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  1. The Ultimate


    Roleplaying Universe!


    ---- Story Arc ----

    #1: "Rise of the Synthetic Seven"

    The Bronx, New York City

    "Okay buddy, that'll be $3.48."

    "What?! You actually want me to pay?! I just stopped a bank robbery for crying out loud!"

    "If you don't have any money, then you don't get a hotdog. Sorry Spidey, that's how it works.."

    "Dude, do I look like I've got pockets on this thing? Don't you have some kind of "superhero discount" or something?"

    "You either pay the four dollars and get a hotdog, or you don't. Its not rocket science, buddy."

    "Ugh... Hang on, I'll see if I've got any change in my belt. Can I at least get some curtesy toppings?"

    "For an extra 25 cents, yeah."

    "Why I continue protecting you people is beyond me... Here's your 5 bucks. I want onions and ketchup on my hotdog."

    "Sure thing, Spidey. Here you go. Thanks for coming!"

    "Sure, whatever... Thanks for the hotdog, I guess."

    Finishing the transaction with a nod, Spider-Man reached out a hand and took the hotdog from the vendor. Un-freaking-believable... Peter thought to himself as he turned around and walked away, firing off a web towards a nearby building and swinging away. And to think that I saved his sorry butt from Rhino last month... Do I even get a stupid $5 hotdog for free? No... Finding a rooftop that had a patio on it, Peter flung himself once more and released the web, landing on the terrace with a 'thump'. Lifting up his mask so only his mouth was exposed to the summer air, he sat down on the edge of the roof and turned the hotdog around so it faced him. Smiling, Peter opened his mouth and took a large bite of the sausage. It was okay, defiantly worth the $5 he paid for it. The onions were a bit on the 'not so fresh' side and there was barely any ketchup, but he wouldn't call the snack totally unpleasant. It at least didn't give him a stomach ache like any of the other hotdog stands in New York. Finishing the small lunch, Peter took the napkin he was given and gingerly wiped his mouth before tossing it into the trash. Grabbing the Pepsi he had attached to his belt, he held the pop can away from his face and pulled the tab, watching as the foam sprayed everywhere. Sighing a bit as a bit of his drink seemed to spill out onto the floor, Peter casually began to drink from the can. About halfway through his pop, his cellphone began to ring. Reaching into his utility belt, Peter pulled out the iPhone and checked his called I.D before he slid the button across.

    "Hey Aunt May, what's up? Mhmm... Eggs? And Milk? Okay, got it. Love you... Okay, Bye." As he ended the call, Peter began to think about his Aunt May. How would she react if she ever found out he was secretly a superhero vigilante? She was concerned enough about Peter Parker as a high school student already, he didn't need to make her also worried for Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Then, there was Gwen. Sweet, innocent Gwen. She had been Peter's friend for a while now and they had briefly spoken about dating. Peter had romantic feelings for her that seemed to him, were unreciprocated, but Gwen seemed just as interested in him as he was in her. But ever since Peter became Spider-Man, he's had to strain their relationship for her sake. After what happened during the Lizard's rampage through New York in 2012, Peter had promised Captain Stacy, Gwen's dying father, that he wouldn't get Gwen involved with his superhero life. The only way to keep her safe was to cut off pretty much any connection they had, but no matter what he did they couldn't avoid one another. He wanted to tell her how he felt so badly... But he knew that as long as he was Spider-Man, they couldn't be together. It was too dangerous for her.

    Shaking his head to did himself of the troublesome thoughts, Peter took one final sip of his Pepsi before the can was empty. Crushing it with his hands and tossing it into the trash bin, Peter pulled down his mask and looked down to the streets. Things seemed pretty normal right now, but he knew that crime was always going on. Thankfully, it was a Saturday so Aunt May didn't him to be home at a certain time. Peter could stay out as late as he wanted and fight whatever crime he found. Knowing that he couldn't see any crimes in his vicinity, Peter instead decided that checking the police radio given to him by Captain Edwards, the newly appointed chief of police after Captain Stacy was killed. Peter quickly turned it on and began flipping through the stations.

    -Static sounds-"All units report-"-Static sounds-"The Treskelion Insti-"-Static sounds-"Massive riot. Seven confirmed escap-"

    Huh, interesting. Peter thought to himself as he tried to get a proper signal on the radio. From what he gathered, there had been a riot earlier at the Treskelion Institute, formally the Ravencroft Correctional Insititute before SHIELD bought it as a base for locking up high profile criminals like Doctor Doom or The Abomination. Unfortunately, its also where a lot of Spidey's rogues went after he caught and nabbed them. Needless to say, many of the prisoners had meet with Spider-Man before and most likely had a bone to pick with him. Apparently the riots had caused so much of a stink that it allowed for seven high security prisoners to escape. What unnerved him, however, was the voices on the radio. When listing off the escaped prisoners, Spidey heard the name of Max Dillon; more commonly known as "Electro". Electro's background wasn't always bad, but it was full of trouble. They had encountered each other not more then a few months ago after Spider-Man saved him from the Russian mobsters assaulting citizens on the street. Spidey got Max to assist him, calling him the Superhero's "Partner". Little did Peter know that Max was a bit of a fanboy and seemingly had miles of Spider-Man memorabilia (which Peter still hasn't seen any income from. After all, they're using his likeness. You'd think they'd at least write a residual cheque out to Spider-Man, but no. Greedy corporate scum). After falling into a pool of genetically modified Electric Eels at OSCORP, Max was given incredible powers over electricity. His body became a living energy conductor and he was even able to black-out all of Times Square when he first stumbled through New York after acquiring his powers.

    Angry and hurt that Spider-Man didn't "save him" in time before becoming a modified man, Electro freaked out and attacked Spidey until he was finally defeated by a power-overload caused by Spider-Man covering him in conductive webbing that forced him to absorb too much electricity from a power plant. The overload caused him to literately "black out", sending a massive burst of electricity surging out in a 10 mile radius of the plant. Spidey recovered Dillon's body and resuscitated him before the police arrived to take him into custody. Dillion was misunderstood and frightened, so he acted rashly. However, his hatred towards Spider-Man for "ruining his life by not saving him" made Electro one of Peter's most deadly enemies. The fact he was now roaming free around New York made Peter only more nervous about being out as Spidey. Somebody had to stop Electro before he hurt somebody, but Spider-Man was the only person who had dealt with him before.

    Taking a deep breath, Spidey looked back towards the city and walked off the rooftop, shooting off a web and flinging himself above the streets. Before turning it off, the police radio had mentioned something about Electro being sighted on Broadway, assaulting citizens and causing a panic. The cops had already arrived on the scene, but obviously they were having difficulties. Slinging his way towards Broadway, Peter was shocked. Literately. Just as he jumped off a rooftop that was just across from Broadway, a powerful blast of electricity was fired at his chest. Unfortunately, Peter hadn't fully gotten the hang of his Spider-Sense just yet, so he attributed the tingling sensation in his head to being blasted at the side of a building at a high speed. Tumbling down the building until he hit the sidewalk, Spider-Man groaned and tried to push himself up. "T-That... Was a c-cheap shot, Sparky..." said Spider-Man in a quiet voice, looking up at slowly approaching form of
    Electro (open)

    "Don't you ever shut up, Arachnid?" the electrified villain asked with a grimace as he stood over his foe's body. Trying to stand, Spider-Man clambered up clumsily and stared Electro in the face. "Nah, I prefer to keep talking... Look, Dillion: You don't need to do this. Nobody needs to get hurt... Just let me help you. I ca-" said Spider-Man as he tried to approach Electro. As he moved towards his foe, Spider-Man suddenly felt his left foot caught on the ground. Staring down at his foot, he saw a massive pile of sand slowly forming. Quickly trying to get away, Spidey fired off a web shot and yanked hard, but it was too late. The massive body of Flint Marko, otherwise known as
    Sandman (open)
    had engulfed the hero. Struggling to free himself, Marko laughed and nodded towards Electro. "Give'im hell, Electro! I've got him held tight." said Sandman before Electro nodded and charged up his electricity. "Sayonara, Spider-Freak!"

    Spidey managed to free one of his hand's. Quickly firing a blast of webbing at Electro's eyes, the villain was temporarily stunned, leaving Spidey enough time to force his way out of Sandman's body. Extending his arms and legs as far as he could, Spider-Man broke apart the man's limbs and forced open a hole large enough for him to clamber out of. Just as Electro managed to pull the webbing off from his face, a red-clad fist went flying directly into his face. "Okay Sparky, you only get one offer. You could've just said "No", but instead you wanted to play a game. How about we play the "Itsy Bitsy Spider kicks Electro's Butt" game?" Spider-Man called out before firing a web towards a nearby fire hydrant and ripping it's lid off. As he did so, Electro only grinned maliciously and said "Seems like somebody forgot that nursery rhyme. Don't you remember what happened to the Spider?" Raising an eyebrow at Electro's comment, the tingling sensation in the back of his head came back. Turning around, he only saw the form of a small tidal wave rapidly approach him from the fire hydrant, soon engulfing him in a ball of water. An invisible force held him down as he struggled to free himself. Soon, a face appeared before him: the face of Morris Bench, aka
    Hydro-Man (open)

    "Down came the rain, and washed the Spider out! You're up trouble river without a paddle, Spider-Man." Hydro-Man cackled, relishing in the fact Spider-Man was rapidly running out of air. However, just before he could do something to free himself, the web-head was impacted by an extremely heavy object at a high speed. Flying out of Hydro-Man's water bubble and gasping for air, he hit the front side of a car with incredible speed, causing the window glass to shatter instantly and leaving a dent in the hood. "Ugh... What hit me, a train?" Spider-Man asked himself silently before his spider-sense went off again. Seeing the massive form of a small wrecking ball approaching him at rapid velocity, he dove off the car and landed on the street with his legs and arms out stretched in a battle-ready position. "Huh, what do you know? Its the Incredible Copy-Cat!" said Spider-Man, mocking his attacker. The man holding the wrecking ball grimaced and didn't reply, but instead, let out a roar of anger before swinging his wrecking ball at Spider-Man. Narrowly avoiding it with a jump, Spider-Man fired off a web blast towards Carl Creer, aka
    Absorbing Man (open)
    , who responded by laughing triumphantly.

    Holding up his other hand to catch the web blast, his left arm slowly transformed into a puke green sticky substance similar to that of his web fluid. "Oh crap." Spidey exclaimed before a massive blast of artificial webbing was fired towards him, catching and hurling him towards a nearby building. Groaning as he stared at the four villains who had seemingly teamed up, he felt a strange itchy feeling along his body. Looking down at the webs, Spider-Man realized that thousands of tiny spider's were crawling along the webs that bound him. Slowly, the spider's merged together to form a deformed looking woman, who he recognized as the latest host for the super villain know as
    The Thousand (open)
    . As the Thousand screeched at him, seemingly enraged and beyond words, Spidey felt himself being pulled backwards suddenly, appearing moments later surrounded by the other villains. They all lunged towards him, but he was yanked once again through the ground, this time by the throat. Popping up beside the fire hydrant Hydro-Man had entered the streets from, Spider-Man swung a disoriented punch directly at the chest of his newest attacker. However, his fist seemingly went through the man's chest and came out of his face, forcing Spider-Man to actually hit himself square in the nose. At that moment, he knew his attacker was none other then Jonathan Ohnn, aka
    The Spot (open)

    "AAAB! MY DOBE!" Spidey shouted out before suddenly he was assaulted by even more things. This time, the attacks came in the form of a swarm of bees, followed closely by their leader. "OH COBE ON!" Spidey shouted before firing off a few web-blasts towards Fritz von Meyer, aka
    The Swarm (open)
    . However, another powerful blast of electricity was fired off at Spider-Man's chest, knocking him back on his ass. Groaning as he tried to get up, Peter watched as the seven super villains slowly approached him, revving up their powers. "So, you guys figured that since none of you could beat me one on one, you'd all gang up on me? Wow. Pretty weak guys." Spidey mocked with a nod, readying himself for a fight. Electro only cackled in delight, his entire face becoming engulfed in a bright blue surge of electricity.

    "Say what you will Spider-Man, but you better do it fast, because after the "Synthetic Seven" is done with you, you're going home in a FUCKING BOX!"
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  2. Rachel Summers, lightblue After a tough workout in the gym Rachel felt every muscle tensed, decide to make a warm shower to relax her more. The warm drops of the water fell down her body as she stared blankly at the wall, between her strawberry like-lips she only sighs. She felt as her head seem to explode every second if she won’t take a pill for headaches. She wrapped the towel around her body and went out of the bathroom; she skipped across the room to reach her nightstand from where she took out her hair dryer. Rachel sat on the chair and look into the mirror, with everyday that passed she began to resemble her mother more and more, the mirror cracked in corners, she was pretty much pissed, but her face didn’t show no expression. Everything went smoothly as from drying her hair to changing into the clothes, well with a little help of course. Rachel tied her hair in a messy bun as she run out the door. “Were you going at this hour?” The Professor asked her with a soft tone, she only stretched a smile on her face and spoke. “Visiting an old place.” She told him a lie as she kissed his forehead and left, he said something afterward, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen. She wore a plain white t-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans and a jacket. Rachel was a petit woman, in her twenty with a rich and long hair, just like the fire, a warm and calm one, and strands of hair fall beside her cheekbones drawing the fine lines of her face. Her eyes were green, an intense green what were looking into your soul, and they whispered words that only you could understand. It was summer and Saturday, was perfect, quite perfect, the weather was peaceful and no signs of something bad to happen, normally, teens, being them mutants or not, they go out and relax, well other teens, maybe not, they might be trapped in a web of chores. New York was a big place, a lot of things could happen, as some might sleep, others have jobs to take care of. She massaged her temples as she walk aimless around the streets, her ‘old place’ was nothing but a lie, hated to stay all day and night in the institute under a strict program. She entered into a magazine, wanted something to take away the bitter taste from her mouth. “Goods.” She thought as she stared around the shelves to buy something for herself, she pick up some Pringles with sour cream & onion. She paid and left the magazine, turning right around the corner she sat on a bench and took out her headphones, she stopped and look at her right, people began to discuss, to comment. She feels disgusted and the image of Spider-Man on the small screen made eat another Pringle, the hot-dog seller commented along with his clients. “Humans, they can’t recognize a helping hand even if it is thrown into their faces.” She thought as she crossed her legs. Indeed, this young boy (she assumed that he was young) tried to make a change. Why? She didn’t care for the reason, why she would? People often do things out of duty, honor, pleasure, recognition and so on. But people are like sheep’s, they fallow blindly others into the pit. “Poor boy.” An old man said as he stared at the small screen, people, one by one began to come and stare. “C’mon Spidey ! Do it ! Rise !“ “Hey ! Is no’t fair !” “What a kick ! That will going to hurt for years.” People commented, one by one stared and commented, she felt disgusted and stood up. “Keep up the fight little one.” She thought and tossed her headphones into her pocket and began to leave the hot-dog stand.
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  3. SHIELD Helicarrier, 50,000 feet above sea level.....


    Steve Rogers, Director of SHIELD, looked out over the New York bay area from more than fifty thousand feet above sea level. The SHIELD airship, the Helicarrier, hovered in its cloaked state in the clouds above the city, an invisible guardian for a world entering a new era.

    The era of superheroes.

    Of which Steve Rogers, the former Captain America, was one. Or rather, used to be.

    Cryogenic sleep did not agree with the Super Soldier serum and though his youth was preserved, the serum degraded and much of its effects waned. He no longer had the perfect strength, agility, and endurance of the perfect human specimen, but his predecessor, former Director Nick Fury, made sure Rogers had the best training possible to compensate.

    And at the end of Rogers' SHIELD training, Fury surprised everyone by turning his directorship over to the former Captain America.

    Rogers looked down at New York City from the Helicarrier's bridge, seeing only tiny slashes of gray and green between the ponderous clouds. Fury once told him that being up in the air like this made him feel like a god looking upon ants.

    It just made Rogers feel uncomfortable. Even as Captain America, no matter what anyone else or the propaganda said, he was no one special; he was just a kid from Brooklyn.

    "Director Rogers, we have something on scanners," one of the bridge crew announced, "It appears to be superhuman activity. We count, seven, repeat, seven hostile targets."

    "Bring it up on hologram," Rogers commanded. He had gotten used to modern technology since he was pulled out of the ice two years ago. Things like the Internet, Smartphones, Youtube...he eventually learned to handle them, after a while. Except that one time Stark thought it would be hilarious to make him look up something about girls and cups. He would never get used to that. And he promptly got Tony back for it, too.

    But military tech? Yeah, that was right up Rogers' alley. If he had something like THIS back in the 40's....

    Instantly, a ghostly holographic apparition of New York City appeared in the center of the bridge. Rogers' hands swept through the image, discarding parts and enhancing or magnifying others. The superhumans suddenly became visible in all their crystal clarity. Dossiers on all seven of the escaped inmates of the Triskelion Institute were pulled up next to their enhanced visual images.

    What concerned Rogers the most, though, was that theses self-styled "Synthetic Seven" were giving Spider-Man the pounding of his life. Rogers had approached Spider-Man nearly a year ago, trying to recruit the young superhero for SHIELD; Spider-Man at the time declined, but Rogers was impressed with the young man.

    Rogers noted that every eye on the bridge was on him. It wasn't the first time. When he led missions during World War II, others naturally turned to him. He didn't think he'd ever get used to those looks, but they depended on him to make the call, just as he depended on them to see things through.

    "All right, let's send a strike team down there. I want Magneto, Pierce, and the D.U.C.C. down there in five minutes. Magneto will be field commander. The primary objective is containment: keep those superhumans away from the civilians. Secondary objective is to assist Spider-Man. I want a tac team for support, handling crowd control and civilian protection. Also, someone keep a lookout for any other superhumans in the combat zone; if you spot one, pull up a dossier and keep me posted. This is New York after all. There's at least two down there that turned down SHIELD recruitment a while ago, including Spider-Man, and nothing suggests they up and left New York. You have your orders. Let's move it, people."

    The bridge flew into action as Magneto, Pierce, and rest of the tactical team were alerted. Maria Hill, the executive officer of the Helicarrier, walked up to Rogers and commented, "You're concerned about Spider-Man."

    "I met him a year ago, you know," the SHIELD director said. "I asked him why he put on the mask and put his life on the line every day. I'll never forget what he told me."

    "And what was that?"

    "That with great power comes great responsibility."

    "...We'll get him support ASAP, Cap."
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  4. Magneto rested his head against the uncomfortable pillow; his eyes fixated at the tiny metal ball floating haphazardly in front of his eyes. The man twitched a finger and the ball suddenly began morphing into a myriad of artistic shapes. It was an old habit, one that had always served to calm him down and put him at peace. Almost like a form of meditation, he became one with the metal. So beautiful if it's apparent simplicity, yet so complex at the molecular level. In much the same way were the genetics of the mutant body. A single infintismly small...yet such a huge change it brought upon the world.

    Erik let the ball return to its original shape and closed his eyes. He had just showered and was hoping for something of a nap before a sudden alarm rang from the comm upon his belt. The man was on his feet in a flash and was nearly halfway equipped with his spec-ops gear in under thirty seconds. The man moved with precise efficiency even as a small disc floated in front of him. The disc displayed a holographic interface and the mission perimeters appeared.

    "Crap," Erik murmured as he saw the villains beating on Spiderman. His mind raced through different strategies to combat the fiends even as he finished dressing and rushed out the door to the cargo bay. He could fly and carry D.U.C.C. with him, but a hover craft would be needed for Pierce. Erik's lips pursed in thought as he ran down the hall way.

    "Do our best to get Electro and Hyrdo near each other. Why they thought it a good idea to team up I have no clue. Have D.U.C.C. use his flame thrower on those insectoid villains. Take them out quick. Have Pierce take out Spot and Absorbing. Sandman gonna's be tough. I better take him after Electro and Hyrdo are neutralized. I really hope Cap's got back up for us. Three again Seven are not good odds. Especially if they are putting a beating on Spiderman like they are."

    Magneto was pulled out of his thoughts as he entered the hover craft bay and waited for his team to arrive. Upon which he would give a quick debrief,

    "Alright, Pierce, D.U.C.C.; we've got seven hostiles in New York City. Our objective is containment and protecting Civilians. Read the hostiles dossier's on the way down. I'll be forwarding our tactical plan to your wrist computers. Let's move."

    So saying Magneto walked up the ramp of hovercraft and mentally prepared for a fight.
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  5. Howard the Deadly Universal Computerized Companion.

    A combat drone created by Stark Industries and named after the company's founder, Howard Stark. A weapon for the New Millennium.

    Fitted with boosters for long jumps, bullet and electro-resistant armor plating, EMP and hacking protection, a full sensory suite, and a universal rig to equip a variety of combat implements, the D.U.C.C. was one of the finest pieces of military equipment ever designed. This would be its final test run, its first live fire exercise in an actual combat mission.

    The first thing former Director Fury had said about it was that it kind of looked like a duck.

    Not the most auspicious of beginnings.

    Howard received a data packet from the Helicarrier's main computer, loaded with mission parameters and hostile dossiers. Already it was receiving commands from its squad leader, Agent Erik Lensherr, codename "Magento." Howard's eyes lit up in an unreal yellow. Its voicebox rattled off in a robotic monotone.


    Howard's treads roared as it made its way to the hovercraft bay, where Magneto was finishing launch procedures on the hovercraft. "GREETINGS, SQUADRON LEADER MEATBAG. I AM UNIT DESIGNATION HOWARD THE D.U.C.C., COMBAT DRONE ASSIGNED TO YOUR COMMAND. SHALL WE KILL SOMETHING TODAY, SQUADRON LEADER MEATBAG?"
  6. 'Agent Pierce' was leisurely eating an apple in his room when an alarm sounded from the comm on his belt. Just as it did so, he began receiving a telepathic message from the Leader's computer.

    "Seven inmates loose in New York City: Max Dillion, Flint Marko, Morris Bench, Carl Creel, Carla King, and Fritz von Meyer," it said in an electronic monotone.

    Chameleon was quick about putting on his gear: SHIELD light armor, a sidearm, an expandable baton, a stun baton, and a sniper rifle (the latter of which he wore on his back with a black band around his torso like a sash).

    The Leader watched the battle on his many monitors, stroking his chin. A drone with a built-in transceiver hovered near his head. The Leader spoke into it:

    "This could be very promising for us," he said into the drone, transmitting his voice into the Chameleon's head. "Assuming SHIELD can capture all of them, it won't be considered as great a loss if one of them goes missing. I suppose the question is 'Which of them is most valuable to science? Whose peculiar anatomy can best be weaponized?"

    The Leader approached the monitors and the drone followed.

    Absorbing Man. The answer was Absorbing Man. Of course.

    "I want Creel," he announced. "The possibilities are endless."

    "Understood," responded the Chameleon, in his head. He finished getting ready and joined the others. Erik and the D.U.C.C. were already there.

    "Alright, Pierce, D.U.C.C.; we've got seven hostiles in New York City. Our objective is containment and protecting Civilians. Read the hostiles dossier's on the way down. I'll be forwarding our tactical plan to your wrist computers. Let's move," said Magneto before making his way up the ramp of the hovercraft.

    "Yes sir," responded 'Agent Pierce' as he followed behind the D.U.C.C..
  7. As the hovercraft geared up for launch, Howard's sensory suite was already hard at work picking up the positions of each of the Synthetic Seven, his friend-or-foe transponder rapidly designating targets, third parties, and non-combatants in the combat zone below.


    Back on the bridge of the Helicarrier, Director Rogers rubbed the bridge of his nose as he heard the D.U.C.C.'s curious speech over the comms. "Remind me to deck Tony the next time I see him. He still hasn't taken out that Star Wars game thing he installed in the robot."

    "Is it any more annoying than the one time he made you look up 2 Girls 1 Cup?" Hill questioned snidely from behind him.

    "It's getting pretty close," Rogers grunted. He tapped the commlink piece on his ear. "Magneto, you are clear to begin your descent. Good luck down there, Lensherr."
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    Erik chuckled at the robot's question. He had never been much of a gamer in recent years, but he would forever remember playing Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic. It as a passing hobby, but the game had stood out to him for its memorable characters and passionate developers. Screw EA for ruining Bioware. Erik shook his head. That was neither here nor now.

    "I believe the Director wants them brought in alive, unfortunately," Erik turned to the robot and paused before continuing, "But, you take out those insectoid ones by whatever means necessary. Preferably alive, but if that's not an option set your fire to lethal. We don't want any civilians getting hurt. Also....I hate bugs."

    The Master of Magnetism smirked as he finished up the preparations and took a seat next to the cockpit doors. He looked over at the Robot as it spoke,


    Magneto was about to respond before the voice of Steve Rogers came across his comm,

    "Magneto, you are clear to begin your descent. Good look down there, Lensherr."

    "Aye, Captain. We'll do you proud," Erik responded in his slight Israeli accent. So saying, the man banged against the door and the hover craft slowly lifted into the air to make its way to the scene of the battle. Erik looked over at his two squad mates, "D.U.C.C. and I are going to be making a jump directly into the fray. Pierce, I want you to set up on a rooftop and provide cover fire. Your primary targets are Spot and the Absorbtion man. I trust your aim is good enough not to any of his portals, but if you think its too small a target aim for Sandman. Clear?"
  9. X-23
    12:59......1:00 PM on a summery Friday afternoon. The cheap watch on a skinny wrist ticked.
    X-23 let herself down from her long handstand at the edge of the roof and took a deep breath, looking out at the Concrete Jungle from the ceiling of a tall corporate office building she didn't care to remember the name of. Though she had a near perfect memory, there were a few things she could dismiss every now and then. Just not the things she wishes she could forget. While looking out at the city with no awe in her expression at all, her heightened sense of hearing picked up something...odd. Aside from the usual din of cars on the streets, millions of people walking along sidewalks, honking horns etc., there were... are those...helicopters? X-23 turned, long hair flying in the wind. She squinted, and sure enough, her hazel eyes caught sight of a pair of news helis hovering over the city miles away. What's going on that they need helicopters to capture it? Maybe it'd be worth her while to find out. So the man-made teen gave herself a running start and leaped from reachable building to building, occasionally flipping for the heck of it or performing a rolling land on particularly steep drops. She was graceful in her task. Powerfully built and not to be underestimated despite her youth and size. That much was obvious by the way she moved now. But most did not notice, too busy with their own daily activities of the day.

    X-23 swiftly reached a few low roofs and hopped down into an alley before melding in with the crowd on the streets of the Big Apple. She had never been all that good with being normal, but as long as she didn't have to talk to anyone, she was fairly good at acting the part of an ordinary girl who knows her way around a big city. And today, she was as ordinary as anyone else, wearing a loose black v-neck and tattered blue jeans and of course her favorite combat boots. If anyone happened to look close enough, they would notice a thin line in the front of the scuffed up boots where her claws escape, one in each foot. She also wore fingerless leather gloves that were coated with dry blood on the inside and a pair of holes where her claws slice their way out of her skin whenever she needs them. So yeah, for the most part, she didn't look different from most rebellious teens on the streets these days. At least not today. X-23 walked with a purpose and she hardly ever walked without one. Slow and steady wasn't exactly her motto. The more she walked, the closer she came to the scene of apparent interest. She could hear more now...sounds of a fight. But not a conventional one. Even when concentrating on that noise, still fairly far from her, she couldn't quite figure out what was going on. That is until she walked past a TV store. All the screens in the window displayed the news. And it was unexpected news. About Spiderman. Oh yes, she knew about Spiderman. "The friendly, neighborhood Hero" and the "Vigilante Menace". X-23 didn't want to pick one side or the other but most of the time, Spiderman didn't seem to mean any harm. Now though, it didn't seem like he could do any terrorizing or saving. According to the media (another thing the girl didn't usually trust), seven deadly criminals, all supernaturally enhanced, are attacking the guy at the same time. X-23 grit her teeth and huffed, blocking out the comments of the small crowd watching the same thing. Why is it that there aren't police bullets flying yet? They don't have a hostage. It seems they just want vengeance on the 'hero' of the city. In public, no less. Idiots. She didn't find it humiliating to the guy at all. He was one against seven very powerful mutants. Even X-23 had to admit she would have trouble with them. And right now, Spiderman was getting hurt. Bad. X-23 winced. Why isn't anyone doing anything to help him?

    A stupid voice in the back of her head whispered, Why aren't you doing anything?
    She growled under her breath and clenched her fists, resisting the urge to let her claws out. Why aren't I doing anything?! Because I'm a monster that's why. A killer. Not a hero. I would only end up making the situation worse. Not to mention being caught on camera for the whole city to see! I can't.
    So, unable to watch the good get squashed by evil, X-23 jogged away, heading for the seedier part of town. She gradually picked up speed, unafraid of running into people as her constant anger softened slightly with the physical exertion. She was going back to Wannabees, a nightclub where the freaky party-goers go in costumes and act like mutants on the dance floor. Despite the fact that the teen clone is usually the only one there who has unnatural DNA, she didn't let anyone know that, so her uniform consists partly of cat ears and drawn on whiskers. She hates them, but upstairs, the boss lets her stay in a very small apartment, paid for by a cut salary. It's pathetic and she lives where she works on most nights, but it's shelter. And there's a shower. Something she was starting to need right about now. Just forget about the Spider...he'll be okay.
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    The battle between Spider-Man and the Synthetic Seven continued, definitely not in the wall-crawler's favour. Thanks to a combination of time and speed (plus leftover hotdog energy), Spidey had gotten up on his feet and was able to hold his ground against the Seven. The teenage Hero's head was spinning due to his spider-sense going off constantly. Every second he spent with the seven, there was a new threat. However, the knowledge of having fought these criminals before gave Spider-Man the opportunity to harness their powers against one another. However, they knew that the rogues gallery they had assembled had flaws, so they worked in teams to verify that nothing happened. Whenever Electro fired off a blast that might've hit Hydro-Man, Absorbing Man was right there to catch the blast and hurl it at Spidey. Whenever Swarm was about to get hit with a water blast from Hydro-Man, Sandman would create a barrier that turned to mud upon contact with the water. However, most of the time this ended with him making a small bowl around Spidey and nearly drowning the hero twice. The battle had been going on for about ten minutes now and it was clear that Spidey was taking the most damage. His costume was torn in places and was covered in burns, was soaking wet, and was covered in mud from head to toe. Wiping away the goo from his mask, Spidey jumped up towards the side of a building and held up a "T" sign with his hands. "Woah, hold on you guys! Can't we all just get along?" Peter asked in a joking, but nervous tone. He had heard sirens earlier and was waiting for the police to arrive, but until then he had to stall the crooks. "I mean, come on. We're really not all that different. You guys were created after messing with lab experiments, I was created after messing with a lab experiment... We've got so much in common!... A-Aside from the whole "we've killed hundreds of people" thing you have going on..."

    "Oh, this is good." Electro cackled with a sinister grin, "He's practically begging for his life! He knows he can't handle all of us. Isn't that right, Spider?"

    As he finished speaking, Electro fired off another blast from his hands, forcing Spider-Man to swing towards the next building and avoid the other's attacks. "Well, technically speaking: I can handle you. However, I'm just choosing not to provide you all with the public humiliation of being taken down by one guy." Spidey called out as he tried to avoid the assault, getting hit and blasted with dirt/water/bees/spiders occasionally. "Save it, Freak! We're all here for one purpose: getting rid of you! Just shut up and die like a man!" Sandman called out as he swung a massive fist towards the wall-crawler. Knocking him in the back, Spider-Man was thrown to the ground with incredible force. Finally, Spidey had reached the point where he was fed up with constantly getting his ass kicked. "Fine... You want me to fight? Lets fight." Spider-Man growled before he extended his arms to their full extent. Firing at least six strands of web fluid for each arm, Spidey charged towards the villains and jumped into the air and swung his arms hard. Electro hadn't been paying attention to what Spidey had latched onto, but the realization hit him like a Honda Civic. Literately, Spider-Man had latched onto two cars and swung them rapidly into the air at his foes. The only people who managed to not run away were Sandman and Hydro-Man. Squashing the villains who would only go back into their original forms, Spider-Man turned around and began to run off after Electro. However, just before the web-slinger managed to catch up to the villain, he heard the strange sound of army soldiers. Turning his head to face the approaching soldiers, Peter rolled his eyes when he saw the logo on their armour: SHIELD. "Great, these weirdos. At least Cap's worried about me..." Spidey grumbled as he turned back towards Electro before being filled up with what felt like 900volts of electricity. Spasming uncontrollably as he dropped and fell to the ground, Spider-Man felt himself fall unconscious upon impact with the street. Looking down at his fallen enemy, Electro wanted desperately to finish him off. However, the newly arrived SHIELD agents posed an immediate threat to their plans. "Lets disappear, boys..." Electro called out to the Synthetic Seven before his body turned into a bright blue blast of electricity and disappeared into a lamppost. The other members followed suit, disappearing into the streets by splitting apart their bodies into smaller things (except Absorbing Man, who merged with Hydro-Man to escape).

    In seconds, the villains had all but disappeared, leaving a still-spasming Spider-Man beaten on the ground.
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  11. The SHIELD hovercraft zoomed by the streets of New York. The Howard unit acknowledged its orders from Squadron Leader Meatbag, a.k.a. Magneto, and rocket-boosted from the airborne vehicle to the streets below. It landed on the concrete with a cloud of flame and smoke before it shut down its boosters. The telltale whirring of titanum-alloy plating heralded its internal universal rig setting up its flamethrowers, which it fired at the rapidly retreating Synthetic Seven.

    Howard only got one shot off before the villains' retreat began to outpace its tanklike treads. Its sensory suite began recalibrating the battlefield, assigning threat levels and identifying friend or foe. So far, it detected no noncombatant wounded or casualties, but it picked up on the battered Spider-Man easily enough.


    "Skip the diagnostics, Howard, and start helping him," Director Rogers' voice cut in through the comm. "Go ahead and use your medical suite."

    "COMMAND ACKNOWLEDGED, DIRECTOR MEATBAG." Howard rolled over to the battered teenage superhero, its universal rig deploying a draggable gurney and four skeletal appendages that began working on Spider-Man's injuries. "MEDICAL SUITE DEPLOYED. RECOMMEND IMMEDIATE TRANSPORT TO HELICARRIER INFIRMARY. REMOTE REQUEST FOR MEDICAL TEAM TO BE ON STANDBY SENT."

    "So much for trying to contain the threat," Rogers muttered from 50,000 feet in the skies. "Magneto, Pierce, any chance we can pursue the Synthetics?"
  12. "D.U.C.C. and I are going to be making a jump directly into the fray. Pierce, I want you to set up on a rooftop and provide cover fire. Your primary targets are Spot and the Absorbtion man. I trust your aim is good enough not to any of his portals, but if you think its too small a target aim for Sandman. Clear?" asked Magneto.

    "Yes, sir. I'll try not to take a shot at Spot unless he's distracted," responded 'Pierce.'

    Chameleon readied himself as the hovercraft zoomed into the fray. Unfortunately, the Synthetic Seven made their swift escape. Chameleon lined up a shot on Absorbing Man but he didn't have time to fire. On the director's orders the D.U.C.C. began to provide Spider-Man with medical assistance.

    "So much for trying to contain the threat. Magneto, Pierce, any chance we can pursue the Synthetics?" came the voice of Director Rogers on the comm.

    "We damn well better be," thought Chameleon, craving the application of the Leader's own army of Synthohybrid Combatants. He would let his commanding officer answer the director. Then he heard the Leader's voice in his head.

    "Don't fret. Every setback is another opportunity," said the Leader into his transceiver. "The Spider-Man will likely be taken up to the helicarrier for medical assistance and protection. Our agents among the medical staff can learn something valuable. His DNA, his identity... Personally I'm interested in his webbing."

    The Chameleon managed to refrain from grinning.
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  13. Almost immediately after D.U.C.C. put Peter on the gurney, the young superhero sprung back to life. "MOTHER HUBBARD!" Spidey shouted in agony as the convulsing finally stopped. Quickly looking around, shock spread across his face (underneath the mask), Peter sighed as he realized he was still in the same place as before. Then, the memories came back to him. "The Seven! Geez, those guys are a joke! Seven people taking on one guy and claiming to be more powerful. Man, bad guys have no sense of dignity." Peter complained to himself.

    A sudden pain went shooting through his chest, forcing him to shout out in pain. Recoiling from the loud "crack" sound he heard before experiencing said pain, his eyes drifted down towards the metallic arms currently cracking his ribs back into place. "AGH! What the... Duck?" Peter exclaimed as he turned his eyes towards Howard. Raising an eyebrow, he reached a finger out and poked the robot in the head. "Woah... You're cool. But, I'm fine... Look-AGH! STOP DOING THAT!" Peter shouted aggressively as the robot once again cracked his ribcage.

    Quickly clambering off of the gurney, Spidey felt himself in better shape them he had been in a while. Huh, little ducky did its work well. Standing up and looking at the robot, Peter offered it a wave and said "Thanks, awesome robot-duck... Thing. But I'm curious... Who's your leader? Can I talk with him?"
  14. Th D.U.C.C. finished its "tender" ministrations upon the injured Spider-Man with quite a few loud, bloodcurdling snaps as bones were reset.

    "Thanks, awesome robot-duck...Thing. But I'm crious...Who's your leader? Can I talk with him?" asked the young superhero.


    The drone went silent for a moment as it registered something on its comm channels.

    Then it said aloud, "DIRECTOR STEVEN ROGERS IS WONDERING HOW YOU ARE FEELING, SPIDER-MEAT. I PRESUME YOU ARE FEELING VERY SQUISHY WITH YOUR MEATY PARTS. I HAVE ENEMAS IN MY MEDICAL SUITE TO ASSIST IN RECOVERY." The universal rig whirred and suddenly a very large plastic ampoule appeared in one of its appendages in offering.
  15. Watching this little robot go on and on was like watching an episode of Doctor Who where the Daleks were present: Peter couldn't stop staring at it in amazement. The design was so absolutely stupid, but the voice was what made it awesome. When it called him "Spider-Meat", he raised an eyebrow and held up a finger to ask what it meant by that, but Howard continued to talk, ignoring him. Then, it brought up an interesting point about Director Steve Rogers: Captain America. Apparently, he wanted to know how Spidey was feeling. Crossing his arms and leaning back on one foot, Peter blatantly said "I'm fine, but if Cap wants to talk then I'd prefer direct communication. Don't you have some kind of speaker mode? I see the Stark Industries logo on your side, so don't give me excuses about a lack of technology." However, when the D.U.C.C. pulled out an ampoule from its body, Spidey quickly held up his hands defensively and backed away. "WOAH! Hey, no enema's ducky! I don't need one of those, geez. What's wrong with you? Hey, Cap! If you can hear me, I think your mech might be a bit defective. Why do you even have that thing?! Its essentially an alien butt-probe! You're carrying around a butt-probe, buddy... It hasn't been used yet, has it?... ewwwww"
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  16. Up on the Helicarrier's bridge, Maria Hill smirked at the conversation she was hearing over the comms, which only widened as she saw Rogers rub the bridge of his nose again. "Careful, Cap, you keep doing that and you'll wear off the skin."

    "Open a comm," Rogers said in exasperation. Once the link through Howard was established he said in a fatherly tone, "I can hear you just fine, Spider-Man. Trust me, this thing is all Stark's fault. You doing okay, kid? You took quite a beating back there. 'A' for effort though, and you held on for a good long while by yourself. We still got a slot open in SHIELD waiting for you, if you ever change your mind, but for now you can come up for a full medical eval. Magneto and Pierce should be down there with you, too; I'm hoping they'll be able to track down the Synthetic Seven while the trail's hot."
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  17. Magneto floated out of the Hovercraft behind D.U.C.C. at a slightly slower pace in order to see the reactions of the villains. He frowned as they all dispersed, most of them literally. Erik had hoped to take down the threat, but at least the civilians were safe. His eyes turned to the form of Spiderman as DUCC began its administrations. The Master of Magnetism tilted his head as the voice of the Director came over the comm,

    "Magneto, Pierce, any chance we can pursue the Synthetics?"

    "Negative, Director. They appear to have completely fled the scene," He paused for a moment as he brought up a scanner and frowned, "Does not look like they left much of a trail either. Pierce, I want you down here and picking apart the scene until the analysts get here. See if you can find anything that the scanners might miss."

    Erik was about to make his way over to Spiderman when the sound of police cars finally arrived on the scene. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent turned with a grim face as a police sergeant approached,

    "Who the hell are you?"

    "S.H.I.E.L.D." Erik replied as he motioned to the obvious emblem on his shoulder. Local law enforcement was always a pain, "Please have your men keep the civilians away from the scene until everything is cleared."

    The sergeant appeared about to complain, but thought better of it upon the dangerous glint that had entered Erik's eyes.

    "Fine, fine," He mumbled and turned to his men to give the order. Erik let his lips settle into a thin line. Amateurs. The man turned and finally walked over to Spiderman who was speaking with the Captain. His stern face softened a tad at the injuries upon the young man's body,

    "Looks like they did a number on you. I'm Magneto."
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  18. "Pierce, I want you down here and picking apart the scene until the analysts get here. See if you can find anything that the scanners might miss," ordered Magneto. 'Pierce' nodded and got to work.

    He scoured the area carefully, looking for any trace of the Idiot Seven. With great care his eyes surveyed each inch of the pavement. Then he noticed something: small traces of wet sand. Each of these immobile fragments were part of Hydro-Man and Sandman! While no one was looking he carefully scooped up a sample into one of his concealed specimen vials. It should keep them compact enough that neither Hydro-Man nor Sandman could remotely control them. Once he was certain there was no indication of his tinkering he began walking back toward Eric to report his findings. There was more on the ground than in his vial.

    "Leader, I have obtained a combined sample of Hydro-Man and Sandman," Chameleon transmitted to the Leader using his telepathic implant.

    The Leader indulged himself in some villainous laughter before he spoke into the transceiver.

    "Excellent!" he said. "Already this operation is a success!"
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  19. X-23
    On her sprint through the sidewalks and alleys of The Bronx, X-23 tried to keep from getting paranoid about the situation with the news copters. It's a very dangerous situation and SpiderMan is probably getting pummeled out there...She could have been a very good asset if she could bring herself to ignore the danger of exposure on camera and the attention that would surely follow her actions. Not to mention if she screwed up. It wasn't very likely, but if she slipped, the consequences could be deadly. All this was debated while the girl with the razorblades in her extremities ran through New York City, very occasionally having to leap over someone if she couldn't dodge them.

    She only slightly relaxed when she couldn't hear the scuffle of the fight in the distance. It was over. But who won? She was letting off steam and trying to bring down her anger levels to a manageable state when, all too soon, she arrived at Wannabees. The smell of old smoke, new alcohol and way too much perfume sprays welcomed her to her dwelling none too kindly when she used her key to get in. Just to keep up appearances in case Johnny (the owner) was here, she stepped inside and grimaced like usual. The bar on her left was where she spent most nights, serving strong alcohol that left her nose stinging to alcoholic customers who had her temper flaring on a nightly basis. The tables, all booths down the right wall, needed a good scubbing along with the light up dancefloor she walked across to get to the door to the stairs. It said EMPLOYEES ONLY and led to a hallway with the only clean bathrooms for staff and upstairs, a little apartment with a mouse problem and running water that smelled of sulfur. Better than nothing. And certainly better than the streets she thought she deserved, if she even deserved to live at all..

    Up the stairs the teen trudged, wishing that there was cable in her room so she wouldn't have to sneak into Johnny's smokey 'office' to see how SpiderMan had dealt with the dangerous villains, if he had been successful at all. That crazy fool...he risks everything for a city that contained inhabitants that hardly cared about him until he personally saved their lives. Why does he do it? For the glory of being called a hero? No, because that doesn't happen all that often...Maybe boredom?
    X-23 shook her head. It doesn't matter.

    She let herself into the small living space, catching the squeak or scratch of mice every so often as she closed (locked) the door behind her and peeled off clothes on her way to the bathroom. When she pulled her mother's letter out of her bra, she set it inside the mirror cubby in the bathroom, avoiding her sweaty reflection before turning the water on. A sigh escaped her perfect lips when she found she had too much free time. She could take a long shower, but the water would surely bother her nose after awhile...She could clean Wannabees, if not for a few extra dollars then for her own olfactory comfort. Just something to distract herself...yeah.

    Now bare as she stepped in the shower, her hazel eyes caught sight of a glimpse of herself in the cracked mirror. Physically, she looked like perfect human girl. But X-23 didn't see a girl. She saw a monster. And she hated it. So she winced, washed herself with cheap products and stood under the spray with her eyes focused on the tiles by her toes until the sulfur smell and goosebumps convinced her to snap out of her trance and stop the water flow. It was nice to stop thinking for a little while. But the reprieve was always short-lived and made it all the more painful for her when the anger and near-constant dark thoughts flooded back into her mind.
    X-23 sighed, dried off, changed into her somewhat skimpy uniform (with the letter in her bra) sans makeup and cat ears before heading down the stairs again.

    There, at the very end of the hall, was Johnny's office...should she...? Just to check! X-23's impulsive tendency won over this time as she easily broke into her boss's office and turned on the TV. She swiftly flipped to the news and her nerves calmed when she saw that SpiderMan was alive and relatively well. Why had she been so concerned? But unfortunately, her nerves got worse when they informed her of the fact that all seven mutants had escaped! He couldn't even take down ONE? X-23 growled in frustration and immediately flipped back to the channel it used to be on before shutting it off and leaving to the closet of meager cleaning supplies with no trace that she had ever entered. Then she obviously proceeded to clean her workplace top to bottom on a growling stomach. Rather irritatedly. This job could take the whole day. If not, she'd read a library book until she'd have to complete her annoying ensemble and let the poor freakish schmucks of NYC inside to make it filthy again. Distractions, distractions...they run her life these days.

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  20. Rachel Summers, lightblue
    Hello mom, how are you?” She spoke at her cell phone while she stood near a magazine. “Very well dear, we are searching for an anomaly. We are in Alaska. I can’t hear you very well.” Her mother said while in the background her father yelled to be careful, Rachel let a giggle escape her lips while she looked, from outside at the small TV. Her mother told her to be careful and be a good girl, she didn’t said nothing, only the goodbyes along with the kisses. She wasn’t interested on what happened, but rather on who was there, she never understood why the professor was against this so-called hero who obtained their powers in a way or another, if they make a good out of their powers that means they are bad? She shakes her head as on TV she saw more assembled people to take care of the situation, the police, as usually and new brand persons. With a spin on her toes she turned and began to walk to the fight scene. Rachel kept a proper distance, she stood near the others civilians who took photos and immediately post them on facebook, twitter or other social network. Those aside the police, the others looked almost near her age and without invading their minds to find out their names she searched on cops head. “Pricks, they come here and they don’ let us do our job. Who are they? SHIELD? I hope they leave fast, my bae is waiting me.” Only useless thoughts and nothing to figure out, the police, or rather the one here are more like beginners or perhaps apprentices who took care of the civilians, the others, who she assumed that are more important were more closer to the fight scene, Rachel couldn’t reach them, but didn’t want to try her luck. “Ok nothing to see here, leave.” A cop tried to clean the streets telling people to leave. She passed her finger through her long and stared at him. “One second I want to see who is here.” The young police-man sketched a disgusted looks and push her back.”No, we must clean this area, no civilians.” He almost spit his words, she stared at him. “Prick.” He thought as he pushed her back again. “ I am no’t a prick, watch your language.” She said in annoyance as she made a few steps behind and stood up on her toes, he only stared at here rather amazed. She was small, reached around 1,57 cm and compared to her, he was tall. As she cached a glimpse she let a sigh escape her lips. Spider-man was injured, which she assumed that the villains left the scene and since the ‘special’ crew is here they couldn’t track them. Rachel bites her lower lip and looked at him, looked pretty much damaged to say. She saw a man, she thought that he was older than her, she only cached a glimpse of his back. Imposing and quite charming, with a black hair, after the way he stood, as posture, he might be someone important. The other one, he was talking with Spider-man, because of the police officer, she couldn’t see too much, for her he had a rather father-like figure, but she might be wrong, he wore a costume, but she was sure she can name him, but couldn't put her finger exactly where. "Stop pushing me, I walk now." She threw him a glare."
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