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  1. -Hands a pear-
    First off, thanks for checking out the thread, I hope my light nature does not chase you off.
    As well, thanks again to those who checked out the interest thread!
    Lonewolf888978, Hiiro-Sama, Ser K+, Simple, EchoRun, and PostingOwl

    (Still being edited, sorry!)
    Make sure to join the group for more information!

    Alright, let's start off with something familiar (For those who don't know, I label out the base of everything so the viewer can decide if they wish to continue reading.)

    Genre: Fantasy
    World Type: New/Open world
    Races: Custom allowed
    Magic: Yes
    (However, uniquely gained)
    Plot Style: Free (Events will appear, either to be triumphed by players, or the NPC)
    Age Restrictions: None
    Era Type: Medieval / Feudal
    (Some steampunk may be allowed)

    Welcome to the Unclaimed World
    A vast world that yields far less population than your own. A place, where gods roam the lands freely. A time where war does not exist, and bloodshed is not without cause. Open your eyes, and let's delve deeper into the world within.
    Welcome to a world, where not all things can be taught through words. Where one is encouraged to venture unbound into the world, gaining experience from their own travels. The awe inspired by those lands floating in the sky, perhaps the fear boring into the heart whilst walking the vast barrens where only darkness lurks, or was it the beauty of a land far outweighing the imagination? No matter, for it is with your own eyes must you see.
    The world, mostly uncharted, is a vast place with many mysteries. It is a place where the gods still roam, some absolutely massive in size, whilst others may very well be the size of a pebble. It is said they are still in the process of crafting this incomplete world, building new lands across the waters, and birthing new creatures to inhabit them. But, amongst those gods are also the entities known as demons. The creatures that grow near equal in size that seem to seek nothing more than making the lands their own. However, a majority of these dark beings are known for living within the oceans between the lands. According to the Eastern teachings, it is said that the gods drive the demons from their land, only allowing them the darkness within the depths.

    The Adventurers
    It is because of this ever expanding world, that teachings are not always reliable. Youth are encouraged to explore the world for themselves, to find a place they may one day call their own. They journey these lands as they please, named adventurers from those who have settled down in life. Due to the low overall populace, it is a rare and welcoming thing to cross paths with another exploring if even once. The largest known community counts nearly to seven thousand, and that is spread throughout the Floating Islands due to their Tribal System. As such, it is not uncommon for adventures to band together in parties for the lands ahead. Sometimes growing so large, that they chose to settle down and make a community themselves, unwilling to lose another to the world's less than friendly inhabitants. Adventures are welcomed near everywhere, only robbed of tales and breath whilst resting. They are the center of all trade and stories after all!

    The Magic
    But, perhaps the biggest mystery, that none can explain is the essence known as Magic. Power that far surpasses the abilities the common adventurer , bestowed upon only those who are lucky. No, it is not something one can simply be born with, but an achievement for the trials and lands one has explored. Pillars of light, said to be formed whilst a god is being born, shine upon the world. However, the process is fragile, and any impurity that steps within the light shall steal away the god's ascension, or so a cult of minority say. The truth being, none know what causes this light, but it is known that absorbing this light, by merely standing within it will allow the user to grasp the magic within the world. Those willing to undergo the trial must endure the pain of four deaths before they claim the right to power.

    Right of Ascension
    Unwritten rules are set upon these pillars, shared between every inhabitant. The first who enters the light, is the one who claims the light. This is because no effect will occur when multiple individuals enter, thus none gaining power over a squabble. As well, it is deemed a duty, for adventures to absorb these lights. This also, has a reason, that is because creatures of evil and darkness may also absorb the power. As well, it is said that if nothing enters the light, the land itself shall awaken as a behemoth of unequaled power.

    Rules are important, but at times, they are also meant to help guide the RP. You might not want to skip them, or you might be missing out.

    Rules Spoiler (open)
    Rules Spoiler (open)

    • All right guys, we all know it, obey the Iwaku rules.
    There is no point in repeating each rule, so i will move along. The next section is something few GM do, these are the GM override rules.​
    • A player may be accepted to or removed from the roleplay if two-thirds of the active members allow it.
    • A player may become the temporary GM, if for any reason I am gone for a number of days unannounced. However, all active plays must vote, and it shall be given to the one whom holds majority of said votes.
    • The GM may be revoked of his/her position, so long as two-thirds of the active members agree the current is unfit or counterproductive.
    "Are you crazy!? What kind of rules are those?"
    Yes, probably... But that is not the point. This RP is designed so everyone can take part. This means everyone gets a choice, about everything. Events that the GM places, doesn't necessarily have to be done by the players. But be warned, the NPC miiiight fail, bringing changes to the world. This is based on the thought, "A single person can not do all things."

    Character Sheet
    Alright everyone, I toyed with you long enough with the idea, leaving you nothing to really do. Here is the sheet for everyone to fill out, but first, you must go on a series of quests!
    • Collect 139,377 brown rocks
    • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
    • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
    • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds!
    Kidding, kidding.

    Character Sheet Spoiler (open)
    Character Sheet Spoiler (open)

    But no really, make the sheet your own! Throw in some color, some coding, have fun with it! If you find a great picture, but don't agree with the colors or something, just message me and I will help the best I can!

    General Information
    (Custom races are allowed! Just explain what they are please.)
    (Honestly, I myself prefer using anime-ish pictures, but do whatever you want!)
    Unique Features (Anything your picture doesn't include that you want? Throw it here!)
    Power Information
    Destined Power: (What ability would you gain, if you managed to absorb one of the lights? Mysteries are fine!)
    Power Cap: (How many pillars can your character absorb? Be warned, the higher number this is, the weaker your ability is at first!! This can not be a mystery)
    Personal Information (Completely Optional)
    Crush: (Whether you are starting with another, or just like editing sheets as you go.)​
    (Hahaha, I avoid writing these like the plague honestly. Well, most of the time....)
    Personality: (Optional, because it helps some iron out their characters. I myself will probably just list random things that are near irrelevant and update it as I go.)

    Link to the Interest Thread
    With that last note done, to those who have gathered, thank you for joining. I hope we can make a world that is enjoyable!​
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  2. General Information
    Name: Prince Vetras Kilethe of Cautre
    Gender: Male
    Race: Of Human & Tsunian Decent While not that different from humans, Tsunians are typically just about an average of an inch shorter, with slightly stronger joints and veins. They however find it more difficult to stray away from addictions and habits than humans, and although they are different in culture, anatomy, and behavior, they do bear enough of a structural compatibility with humans or most humanoids to be able to mate with them, they also are hard to pick out in a mixed crowd of humans as their skin shades blends with the skin shades of most mammals.
    Age: 24 (By 365 days)

    Power Information
    Destined Power: Lightning
    Power Cap: max of 7-10 any more and he'll probably die! (currently I feel like by the end Vetras will be op...)

    Personal Information
    Crush: TBA (Eh, 50/50 chance of a romance, if I'm up for it.)
    Likes: Daydreaming, adventuring, being pampered to a degree, delicacies, flower fields and beating the living snot out of any undesirables that try to harm him.
    Dislikes: The fact that he's the soon to be heir of the throne, the smell off rotten fish, and overly hyper individuals
    Fears: Being eaten alive, Shisui (they're a species of beasties), Strangely shaped objects, Dominion seekers, And.......
    [BCOLOR=#3366ff]THE OCEAN!!![/BCOLOR]

    History: Vetras of Cautre was prematurely born sickly and frail, into a family monarchy. Of his familty were His father and mother, who simply go by the name of Duke Kanze and Duchess Ceilese of Cautre, an already passed older sister ,Aeremis, and a more hearty older brother, Strauves. Strauves was the to soon to be heir, but unfortunately, he passed away do to unknown causes not too soon after Vetras's 3rd birthday. Being the last remaining child to keep the Kilethe bloodline alive, and his prematurity on top of that, Vetras never had an opportunity to to adventure and express himself at that vital age. From what he knew, he was to marry some girl from a noble quarter of Cautre, and it would be then and only then, that his parents would die happily.

    With age, sword training, and of course bruises, he grew healthy, and people tend to think him younger than he actually is. Lastly, he wears a passed down half-mask and hooded cloak on occasion, when he wishes not to be noticed.

    Personality: Vetras is usually silent, He has a cool personality and tends to keep things to himself. His way of talking is direct and somewhat crude, likely due to his lack of social grace and his history. He is surprisingly chivalrous, and has a perpetual sense of duty. Though of course behind all that is his fatal flaw: His ambition.​
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  3. General Information

    Seriven III



    A harpy is a race of halfling creatures, sharing their other half with birds. Some bird genes are more prominent than others, depending on the individual. Harpies have enhanced strength, enhanced agility, the ability to fly, and a sharper sense of sight, hearing, and smell.

    157 - Young Adult



    Uɴɪǫᴜᴇ Fᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs
    Nothing exceedingly unique to note.

    - -

    Power Information

    Dᴇsᴛɪɴᴇᴅ Pᴏᴡᴇʀ
    Wind/Air Manipulation

    Pᴏᴡᴇʀ Cᴀᴘ

    - -

    Personal Information

    None currently. Subject to change.

    + Breezy, cool days +
    Fish/seafood +
    Hunting +
    Most types of berries +
    High cliffs +
    Riddles/puzzles +
    Flying +
    Making others laugh +
    Females +
    Physical contact +
    Daggers/most types of knives +
    Wide, open skies/spaces +

    - Bears -
    Belittlement -
    Condescension -
    Vegetables -
    Being restrained -
    Cages -
    Stiflingly hot weather -
    Slimy creatures -
    Swamps -
    Desecration of nature -
    Ignorance in others -

    - Being trapped in a cramped space for a long period of time -
    - Imprisonment/restraints -

    "Thanks, but no thanks."
    He'd rather not talk about it now.

    Seriven is a daring, energetic harpy with a constant thirst for adventure. He seems to fear very, very little, and regards danger as a challenge instead of a setback. Though insanely courageous, he's obviously very foolhardy, and has stared death in the face on more than a few occasions. However, he seems to have no fear of dying - why is a mystery to everybody. He is extremely protective of the very few he grows close to, and will be fiercely loyal to them if they are in trouble or hurt. Instinct can sometimes make him even aggressive, and he's always been vengeful anyways, so that mix is not very comforting.
    Despite that, he usually loves to make people laugh and make friends with others.
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  4. [​IMG]

    ☀ Nᴀᴍᴇ ☀

    First Prince Amarok

    ☀ Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ☀


    ☀ Rᴀᴄᴇ ☀

    Iluti. A secular kingdom of dragon-like humanoids. Most Iluti have tails, scaly forearms and lower backs, and three pairs of horns varying in size sprouting from their foreheads. All Iluti can expel smoke or regulate their body temperatures, but only royals can breathe the holy element of fire.

    ☀ Aɢᴇ☀

    2131/2 years

    ☀ Uɴɪϙᴜᴇ Fᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ☀

    Nothing special.

    Ƥσωєя ǀηfσямαтιση

    ☀ Dᴇsᴛɪɴᴇᴅ Pᴏᴡᴇʀ ☀

    Manipulation of Flames.

    ☀ Pᴏᴡᴇʀ Cᴀᴘ ☀


    ƤєяѕσηαƖ ǀηfσямαтιση

    ☀ Cʀᴜsʜ ☀


    ☀ Lɪᴋᴇs ☀

    Clear skies.
    Warm weather.
    Celebrations & Parties.
    Long treks through the valley.

    ☀ Dɪsʟɪᴋᴇs ☀

    Cold climates.
    Loud noises.

    ☀ Fᴇᴀʀs ☀

    Dark and damp places.

    ☀ Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ ☀

    A prince's future is important, not his past.

    ☀ Pᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ ☀

    Amarok is wise beyond his years, but rarely ever shows it. He wants to enjoy life before he's burdened by the weight of leadership, and thus has a tendency to sneak off into the night to explore the world around him. He's loyal, carefree, steadfast and somewhat stubborn.

    Sometimes he talks and acts like a royal, but he tries not to. It's all very amusing.
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  5. Haha, Ser, I couldn't help but laugh throughout that. Ahhh... Yep, I love this group already.
    Nice to have you Simple! That sheet looks mighty wonderful if I do say! Those clouds are pretty adorable, how on earth did you do that?

    Hey! A new face! Excellent color scheme, and overall nice looking sheet you have there Little Dipper! Awesome to see a draconic type character.

    Oh, of course you can figure yourselves as accepted. Even with sheets in progress, Ser and Simple get special treatment. After all, they were part of the reason this started!
  6. haha, i kind of just threw 'cloud text symbol' into Google and found it. it's fun to use little symbols like that every once in a while, especially in character sheets - making things pretty is a lot of fun for me.

    but thank you, i'm glad to hear you like him. i'm excited to write him. i might add a female character later for the hell of it.
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  7. Name: zielento
    Race: trendron( basically just humans with escapes and wings, sorry no pic posting from my iphone)

    Perso: out going, jokester, and careless. He just does what ever he wants and works well with a team more then alone

    Gender: male

    Crush: none could change

    If I need anything else let me know
  8. Face palm the was a char sheet template thing, let me redo mine I feel really dumb not seeing that
  9. Pft, why wouldn't I like him? Having the harpies as a playable race didn't even cross my mind! I thoroughly enjoy surprises, and what's more we have our first flying race! Even more than that, he is definitely the free spirit I would hope for out of a wind based character.

    @Lucas bowers
    Haha, it's perfectly fine, glad you noticed, I was about to just send you the missing few. Posting from a phone, whew, I commend you soldier!
    Thank you for showing interest, as well, welcome to the site!
  10. i've tried playing him in other RPs (which all died before they began), so this is actually the first time that i have a chance to write him thoroughly. it'll be ridiculously wonderful to flesh him out and get a feel for his character, after so long without playing him.
  11. My wip is still a wip.
    And I WILL make that IMG work!
    For The Fire Emblem!

    Oh geez, I'm not supposed to get praise until I'm done Monsieur. *blushes and flails like a proud child*
  12. Ok here we go again sorry

    Gender: male
    Race: trendon
    Apperence: if you take an eagle and make it a human the. That is what he looks like( basically the bird people in wind waker)
    Power: control over wind and fire
    Crush: none but could change
    Cap: 4

    Likes: seafood, flying, and games
    Dislikes: the cold, lonelyness, and sharp objects
    Fears: the dark

    Background: both of his parents were killed by his own tribe when he was 6, he manedged to escape along with his older brother who was caught and murdered. He has been alone ever since

    Perso: blank you can find out
  13. Code:
    Nice picture by the way!

    @Lucas bowers
    Well, you certainly have all the base requirements present!
    Though I was hoping for the world's populace to be portrayed as peaceful at the beginning, I don't entirely mind the background. That is, so long as you build on it during the RP, it would be fun to find out exactly what happened back there, haha.

    I dare say welcome aboard!
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  14. ok I can do that
  15. Apparently one could just save the picture as a file and upload it... that was an easier process.
  16. Name: There is no defined name of this creature except as Pale Skin.

    Gender: Male as far as we know.

    Race: A rare and thought all but extinct race known as the re-claimers of light

    Age: believed to be as old as light and darkness it self.

    Unique features: Long elongated limbs, eyeless head ,and slim but powerful build.

    Powers it Currently has: Currently it has the ability to see in the dark and has superb reflexes and quick on its feet... almost as if it can blink across the room in darkness.

    Crush: Has none.

    Likes: Darkness, night, animals, blades, knowledge, and violence

    Dislikes: Pity, interactions with people , villages, humans, and last but not least peace

    Fears: Nothing

    History: n/a

    Personal info: It is cruel and manipulative. It enjoys torture and pain for the reason that it pleases it. Little is known about its past that's for you to find out.

    Thanks for the consideration and p.s i have school so i will post every night or try to but during the day i may be scarce of content but i suppose that fits my character. please tell me if any changes would need to be mad thank you and good day.
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  17. Oh..... I totally knew that.... -cough-

    By the way, if you are wondering where the information list is, I am currently debating on that. I'll probably end up putting it at the top of the first IC post, so it can easily be found.
    But, there was also one other small thought.. I could make a group, as to keep everything absolutely organized. This would also allow us to make sub threads, so the players may submit their custom Bestiary/Region info. What do you guys think?


    @William Heart
    Hmm, this one actually leaves me quite conflicted. The story is meant to be a player versus environment type, so having a darker character may be counterproductive to that. But at the same time, I don't entirely mind it seeing as it might be interesting if played correctly..

    -tosses hands in the air-

    Everyone vote!
    After all, this story isn't just for my enjoyment. And if everyone else would like to see a character like this then I see no problem!
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  18. i don't really care
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  19. ^I loled.

    I guess a group is sensible.
  20. I meant the character to be more of a environmental character who is there just for atmospheric reasons due to my limitations on play time thanks for the response though
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