not lost..well..not..technically I mean I just..I'm.." She gives out a squeak of embarrassment and covers her now blushing cheeks she was never good at conversations with new people unless Will was with her. So all she could do is shoot a pleading look at Will to hurry up and get his ass over to help her

    Will catching Rose's look gives a quick nod and then gives the girl known as Mary a sly look and shook his head "no thanks I don't deal with cheap bitches who take cheap shots and can't tell what a good color to paint her nails are bye" He chuckles and hurries over to Rose and the other girl. "Hi there um..Isabella right? I overheard someone say your name..sorry about distracting you from the fight and allowing her to get that punch in wasn't my intention at all I was trying to help you" He flashes her one of his best smiles and holds his hand out to her "I'm Will Ocean and this Is Rose Petals we just transferred to the school and we're a little lost would you mind showing us around quickly?"

    Rose looks up at Will and gives a sigh of relief and a small smile. She looks back at Isabella and smiles a bit and nods in agreement with Will's statement "please..we would really appreciate it..and before you ask or anything no the two of us are not siblings just friends that happened to transfer schools at the same time nothing suspicious about that I mean its not like we're up to anything or something" she gives a nervous laugh. Will could only give a nervous smile while in his head he was imagining himself facepalming over and over and over again
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  5. Isabella watched as the girl brushed her hair back, an obvious sign of nervousness even if she hadn't said anything but the words were just painful to hear. She herself very rarely got nervous or shy in situations unless embarrassed, and didn't really know how to react to it but simply continued to give the small girl her space. Am I making her nervous? Well, she did look nervous before spoke up... "I mean, its no problem if you need help finding a class or something better to get directions from me then end up late right?" While speaking she rubbed her jaw tenderly but her smile dropped in replace of a wince at the sore spot. It was already yellow.

    "...Fake bitches..." Of course that caught Isabellas attention causing her to glance over her shoulder -and immediately fell grateful she did. For low and behold was a sight on Mary Websters face that no one would want to miss. She didn't catch the rest of the words or the girls reply but couldn't keep a most amused grin off her face as Will walked over. "Damn, I haven't seen her that shocked since I beat the girl in basketball. " Despite distracting her, it was hard not to instantly like the guy when he put down her enemy.

    "Yeah, Isabella Strifer. And don't worry about it, I've gotten worse. But you seriously got some guts stepping into a school fight -I'm surprised she didn't turn on you." There was an amused tone in the girls voice as she shook Wills hand formally. Rose Petals? Keeping her comments to herself Isabella couldn't help but smile slightly at the name. It was probably a nick name, a cute one at that. "Yeah sure I can show you around, I was just offering to your friend but-" Cut off by Roses rambling Isabellas smile dropped slightly to one of thought and confusion. And for a moment, it looked like she had something on her mind -of course she was really only wondering what was making this girl so nervous. She glanced to Will with a raised eyebrow as if asking if the odd behaviour was a normal occurrence. Then the look was gone quickly replaced by a humorous snort. "Don't stress yourself, we get transfures all the time." She white-lied casually in hopes of calming the poor girl down a bit before turning and pulling out her pony-tail so the hair ran down her back loose instead.

    "Just pull out your time-sheets, and ill show you where your classes are and a few other places. We got time before the bell." She started to walk without waiting for a reply but waved them on good-heartedly. "So where did you two switch from then?"
  6. As soon as Isabella had turned her back Will shot a look at Rose and shook his head in which the only thing she did in reply was silently scream she was sorry at him and hang her head. Looking at Isabella the two of them quickly hurried after her Will pulled out a folded piece of paper and opened it up to reveal his time card which he casually read out to her "we both have the same schedule our parents insisted we do so that we at least have one friend in our classes and lets see our schedule is Algebra, Chemistry, Physical ed., Greek Mythology, Speech, study hall, Computer skills and then Biology"

    When Will brought up Greek Mythology both of them got a silly grin on their face and chuckled silently hoping that Isabella wouldn't notice but what was also strange was that their schedule was exactly the same as hers.

    Rose rubs her nose and turns to Isabella and just asks her out of the blue "Isabella do you ever feel like..something isn't right? like you don't belong here and I truly mean don't belong here with the other students?" Will shoots Rose a quick look and shakes his head she had no tact at all and wasn't very good at leading up to things so it always made things slightly difficult. Will began to apologize but Rose cut him off just as soon as he started speaking "I just ask out of curiosity I just don't seem like other students but again who exactly is like everyone else know what I mean?"
  7. Will got a weird look alright from Isabella but it wasn't from the chuckles, it was from the schedule. "Hmm. Well, that's the same as mine, so I'll have no problem showing you where the classes are." She said it in a tone that clearly indicated suspicion and made no effort to hide it. Isabella didn't believe in coincidences, everything was a factor of something else including meeting both of them today -she just didn't know what yet. It wasn't exactly a 'there's a powerful force depicting everything yada yada' belief; simply the belief in a ripple affect of sorts.

    Rose also received a curious glance but the girl wasn't too bothered by the question. After all, they had both just seen her get out of a fight but that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg. Don't belong with the other students? Yeah, that was definitely true but she had a good reason for it too. She didn't notice Will try to apologise for the simple question which worked in his benefit -had she, it probably would have made Isabella more suspicious. "I get what your saying but hostly, most people here tend to fall into one category or another. So I really stand out that much huh?" She gave a light laugh, shaking her head but with much more down thoughts. Even the new kids know I'm the odd ball out, what a great day this has turned out to be. "Well, I was home schooled for quite some time so a peppy, clicky high school environment isn't really my natural habitat. Don't worry, I'm sure you two will manage to pick out a group to sit with at lunch and all that jazz. You're both friendly enough."

    She gave them a smile while speaking and pulled out her own time sheet but only to throw it away. After all, Isabella knew all the classes by heart. Crumpling it up into a tight ball she scanned the halls while walking for a garbage can and spotted one -thirty feet away. The paper thrown hit the wall above the garbage without a problem and bounced in, she didn't even give it a second glance before turning back to them. "Although, I wouldn't try to fuck with Marys group -I think your both pretty much out of bounds now with that one."

    She stopped in front of a class room door pausing for a moment in thought before speaking. "Algebra. You'd better head inside, bell's about to ring. I'll be there in a bit, have to go to my locker first." She didn't bother to mention her locker was all the way on the other side of the school and right beside the furnace, or that she would probably be skipping anyway because she could never focus in that class.
  8. As she explained herself to both Will and Rose they both exchanged questionable glances as they thought to themselves "is this the one we're looking for?" Will was about to say something to her when she threw the crumpled up piece of paper away his eyes went a bit wide as well as Roses although her's were as wide as dinner plates both of them looked at each other and gave a quick nod.

    Hearing her comment about fitting in with the other groups Will looked at her and gave a quick shake of his head "if you don't mind I think we'd rather get to know you better you see..we don't exactly fit in with other people either.." He was about to say more but they had reached the classroom cursing his luck he opens his mouth to speak but Rose beats him to it

    "Actually Isabella..would you mind if we joined you? you see um..we wanted to talk to you about something..kinda important and we'd rather not wait on the subject so if there's someplace the three of us could go without getting caught we'd like to speak with you there you seem to be the kind of person to know about those sort of offense intended of course! I mean you seem like a really..nice person so far.." Rose looks down blushing again feeling terrible as if she had insulted her Will only shook his head and gently pats Rose on the shoulder
  9. Isabella however wasn't offended the slightest, in fact she found it rather funny that Rose assumed she would know a place to sneak away too. Well, the girl thought to herself, you do. Quite a few actually. And all the routes to avoid teachers. This couple certainly was amusing, but she knew they wouldn't likely stick around long. She never kept friends long once they realised she was practically a magnet for disaster and bullying, always sent them running the other way within a few days leaving her alone again. What ever. She was used to it, never got attached anyway. Even with Will stating in a friendly manner they would like to get to know her better, it left a little something of a down-pit in the redheads stomach knowing once they probably did they would feel the need to keep space.

    "If you don't mind missing your first class, I have no problem with that. What do you need to talk about?" Suddenly she paused and stiffened as something clicked in the back of her mind, Isabellas eyes flashed to them both suddenly and held there for a long moment. She straitened up slightly with her shoulders back, pushing her hair over her shoulder in a small motion. "... I'm not in trouble am I?" Her eyes flickered from Will to Rose and back again for a moment, clicking and thinking hard enough to easily see the intelligence behind them. Then her hand went up again, running through her hair not unlike the nervous motion Rose gave as she relaxed again and brushed the notion aside. Now is not a time to be getting paranoid. She gave a light laugh as a -bad- cover and waved it off. "Just playing around. Come on then, we better get out of here before the bell goes."

    "Are you two a couple?" A clear subject change but also answering honest curiosity as Isabella asked, walking again but this time heading in the opposite direction they had come. She knew this school already like the back of her hand, explored it all upon the first day and knew all the most quiet places -perfect places to skip or chatter. Stupidly realising a moment later after the words that they might make Rose nervous again, she glanced at Will with an 'oops' expression and continued. "I mean, sorry, just friends right?"

    But they wouldn't get the chance to answer as she rounded a corner a few paces ahead and ran into a most unfriendly face -literally. The school bitch stumbled back in shock upon roughly running into Isabella and it seemed the impact had spilled a bit of her cherry red drink on the thin white tank top she had been whereing. "Shit..."
    "Oh my god! You little brat, do you have any idea how hard this is going to be to get out?!" Mary shrieked flanked by her two girlfriends again who were looking equally over-dramatic.
  10. Rose just jumps and hides behind Will as Mary starts yelling at Isabella. Will looks back at her and sighs shaking his head he stands up straight and stands beside Isabella crossing his arms he shakes his head. "Mary I'm going to say this once and only once back off Isabella or you'll have more then just that stain to be fussing over in your shirt because trust me you make a move to hurt her or insult her again I'll be coming for you and if I find you you'll be complaining about more then just a stain in your shirt so you've got about two seconds to move out of the way and let the three of us continue on ours oh and ps that top is way out dated anyways I think I saw my grandma wearing that same one three years ago"

    Rose just stared at Will in complete shock at the way he spoke to Mary she hated insulting people especially when she knew that it could make their life miserable. Will looking back at her and seeing the shock on her face only smiled reassuringly "oh come on Rose if we're right then we won't be here much longer anyways if not then we'll deal with it it's not like we haven't dealt with worse don't you remember Orlando a few years back?"

    Rose sighs and nods waving her hand to get him to stop talking. With that Will gently took a hold of Isabella's wrist and walked around Mary. Rose following close behind.
  11. Isabella was on the verge of yelling back and would have too, because of course she wouldn't stand down to this woman; her high pride and aggressive nature would never allow it. Her answer to aggression was always immediately follow up with aggression, fight fire with fire so to speak. This was probably going to be the start of another fight -after all she had gotten in fights for stupider things before- so the girl could only hope her new-found friends would simply go to class instead and not get involved.

    But then Will stepped up, definitely catching Isabella by surprise and even annoying her slightly. Shouldn't she have expected him too, he had stepped into the last one hadn't he? Her disgruntlement was clear in a frowned expression but it didn't last long. Especially with that sassy ending, she couldn't help but snort with laughter both at the words and at Marys reaction. Maybe the girl wasn't used to being physically threatened, or being told her clothing was out of style, or even being stood up to at all because she simply stared back with a shocked expression.

    "Hey who do you think you are, talking to her like that?!"
    "Come on Mary, lets just get out of here."

    In all honesty Isabella thought her friends sounded like two little peppy squabbling birds. "You know what? You're not worth my time." The blonde snapped brushing back her hair and she walked off just as Will started to pull Isabella by the wrist. She was confused by his last set of words to Rose, and although the girl hated being confused she had a feeling it wasn't in her place to ask. Orlando? What had happened in Orlando, and why was it relivent to this situation? Why would they be leaving soon? Her stomach dropped slightly at the thought and she really wanted to inquire but held her tongue. Well... being who she was the girl would probably ask later anyway but now was not the time.

    "Damn Will, remind me not to get on your bad side." She chuckled lightly and tugged at the sleeves of her jacket, looking ahead rather then at him as if she was embarrassed to speak the next words to his face. Of course, Isabella was never embarrassed to shout in someone face or do something reckless or speak up but thanking someone? No, that was on a different level. "I uh... thanks for that. I suppose another fight is not what I need right now, definitely not what you two need either. Here it is,"

    She clicked the code into a little pin-lock beside one of the rooms and the door gave a quiet beep before opening to an empty classroom which had the chairs turned up on desks. A thin layer of dust coating everything confirmed that the place had not been used in a while. "No one ever comes in here, I got the pin from the principles office last time I was in there." She stated honestly with a hint of pride in her tone, allowing them to pass in first before going in herself and shutting the door behind her. "I usually use it for skipping. So what's up, what do you want to talk about?" It would be a lie to say she wasn't slightly nervous in a sense, somewhere deep down was worried for what they had to say but she couldn't quite place why; it was very low so the feeling didn't show. Then a small smirk twitched in the corner of her mouth as the girl hopped to sit on one of the dusty dim desks. "Unless you just wanted a place to avoid Algebra?"
  12. Will leans against the desk in front of her and crosses his arms Rose stands nearby in the corner she had decided to let Will do the talking since he knew how to break the news to people easier. She was proud of him for standing up for Isabella without causing any violence in return which is why she trusted him so much he always looked for another way out he only resorted to violence if he absolutely had to.

    Will rubs his eyes and smiles at her "well first off about what happened back there don't worry about it we're friends right? its what they do for each other. you'll come to learn that i'm one of the most loyal guys you ever meet some of my friends back at camp like to compare me to a dog but that's beside the point" His face takes on a more serious tone as he looks into her eyes "Isabella..did your parents ever explain to you why you were home schooled? are you an only child? and are both of your parents your biological parents? I need you to answer these questions as honestly as you possibly can because this is serious I don't want to scare you but your life may very well be in danger and if I'm right about what I think it could help you with some answers on why you've never exactly fit in with everyone I know this sounds weird but I need you to trust me because if my hunch is correct your just like me and I can bring you someplace where you will never feel like an outsider again I can bring you to a place with hundreds of other people just like you"

    He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly and gives her a small smile "I suppose your wondering why I'm asking these questions..the reason is because you seem to have...special talents that other people don't have no one I know who is a normal person could have shot a piece of paper into a trash bin more than 30 ft away not only that but you seem to have heightened senses and lets be enjoy fighting don't you? you don't want to admit it to your parents but a part of you does enjoy fighting"
  13. "Yeah... friends. Sure." The girl mumbled quietly almost as soon as he spoke, rubbing the back of her neck. Compare him to a dog? That didn't sound very nice even if it was good-heartedly, Isabella herself hated nicknames and being called them behind her back even if it was in a playful way. Her mind was on elsewhere a few moments after, eyes trailing quickly back to his own to listen to Will speak. Gods he looked serious. It was cause for a bit of nervousness but she didn't show it once again, rather straitening out her back with her curled hands in pockets.

    She watched him with a bit of a frown, progressively looking less casual and growing more serious but also possibly less friendly with each word out of his mouth. He was asking a lot of personal questions she didn't want to talk to a stranger about. Well, maybe he wasn't quite a stranger but definitely wasn't a close friend either. What could these personal questions be for, and would answering them harm her in any way? Especially biological parents, which was a rather touchy subject in it self. A glance to Rose told her the girl knew what Will was talking about but didn't seem to want to get involved. Quite frankly she didn't understand the last part about 'bringing her some place' at all.

    Special talents? Sure, she had good aim but that was about it. Heightened senses? "I mean... I've always had good aim that's just kinda my thing. Its not really a special talent, unless you call being able to toss paper balls into a garbage can a few feet away a special talent." His words would have brought a bit of embarrassment up, if it hadn't been for his next words. Or rather, an accusation because that's how Isabella saw it. "What? Of course not, no one likes getting into fights." She tried to sound casual but her tone was definitely on the rougher side now. As the words rolled off her tongue it was a common lie. She had heard that same question from her parents numerous times in a more sarcastic tone, do when Will said it the same answer naturally came out. Defences up as her instincts were telling her to, the girl hopped off the desk to stand in front of Will rather then sit. There was something confident and challenging about the lone action. She didn't really mean to get slightly hostile, it was just a natural reaction the girl had when she felt threatened. And right now, she felt threatened.

    "Yes. My parents are biological," Lies, although not for certain. Neither of her parents had ever admitted to her being adopted even when directly questioned, but the girl had long since found it out for herself -she looked or acted nothing like them. It was obvious to anyone without blind eyes. "And yes, I am an only child. I was home-schooled because my parents are over-protective and I got into a lot of fights when I was younger because I'm not a people person. Of course I'm wondering why you're asking these rather personal questions but you're not doing a very good job of explaining it and I would appreciate it if you got to the point."
  14. Rose gripped her canes tightly as she watched Isabella get closer to Will she worried for his safety as if she was about to hit him. She knew Will could handle himself but she still worried all the same. "p..please Isabella..we mean no disrespect we're just trying to confirm if your..what we think you are.."

    Will looks down into her eyes calmly and non-threateningly he had dealt with the same thing many times before and he could sense the girl was lying to him. it was written all over her face whether she'd admit it or not. sighing a bit he simply leans back onto the desk and says simply "whether you believe me or not is your choice and whether what I believe or not is a whole different matter entirely but Rose is right I didn't mean to upset you in any way I'm just calling it the way I see it because I have dealt with this kind of thing before."

    He looks up at her seriously no hint of sarcasm in his voice as he spoke these next words "I am Will Ocean son of Poseidon Greek God of the Sea my mother was a human so that makes me a Demi-God half human half God Rose over there is a Satyr in a human disguise Satyrs are here to help find Demi-Gods and bring them to the one place they can be safe which is Camp Half blood and after seeing what you can do I believe that you are also a Demi-God the daughter of one of the ancient Greek gods"
  15. "What you... think I am." Isabella repeated somewhat dryly, she didn't want to upset Rose really and had a feeling the girl was easily done so. In a defensive mood or not, the girls words made her also lean back against her previous desk-seat just to ease the tension in the room. Her eyes went back to Will although they no longer carried that amusement as she listened to him speak.

    And then she shifted after the boy had spoken, giving him an odd look for a moment before something clicked in her mind. All of the terms he used clicked right away of course, Greek Mythology was Isabellas favourite class and probably the only one she really played attention too. Demi-god, Poseidon, even satyr but that wasn't really the point right now. "Oh... Umm..." Well. She would have thought this was some kind of a joke at first, maybe some hidden camera thing or prank set up by Mary but the seriousness in Wills eyes said otherwise. No, there was no doubt he believed what he was saying and from the sound of it so did Rose. Why had she even been worried, nervous at all? It was clear now they were both mad, or at least enough to believe this demi-god thing.

    Well, maybe she still had a bit to worry about because they seemed to think she was a part of this. "Right... I don't really think either of my parents are... Greek gods, so you might have the wrong person there." She rubbed the back of her neck glancing to Rose and then back to Will. Damn. Of course, she makes some real friends for once and they turn out to be strait from the loony-bin. Just her luck. "Sorry about that. But you know, I play a lot of basket-ball so that might explain your special talents theory." In fact, Isabella was certain she could hit such a target easily from sixty feet away after years of practice. Well, she had always had good aim but years of practice helped.
  16. Will narrows his eyes at her a bit and shakes his head. "I'm guessing you need proof then..Rose show her..its the only way she'll believe us" Rose looks at him wide eyed and was about to protest but a quick look from him and she closed her mouth "Rose I know you don't enjoy showing your true form to people you just met but she needs to believe us if she's going to join us for her own safety and if we're wrong we'll simply wipe her memories"

    Rose looks down and reluctantly nods and drops her canes standing on her own completely fine she kicks off her shoes and pulls her pants off to show that her lower half was covered in goat fur and not just that but she had hooves for feet! she then reaches up and pulls her hair out of the bun it was in and two small horns poked out from the top of her head "..What Will says is true Isabella..I'm a Satyr..and he's a son of Poseidon one of the big three"

    She walks towards Isabella her hooves clacking on the floor standing in front of her she looks up into her face completely serious "..if you need to touch my horns or pull my tail or kick my hooves to prove their real go ahead..but I promise you..we have spoke nothing but the truth since the door shut..we have had no reason to lie to you and we wouldn't have started even if we knew you weren't a Demi-God"
  17. Isabella cocked her head slightly, listening to their exchange and feeling left out of valuable information again. She glanced at the door, of course her pride and curiosity wouldn't let her leave just yet but it was nice to know she could make it there quickly without any problems. "...wipe her memories," "Excuse me?" There was a loud noise as Rose dropped her canes and Isabella looked over slightly surprised already going to make a move to help her but stopped rather quickly upon seeing... she was standing just fine. "What-"

    Rose was met with wide eyes for a moment after revealing her true form. Then, slowly she reached a hand over to brush against her hair and lightly touch one of her horns with two fingers. And almost immediately drew back, looking back to Will as it started to set in. She couldn't believe she was actually starting to believe them, but Isabella really was. Because in all honesty, all the questions and assumptions asked had made sense; now with Roses true form shown as even the smallest bit of proof it was enough to get her thinking. Adopted, parents unknown and never really fitting in with family or friends. Perfect aim, not to mention -although she didn't really like to tell people about this one, it was embarrassing- quite a bit of skill on quite a few instruments. Those were special talents, right? Maybe this even had something to do with her attitude, or tendency to draw in fights, or even not having an interest in any class except Greek mythology. Hah. What a joke. Her eyes went back to Will for a moment in thought. One of the big three. She knew Zeus was also big, but who was the third? That is NOT the question you should be asking right now Isabella!

    "I think I need to sit down." The girl said rather roughly to hide how feint she was feeling and leaned fully against the desk. "So your a Satyr, your a... half-god, and what am I again? Or rather..." Uck, this was so weird and felt so weird to say but the words rolled off her tongue anyway. "Who is my godly parent?"
  18. Will moves over and sets one of the chairs down and lowers her into it before grabbing his own and sitting across from her. He gives a nod towards Rose who nods back and goes to put her disguise back on. Looking back at her Will folds his hands over each other and gives her a sincere smile "I understand this is a lot to take in all of a sudden its not easy to accept but you'll get used to it.."

    He reaches over and pats her arm in a friendly gesture before leaning back in his chair "Yes Rose is a Satyr I'm a Demi-god like you half human half god I'm a son of Poseidon one of the big three as I said before I'm assuming you know who all three of them are? even if you don't its not completely important right now. You asked who your godly parent is? to be honest I do not know you could be anyone's daughter from Zeus to the lowest of Gods but I will say your not a child of the big three that much is obvious no offense intended but you don't have any of their qualities and I know for a fact that we're not half brother and sister, the only way to know for sure is to take you to camp Half-Blood where Demi-gods train to become the champions of the Gods"
  19. "I got Zeus and Posiden but I'm not sure... unless its Hera? Wait, no its Hades isn't it? Because there brothers..." She flinched slightly when Will touched her arm although it was hardly noticeable. "Ahh fuck," She mumbled, and then with a sigh rested her head in her hands lightly to rub her eyes. "I knew I was adopted." But another thought crossed her mind so she quickly sat up strait again. "Wait, you said you wanted to take me there right? To camp half-blood? Is it like, a summer camp? My parents would never let me stay in a place over night for more then a few days." She looked honestly concerned, but even so quickly had accepted what they were saying as truth. After all, Isabella was a bright girl and she could tell when someone was lying or when all of the information added up right.

    Before an answer could be given however, her light brown eyes suddenly glanced to the lone quiet clock sitting above the door they had come through. "The janitor is going to be making his rounds in like twenty minuets, we need to move by then." It was an absent-minded note as Isabella moved her hands back to her pockets but then tilted her head. The smallest of smiles twitched in the corner of her mouth, eyes back to Will with clear joke in her tone. "If you're the sun of Poseidon, does make you kind of like aqua man?"
  20. As soon as she said Aqua man Rose started laughing uncontrollably and falls to the ground kicking her legs. Will on the other hand just groans and shakes his head as he rubs his eyes "no Aqua man can breath under water and talk to fish..I can breath underwater, control water, talk to fish, control fish and other creatures of the deep like the Kraken yes the Kraken is real so is the Loch Ness monster but thats a conversation for another time I can also talk to horses another conversation for a later date."

    He looks at her and smiles a bit "you have no idea how much I hear that back at camp..but all joking aside like I said the only way to know who your Godly parent is, is to get you to camp half blood and yes your right Hades is the third brother of the Big three, the Gods haven't been when it comes to claiming their children so lots of them don't get claimed until they actually go to camp. The reason we came to get you is that your life will soon be in danger now that your getting older the traits and powers of you Godly parent will start showing more and that will attract monsters to you..and to answer your question about camp that depends on you. some campers like me live there year round others work out only coming for the summer"
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