The Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe (Super Hero Crossover Reboot RP)

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  1. ~ The ~
    ~ Ultimate ~
    ~ Comic Book ~
    ~ Roleplaying ~
    ~ Universe ~


    From the time the universe began and throughout history, there have been countless stories pertaining to the extraordinary. It is often said in these tales that in times of crisis, certain men and women (and sometimes, the unexplainable) are gifted with incredible talents and abilities. From there, they are destined to act for truth and justice, fighting until their last breath to protect the world from threats. However, not all of these individuals take the stand for good. Some choose to use their new abilities for personal gain or to cause misery and chaos. The battle between those who fight for good and those who fight for evil is never-ending: waging on for centuries, destroying worlds and ending civilizations.

    These stories exist throughout time and space, crossing over to every point in the universe: all existing at the same time. Multiple versions of the same stories and events coincide with the different parallel worlds, producing new champions as decisions and choices create new timelines, thus altering the world around them. Every time a new choice is made, or a new idea is presented, an entirely new world is created. Sometimes the champions of other worlds are those who threaten it, and sometimes they remain the heroes they were meant to be.

    This is the story of just one of these worlds. It is a new world, without any decisions or events triggering the birth of its champions. So now, true believer, do you have what it takes to become the hero (or villain) you were meant to be? Lets hope so, otherwise we wouldn't have anything to write about!

    So, this is a reboot! Not just any reboot, a comic book reboot! The reboot to an entire franchise! Meaning characters, relationships, story arcs, and all the parts that make up the comic books we know and love, don't exist yet! That's where we come in.

    Take up the mantle of your favourite superhero, villain, vigilante, or anyone in between and join up to create the ultimate series reboot that any RP has ever seen. The main focus would be much like writing a comic book, with the characters interacting, forming teams, and taking down the bad guys, but there will be an overlaying theme/story arc to each "Chapter". For example: the bigger issue of a chapter could revolve around something like the famous Marvel story arc "The Super Human Civil War", in which SHIELD allied Heroes/Villains who have registered their identities with the government, duke it out with Heroes/Villains working for the non-registered "Resistance". There would be sub-plots and under laying issues concerning individual characters, but throughout the chapter, we would be focusing on the effects and issues surrounding the war.

    The franchise list for characters and the overall setting of the RP is countless: Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Independent Comics, and more! Now, in terms of characters, we will all be playing rebooted franchise characters. This means that any characters who previously existed in comics either don't exist, or have I become their hero/villain identities just yet. This allows for some unique and interesting opportunities. While creating your character, you can consider of these options:

    • If your character is a hero in the mainstream comics, you are allowed by all means to turn him/her into a villain, and visa versa.

    • If you desire to play a genderbent version of the canon character, feel free to go ahead (Felicia Hardy becomes Felix Hardy, Bruce Wayne becomes Brianna Wayne, ect)

    In the end, how you make your character is up to you. The only thing I would say is try to make the characters as original as you can. This means trying to invent new names, backgrounds, and even maybe changing up the costumes for your character, be they good or evil.

    Anyways, post below and let me know what you think! We'll begin talking about plots, character reservations, and much more.

    Before anyone comments, I reserve Dylan Robertson (a.k.a) "The Amazing Spider-Man" as my character! I'll update this post with the CS once we have some interest generated.

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  2. My Gosh i love this epic idea, i am all in! Love it! I am thinking of making a teenager version of Hawkeye named Leon Keller. But that isn't confirmed I'll have to really think this over.
  3. Sweet!

    I should also say that you can adjust the age of any character you want.

    Also, characters like the TMNT are in this, COBRA is a "legitimate" government group (for now), etc.

    Basically, anyone or anything with a comic book (aside from certain things like DuckTales or Eminem) can exist in this RP.
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  4. may go with three characters (if it's allowed) maybe either Agent Venom or Carnage, and somebody i haven't chose.
  5. Oooh! Carnage :D

    I might save Carnage actually for a seperate storyline, but we'll see. I'm cool with Agent Venom though! ^^
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  6. And I allow a maximum of 3 characters per player in all of my RP's :3
  7. yeah funny that i decided to choose Agent Venom because he's so epic!
  8. I'm going to PM some people on this site to see if they are interested because i love the idea.
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  9. I also have a spot reserved for somebody playing Starfire, so there's at least 3 of us.
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  10. Well I am defiantly keen to join this! ^^
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  11. okay great, how many do we need to start a sign ups?
  12. I'd say 1-2 more depending on how much this gets. I'm making a banner so if it gets accepted tonight, then we'll see how much interest that generates.
  13. @Nassi, what character(s) did you have in mind?

    Also, you guys understand what I mean by "Rebooting the Characters", right?
  14. well i do (i think) meaning changes attributes about the character maybe keeping the costume but changing his/her main traits or ethnicity etc.
  15. Well you can keep the costume, but the idea is to create an original version of the character that you can change however you want (ex. Batman can be a mutant man-bat hybrid, Spider-Man can be a villain, hell, you can even make characters like Bizarnage)
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  16. I was thinking Raven, Teen Loki and Green Arrow (but I have ideas on how each will be changed to give it my own flare) those are if I pick three lol I am most likely going to stick with two.
  17. @Sora1297 can we make the sign ups? Since we have three people who has joined (four plus you) maybe we could get more people when the sign ups are made?
  18. I'll try to work on it button also making a banner, so that should help.
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  19. I'm so interested!

    Can I reserve a spot for Blackfire? I'll think of my other 2 characters later but for now can I reserve her?
  20. Sure! Funny, we also have a Starfire sheet coming soon, so that's an interesting coincidence ^^

    @Kid muffintop, you coming? ^^
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